Idiocracy Looms? Study Suggests IQ Scores Are Falling Due To Social Media, Central Banks

A new study, published Monday by Norwegian researchers analyzed the IQ scores between 1962 and 1991 and found that scores increased by almost 3 percentage points each decade for those born between 1962 to 1975 - but then saw a steady decline among those born after 1975.

The earlier rise in IQ scores follows the so-called "Flynn effect" - a term for the long-term increase in intelligence levels that occurred during the 20th century, arguably the result of better access to education - according to Stuart Ritchie, a postdoctoral fellow in cognitive ageing at the University of Edinburgh whose research explores IQ scores and intelligence and who was not involved in the new study.

But the new study, along with similar studies in Denmark, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia, have all demonstrated a similar downward trend in IQ scores since the early 1970s.

As Fox News reports, researchers have long preferred to use genes to explain variations in intelligence over environmental factors. However, the new study turns this thinking on its head.

Anyone who has seen the film "Idiocracy" might already be familiar with these ideas. In the scientific community, the idea of unintelligent parents having more kids and dumbing-down the population is known as the dysgenic fertility theory, but the new study suggests while intelligence is inheritable, it is external factors that play a much bigger part.

So what is driving this sudden reversal in the "Flynn Effect" and causing the dumbing down of the world?

Fox news reports that Ole Rogeberg, a senior research fellow at the Ragnar Frisch Center for Economic Research in Norway and co-author of the new study, believes the change is not due to genetics, but says:

“The causes in IQ increases over time and now the decline is due to external factors."

It’s not that dumb people are having more kids than smart people, to put it crudely. It’s something to do with the environment, because we’re seeing the same differences within families,” he said.

By 'environmental factors', Rogeberg means external factors that influence the person - not the weather - which he says, could include changes in the education system, media, nutrition, reading less, and being online more, as well as better standards of living.

Robin Morris, a professor of psychology at Kings College in London also confirmed social media's impact:

“In my view, we need to recognize that as time changes and people are exposed to different intellectual experiences, such as changes in the use of technology, for example social media, the way intelligence is expressed also changes. Educational methods need to adapt to such changes."

So Nixon started the dumbing down of the world in the early 70s by enabling money-printing (crushing living standards longer-term) and the birth of the internet accelerated the trend (creating an ever more distracted reality)?

Is the developed world - with its interventionist central banks and distracted web-accessing populations about to get caught up by the less social-media savvy and less living-standard-impacted nations of the world?

For now, the solution is simple for a smarter world - stop 'liking on facebook' and 'end the fed'!


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CNN, MSNBC, Disney, and all the rest of the 15 second attention sound byte creation industry are raising hell with people. Pull its umbilical cord from the wall and drag it to the curb. Get out of the fucking TV room and go meet real people. Practice talking to other humans again. Feel what it's really like to communicate in both directions, instead of absorbing photons created by something you can't marry, take out to dinner, or reason with.

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Idiocracy Looms? Study Suggests IQ Scores Are Falling Due To Central Banks

Zero Hedge can’t help. This is an unserious statement, but I do think many Hedgers are naive enough to believe, making them part of the low IQ as well.


Low IQ is not the ‘REAL’ problem anyway.

Here’s the real problem: Democracy Ends When They Are Too Democratic.

And it is when a democracy has ripened as fully as this, Plato argues, that a would-be tyrant will often seize his moment.

He is usually of the elite but has a nature in tune with the time — given over to random pleasures and whims, feasting on plenty of food and sex, and reveling in the nonjudgment that is democracy’s civil religion. He makes his move by “taking over a particularly obedient mob” and attacking his wealthy peers as corrupt. If not stopped quickly, his appetite for attacking the rich on behalf of the people swells further. He is a traitor to his class — and soon, his elite enemies, shorn of popular legitimacy, find a way to appease him or are forced to flee. Eventually, he stands alone, promising to cut through the paralysis of democratic incoherence. It’s as if he were offering the addled, distracted, and self-indulgent citizens a kind of relief from democracy’s endless choices and insecurities. He rides a backlash to excess—“too much freedom seems to change into nothing but too much slavery” — and offers himself as the personified answer to the internal conflicts of the democratic mess. He pledges, above all, to take on the increasingly despised elites. And as the people thrill to him as a kind of solution, a democracy willingly, even impetuously, repeals itself.


