Bannon, Salvini, And A Powerful Catholic Cardinal Are Gunning For Pope Francis

As the populist wave continues to rise throughout Europe - most recently in Italy where refugees are now being turned away, prominent conservative Catholics are coming together to take on Pope Francis.

At the center of the intra-faith efforts are Steve Bannon, along with Italy's new interior minister Matteo Salvini and American Cardinal Raymond Burke - all of whom are staunchly opposed to liberal open-border policies advocated by the Pope.

Francis is a harsh critic of secure borders, and an advocate of unchecked migration - calling President Trump "un-Christian" for wanting to build his wall (which would be around 30-feet, the same height as the wall surrounding the Vatican). 

It is no secret that Francis, whose first ever apostolic voyage was to the Italian island of Lampedusa to give support to the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have crashed onto the shores there, supports an open-border policy. He has celebrated mass on the Mexican border with the United States, and he has warned world leaders to prioritize the acceptance of migrants over national security concerns and to avoid “discrimination, racism, extreme nationalism and xenophobia.” -Daily Beast

Burke, Bannon and Salvini have railed against these policies, with Bannon calling the Catholic Church "one of the worst instigators of this open borders policy," adding that "The Pope - more than anybody else - has driven the migrant crisis in Europe." 

The three conservative Catholics came together earlier this month when Bannon was in Rome to celebrate Italy's new populist coalition government run by Salvini, along with Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. During his visit, Bannon took a side-trip to the 800-year-old Trisulti monastery under development by conservative UK catholic Benjamin Harnwell. 

Harnwell runs a conservative Catholic organization, the Dignitatis Humanae Institute - which was "founded to help Christian politicians defend their faith in the public square." 

The monastery will host events with speakers like Bannon and Burke and conservative Christian leaders. 


Harnwell and his organization are an important connection between Bannon and Burke. Harnwell is the one who first introduced the two, according to a New York Times article that is displayed on Harnwell’s website. Bannon spoke at one of Harnwell’s’ conferences by grainy video link back in 2014 during which he warned that the migration exodus would lead to a rise in populism. Burke was the keynote speaker the year before. -Daily Beast

Burke, meanwhile, is one of the pope's harshest critics - openly challenging Francis' ability to lead the church while campaigning for limitations on papal powers. Burke has openly called Islam a threat, and is an open supporter of President Trump. 

Burke has been getting closer to Salvini, who visited him this week in Rome. It was not their first meeting. Salvini, meanwhile, closed Italian ports to NGO rescue ships this month - forcing several ships full of asylum seekers to divert to Spain and France.

Salvini also told an Italian television station Monday that he plans to conduct a census of the Roma community, and will kick anyone out of the country residing there illegally.

“Irregular foreigners will be deported via agreements with other countries ... But Italian Roma unfortunately we have to keep.”

So it should come as no surprise that Bannon is a giant fan of Salvini - calling his policies an example for the rest of the world

Salvini, meanwhile, is enjoying a boost in popularity within Italy, reinforced with a photo op with Cardinal Burke.

Francis, pushing back against the mounting Catholic coalition against his open-border policies, has been particularly vocal of late on the issue of migrants - both in regards to Italy's closed ports and the US-Mexico border controversy over migrant children being separated from their families (meanwhile 80% of migrant children are unaccompanied - meaning their parents chose to separate from them when they shoved them across the border with a human trafficker). 

I would like to point out that the issue of migration is not simply one of numbers, but of persons, each with his or her own history, culture, feelings and aspirations,” Francis said this week. “These persons, our brothers and sisters, need ongoing protection, independently of whatever migrant status they may have.”

We look forward to demolition crews tearing down the "un-Christian" Vatican walls so that all those persons who need ongoing protection can seek shelter in the ever-loving and charitable arms of the Catholic church. Especially the children. 


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I, myself, don't know what to believe. Things seem pretty twisted though.


edit: After 14 hours of deep thought, I've decided this:

Wouldn't it be cool if they live streamed Vatican human sacrifices to Baal?

Adolfsteinbergovitch H-O-W Thu, 06/21/2018 - 04:26 Permalink

Wow that amounts to saying nothing.

