And Just Like That... The Mueller Investigation Was Over

Authored by Kurt Nimmo via Another Day In The Empire blog,

The corporate media is reporting intrepid crusader Robert Mueller is preparing to do a Pontius Pilate on his special council investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign. 

According to WaPo, Mueller has beefed up his team with a number of prosecutors and the job of prosecuting Russian nationals for supposedly influencing the 2016 election will be fobbed off on them.

“The Post reports that the new hires are the first indication of Mueller preparing for the end of his investigation,” WaPo reported.

The Trump component is in the process of performing a disappearing act in slow motion. The investigation petered out months ago. Democrats continued to pound on it. Because it’s all they have. The establishment Resistance run by Pelosi and Schumer is treading water and looking toward the midterms. 

It’s like simple math. There is no evidence Trump or his associates colluded with Putin and the Russians to somehow - through the exaggerated influence of social media - throw the election in his favor. 

This nonsense was dispelled early on. 

It’s true. Enterprising Russians ran a lucrative clickbait scheme on social media - just like hundreds of other entrepreneurs. It took the the Democrats - fresh off a humiliating defeat to a casino and real estate windbag - to make up a fantasy deserving of a novel discount bin.  

Establishment Dems counted on the corporate media to whip up the required hysteria and frenzy among already hysterical and frenzied liberals. Many apparently sought trauma counseling after the election. 

Even with the media lavishing coverage on the Mueller investigation, it has failed to do much of anything except get Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and others in trouble - not for working under Putin’s direction to get the MAGA candidate elected, but for alleged bank fraud and violation of campaign finance laws. 

This is pretty routine stuff in Washington.

Mueller doesn’t have a case and he knows it. Now he will save face by passing off the investigation to underlings. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us get respite - until the next drummed up load of horse manure masquerading as high crimes and misdemeanors appears on the scene. 

Not to worry. There are always stories of political intrigue to fascinate the proles - for fifteen minutes at least - and distract from the real issues: endless war and a bankster rigged economy slowly turning America into a third world cesspool. 

I am celebrating this decision. 

I am celebrating that it will mostly disappear from the news cycle.

I am celebrating petulant Democrats suffering another defeat and also celebrating denying self-righteous Republicans a chance to climb up on their soapboxes. 

Of course, they’ll come up with something else, they always do. 

The establishment political class is not about to stop rolling out distractions that are poorly planned political theater stunts that could use better writing and managerial skills.



Chris2 IridiumRebel Sun, 06/24/2018 - 21:03 Permalink

So Dems pivot to the Trump voters themselves.

That bitch Donny Duetsch on MSNBC said "We made a mistake talking Trump as this evil man, we need to say the ordinary Americans that voted for Trump are Nazis, they are down at the border saying "you go here, you go there" and need to be dealt with."

btw he is dating Trumps ex, Marla Maples.

Trump voters responded to him with pics of concealed carry handguns.

Mad Max "these people should not be able to go to restaurants without being attacked or fill up cars in gas stations."

remember the cop executed in a gas station. Or Mussolini hung upside down in an Esso gas station.

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NidStyles bamawatson Sun, 06/24/2018 - 21:15 Permalink

And here we go.


Sorry girl, you’re cute, but not my type. Definitely not worth fist fighting dudes over. Lost my squaw the other night. Not upset about it, but damn he really was mad enough to fist fight for her. 


Traded out, no regrets. Mow that grass.

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oDumbo NidStyles Mon, 06/25/2018 - 00:06 Permalink

Fuck Meuller.  Evil piece of shit.  Waters openly calling for extreme violence against our government and regular people who oppose her evil views of reality.  Then there's Soros, openly importing all of muslim africa to Europe while spineless Christians pretend it makes fucking sense.  Anyhoo...

Fuck all dumorats and their evil spawn.  You wanna fight?  Bring it.

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glenlloyd oDumbo Mon, 06/25/2018 - 01:10 Permalink

IMO it's douchebags on both sides of the aisle. It's nothing but a fight to decide who spends the money and on what.

If these folks are the best and brightest (elected and unelected (FBI etc)) then we have a big problem.

Trump should have cleaned house thoroughly when he took over. As it stands I think there's still some of his appointees that are waiting to be approved. What a load of shit.

