German SPD Said Preparing For New Elections, Euro Slides

With just over a week left on Angela Merkel's CSU ultimatum to  resolve the German "refugee" problem in a manner that is satisfactory to her populist coalition partner Horst Seehofer (and who famously said recently that  he "can’t work with that woman anymore") and that sees an EU agreement that sends migrants back to their originating European nations, something which in light of recent Italian populist developments is impossible and effectively guarantees that Merkel will be unsuccessful, on Friday morning Spiegel reported that the next step for Chancellor Merkel now seems inevitable, and that Germany's SPD party is preparing for new elections, one assumes on the belief that the Merkel coalition government will collapse.

Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA

Specifically, Der Spiegel reported that Party Secretary General Lars Klingbeil held three internal meetings to prepare for possible new elections, which all happened late last week and early this week.

Topics covered included possible dates for new elections, which SPD strategists see in early September at the earliest.

According to the report, Klingbeil also ordered seeking out venues for special party summit, and that the SPD, which has seen a plunge in the polls in recent months, will contract a new PR agency regardless of whether new elections take place.

As expected, news that Germany may have new elections soon send the Euro - which until this moment had seen a sharp short squeeze - sliding. There has been no comment so far from either Merkel or the CDU/CSU.




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Haven't you seen all the hundreds  pictures of her doing the illuminati owl symbol?  Junker and May also make the same symbol.  How about how she won the Kalergi award from the UN.

Merkel sold her soul long ago.  Perhaps she gave up her first born.…

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Haus-Targaryen Heros Fri, 06/22/2018 - 07:41 Permalink

He had the ability to use the Bavarian police to shut down the Bavarian border with Austria in Q4 2015.  He choose his career and the power of his party instead. 

He was perhaps, the only person in all of Germany who single-handedly could have stopped the onslaught. He chose not to. 


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Sandmann Haus-Targaryen Fri, 06/22/2018 - 09:17 Permalink

He did NOT. You should learn some LAW. Borders of the European Union are guarded by Frontex. It is ILLEGAL for German Police to control access from ANY other Schengen State.

Bavarian Police do NOT have jurisdiction over Borders. That is responsibility of Bundespolizei which are under Berlin

You may be American but I suggest you do a basic course in the legal structures of the European Union and learn what Federal Police do and what Local Police may do

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Sorry but that's an utter bullshit statement on two counts:

First of all the Bavarian police should be able to close the border with Austria, which obviously means main corridors for vehicles and trains, in some way - maybe under a pretense.

Second, if you somehow imply that things have to be done along the law to the letter, then you must be applying intentional blindness to all those other facets where German politicians are ignoring the law best they can!

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"Why Seehofer?"


Your question demonstrates the success of Seehofer's ruse. He'll garner votes for the establishment by pretending to be deeply opposed to Merkel, whose is no longer useful to the elite. He has no intention of saving Germany, he is concerned with perpetuating the mainstream parties' grip on power post-Merkel, while continuing her policies.

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the russians suffered ten times the casualties of the other allies combined (23 million dead). they also were true to the maxim "to the victor the spoils".

from here:

" estimates of the numbers of German women raped by Soviet soldiers have ranged up to 2 million "

" At least 100,000 women are believed to have been raped in Berlin"

" Female deaths in connection with the rapes in Germany, overall, are estimated at 240,000 "

" The rapes continued until the winter of 1947–48, when Soviet occupation authorities finally confined Soviet troops to strictly guarded posts and camps "

lots of russian descendants in germany.

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Why do these politicians hang on to power by their fingernails, well past their peak of power, effectiveness and popularity until they're chucked out on their ear? Hasn't Mackerel, excuse me, Merkel already squirreled enough € billions to last her through the next 12 lifetimes? Shit, I'd be happy to have $100k squirreled away. 

gregga777 JohnGaltUk Fri, 06/22/2018 - 07:31 Permalink

Some folks are just plain greedy

There's a lot to be said for quitting while you're ahead. Retire. I would take €500 million out of those € multi-billions and buy a little 100 meter yacht. Spend the rest of my life cruising the seven seas. It ain't like I'm ever going to live long enough to spend even 5% of the remaining funds. Can't fix stupid. Especially can't fix selfish, greedy and stupid. I may be a lot of things, but at least I'm not a power hungry and greedy psychopath. 

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Today is "False Flag Friday", the day the Corrupt FBI, likes to Try and STAGE their Mass "Shooting" and "Bombing" attacks more than any other day.


So if "Anything" happens, DEMAND HD Video Proof and call it out for the STAGED Farce that it is!

Sorry for Off-Topic Thread "Hijack"!



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Publicus_Reanimated hooligan2009 Fri, 06/22/2018 - 13:46 Permalink

Every party in Germany has attempted to buttfuck AfD.  Imagine Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids and you have the beginning of understanding.

There will be no CSU/AfD coalition any time soon.  That's what a craven politician would hope.  CSU will do everything it can to appear as AfD lite and siphon off voters.  CDU/CSU will abandon the decades-old territorial monopoly CSU has on Bavaria and field candidates in every German state but will continue to combine their strength at every level including the Bundestag.

Merkel/Seehofer have no strategy and only one tactic -- buy time buy time buy time.  Did you not see the part about elections no earlier than September?  I suspect they'll try to push them out to 2019 and throw the kitchen sink at AfD in the meantime.

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This is why I don´t trade currencies...a politician gives a statement and the markets freak out. Why do markets give a shit if the SPD want new elections? Does it really matter? They (parties) are all puppets!