To put things in perspective, Benoit XVI was fired due to his non Masonic views. Remember that since Vatican II council the catholic has definitely been infiltrated and subdued by Jews. Benoit had to leave, hence the kabuki. 

Now we have this half traitor Pope who does exactly as the rabbi from tel Aviv tells him. 

Is the situation clearer now? 

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Oldguy05: I, myself, don't know what to believe. Things seem pretty twisted though.

It has been always twisted like this. You were just distracted by other things.

Your post reminded me this Italian explorer/anthropologist, can’t remember his name, when they were exploring Africa in the 18 hundreds. There were lots of excitements back them, because they kept find all types of primates, and some of explores taught that they would probably find some primates that could talk.  

The Italian explorer said that would not happen, because these African primates are very intelligent, meaning if these African primates could speak they would be made slaves; and they would have to pull up with human bullshit. So he told the other explores that they were been naive and delusional, that they wouldn’t find any primate that could talk.


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This ought to be eye-popping for any christian and/or truth seeker....



"Its claims were monstrous. They passed beyond human reckoning. For it claimed to be the one divine and authoritative voice on earth; and it taught, gave judgment, and asserted, always in the same valid tone, confident that its message would outlive the transitory phenomena of doubt, change, and contradiction. It stood secure, an edifice of truth behind the ramparts of truth which defied the many and various attacks launched by its enemies. For it claimed a strength that was not of itself, a life-force and vigour imparted by a power that could not be found elsewhere; and because it could not be likened to any earthly thing it provoked fear, bewilderment, mockery, even hate."


Mind boggling read, with some commentary here:…

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The present Pope’s alliance with Soros-open-society globalists is indeed alarming. In doing so he may be trying to take some of the hard edges off of some of our Western greed and insulation, but he is mainly serving the greed, insulation and advancement of the main backers of the globalist movement, who are the elites: namely the multinationals, the international banksters, most of the major Western oligarchs, and the international socialists. He is not serving the best interests of the various European nations and their cultures. Secondly, he is violating basic Catholic teaching regarding subsidiarity – which is essentially the doctrine of NOT RENDERING TO THE GREATER THAT WHICH CAN BE DONE BY THE LESS. The people have a right to form and rule nation states and to erect and control their own borders, just as much as they have a right to protect their families by owning homes and locking their doors at night. The creation of the EU has resulted in more and more power being usurped from the people running their own affairs with the false reasoning that bigger is better and more efficient. The same can be said for the proposed globalist One World Government.  

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The current Pope was the head of the Jesuit order in Argentina in the time of the disappearances.  He was allied closely with the fascist leaders of the country and even handed over two catholic priests to the regime for torture.  They were subsequently released. 

However, he is clearly involved in actions which seem to be 100% other than what he is supporting now.  Make no mistake, he is a fascist.  

The recent suicide of the Dutch princess is related to this matter, as the queen and her sister are daughters  of the Argentine Agricultural minister during the same time period.  There is a connection to film and a list of prominent names who partook in molestation of female desespardas in Argentina.  The current Pope knew all about it.

My quietly dementing mind is not capable of remembering all the names of those involved.  Look it up.  It is all there.

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Lets look at a local situation where there are no migration restrictions although there ought to be.

Homeless people from colder areas of the country “migrate” to Canada’s temperate West Coast Vancouver area giving the city a huge problem. City officials in other provinces like in oil-town Calgary, Alberta are famous for putting their vagrants on busses and having them dumped on the streets of Vancouver.  The left immediately see their “need”. These poor people “need” low cost housing they say and presto our local tax dollars are paying for just that. Finally, a percentage of these so-called migrants get plumbing, hot water, fridges, stoves, beds, their own units, food and welfare, in their new low-cost housing units. They get all these things for free because people either already on the government dole or people with big hearts and small brains were sorry for them and said they “needed” these things. Meanwhile, word gets out across the country that Vancouver is the destination spot for homeless people to migrate to, or be bussed to by cities wanting to remove the homeless problem from their own streets. More start pouring in.

