"Qatar Island": Saudis Launch Massive Canal Project To Cut Off Neighbor

It almost sounds too insane to be believed, but Saudi Arabia's move to further isolate neighboring Arab rival Qatar by literally turning it into an island is but the latest in an intense year long feud between the two countries that has already produced its fair share of bizarre headlines.

Tiny but ultra-wealthy Qatar is a peninsula which shares a 37.5 mile border (60km) with Saudi Arabia on the kingdom's northeast side and juts out from the Arabian peninsula about 100 miles into the Persian Gulf. 

Saudi media revealed this week the kingdom is quickly moving forward with ambitious plans to dig a 200 meter wide and 15-10 meter deep canal the entire length of the land border, effectively creating 'Qatar island' as some Mideast news sources are already calling it.

Of course, the Qataris don't appear to have a say in their own country's geographic fate, and the Saudis and Emirates further plan to locate nuclear waste sites and a military base along the proposed canal to boot. 

The so-called “Salwa Marine Canal Project” has reportedly opened up to bidding among five international companies that specialize in digging canals, with bids closing next Monday and the project to be awarded in 90 days, according to regional sources. The canal project is estimated to cost up to 2.8 billion riyals ($750 million) according to Saudi-based Sabq newspaper.

Qatar has remained defiant throughout its unprecedented summer diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states which have brought immense pressure to bear on the oil and gas rich monarchy through a complete economic and diplomatic blockade imposed by its neighbors. Saudi and UAE officials have long accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, aligning with Iran, and meddling in the affairs of its gulf neighbors in a crisis that has resulted in the near complete unraveling of the GCC. 

The Salwa canal was first announced in April but many observers dismissed it as but the latest in outrageous Saudi claims and punitive measures aimed at Qatar. 

Newsweek reported in early April:

Apparently, Riyadh is not content with traditional isolation. The so-called “Salwa Marine Canal Project” would establish a military base in one area of the border and a nuclear waste site in another. The waste would come from the nuclear reactors that Saudi Arabia is planning to build. The border would then be clearly demarcated by a wide canal. The UAE would also build a nuclear waste site at its border’s closest point to Qatar.

But it now appears to be concretely advancing and not a bluff. 

Beyond nuclear waste and military installations, Riyadh further envisages beach resorts in Salwa, Sakak, Khor al-Adeed and Ras Abu Qamees, and marinas for yachts and leisure.

According to Dubai-based Gulf News the canal will be fully within the Saudi side of the border, meaning Qatar will have no rights or access to the waterway. Gulf News further (somewhat enthusiastically) notes that "In April, Saudi border guards took control of the Salwa crossing, effectively cutting off Qatar's only terrestrial link with the outside world."

The project will reportedly be funded entirely but UAE and Saudi private investors, and it will be interesting to see if it actually comes to fruition. If so, building what is essentially a massive 60km long mote to physically cut off an entire country would certainly constitute a first in the history of diplomatic warfare.


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More evidence the Saudi Royals are crypto jews.


Like many of the Young Turks, who massacred hundreds of thousands of Christian Armenians (who Jews called ‘Amalek’ - interesting googling, that), mostly Christian Assyrians (natives of ‘Kurdistan’ also especially targeted by (((ISIS))) in Syria) and Christian Greeks:



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Mementoil I Am Jack's Ma… Thu, 06/21/2018 - 01:44 Permalink

The "Fued" between the Saudis and the Qataris is just another front in their conflict with the Iranians.
The Qataris are sympathetic to the Iranians, and their country could serve as a launching ground for an Iranian invasion into the Arabian peninsula, and so it is no surprise that the Saudis are trying to preempt this by digging a canal along the Qatari border.

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Klassenfeind BennyBoy Thu, 06/21/2018 - 05:40 Permalink

It's a Keynesian wet dream come true! It's just like the 'Broken Window theory,' but then much bigger.

Think about it: first spend USD 750 million for a canal + nuclear waste site + army base, and then perhaps in a few years time when all are friends again, spend USD 1,5 billion to build bridges and clean up the nuclear mess and relocate the army base!

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My wife works for Jan De Nul and is a geo analyst and will be involved in the project. It's a stupid plan because they'll need to dredge it on a constant basis because the silt will just close it up after a few years, so it's just a money sucking moat.

Look at palm tree island, if the dredgers don't maintain it, the island would be gone in 10 years.

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Iranians don’t invade, have not done so for a long long long time. This is just psychopath projection from (alleged crypto Jew) Saudis ... blaming others for their own horrible fantasies. 

sure if you are a member of the current Empire USA you might think constantly in terms of invasion. Failed empires seem to think in terms of armament sales and egging on, paying white helmuts and such and sneaky attacks and invasion under cover of a stronger party.

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I doubt it - Russia (as usual) gained ‘leverage’ with Qatar by selling them 18% of Rosneft !! 

Russia is a little too clever for the FAKE monarchy !!! 

Qatar is also hosting the next World Cup - So they will get more support from Russia to ‘break’ away from the Zio/US grip !! 

Qatar may even get a pipeline through Syria if they keep making peaceful overtones !! 

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Haha you're no longer willing to give out any number because you know these figures are false. So in essence what I was saying earlier holds water: you are seeking people in large numbers on the promise that you will pay them a lot for some shady online porn stuff. And of course these poor idiots will never see anything coming from you. 

I hope you're business works wonders. If it doesn't then you're even more stupid than I thought. 

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The question I've yet to see answered is, what caused the rift between Qatar and the Saudi's? Sources that I respect all have varying opinions, leaving me to guess and extrapolate, which I don't like to do when I have very little expert knowledge on the inner workings and dynamics(historical and contemporary) of the relationship between the 2 countries.