Satellite Images Reveal Russia Upgrading Nuclear Bomb Storage At Kaliningrad

New satellite images appear to show Russia may have significantly modernized a nuclear weapons storage bunker and security system at a secret facility in Kaliningrad, a strategic enclave of Russian territory situated between Poland and the Baltics, as tensions between Moscow and Washington continue to escalate, according to a report from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

On Monday, the FAS published a brand new report revealing several satellite images detailing a significant renovation of what appears to be a buried active nuclear weapons storage bunker in Kaliningrad, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Polish border.

“It has all the fingerprints of typical Russian nuclear weapons storage sites,” Hans Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at Federation of American Scientists (FAS), said in a report.

“There is a heavy-duty external perimeter of multilayered fencing. The bunkers themselves have triple fencing around them as well. These are typical features from all the other nuclear weapons storage sites that we know about in Russia,” Kristensen explained.

FAS said the images confirm the renovations began at the site in 2016, when one of three underground bunkers was unearthed and strengthened before construction crews backfilled in early 2018, “presumably to return operational status soon.”

A buried nuclear weapons storage bunker in the Kaliningrad district has been under major renovation since mid-2016. (Source: Federation of American Scientists (FAS))

FAS indicates the site’s security system was previously upgraded between 2002 and 2010 when construction crews installed a heavily fortified security perimeter.

Between 2002 and 2010, the security perimeter around the Kulikovo nuclear weapons storage site were cleared and upgraded. (Source: Federation of American Scientists (FAS))

Kristensen said in the report that it was unclear from the satellite images if any nuclear weapons were currently being stored in the vaults of the bunker(s).

“The features of the site suggest it could potentially serve Russian Air Force or Navy dual-capable forces.

But it could also be a joint site, potentially servicing nuclear warheads for both Air Force, Navy, Army, air-defense, and coastal defense forces in the region,” Kristensen wrote.

“It is to my knowledge the only nuclear weapons storage site in the Kaliningrad region,” Kristensen added.

Moscow has yet to comment on the modernization reports of its nuclear storage site in Kaliningrad, but did mention in 2016 that it deployed nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to the region.

And now the underground bunker to securely store nuclear warheads makes sense.

Piecing together the puzzle, Russia could soon deploy quick reaction readiness forces at this facilities, in case, there was a crisis, where teams could retrieve the warheads from the underground bunker/vaults and quickly mount the warheads on the Iskander missiles.

Kristensen said that Moscow maintained its secret stash of nuclear warheads in “central” storage believed to be hiding somewhere in mainland Russia. He suggested that the facility in Kaliningrad “could potentially function as a forward storage site that would be supplied with warheads from central storage sites in a crisis.”

In February, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) officials expressed concern that Russia recently deployed new missiles to Kaliningrad. A US defense official based in Europe said Moscow’s recent deployment of its Iskander missiles to the region was “the biggest move we’ve seen” regarding Russia’s militarization of the Baltics.

For years, NATO has demanded Moscow to withdraw its nuclear warheads and nuclear-capable missiles from NATO borders.

While NATO forces have surrounded Kaliningrad, in the heart of NATO territory, it seems as Moscow is in the final stages of installing a nuclear deterrence for the region.

What could go wrong? NATO and Russia are armed to kingdom come.


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The soldiers are just for show.  We are talking hybrid warfare now.

If ZOG has its way and gets full sanctions and a trade embargo with Chinese participation against Russia, then in conjunction with other activities across the globe, Russia could be brought to heel.

Kalingrad was never really settled by Stalin, they had imagined it was a poker chip to be traded later.  Carving Crimea, Novorussia, Tartus and Kalingrad off of Russia would give ZOG something to loot and digest for a few years.

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Cognitive Dissonance OverTheHedge Wed, 06/20/2018 - 10:23 Permalink


That would give the Russians just the excuse they need to start a shooting war. :-)

On your other point, NSA has admitted their surveillance satellites from the 70's had a minimum one meter resolution. My suspicion is the birds up there today have much better resolution.

So they are playing some other game by releasing images of such poor quality. Of course, the game may simply be that rather than asking for better images to 'prove' they are correct, we should just trust our government to say and do the right thing.