The people in the tourist industry say that we cannot have them laying about on our downtown sidewalks and so the private sector tends to agree with the compassionate ones to build low cost housing for them. The problem increases.

Including the eyesore problem no one ever asks what this problem is ultimately costing taxpayers. Obviously, if other cities were not permitted to dump their street people on the cities of Canada’s west coast and had to take care of their own homeless, the problem would be more manageable.  

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If you like the pope you have, you can keep the pope you have.

If you hate the pope you have, you can keep the pope you have.

People like Bannon don't get to impeach popes. Popes do not make government laws. They only express opinions, which are pretty much random.

If Bannon could impeach the pope, he would have to start looking over his shoulder for the I.R.A., et al.

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LaugherNYC Adolfsteinbergovitch Thu, 06/21/2018 - 12:17 Permalink

OMFG, Literally.

So now the Joos run the Catholic Church, too??

Why don't you get the fuck out of your basement in Stalingrad, breathe a little fresh air, then go find a nice, high bridge, and throw yourself off of it?

To put things in perspective, your Kremlin handlers are getting seriously ripped off. They expect some sophisticated trolling, not this brainless diarrhea. 

Get yourself a real life, or end the sorry existence you're leading.

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WallHoo Adolfsteinbergovitch Thu, 06/21/2018 - 12:30 Permalink

Church and non church actors fought a war.


This war was called witch hunts.


Witch hunts happend after the hight middle ages,in oposition to popular belief.


The church(catholic) lost.


Usury was legalised.


Colonialism was funded by usury and had to appease usury.


Compount interest on debt is immoral and self defeating.


Central banks follow and oversee comercial banks.


Interest rates(of central banks) dont matter if demand for loans exist.


What matters are the reserve requirments.


Central banks exchange reserves(liabilities) for debt titles(Assets). T


The quantity of assets(for banks) remain unchanged,what changes is the quality.


All balance sheets equal to zero.


Debts can never be repaid.

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Capitalism??Usury is not capitalism.Usury is rent exctraction.Rents are not PROFITS.


You pay,the bank wins you dont pay the bank wins,where is the risk/reward relationship of capitalism?


How can you(as an economy) pay someone that charges compount interest forever?


Anyway a market economy is different from capitalism.You can be anti capitalist but you cant be anti-market.The law of supply and demand is constant,like gravity.

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Guentzburgh H-O-W Thu, 06/21/2018 - 04:32 Permalink

The Pope is a communist, a dishonest crook that does not practise what he preaches because it will lead to his swift demise .

Why are there walls in the Vatican if the Pope is anti-wall?

Why does he not open the Vatican to  African immigrants and the 'children'?


Communist dishonest crook

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There are many and we were warned.

Men of the cloth should confine their efforts to the souls of men and never forsake that sacred calling. Every rational person has a conscience, the last thing they need is to be browbeat by a globalist-socialist while seeking spiritual guidance. Pope Francis opened himself and Catholicism up to charges of hypocrisy and greed by going down the path of political ideology instead of staying on the path of light.

When one criticizes people for wanting a wall and guards for their own protection while living behind a wall with guards providing one with that same protection being sought or berates people for their inherited wealth while materially benefitting from the inherited wealth of all the popes & bishops who came before him, they have done more to "damage the brand" than any outside force could have ever done or thought about doing.

He may not be a Judas or a false prophet, just a useful idiot. He may just be incredibly careless, thoughtless but no matter, he gives aid & comfort to the darker angels of this world instead of driving them out.

Disclaimer: I am a Protestant by baptism and my heart is heavy for Catholics having to put up with one who has either been foisted upon them by treachery or incompetence makes no difference, in that long run we're talking about the real damage is being done to the church, the flock and Christianity itself. 

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Catholics should be used to it.

They've always had some pretty shady characters with the Big Hat. Politics, money and power isn't for the faint hearted.

How they came up with an Argentinian lefty do-gooder still remains a mystery beyond the cleanup PR campaign of the Ratz tenure. I guess they needed a clean shirt more than they worried about keeping the apples on the cart.

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