Russia Warns: Increased US Marine Corps Presence In Norway Could Be Viewed As An Attack

Russia is hinting that a new wave of U.S. Marines in Norway, near the Russian border in the Troms region, could be viewed as an attack, the MarineTimes reported.

Last week, the Russian Embassy in Norway warned of consequences for the latest U.S. troop buildup, and on Friday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova criticized Norway for its expanded military cooperation with Washington.

A Marine with Marine Rotational Force-Europe 18.1 sends live rounds down range while conducting a squad attack during winter warfare training at Haltdalen Training Center, Norway, April 18, 2018. (Gunnery Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook/Marine Corps/MarineTimes)

According to Zakharova, the policy of the Norwegian government to support a doubling of Marines “in the country and deploy them near the border with Russia undermines mutual confidence.” Furthermore, she argues, the Marines’ presence in the Arctic country — a few hundred miles from the Russian border, in fact, could be an attack.

The statements come as the Norwegian government intends to add another 400 U.S. Marines to Norway before the most significant military exercise since the Cold War this fall.

However, the Marines are not permanently stationed in the country, only on a “rotational deployment,” the Norwegian defense ministry recently stressed.

“We paid attention to the reports of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense released on June 13, which contain Oslo’s agreement to double the US Marine Corps stationed on the Norwegian territory from 330 to 700 people, prolong their rotation presence there for five years, expand its footprint to the north, closer to the border with our country, and create infrastructure for warplanes at the expense of the US under the implementation of the so-called European initiative to deter Russia,” Zakharova said.

“We believe that such decisions undermine the traditional Norwegian policy of non-deployment on its territory of foreign military bases in peacetime on a permanent basis. It is clear that the actions of the current Norwegian authorities undermine confidence and predictability in bilateral relations and run counter to the earlier given pledges on the rejection of policy with aggressive goals.”

The Russian Embassy of the United States points out on Facebook that “such actions run counter to the decision Norway made in 1949 not to allow foreign states to set up military bases on the country’s territory until Norway was under attack or threat of attack.” This could lead to “rising tensions and trigger an arms race, destabilizing the situation in northern Europe,” the embassy warned, adding that “we consider them to be clearly unfriendly so they cannot go without consequences.”

Zakharova reiterated that Norway’s officials repeatedly stated that Russia poses no threat to the country’s security. “Considering that the US Marine Corps is stationed on Norway’s territory, maybe the US attacked Norway?” she concluded. “We are calling on the Norwegian side to consider the Russian opinion on the developments in order to preserve the atmosphere of friendly neighborhood that has been developing for many years.”

The Russian Embassy in the United States claims that the Marines “presence will be continuous,” while troops will change every six months. The embassy added, “this is the way all military bases and even embassies operate.”

“We are particularly concerned that Oslo is implementing these plans when there is neither substantive political dialogue nor meaningful contact between the [Russian and Norwegian] militaries, as Norway has been avoiding contacts,” the Russian embassy said.

“We believe that European security must be equal and indivisible. It is only possible to ensure it if true national interests are pursued, while there is mutual respect and cooperation. The sooner Oslo comes to realize it the better,” the embassy added.

The Marine Corps has been sending a small rotational force of about 300 Marines to the Arctic country for extreme cold-weather training.

Speaking at the Naval War College last week, Commandant of the Marine Corps General. Robert B. Neller said the approval for additional Marines in Norway had cleared. Neller has been an advocate for sending Marines to extreme cold-weather environments for Arctic warfare training.

The Marines are currently on six-month rotations to Norway, where soldiers are preparing for cold-weather warfare to counter Russia.

According to the map below, Norway shares a 122-mile border with Russia and the Setermoen region, where the new force of Marines will be stationed, is roughly 250 miles from the border.

In the fall, Norway will host one of the largest-ever North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) war drills, involving up to 35,000 participants.

Map detailing plans for upcoming military exercise: 

This is the calm before the storm. As we’ve mentioned before, NATO’s chess pieces are being positioned in Norway and surrounding regions before the largest military exercise since the Cold War this fall. It is becoming increasingly evident that a collision between NATO and Russia is on the horizon.