All warm and fuzzy.

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Hans-Zandvliet Cognitive Dissonance Wed, 06/20/2018 - 13:51 Permalink


It sounds quite incredible to me that Russia would store its nuclear warheads in an enclave surrounded by NATO countries: in times of war they could conquered in just a couple of hours, so what about the principle of use them or lose them? Way, way too risky.

A storage for conventional munitions, okay I'll buy that. But nuclear? No way!

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I think the book Failsafe written in the 50s describes a satellite zooming in on Soviet soldiers to the point of reading the label on the pack of cigarettes they were smoking.

Some satellite photos are commercially available. Of course the resolution is probably degraded to conceal the actual capabilities. And photos if Israeli nuke storage facilities are probably not available to the public.

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bluez Demologos Wed, 06/20/2018 - 11:47 Permalink

This makes no sense. The supposed "nuclear weapons storage bunker" at Kaliningrad is actually an S-400 base. These are intended to intercept the USSA theatre ballistic missiles (TBMs), that pretend to be ABMs in Poland, that the USSA could use to destroy eastern Russia, including Moscow. How obvious.

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You have it all wrong.

WE are the good guys with absolute moral authority. So we can put missiles wherever we want, inside and outside our borders. But the Rooskies are the bad guys with zero moral authority, so they have no right to do anything anywhere at any time.


<This message brought to you by your local friendly empire. Have a wonderful day. And remember, we are watching you at all times for your own good. Learn to love your captivity.>

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Absolute moral certainty and righteousness act like drugs to the brain. We get high off our own self serving perspective.

It's a wonderfully effective positive feedback loop that is manipulated to no end by the intelligence services and their captured politicians.

Mom, apple pie and Chevrolet. What more do you need to live in blissful ignorance. There is no room for doubt in that make believe world.

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Jack Oliver BarkingCat Wed, 06/20/2018 - 12:04 Permalink

Just shows the collective IQ of the US military - not much ! 

They have been conditioned to follow orders and are totally ‘one dimensional’ !! 

That’s how they make em in the US of A ! 

They never actually ‘think’ ! 

“Most people only ‘think’ - about 2or3 times a year - I have become internationally renowned - ‘thinking’ 2or3 times a week”   George Bernard Shaw 


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Jack Oliver sodbuster Wed, 06/20/2018 - 11:58 Permalink

“ It has all the fingerprints of a TYPICAL Russian nuclear site “ !! 

Who makes this SHIT up ??? 

ISIS have all the fingerprints of a TYPICAL CIA financed, trained and funded TERRORIST group !!! 

However - this is a MSN FUCKING ‘secret’ !! 

Putin ditching US treasuries is a ‘secret’ as well !! 

It is far more ‘telling’ of what lies ahead though !!! 



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attah-boy-Luther Freeze These Wed, 06/20/2018 - 11:16 Permalink

The new Space Farce Program will be to introduce the sheeple to the Dr. von Braun's revelations of our future.

1st war against commies, then fake war on terror once the population is worn down and had enough then the fake alien invasion of the outer space kind. We already gots the other alien invasion.

At that point he was already dying and had nothing to lose but to tell the world we've been had.

Course no matter how often these fundamental facts are released the sheeple have a deep innate desire to be controlled and lied to rather then risk thinking and providing for themselves.

So good luck suckas...

keep your obeisances to your 545 overlords in the district of corruption....

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el buitre Offthebeach Wed, 06/20/2018 - 10:58 Permalink

Because Russia knows that the Ziocons are always polling their computers as to probable outcome of a first strategic nuclear strike against Russia.  The DoD after decades has put first strike officially back "on the table," of which the Russians are well aware.  Russia's aim is to avoid this by making the outcome as unpleasant as possible.  Russia does not take NATO's ground forces that seriously other than preparing for an invasion to minimize their initial advance before Russia pushes back to Dunkirk.  Russia knows that the NATO forces are so inferior to the Russian forces on their western borders (Syria is a whole other ballgame), that NATO would resort to tactical nukes early in the game.  The Iskander base in Kaliningrad offers Russia a tremendous opportunity to reply to NATO tacticals with their own almost instantaneously.

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