Canada Becomes Second Country To Legalize Weed

Canada is on track to become the first G-7 nation to legalize marijuana, and the second country in the world (after Uruguay), after its Senate approved legislation in a 52-29 vote, paving the way for recreational cannabis to be legally bought and sold within the next few months.

The vote clears the way for the government in Ottawa to take the final step: The ceremonial approval of by the governor-general that would make Bill C-45 law. Still, not all of the details have been ironed out. For example, the date for when the law would take effect remains unclear. And lawmakers have said it will take a few months for producers and retail stores to stock up and get ready for legal sales to begin, according to Bloomberg.


Possession of Cannabis became a crime in Canada way back in 1923, but it has been legal for medicinal purposes since 2001. Yet despite the culture's longstanding permissiveness when it comes to marijuana, some groups objected to the law, including conservative politicians and indigenous groups who felt they hadn't been consulted about the bill. But their resistance wasn't enough to scuttle the law, and by mid-September, Canadians will be able to buy cannabis and certain cannabis products at retail shops - though cannabis edibles will not be available for purchase for another year because the government says it needs time to decide on appropriate regulations. Meanwhile, adults will be allowed to possess one ounce of the stuff in public, according to the BBC.

Even after the law takes effect, it will still be illegal to possess over 30 grams of cannabis, grow more than four plants per household and to buy it from an unlicensed dealer. Marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in 14 European countries, Israel, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico, Turkey, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the US, medicinal marijuana is allowed in 29 states, and the District of Columbia. In addition, nine states have legalized it for purchase. Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Jamaica, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Luxembourg and some parts of India have all decriminalized the drug for personal use.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrated the vote as a victory for the government, which will "reap the profits" of marijuana legalization, he said in a tweet.

Trudeau's liberal party introduced the bill last year in a bid to make Canada the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalize marijuana for recreational use, according to the Guardian. Analysts estimate that sales of cannabis could amount to between C$5 billion and C$7 billion annually. Sales systems will vary between provinces: In New Brunswick, marijuana will only be available at a state-run chain called CannabisNB. The minimum age to consume it will vary between 18 and 19, depending on the province.

One government spokesman insisted that the government had been prudent in its approach and that it has made it clear that "it's not party time."

On Tuesday, supporters of the legislation stressed the cautious, prudent approach to the landmark change. "What the government’s approach has been is, yes, legalisation but also strict control," said Peter Harder, the government’s representative in the Senate. "That does not in any way suggest that it’s now party time."

Canada will now explore the idea of clearing all criminal convictions for simple possession, and is also pressuring the US to drop a policy that prevents Canadians who admit to having smoked marijuana from traveling to the US.



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Cannabis & Mental health problems

There is growing evidence that people with serious mental illness, including depression and psychosis, are more likely to use cannabis or have used it for long periods of time in the past.  Regular use of the drug has appeared to double the risk of developing a psychotic episode or long-term schizophrenia. However, does cannabis cause depression and schizophrenia or do people with these disorders use it as a medication?

Over the past few years, research has strongly suggested that there is a clear link between early cannabis use and later mental health problems in those with a genetic vulnerability - and that there is a particular issue with the use of cannabis by adolescents.

  • Depression

A study following 1600 Australian school-children, aged 14 to 15 for seven years, found that while children who use cannabis regularly have a significantly higher risk of depression, the opposite was not the case - children who already suffered from depression were not more likely than anyone else to use cannabis. However, adolescents who used cannabis daily were five times more likely to develop depression and anxiety in later life.

(Royal College of Psychiatrists)

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fuck yeah, Canada & Uruguay, leaders again !


>>> re: "The vote clears the way for the government in Ottawa to take the final step: The ceremonial approval of by the governor-general that would make Bill C-45 law. Still, not all of the details have been ironed out. For example, the date for when the law would take effect remains unclear." <<<


Should be about 8-12 weeks because the Bill has a provision that allows for the Prime Minister to choose when to put the Bill to the GG to become law in order for final preparations (federal and provincial) to take place.

But, otherwise, it's clear that it will certainly summer, likely be either late July or August, and September at the latest.

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It's kind of a good thing they're making it legal, but it would be best if it was solely decriminalized. Fucking fascists all over the place trying to dictate what you should do with it; in the province of Quebec, .gov is trying to overwrite the federal mandate for up to 4 plants per house down to 0, so you are forced to buy through state channels and their friendly monopoly. Fuck fascists, well-meaning as they may (ignorantly and arrogantly) be.

I don't even smoke anymore. 1 good look at that manchild Trudeau should be plenty of motivation to steer clear of the stuff. No character, fake gravitas, getting buttraped by about everybody on the global scene and somehow pretending it's okay because he likes it.