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she technically does say "attack"

attack on NORWAY ... :P

"Considering that the US Marine Corps is stationed on Norway’s territory, maybe the US attacked Norway?" (In reference to "the traditional Norwegian policy of non-deployment on its territory of foreign military bases in peace time on permanent basis"


the article quoting some of her statement, but not that part, and instead paraphrasing it to just say "attack" seems a bit misleading

cuz u know the reason it was done because we all thought she meant "attack" on Russia =p which she didn't.

just saying 

the story even presented more clearly is still newsworthy... no need to have creative paraphrasing to partially mislead what she meant.

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Heros Laowei Gweilo Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:36 Permalink

There also all the Zato "partnerships for peace" where non-Nato countries are cooerced into performing exercises and tasks clearly against their peoples will.  Norway has actively participated in the destruction of Syria.  Australia and Denmark helped bomb Deir Ezzor and murder 100's of SA personnel hours after a cease fire had been signed.  Australia isn't even in Nato, yet for (((some reason))) she is involved. Even Switzerland has been coerced to have a permanent presence of LAV's in Kosovo.

We can also see all the Zato arm twisting of Turkey over the S400.

Zato is the Rothschild army, or more correctly, their world bully police.……

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A Sentinel Adolfsteinbergovitch Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:47 Permalink

Russia invading Norway is pretty much the same as the US invading Canada:

A) It would take about 36 hours and

B) why not? 

It’s worse for us because what’s even the point of Canada? The Norwegians at least have folklore about trolls. That’s kind of cool. What does Canada have? A maple syrup ad on a flag and an effeminate man-child commie douschtard PM?

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A Sentinel gregga777 Wed, 06/20/2018 - 05:04 Permalink

Invading Canada just FEELS good. Not right... but it feels good. That’s different. 

All kidding aside, Canada is a completely pointless distinction. Do they seriously think that saying “ey?” as punctuation makes them legitimate?

[edit: Go ahead: ask a Canadian: “What makes Canada different from America?” (Be absolutely sure to refer to them as non-American. They love that.)]

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A Sentinel keep the basta… Wed, 06/20/2018 - 05:30 Permalink

Correct! You understood me perfectly!

I’m not saying that it’s important. I’m just saying that it’s possible and that they’re a non-entity culturally and occasionally irritating but irrelevant on the whole.

 It’s easy and it would be satisfying to crush their smug faces into the syrupy mud, but indeed, there’s really no justification for doing it other than a weekend of imperialism-for-fun. Same for Russia invading Norway and booting their “migrants” — its no picnic being occupied by Russia, but its WAY better than the Islamic overlords they’re courting now.

The Canadian /American equation is a hermetian transpose of the Norway /Russia one. Canada’s hopelessly failing attempt to differentiate themselves from America by trying to out-commie us is pathetic at best, smug at worst. 

Conversely the Norwegians are very different than the Russians. They have multiple classes of snow-bicycle military vehicles that they used to defend themselves in the past against Russia. Plus they derive from completely different Viking stock than Russia. And the Norwegian Queen (their freaking royalty) is an anti Christian communist post-Lutheran church of Norway hater. The Norwegians I know are gentle and extremely civilized.

The Russians are the exact opposite: post-communist re-converted orthodox (eastern catholic) Christians. The Russians I know are a bit crass, but smart.  “Gentle” is not a word you’d think of in connection with them.

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land_of_the_few keep the basta… Wed, 06/20/2018 - 05:41 Permalink

It's even better than that, Troms region in Norway HAS NO BORDER WITH RUSSIA, just as Sweden doesn't. Both are too far West.

The only region in Norway that has a border with the Russian Federation is Finnmark, to the east of Troms.

Map here.…

The last time any Russians came though, it was to sell scarves and woolly socks and mittens in Kirkenes, probably last weekend.

And Setermoen in Norway where the troops will be, is in fact not 250 miles from the Russian border, more like 500.

It's actually more like 580 miles by road from Murmansk via the Finnish E8 thru Finland and Sweden (Kiruna) to Setermoen - this is actually the best route,  crosses into Finland at Raja-Jooseppi, good if you like country roads ... otherwise longer trip.

Google Maps says 12h 25 min by road, and 17h 40min by air (!!) although that would be civilian air, not by Tu-160, but they would be using standoff cruise nukes to keep NATO out anyway, right? Probably not much need to go too far West..



