Why The "Abject Silence" From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama?

Unless you've completely avoided media for the past two or three days, you’re no doubt aware by now that the controversy over the Trump administration’s decision to separate migrant children from their detained parents after they’ve been caught illegally crossing the border has exploded since ProPublica published a recording of children who’d been captured by ICE crying out for their parents, and the agency allowed a handful of reporters on a supervised visit of the facility where many of the children are housed.

However, the liberals who have been responded with a non-stop barrage of social media attacks on the President and those who voted for him, have apparently forgot that the US has been housing migrant minors for years - and that a sizable increase in the minor population held in US facilities occurred under Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama. To drive this point home, Breitbart reporter Brandon Darby reminded us of this fact by tweeting photos from his 2014 visit to one such migrant detention center (as most should recognize, Obama was president at the time).

As the photos reveal, the "cages" that have become a locus of liberal fury are just like the ones used during the Obama-era. And yet, Darby noted that his original story about the holding centers was met with "abject silence" from the left. As anybody who's been paying attention to the data would know, border crossings have only recently started to pick back up after an unprecedented drop last year, meaning Trump’s deportation numbers haven’t risen back to the highs reached under his predecessor, who carried out a record 97,000 criminal prosecutions for illegal border crossings in 2013, according to the Daily Caller.

Some of the photos shared by Darby can be seen below. Notice they all have two things in common: They’re virtually indistinguishable from the photos of the detention centers being run by ICE today. Yet they were all taken during the Obama era.

President Trump lashed out at his critics during a speech earlier today defending his "zero tolerance" policy. During his speech, which featured Trump's trademark fiery tone and rhetoric, he pointed out that he's taking many of the same steps that were taken by the Bush and Obama administrations, while repudiating Democrats' "internment camp" comparisons and pointing the finger at his political rivals for allowing illegal immigrants to "infest" our country and "not caring about crime." Trump also noted that of the 12,00 children in detention, 10,000 were sent on a very dangerous mission by their parents, and only 2,000 were accompanied by their parents when they reached the border. On Monday, Trump insisted that the US would not become "a migrant camp" or a "refugee holding facility."


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More and more legal Mexican-Americans are turning to support Trump because they came here to get away from drug gangs, corruption and illegals in Mexico. The last thing they want is those same illegals and gangsters extorting them here.

These legal Mexicans realize the dangers of these far left Democrats and Soros-funded socialists and are becoming Trump supporters, even though many do it silently for fear of being beaten up by gangs and illegals who are already here.

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But the joke is on them. The more the MSM ignores the IG Congressional appearances, the more important they become. Americans have become well trained by the MSM to know, If the MSM won’t cover something then that means it’s news worth hearing so go look it up for yourself. 

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It is happening in the American South, too. The top photo gallery reminds me of my days, working at the Department of Human Services, which was not called the Department of Health & Human Services in my state at that time. It was at the very end of Bush II’s globalist empire. You could hardly get through the crowd to fetch your client. Caseworkers with college degrees made less in a week than the average, womb-productive illegal alien mom qualified for in free, monthly EBT food alone. As an American citizen, no one gave a crap about the conditions that I worked in, day after day, barely covering rent on my pay, with a desk even collapsing in my lap due to the old, Made-in-China particle board. The surroundings in most photos are better than the ancient, stained indoor / outdoor carpet in all cubicles. Forget about using the yucky-cubed bathrooms. Hold it until you get to a place with better bathrooms at lunch. 

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Trump merely has to allow the parents with their kids and force some votes on the Cruz policy of a two week period for the asylum judging process...declare it a state of emergency and crank the heat up on the critics...make them come up with solutions....I would also do quarantines...

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These are mostly economic migrants, coming for the pay-per-birth benefits. All the womb-productive ones have to do is work part time in single-earner households with US-born kids, staying under the income limits for the programs. When they apply for assistance, their bills have multiple adult names, revealing that they live in big groups of relatives, splitting expenses, with several, womb-productive women collecting free food, free monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits. Meanwhile, wages have not risen for American citizens in 40 years. Wonder why? 

