Flashback: Both Hillary And Obama Advocated Separating Migrant Families, Strict Border Control

"The Internet Never Forgets"

-Some guy

While the left rages against "separated migrant children" which they blame on President Trump's "zero tolerance" enforcement policy of Bush-era rules, several "inconvenient" video clips have cropped up revealing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama advocating virtually the same border policy they are currently attacking Trump over. 

For example, Hillary Clinton said during a 2014 CNN Town Hall; 

"We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border - doesn't mean your child gets to stay

But wait...

Such virtuous signaling could only be outdone by this clip of Obama: 

And let's not gloss over the fact that Obama separated migrant families, while taking criticism for encouraging migration while ignoring the growing crisis at the border.

'How many precious lives must be needlessly lost, women raped, girls forced into sex trafficking or people trapped into the drug trade before the Obama administration stops luring them here with continued grants of amnesty, legal status, work permits, and benefits?' asked Rep. Louie Gohmert. -Daily Mail (2014)

But wait - rolling the calendar back to 1995 when Bill Clinton promised to crack down on illegal immigration, we have the following quote:

"In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace. We are a nation of immgrants, but we are also a nation of laws." 

Meanwhile, in 1993 and 1994, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had some harsh words about immigrants: 

"We've got to enforce our borders... The day when American can be the welfare system for Mexico is gone... I think we should enforce our borders..."

Somehow we missed the "internment camp" analogies at the time...


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Why does anybody even respond anymore to these faux attacks by Libtards? 

Just ignore them, they try and create drama everytime bad news starts rolling out about them!! 

They tried this two weeks ago with a picture from one of the minor detention centers, and it went instantly viral on twitter in liberal circles, until someone figured out the picture was from 2014, during Obama's term. They couldn't delete their twitter comments fast enough!!

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The lefties have gone Full Retard. Never go Full Retard:


Portraits Taken Down at Harvard School—Too Male and White

A teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School will take down portraits of prestigious white male doctors and scatter them throughout the grounds in a new diversity move. Of the 31 various doctors and department heads that have their paintings hung in the Louis Bornstein Family Amphitheater at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, all are men, 30 are white, and one is Chinese. They’ve been described as “pioneers of medicine,” and getting a portrait hung there is something great to aspire to, according to the white male doctor who most recently had his image installed, Dr. Ron Walls, founding chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine.

But apparently having a cluster of white male doctors’ portraits — great as they may be — sends a message to employees and students that “white men are in charge,” Dr. Jeroan Allison, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who researches health disparities, told the Boston Globe, which first reported the news. A hospital official told the Globe removing the portraits will create a “sense of belonging” for women.

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...A country FOUNDED by “illegal” immigrants...Priceless...

Yes, the "illegal" element was established by ones declaring "protestant" understandings of "English" and other common language translations of "Christian" canons of scripture, including Septuagint, (LXX), renditions / transliterations / translations and extrapolated teachings / meanings and applications of what was to be considered as Divinely given, preserved and expressly cognizant 'logos' to be received by individually created vessels of the Creators choosing and not them.

Can't have that, now can we? And if one were to think this realm of "spiritually awakened" individuals were a threat to the development of human understanding / achievement, consider those on this planet who have been converted, devoted and otherwise adopted into SA's maniacally unbelievable ability to align with completely non supportive if not militarily opposing forces to the BBC, (Big Black Cube), (and the curses employed by its' leadership on any that would dare to question anything but complete devotion of a cradle to grave acquiescence to not only its' historical persons with unquestioned conduct which borders on absurdity, if not immoral and in most cases "illegal" conduct in what is still to be recognized as legitimate geopolitical boundaries), to defend to the "death" such improprieties of rational human conduct.

In other words, why hasn't there been any processing of the fact that the leadership of the family of Saud and the people inhabiting the territory between Lebanon and Egypt have had an ongoing "legal", substantial and unambiguous, (though obviously "secret"), agreement to allow each other to not only "co-exist", but to do so in a way that allows growth, pleasure and even the prospect of thriving while outwardly encouraging and causing the death, mutilation and the continued threat of even worse between their respective populations / governments for over 40 years "officially"?

just observing.

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You people don’t get it. This diary is complete bullshit and is completely mischaracterizing what is occurring.

What changed was the policy on ASYLUM seekers.

The clips you played were all statements about people crossing the border illegally.

When you show up at a border crossing and request asylum, there is a Specific law that is invoked that is governed by an international convention. 

these people were not caught sneaking across the border. (Doing that would result in the immediate denial of an asylum case)

The Trump administration did two things in April.

1. Closed the port of entry at McAllen and told the people SHOWING UP AT THE PORT OF ENTRY that they couldn’t request asylum there and to try the next border crossing. (Which is  trick because there is a river in the way and the next bridge over is controlled by the drug cartels and no pedestrian access is allowed.

2. Instituted the policy of separating children from their parents while the Asylum claim is reviewed. (The system was never designed to do this because of the different timelines and the various databases don’t keep track of the family relationship. It is without a doubt that HHS will lose track of some children and will be put in foster care because they won’t be able to locate the parents. 

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How much of this Central American and Mexican border invasion would be stopped almost immediately if Trump threatened the Mexican Government with economic sanctions like he did North Korea? (You wanna tell me the Mexican Gov couldn't stop the flow through their country?) The sympathizers in the American public don't see this for what it is... an invasion!

$32,000 a kid a year for these NWO props when American kids suffer in poverty. Total Bullshit!!!

The border invasion is all part of the creation of a North American Union which was the stealth agreement Bush Jr. signed with Vincente Fox and the Canadian Prime Minister at Baylor Texas in 2005 to destroy U.S. sovereignty and morph Canada, Mexico, and the United States into one border-less blob.



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My son made a mistake by not understanding the time required to be out of Turkey before being allowed back in. He was stopped at the airport, put in an isolation room with a few others. After several hours he was put back on a plane to Italy where he had flown from. He was warned not to return for one year or he would be banned from entering ever again.

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Hey, stop printing this stuff.  You're going to make Progressive/Leftist heads explode.  Clinton even called them "illegal aliens", the horror.  Oh, but he's a rapist now, so it's OK to hate him.  Just wait until some old Obama videos leak out and then the congnitive dissonance will be quite thick.


Also, watch their body language in all these videos.  You can tell when a Leftist is lying by all the hand movements and they speak to the ground or the sky, or get extremely vulgar and obscene.  The really good liars can do it while looking you in the eye with a straight face.  Those are the sociopaths.