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Sure we had lots of organized crime back then.  JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, JD Rockefeller, Mellon, Vanderbilt, etc. just to name a few of the capos.  And let us not leave out the Jewish/Rothschild banking mafia frontmen: the Lazards, Warburgs. Shiffs, etc.  Morgan though of non-Jewish extraction was a leading Rothschild frontman as well.

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That is exactly what it means.  Remember these are the same politicians that blast smoking tobacco and vaping and now they are in full support of smoking weed.  This is all about the Benjamins.   The government needs a new tax or another settlement from the tobacco industry which will now switch its focus from processing tobacco to processing weed.  In 20 years you will be hearing the same liberals that are condoning making this widely available now complaining about what a scourge it is and how it has to be banned.

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Most of that is probably accurate, but if the past is any guide it won't be just the "liberals" taking the blame. Once they saw dollar signs and the concomitant potential loss of political capital, "conservative" Republicans like McCain, Lugar, D'Amato, Gingrich and many others expediently washed their hands of the tobacco companies in lock-step with those "liberals." They all suck equally and cannot be trusted.

The government hijacking of the tobacco companies was an obscene shakedown in many ways, but the tobacco companies weren't squeaky clean, either. I was in marketing at the time, working for my Dad and his partner developing positioning models and doing other research for Brown & Williamson. My Dad's partner was subpoenaed to testify before the Senate about his work as a research scientist for Philip Morris. That's when the vague threats to life, limb and family and the overt surveillance began. This guy was a lifelong, card-carrying Republican and career old-school enlisted Navy - not a pussy by any means, but he was genuinely scared.

As the hearings neared, he became frightened ("paranoid" I thought, at the time) to the point he checked me for a wire several times! It was an affront to my honor, but after the hearings were over he told me stories about his time at the tobacco companies and how their corporate security operated - like the Mafia but wealthier and more influential. He showed me some of the threats he'd received and video he'd taken of tails and audio recordings of people making threats in the grocery store using directed conversation "doublespeak" which was clearly referring to intimate details of his life and family, etc. I was shocked and finally understood why he checked me for a wire. The worst part was that some threats were meant to encourage his testimony, while others were intended to encourage his silence. He often didn't know whether the feds or the tobacco companies were behind a given threat, so he assumed both. Knowing what I know now, that was probably a safe assumption. In the end, he kept his mouth shut.

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What makes you think people who are for legalization are dope heads?

If your state legalizes it are you magically going to start.  In saying that in comparison to other drugs like Opioids for pain, alcohol for relaxation, or even tylenol you are probably safer using pot than any of them.  Every drug has side effects most are liver or kidney failure for long term usage.  Like with everything you can pull up you big boy pants for yourself and do what is the safest for yourself.  You cannot tell the other 330 million Americans what is best for them, nobody can.


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Do drugs come with labels? How would researchers know which chemical combos they can fiddle around with? What is a 'life-saving drug'? The same drug that saves your life will kill other people, is it ok then for YOU to take it? How is marijuana 'optional and recreational in nature'? What does that even mean? What about other drugs that are misused for recreational purposes? Should they all be banned as well? And what about drugs known to be deadly? Are you aware that warfarin, a drug used to thin blood, is also the active ingredient in rat poison?

And what 'medical expertise' does one need to state that every drug has side effects? Every drug DOES have side effects, my plumber could have told you that, no medical training necessary.

You didn't give any thought to that response at all, did you?

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Mark my words; You let these guys legalize, regulate, and tax weed you'll be longing for the days when it was illegal. All the innovations and improvements you've seen in marijuana in the past 50 years have resulted from the fact that the government has not cocked it up.

And PS; Might be the conspiracy theorist in me, but I suspect that the sudden, global, movement to hurry up and legalize weed has something behind it. Weed was always an obstacle to the desire to develop a cashless society among other things.

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The pharmaceutical industry has a study showing that pot owned and controlled by corporations is safer and more effective than that grown by small farmers. This includes genetically modified and patented strains. (Notice: This is a /s and /jk notice. All humor is subjective. If you are unsure if this is humorous and funny, please contact a friend who is /s and /jk certified.)

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" Third choice...It's a weed. Grow yer own! "


that's right.  Absolutely right.  Take responsibility for yourself, your privacy & your own medicine by growing your own.  It's inexcusable if you don't & you have only yourself to blame.  Your plants soothe you & relax you as you watch them grow. You end up falling in love with them to them...breathe on them...they will love you back. They end up growing like,...well, weeds!  So, try not to be so hard on your brothers & sisters who may utilize the medicinal benefits of cannabis.  In fact, let me fire up this baby right now in celebration of sharing & completing this text this morning.  Gladly carry that torch in support of good health & wellness my brothers & sisters & don't forget to  ..."Feed Your Head".  That's it.  {smile}

Have a great day!  {smile}


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