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Citizenship should have some meaning, as should laws. Otherwise, why should citizens be held to the law? Think about it: The US is already absorbing a large percentage of the residents of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. They are citizens, with the legal right to come here anytime they wish. They have taken many of the recent job openings, while 101 million other working-age citizens are out of the workforce. We have 78 million gig workers who, in most cases, would not be working gigs if adequately employed. We have 42 million womb-productive EBT recipients who cannot qualify for the program when employed full time; they go over the income limits when they work full time. Many of them are noncitizens. We do not have the jobs to absorb all of Latin America into this country, even though sex leads to reproduction, which immediately makes people saint-like, good parents, hard workers and above the law in the liberal mind.

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...because Obama is dreamy and charismatic and when he bombs a nation or human-traffics children, the surviving victims feel privileged and his supporters feel warm inside.

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Looks like thy are waiting to get processed or released. Ever wait in a line at the DMV?


The difference here is that Obama did not jail adult members of families applying for asylum. Thus the children did not need to be detained. Those that were without parents still got detained.  

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The last time I waited there, there were multiple sets of new immigrants, all of whom had children under 2 with the exception of one Eastern European couple who spoke English. I see this everywhere I go. Multiple people were literally glowering at this typical display. Americans are tired of people gaming the system. If they want to be Americans, adopting Western ways and assimilating to our culture, why is the first move to reproduce without learning the language and acclimating to the environment? That is not how the sincere, legal immigrants do it. Everyone knows that the minute sex leads to reproduction, they have an entry into citizenship and access to layer after layer of unearned income from the welfare and progressive tax code systems—free food, free rent, refundable child tax credits up to $6,431—enabling them to undercut underemployed American citizens by working for low wages.

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The CIA has weaponized the news.

People susceptible to appeals to emotion are hypnotized, literally.

Plus - the normal party-loyalty hypocrisy Republicans do to an extent as well.

It’s all notes on the Trump-Is-Hitler theme.

The media isn’t just biased.  This is careful, deliberate misinformation. This ALSO distracts of course from the IG Report.


The Left wants open borders.  Why not propose doing it if the Democratic party agrees to pay all costs of all immigrants?


At this point?  Let’s push the moment to its crisis.  Let them stay at your house, Rosie.

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The CIA has weaponized the news.

If only it was just the news.  It is all programming.

(for those of you who recognize the pun, it was intended)

(for those who do not know, the non-commercial portion of TV broadcasts has long been referred to as 'programming' or 'the program' by the industry and certain portions of the public) (yes, they were laughing at us even in the early days)

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The CIA has weaponized the news.

People susceptible to appeals to emotion are hypnotized, literally.

Plus - the normal party-loyalty hypocrisy Republicans do to an extent as well.

It’s all notes on the Trump-Is-Hitler theme.

The media isn’t just biased.  This is careful, deliberate misinformation. This ALSO distracts of course from the IG Report.


The Left wants open borders.  Why not propose doing it if the Democratic party agrees to pay all costs of all immigrants?


At this point?  Let’s push the moment to its crisis.  Let them stay at your house, Rosie.

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What does the left care about children?

1. To prevent as many white children from being conceived as possible.

2. If unsuccessful with #1, to have as many white children aborted as possible.

3. To have as many non-white children born / imported as possible.

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Trump people, seriously...go the fuck back and get your ged.  This was when tens of thousands UNACCOMPANIED minors started arriving at the end of the Oba...why the fuck do I even bother with you dipshits. 

By all means, continue on. 

P.S. Frank Constanza would be a better surrogate for Trump than Rudy. 

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The right wing are bastards. Deflection deflection deflection. Trump is a moron. Taking kids way from their parents is cruel. Get over it. You are wrong.

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The political LEFT would let the Black Savior, the Kenyan born, EX-CIA gay communist muslim commit murder, rape, commit crimes against any Rightwing person, would advocate lying, cheating, stealing, permit any atrocity to occur as long as HUSSEIN is the person behind these acts.     The LEFT is so pathologically obsessed with hatred and envy, that they would stop God from giving the LEFT the promised land of milk and honey if God had been asked by the political Right to give it.    This is the level of psychopathological hatred and envy of those on the LEFT.   They would, literally, rather all of them die rather than to ever sanction, support, or give credibility to Trump, his allies or supporters.   They would rather North Korea nuke America than to give Trump any credit whatsoever for making the world safer.    Imagine that kind of sick pathology from the LEFT.