Russia Warns: "Militarization Of Space Is Way To Disaster"

President Trump's order for the Pentagon  to create a "Space Force" as a separate branch of the armed services has already elicited sharp criticism, but one Russian senator went as far as to warn that "the militarization of space is a way to disaster."

They also warned that Washington could risk violating key international agreements regulating the demilitarization of space, potentially destabilizing the international order.


"There's a major risk that the Americans would commit grave violations in this field...if one takes into account what they do in other spheres," said Viktor Bondarev, the head of the Russian Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee.

While Trump wasn't exactly clear about what he meant, he said he hoped to achieve "dominance" in space, ignoring the fact that the US is a signatory of the 1967 "Outer Space agreement," which bans the deployment of nuclear weapons in space. However, the US has seemingly made a habit of withdrawing from major international agreements. For example, George W Bush backed out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and Russia has threatened to "strongly retaliate" if the US violates the outer space agreement by sending weapons of mass destruction into orbit. The treaty also prohibits states from building military bases on the moon, according to RT.

Still, violating the "Outer Space agreement" could potentially create problems because, during his speech, Trump mentioned something about establishing a "permanent presence" on the moon - though he didn't explicitly say that it would be a "military" presence. Trump said during his speech that a "separate but equal" (from the other branches of the military) Space Force would be needed for America to maintain a tactical advantage over its geopolitical adversaries (adversaries like China and Russia).

Speaking with CNN after Trump's speech, an analyst pointed out exactly why "dominance" of space will be so important for national defense in the future: "I hate the term 'the final frontier' but (space) is the ultimate high ground. Space doesn't dominate one small geographic area - it dominates continents, oceans," said US Lt. Col. Rick Francona

"Most military thinkers know this is the battle space of the future."

One US Congressman warned that the US is already behind, and that "Russia and China" are dominating the space race.

"Russia and China are surpassing us in space capabilities and we need to dedicate a separate force solely with a space mission," Mike Rogers said.

The Chinese have also spoken out against the US's planned "dominance" of space.

Responding to a question from CNN regarding Trump's announcement Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said that "Outer space is an asset shared by all mankind. China always advocates the peaceful use of outer space, and opposes the weaponization of outer space and space arms races."

But of course, more than anything, Trump's declaration reminds us all of that famous "Chapelle Show" sketch.


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Funny thing is, Putin/China have their own best interests at heart. See the South China sea man made islands debacle, if you don't believe me. 

If you think Space is any different, I have ocean front property in Arizona for sale at a steep discount.

The problem with us American's is that we both fear and loath, the shit were good at. The shit we are good at is war, chaos, regime change, and genocide of enemies.

Enemies fear us, because they are stuck trying to figure out how to put nukes on ICBM's, when we had that fucking trick figured out 60 years ago. 

Were the fucking biggest psychopathic killers, and no one is even relatively close! Embrace it BITCHES!!!


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Adolfsteinbergovitch p4424119 Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:34 Permalink

Funny that you modified your completely unexplainable salary number through my last comment. You really are an imbecile by any measure. That's the only thing that sticks.

Now even your actual number is still a tad too high to be honest. Why not telling things like they are, namely that the poor schmucks doing online porn for you never get paid and leave in disgust after the first month?

This would explain why you need to advertise over and over again to quickly fill the vacant positions due to high turnover, another sure sign of quality...

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TGF Texas: The problem with us American's is that we fear……….Were the fucking biggest psychopathic killers.

Both statements are correct, here are why:

The fear comes not from stealing but, for start killing the indigenous people then, from the free slaves. When Britain invaded India, they didn’t kill the indigenous population or brought slaves, so the British didn’t became paranoid of being killed by them.

The psychopathic killers comes from Christianity. Christianity was developed by psychopaths men to program psychotic men.    


Militarization is a extension of state-capitalism (deep-state). Deep-State is a subset of capitalism. Deep-State, in the west, started as a criticism by the left of capitalism.

Trump, who’ve been using the deep-state rhetoric as a critic to distract his base, Trump is doing so because he wants to keep certain things and discard the rest. Trump wants to disempower the administrative and social aspect of the state.

If Trump succeeds, the state will become even more corrupt and powerful while the population more impoverished.


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No State has more impoverished populations then the socialists of the world.  Fear comes from a lack of self confidence, which is hard to generate when the State is your nanny.  America's ills can be directly connected to the drift to the left, towards your socialist utopia.

I'll ask you again,

I read, of the top 10 Parties in Brazil, the two overtly Socialist parties are sitting at 9th and 10th.

I'm curious, If socialism is the solution, why the most overtly socialist parties do so poorly with the People, why do they have to lie to get into power? 

Your only play is to dog the opposition, and spring your plans after getting power, like Obama.  How would his election have gone If he had been honest, and said you CAN'T keep your doctor?


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Meh, Reagan did the same thing with star wars and helped push the USSR over the edge...


Now, lets look at reality: both Russian and Chinese space programs are, how you would say, Meh.

The Chinese are a joke.

The Russians have a mature space program that is pretty much still dormant in comparison to the USSR days... Their only decent program going on right now is the ISS. They still aren't going to the moon, but it is what it is. 