Could it be that the Donald has emerged from the populist circuses of pro wrestling and New York City tabloids, via reality television and Twitter, to prove not just Plato but also James Madison right, that democracies “have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention … and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths”? Is he testing democracy’s singular weakness — its susceptibility to the demagogue — by blasting through the firewalls we once had in place to prevent such a person from seizing power? Or am I overreacting?


Part of American democracy’s stability is owed to the fact that the Founding Fathers had read their Plato. To guard our democracy from the tyranny of the majority and the passions of the mob, they constructed large, hefty barriers between the popular will and the exercise of power. Voting rights were tightly circumscribed. The president and vice-president were not to be popularly elected but selected by an Electoral College, whose representatives were selected by the various states, often through state legislatures. The Senate’s structure (with two members from every state) was designed to temper the power of the more populous states, and its term of office (six years, compared with two for the House) was designed to cool and restrain temporary populist passions. The Supreme Court, picked by the president and confirmed by the Senate, was the final bulwark against any democratic furies that might percolate up from the House and threaten the Constitution. This separation of powers was designed precisely to create sturdy firewalls against democratic wildfires………………


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Believe me, the parents in single-earner households who strategically have kids that qualify them for layer after layer of public money are not stupid.

They know the byzantine welfare rules. They work part time to stay under the income limits for free EBT food, free rent, free electricity, free monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits.

They are smarter—with street-smartness IQ quotients that might not be measurable by classical methods—than the childless workers, coming to work every day, staying all day and meeting the sales generation and account-retention quotas every month.

That is a good way to get churned quicker, and with no access to pay-per birth freebies to cushion the economic stress between churn jobs, than mommas who work far fewer hours without meeting the quotas.

Regardless of their numbers—IQ-wise or quota-wise—those childless workers cannot afford rent that consumes more than half of their earned-only income when they lack spousal income. 

One definition of intelligence is getting it done with the least amount of effort.

If you are a momma “with somethin’ comin’ in” from a spouse, a child-support check that covers rent or welfare and child tax credits—especially when the manager, too, is a frequently absentee parent—your chances of retaining the job longer are higher, regardless of how much effort you put in, how many accounts you close and retain and how often you are at work.  

A good way to solidify your job retention is by squealing with delight in the baby-mommy-look-alike-bulletin-board-decorating contest or when prizes are handed out for the tacky Christmas sweater contest.

Bullying skills are as useful in rooting out non culture fits as cloying sweetness is during the mom-bonding rituals at work.

You need to be nimble, seeing what is important to your boss at the time and putting your effort there, which is not in closing sales with paying customers after the manager’s bonus is already beefed up.

That is the point at which the crony-parent manager is in churn mode, particularly if she is back from her 10th, two-week vacation for the year and no longer needs employees who actually come to work, rather than taking off (for baby) during her protracted absences, like the mom cronies that she will retain, whether or not their numbers are high. 

Time to churn, replacing the hardworking high sellers with more chumps.

The commenter who mentioned scrappiness was probably talking about a more wholesome type of adaptiveness, but in America’s workplaces, the focus is on womb solitary and a certain type of cunning that is not available to the low-IQ set. 

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I don't know if this is true in every instance, but it seems to me that since most office work has a negative marginal utility, goofing off is probably praiseworthy, in that doing nothing at all in such an environment would tend to reduce the negative marginal utility somewhat.

Motherhood is an almost unqualified positive contribution. Giving somebody life is a hard act to follow.

Chose the way you spend your life wisely--or at least a wisely as possible.

My impression is that you have chosen or been thrust into a very empty life that sounds like it has a negative marginal utility--at least for you. Choosing another kind of life--since you are a person with no dependents--seems to me like it would not be too difficult, though it would doubtless entail some sacrifices, and probably a bit of that dreaded "loss of self." Change.

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Only part of the story tbh. that nixon's food program of fruit juice to the poor and a profilation of nutritionally worthless and taste wise disgusting fast-food bake it yourself fake foods. Let alone actual vegetative engine oil infused fast foods less nutritious than the feces of a person eating real food.

The decline became a lot more pronounced with internet (and end of cold war and thus democracy.. as there was no more need to compete for souls).. ie the masses could be freely dumbed down and their access to knowledge limited.

