Spanish Students Given 24 Hours To Leave Dorms To Make Room For Aquarius Migrants

The Spanish government's decision to accept a boat carrying more than 600 migrants, a boat that was refused permission to dock by both Italy and Malta, has backfired on a group of students in the city of Alicante, who have been asked to leave their dorms within 24 hours to make room for the refugees. According to RT, Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s newly appointed socialist prime minister who replaced Mariano Rajoy following a no-confidence vote earlier this month, agreed to shelter the passengers of the Aquarius, a group of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who were rescued from rickety vessels in the Mediterranean by the ship. After declaring that "the good times for illegals are over", Italy’s newly installed anti-immigration government blocked the ship and urged its neighbor, Malta, to accept the migrants. Malta also declined, prompting Spain and its new left-wing government to intervene.


Now, several hundred students, who are paying 750 euros a month to live in the La Florida dormitory in Alicante, must leave to make room for children aged 12 to 17 who are being brought to the dormitory via bus following the ship's arrival in Spain on Sunday. The authorities explained that the eviction was necessary given the "emergency situation" caused by the migrants' arrival.

One students' mother told local media that the students were asked to leave because the incoming refugees would have "many diseases" and possibly pose a "health risk." And while students said they're "not against helping those in need" they're worried about how they will finish their studies.

"We’re not against helping those in need, but it isn’t fair for my son to be removed from his residence and left on the street in the middle of his studies," one woman said, adding that her son needed to complete his course in German in order to qualify for a new job in that country.

The provisional government has assured inquiring media outlets that it will cover the students' expenses and find new temporary accommodations for them. We would advise the rest of Spain's college students to consider packing a "go-bag", because the Italian government over the weekend refused permission to dock to two Dutch-flagged ships carrying migrants, which are now sitting off the coast of Libya. That means more migrants could be on their way to Spain in the near future.


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boys, you're missing the key sentence of the post; and the obvious reason for why this bullshit is happening now, rather than later. 

re-read the post. see line 4: ".... Spain's newly appointed socialist Prime Minister ... " is the guy who made this call. IIRC, he ALSO made a call to tear down the fences at the spanish border, as well. this within a week after the last PM, a NON-socialist, got kicked out. 

so let's recap: socialist gets into power, immediately takes steps to flood country with new socialist voters who will *guarantee* the socialists stay in power forever. "we'll make damn sure we never lose an election again!" "democracy is a bus you ride until you get where you want to be, then you get off that bus."

and for all you 'Trump sucks, maaaaan!' fuckwits, I'll type this part reeeal slow:

1) would hillary have done anything BUT exactly this if she had won?

2) do you have any doubt whatsoever this shit WILL happen the instant a dem gets into the white house again? will the Deep State/Dems/GOPe ever allow another Trump?? "this fucker is undoing decades of our hard work!"

3) tell me some more about how Trump is really just like hillary because Da Joooooz etc etc

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Its all about a "voter base" with dimz. Its not to say ALL Hispanics/Latins are socialists but by & large they've been "trained from birth" to seek Big Government for sustenance. 

Here we go...

“Keeping families together in jail is not an acceptable solution,” Hrabar tweeted Wednesday afternoon at 1:56 PM."

...Allison Hrabar is a card carrying of the Democratic Socialists of America and she's a government employee (as a paralegal) at the DoJ.…

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My empathy level for these students is nil. They probably voted for the socialist. You get what you deserve, which in this case is a boatload, (no pun intended), of young swinging black dicks for Spanish women, (one can only presume).

I'd watch the new PM's checking account for any surge in balances from Soros. Shit like this gets rewarded. Humanitarian my ass.

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Why not get to the bottom of things for a change? Someone or some organization is footing the bill for the ships and deliberately dumping people in Europe. Is it the Soros-funded open border movement? Is it the globalists running Europe? Are the token number from Africa meant to defect attention from the hundreds and thousands being CLEARED from Syria and Iraq?  

Why are the US, the UK, France, Italy and Israel still fueling the war in Syria? Millions have been displaced by our own nations in their efforts to bring down the Syrian government in this unjust war. According to U.N. estimates, some 11.5 million people, 40%  of whom are children, do not have access to adequate medical care. Hospitals have routinely been targeted in the fighting, and since the beginning of the war, nearly two-thirds of Syria's medical staff have fled the country.   

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The obvious solution (sending them back) seems to be eluding the authorities at the moment, for some reason.

Perhaps it's because the 'authorities' aren't thinking clearly about what this blight will do to the resident population.

The idea that students, who btw have paid for the spaces they're living in, are being pushed out to make room for people who should not be there.

If eviction was an absolute I would want compensation for everything I'd spent to rent the space that's now being confiscated for illegals.

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Helping those in need????

Them help them in Africa FFS!   Don't bring them to Spain!

People have been told over and over about 'minorities' they don't realize that white people are outnumbered something like 12 to 1 on this planet (apologies to the Flat Earthers).

The next time someone tells you how badly Iran or Syria or Russia needs regime change, you ask them how it turned out in Afghanistan, Iraq and LIBYA!!!  Libya and South Africa were the GO-TO destinations for Africans to migrate to, but now both have 'somehow' gone to SHIT (one thanks to NATO bombing, the other thanks to Western-backed Communism).

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I was in Barcelona not long ago, hated every minute of it. Groups of sub-Saharan black males clustered everywhere, scowling at passersby, ugly expressions, hateful glares, freely pawing at giggling European women, pilfering from stores, never paying for bus or train rides, cops terrified of stopping them out of a fear of being called racist. They sit wherever they please selling stolen goods. 

I’ll never go back to Spain. It was just terrible, frightening. Plus the Spanish law won’t allow for self defense. 

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