The hypersonic missile thing is also a joke:

NASA couldn't do it... the chances of someone else being able to are slim...

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Russia reactivated the Russian Space Force on 1 Aug. 2015.  The Chinese also has its own official space force.  Now, the US will join the show with its own US Space Force...and out comes the Darth Vader comparisons and Russian/Chicom political warnings.  Remove beam from own eye before complaining about speck in another’s eye please.

Now, if The Tyler’s used their kremlin access and dug up some information about the US secret space program that Catherine Austin-Fitts has been raving about...that would give the Russian senator some street cred.

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So the average Chinaman's best interests are served by China building sand castles out in the south China sea?

A 4 year old could tell you that drawing sea boundaries right up to other countries land borders, and thousands of miles away from China is not going to work.

Pouring billions of pounds of tax payers money into building up military installations to protect nothing at all isn't going to yield any profit either.

And when they do try and invest in it the old problem of pumping oil in a warzone will pop up, it never works.

As for the US being the biggest psychopathic killers, I'd put the English forward to compete there.  The Nazi's were happily bombing city after city long before they hit Britain (Rotterdam, Warsaw etc), Arthur "bomber" Harris showed that they were a bunch of choir boys when it came to the task of wiping out whole cities.  Its lucky for them we never got the bomb in time as I have no doubt Berlin would have been wiped out.

The difference of course was that we didn't start it.  I'd say you in the US have the same mentality if someone pushes you, whats been going on up to now is just pussy footing around, if a country really went to war with the US I'd not bet on them.

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Half of all space shuttle missions were classified DOD ops. Space has already been weaponized for a long time.

Those classified missions as I understand it were:

  • Updates to exisiting secure mil and 'agency' com platforms, and deployment of additional enhanced point to point & store and forward architecture.
  • Updating ageing location and positioning infrastructure and deployment of an additional secure platform.
  • Repair, update and replace multi-spectral observation satellites; sensors, secure rf and optical comms, power supply components, and hardened computation devices.
  • Install and trial active shielding from ground and space originating vectors,within simultaneous theatres
  • Install and trial countermeasure attack technologies; physical barrier, optical, projectiles, focused radiation and directed EMP

So you are correct that space is already 'weaponized' to a degree.

My hope is that rail gun space platforms or mass drivers are not a feature of future wars from and/or in space.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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Russia developed hypersonic missiles as a response to being surrounded by ballistic missile defences of the US right on their border!!   The balance of power was disturbed by NATO.  These missile shields would severly hamper Russian retaliatory response to a nuclear first strike by the US.  NB Russia never threatened first strike on any country - they always made clear their nukes were only to be used if they were attacked first

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css1971 Joe Trader Wed, 06/20/2018 - 03:17 Permalink

The 1967 space treaty was an attempt to socialise space.

The result?

Half a century of stagnation. Just like all other socialism.


Fuck you all. Whoever can stand on it with the biggest stick owns it.

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EddieLomax css1971 Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:51 Permalink

I'd not call it socialism, all that treaty means is that anyone who wants to can use space without threat of war.  Plus we don't have an arms race in space that threatens life on the planet.

The reason there isn't much up in space is because it costs too much still.  Solve that and we'd be all over the solar system.

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Thordoom The_Juggernaut Wed, 06/20/2018 - 02:33 Permalink

I wouldn't be bitching about Russians when US need Russian rocket to deploy stuff in space and put cosmonauts in space not to mention that when comes to space Russians are the top and they just signed deal with China for space cooperation like with no other nation. That means those two have technology and fuckload of money. They could see this coming from from miles away. Trump actually by this foolish decision liek Cesar on throne put US in a huge danger. First increasing debt and now forever consolidating Russia China alliance which is utter disaster for US.

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BrownCoat Thordoom Wed, 06/20/2018 - 09:52 Permalink

History lesson of the day:

WWII saw innovations from several combatants throughout the war. Technology gave combatants an edge.

After the war, the US government continued R&D to maintain its lead in 'air superiority.' It has paid off in spades. (e.g. Europe was unable to stop the civil war in the former Yugoslavia until US air power was employed.)

That history tells us...

Innovation is necessary to maintain military security. Developing outer space capabilities is necessary. Modern civilization depends on satellites. Space assets need to be protected. ALSO, extraterrestrial objects pose a threat if they crash into the planet. Humans have no actual ability to deflect objects from crashing into Earth. 

The US has maintained a huge lead in scientific research. It has built space telescopes and probes that have vastly increased human's understanding of the cosmos. Actually measuring a gravity wave was absolutely fantastic!! More can and is being done in the area of science. Securing orbiting asset investments is a necessary (and boring) activity. Like fixing pot holes in a road, it is something that must be done. 

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The weapons that China and Russia come up with are the ones we give them ideas for, and that they can steal plans for. Then they build them poorly. Both those countries have massive issues. China has a huge ageing population, Russia has huge borders to protect. Both have borders with crazy Islamic countries. U.S. only has a lot of Mexicans. Which if we got serious could reduce in a small matter of time.

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