Nowadays it has even become impossible to find anything remotely intelligently relevant or even useful thru search engines. Only prepackaged worthless garbage and commercial services. And of course a lot of sheer spam with viruses. Half the suggested pages are such harmful content when looking for forbidden subjects. Or in short cease being curious or you will be hurt by the system. Well one would have to be a bit dumb to download internet page enablers... that just so as it happens end in .exe
Other than that you have to memorize the internet addresses to find those places with relevant content.

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I have been posting many comments on SJW and fiat currencies.

Why would one get out of bed when there is a fiat currency regime. EVERY problem will be papered over.

Young people know: there is no reason to fight in a competitive environment. All is ok. Fiat will take care of you. 60 years fiat and innovation and perseverance is gone.

Hence SJW who can keep themselves busy with "feelings" and other nonsense.

Humans thrive best in a harsh environment.



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So you finally fixed your typos but you still aren't professional enough to look into the details of your fake ad. I guess it all comes up to the level of intellect that is required to do the job which I do not wish to discuss, for I just had lunch. 

$24551 @85/h gives roughly 290 hours of porno work per month. Man if that's not milking people like cows then what is this? 

Are you one of these Jewish porn moguls? 

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In my opinion, one of the reasons people are so f***ing dumb is that they have never been truly introduced to the real meat and gravy of their ancestors accomplishments.  Only the rotten poisonous gristle that our jewish overlords spew at them through all of their tools of media.  The great architecture, literature and especially music are unappreciated by most rubes.  When one grasps the incredible beauty in these arts, the soul begins to starve for more, and then a heightened curiosity fuels a desire to learn and absorb more... about ALL things in this world.

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I'm not sure if all the negativity is because you didn't really say anything, or that it was all in bold. I gave it a green, anyway.

Tyler, the movie Idiocracy was not about the distant future, it was about 2006 or whenever it was made. It is about now.

Remember that 8th grade general knowledge test that went around on the interwebs a few years ago? Intelligence has been falling for at least a century and probably a couple of centuries.

The reason is that Darwin has been disabled by 'civilization'.. as more and more 'progress' was made, intelligence mattered less and less. The phenomenon has obviously accelerated since the computer became commonplace, and now with the smartphone, everyone has a computer. The destruction will be complete, and it will be absolute.


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I believe it was around 1973 when the Trilateral Commission determined that education would be steered into the ditch because people were becoming "too educated" and the 60s told many to "think for themselves, question authority".

Of couse many environmental factors, some named above, are very real, contributing factors.

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(((They))) do not want a high IQ, well educated populace.   That is the reason for flooding the country with third world savages.   They intend to destroy whites by having us interbreed.   The one time President of France, Sarkozy, actually stated that interbreeding would be mandatory if no other means could be found to bring it about. His saying this has been wiped from many sites, but it can still be found with a little diligence.

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Lol, racism has been linked to lower IQ fyi.

On the other hand, my Ashkenazi ancestors (well at least half of my ancestors) gave me the highest average IQ. Maybe it's why Ive yet to meet an unsuccessful Jew? Maybe that's why you say we are overlords?

And Jews are some of the premiere lovers of music, just look at the donors listed on the LA Philharmonic website: multiple steins, levines, kaplans, etc. and we make up barely a percent of the worlds population.

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Ive yet to meet an unsuccessful Jew....

You must have very low standards for success.

I've met some successful Jews, but the majority I've known have been rather stunningly unsuccessful, besides being rather stunningly unintelligent. (They are often pretty good at rote memorization and can often give the impression of intelligence by repeating something they memorized from their school days. You soon realize that their collection memorized material is in fact rather small, and that they have never actually thought about anything.)

Quite a high percentage of Jews also seem to suffer from some sort of neurological defect. Prolonged acquaintance with such Jews will eventually lead you to the conclusion that they suffer from some form or borderline mental retardation. Their mental incapacity in very broad areas of understanding is striking.

Re the arts, Jews have perhaps the world's worst taste (in literally everything) and have always been the promoters of all that is shoddy and even revolting in all the arts. In literature, as in television and movies, their productions are almost invariably degenerate--while at the same time being almost unbelievably boring and stupid. A couple of examples from "literature" would include Portnoy's Complaint and the more recent Big Girl Panties (by Stephanie Evanovich, in case anyone here wants to throw up). Jews appear to have conflated the drainage from their psychic pustules with art.

It should be unnecessary to give examples of Jewish "contributions" to TV and cinema. And of course modern "art."

Charitable donations = tax deduction laundering schemes.


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