Trump Promises "Things That Will Shock You" On Trade, Slams "Wacky Jacky" Rosen

By the looks of it, President Trump gave one hell of a performance at the Nevada State GOP convention Saturday night, where he was fundraising on behalf of Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who is running in what Real Clear Politics describes as a "tossup" against Congresswoman Jacky Rosen. And after last night, Heller definitely owes Trump a debt of gratitude for this gem.

In the middle of Saturday night's rally, Trump announced that he had devised a "great nickname" for Heller's opponent. Ever the showman, Trump hemmed and hawed for a few minutes as the crowd egged him on, before continuing with the big reveal:

"Wacky Jacky, you don't want her as your senator!"

Trump slammed "Wacky Jacky" for campaigning with "Pocahontas" - Trump's favorite nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The crowd exploded in wild applause, reminding us all why Trump's approval rating is at its highest level since his inauguration, despite the outrage over his  "zero-tolerance border policy" and concerns that he might be leading the US into a damaging trade war.

Speaking of trade wars, Trump offered a few teasers on that subject as well, telling the crowd that "you will see things happen over the coming months that are going to really shock you."

"And we have so many things that we've done and so many things that we're going to do...nobody had any idea that we'd be able to do so much, so soon. A lot of them have had great starts, and I can tell you that on trade, you're going to see things coming over the coming months that will really shock you. Because for so many years we felt so badly, our jobs have been taken, our companies have been taken like we are a bunch of babies...Let's take the company, let's close the company and fire everybody, let's sell those cars back to America - we won't pay tax. Those days are gone."

Trump also urged the crowd to blame Democrats if their health-care costs go up (and also threw some shade at the ailing John McCain, who represents neighboring Arizona)...

...He also threw a few jabs at the media, calling them "the most dishonest people on Earth" and claimed that his administration had "already started building the wall in San Diego" (his administration is using $147 million from the omnibus spending bill to build a 14-mile section of the border wall).

Expect more performances like these, as Trump travels to states where Republicans are facing stiff mid-term challenges from Democrats, as the Republicans midterm strategy has essentially boiled down to using Trump to rally the base.



DingleBarryObummer bruno_the Sun, 06/24/2018 - 11:17 Permalink

and I can tell you that on trade, you're going to see things coming over the coming months that will really shock you.

Months?  Excuse me, no.  The big date for tariffs on China is July 6th.  Him and Mnuchin already caved on this once. 

July 6th will be the date that shocks (if he doesn't cave again) you, me, the DOW, and the entire global economy. 

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  I'm not going to be fooled again.  If he doesn't follow through on July 6th I give up all hope on him and will stop paying attention to anything he says or does.  I might as well be jagging off to pron, because his words are a corrupt empty nothing.

If he DOES go hard on China with the tariffs, I will vote for him in 2020, and I have NEVER voted in a national election before in my whole life.

Edit: Down voting cucks should chug some black coffee and think up a counter argument. Or maybe you want the Chinese to continuing getting more and more leverage on us?

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Vendetta are we there yet Sun, 06/24/2018 - 15:53 Permalink

Yes he does , he doesn’t give a rats ass about being politically correct and calls things as he sees them.  He campaigned on fair trade policy, not so-called free trade and is doing what he said ... and he’s pissing off all the globalist freaks ... it’s about fuckin time someone did because I’ve not seen an establishment democrat or republican do so in 25 years .. since Ross Perot 

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Harry Lightning Fishthatlived Sun, 06/24/2018 - 11:20 Permalink

I was thinking the same thing. His commentary makes me want to rip his fucking head off. He's the one who is absolutely wrong about MS-13 members trying to sneak into the US, its been documented in many publications. 

I don't understand why the editors of ZH would insult the collective intelligence of many of the visitors here by posting that kind of rubbish.

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Never One Roach DjangoCat Sun, 06/24/2018 - 12:19 Permalink

Problem with some of these anti-Trumpsters is they just start cursing and slandering even when by themselves. It's like their brains brains have been zapped with poison by MSM so they can't even think straight or talk coherently anymore.

Beats me how some can even hold down a job as wacky, intolerant and vulgar as they are.

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Farqued Up DjangoCat Sun, 06/24/2018 - 12:29 Permalink

If you are the primary provider, you have the leverage, we are surrounded by pussy. Some of us got divorced but don’t have to put up with some sniveling libtard cunt with shit for brains. If you aren’t careful they’ll even dictate which Sky Ghost you worship. Fuck ‘em and feed ‘em grits. Not all American women are cunts. Divorce and Bankruptcy were devised to minimize mercy killings.

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bh2 Sun, 06/24/2018 - 11:13 Permalink

November may (or may not) be a tipping point against the leftists who have been steadily undermining the nation for decades. But if it is not, Trump may have to act on his own authority (as did Obama). As CiC, he has both the power and duty to defend the borders against invasion -- by military force if necessary.

truthalwayswinsout Sun, 06/24/2018 - 11:15 Permalink

Trump has done three things right so far. He has appointed good judges to the courts. He has set oil free under the Sarah Palin plan that will by 2020 cut our current trade deficit in half. He has started a strong push back on trade which means we have entered the trade war we have been in for the past 40 years and finally are fighting back.

He has failed on the wall, his tax plan is a massive bust as all the companies did was use the money for share buybacks and dividends, he has not taken NASA public which would create the next great industrial revolution with the commercialization of space, and he has failed on health care and immigration.

Quick fixes would be a total boycott of China, arresting only owners of companies that hire illegals, using asset forfeiture on companies that do not clean up their immigration act in the next 3 months, getting an actual prosecution done against Hillary and many in the FBI, and creating tax free health saver accounts with government pricing fixed onto the health care that they pay cash for (this would give a massive cut in health care to 95% of the population by as much as 85%).