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The Ram keep the basta… Wed, 06/20/2018 - 10:59 Permalink

This whole invasion business is stupid.  There is no financial incentive for any country to invade another country, especially a modern western European country.   Certainly, an invasion comes with huge risk.  Russia has no interest in Norway other than trade.  Most of this shit is Zionist/Neocon propaganda designed to create a conflict where there is none.  The MIC is always trying to stir the 'war pot' to drum up business.  Treat this as the propaganda that it is and will always be. 

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EddieLomax A Sentinel Wed, 06/20/2018 - 05:12 Permalink

Russia barely has any land in contact with Norway, they would have to go through Finland first and last time they tried that it took longer than 36 hours.

As for increasing troops from 360 to 700 a threat?  They really need to chill out, Norway is a great place to train troops for arctic conditions and is used by the UK too for that reason.  I doubt there is any grand plan to invade Russia via some of the hardest to cover terrain there.

Russia is vulnerable via the plains and always has been.  In the west that means they need to look to Ukraine, Poland and the other eastern block states and not piss them off so much they unite.

In the east they need to keep a lid on demographics and watch their ally China, if China goes unstable then the Russian far east looks very tempting for a military with poor logistics (reach).  The south has Islam as a problem, they cannot fix that without the will to spread Christianity.

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Heros EddieLomax Wed, 06/20/2018 - 06:23 Permalink

The US has Alaska which is plenty cold for winter training.  I'll bet that base up there on the other side of the arctic from Alaska where microwaves can be pinged back and forth over Russia and Siberia has some interesting uses.  Weather control would also be a strong possibility.

The real question is does Norway know exactly what the US does on these bases and what are the precise terms of the SOFA?

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A Sentinel I am Groot Wed, 06/20/2018 - 06:06 Permalink

Exactly. I’m glad that people are seeing this new diplomatic approach I’m recommending as a way of symmetrically adjusting our military posture to Russia’s.

Plus: who doesn’t like bacon? And yeah- 30 years ago I lost a model girlfriend (ridiculously hot, totally out of my league) to some Canadian little shit. 

Fuck Canada.

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Heros Adolfsteinbergovitch Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:56 Permalink

By pre-positioning equipment and cycling troops through Norway our yid overlords can guarantee some leverage.  Germany certainly doesn't need 30,000 US troops for protection, neither does Japan.  None of these countries knows what is going on in these bases or what is coming or going.  They all have signed SOFA's (Status of Forces Agreements) giving them no jurisdiction over these US personel, and likely all contractors too.

Is really isn't even about the personnel, it is the electronics.  These Marine bases become hybrid warfare front line bases, protected by Marines.  When the US made the "asia pivot", one of these marine bases appeared in Darwin, northern Australia.  This hybrid warfare is also conducted against the domestic population as in Ukraine.   

So these Marines are also occupation forces, at least in an electronic sense.  This the Russian defence hotty is correct.


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I am Groot Heros Wed, 06/20/2018 - 05:40 Permalink

You're totally right. The Russians like to hack us and we are returning the favor by setting up shop on their front door step to irritate them. But it's funny how they complain when we do it to them. Suddenly it's "an attack " ! So who does this belong too ?


I don't think that's there so Cuba can get satellite tv....

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gregga777 Heros Wed, 06/20/2018 - 05:00 Permalink

I always got a kick out of seeing United States Air Force Stategic Air Command B-52's loaded for bear (quite literally) with thermonuclear weapons emblazoned with that big ribbon saying, "Peace Is Our Profession". Yeah, and I was a Peacekeeper in the Marine Corps. Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out makes for a peaceful shithole. 

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gregga777 ACP Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:50 Permalink

Anybody contemplating fighting around Kirkenes, Norway, better bring their Level III ECWS long johns, etc. In the 1939 Winter War, between the Soviet Union and Finland, they spent more energy in the North trying to avoid freezing to death than doing anything else. That said, at least it ain't some Middle Eastern Shithole. Something to be said for that. 

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Heros Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:19 Permalink

Norway is ZOG, and ZOG is horny for war with Russia.  The goyim are waking up to the (((sodomite))) agenda, so the goyim will simply have to die.  Except the goyim sodomites.

halcyon Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:20 Permalink

Attack? The last time I checked Norway was a (semi-)sovereign vassal of NATO. Russia is right to protest, but too much is too much.

Just put missiles in Cuba and see how USA responds.