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gregga777 glenlloyd Mon, 06/25/2018 - 03:35 Permalink

There are Americans who have fought just about everybody on the planet. Some of the nastiest were the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong carried out political assassinations throughout the American involvement there. The Viet Cong would kill a community leader. But, they didn't stop there. They'd kill everything alive in his house or ville. They'd kill pets and would even kill the fish in the man's aquarium. There are many Americans who know how to do insurgent warfare quite effectively because they've been on the receiving end trying to prevent it. 

These coup d'etat plotters, their enablers and financiers, and perhaps as a result of their future assassination of President Trump+, are risking setting off a general conflagration that will consume them and their families and a lot of other Americans. I'm assuming that any of them with brains might read one of these threads. Hopefully they'll pause to reflect whether they want to see every living thing in their homes killed before their eyes before they get a knife through the kidney. By the way, a really painful way to die. 

I ain't saying this is what I wanna see happen or that I'd be the instrument of their destruction. Just offering a little helpful advice about what might happen. It's worth what was paid for it. 


+The fucksticks in the FBI, CIA, etc. are fucking insane if they believe that any of us are going to fall for the lone gunman bullshit again. There'll be plenty of hard men to tell them that to their faces just before killing them. 


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MoreFreedom are we there yet Sun, 06/24/2018 - 23:53 Permalink

Meanwhile in the blue hood, adultery is considered normal, just like Bill Clinton's adultery with a subordinate (while making him potentially subject to blackmail) was just about sex.  Not about potential blackmail, sexual harassment of a subordinate in the workplace, adultery, or lack of character.   Consider lovers Page and Strozk, both cheating on their spouses while working in the FBI and making themselves subject to blackmail.   Hillary might have used that, but I think she didn't need to do that considering their political bias.   And while the IG said that they weren't biased in their investigation, I doubt any jury would agree.

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Posa WernerHeisenberg Mon, 06/25/2018 - 00:09 Permalink

Investigate Mueller for crimes related to 9/11? That is a rich seam to mine... oh boy.. 1) Mueller stashed away from Congressional investigators the FBI informant who provided alQaeda hijackers in San Diego with all sorts of financial and logistical support. The informant's name is Abdussattar Shaikh . His FBI handler was fully aware of these support services and reported to FBI HQs... we know now what FBI HQs looks like... there was no interference with that assistance to the hijackers. This went on for the better part of a year and a half. Download a copy (for free) of the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry for sordid details.

2) But it doesn't end there. The FBI was also carefully surveilling the Sarasota, Fl cell led by M. Atta... of course the Feds (under Mueller) denied knowing a thing about it, but under a FOIA and investigation by Sen Bob Graham, the Feds were exposed as liars... 

"Next the FBI said it had no written records—a claim the judge also dismissed, after Graham filed an affidavit saying he had already seen two reports from the investigation. Eventually, the FBI produced 80,266 pages of records, which contain information about Sarasota and other investigations and are now in the custody of Judge Zloch, who has been reviewing them, under conditions of intense security, for the last two years."

All that is Mueller... the great hero. Prosecute the bastard. Now.




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Cash Is King WernerHeisenberg Mon, 06/25/2018 - 02:58 Permalink

Don’t hold your breath. That was 17 + years ago & any serious investigation is long gone. Those of us who can think and reject some of the obvious falsehoods know we can’t fight the war. Just like JFK, close enough to perfection & covered up long enough for the next gen who could “care” less! Sad really. Walk around Arlington Park Cemetary & watch the visitors. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Terminaldude nonclaim Sun, 06/24/2018 - 21:20 Permalink

Don't forget pictures of Hillery and Uma (among others) performing sex acts on children (among other things).

The information on that lap top will NEVER come into the light of the day.  There are reports of grown men (NYPD) vomiting and crying their eyes out at the images on that lap top under the title:  Insurance

Insurance from what one must wonder?  Insurance to keep from being Arkansided Me thinks.

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nonclaim The Terrible Sweal Sun, 06/24/2018 - 23:09 Permalink

Don't know about the porn, but if the emails are really there a bunch of higher ups will get truly fucked.

"Now we know by October 4 [2016], the New York office had found 700,000 emails [on the laptop]. The New York agents had seen and reported to FBI leadership they had seen email headers, all domain names, Mrs. Clinton’s initials on one sensitive but not classified document, and the missing BlackBerry backups."…

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