Kunstler: The Truth Behind Democrats' Desire For Open Borders

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

My website was down early this morning, and I’m just a little suspicious that it had something to do with me expressing an opinion outside the “Overton Window” of what is considered acceptable discourse on illegal immigration.

Namely, that it’s illegal, with all that implies. At least I wasn’t thrown out of a restaurant over the weekend, though the fact is I didn’t even try to eat out.

Now my particular problem may turn out to be no more than a cockroach chewing through some wires in the Jersey server farm where this blog dwells - we’ll find out soon enough - but there are obviously other signs that “the Resistance” is tuning up the antagonism against its perceived enemies.

I’m in the peculiar position of not being a partisan of President Trump, and yet being a publicly avowed enemy — if there’s any doubt — of the Resistance, especially these days its institutional branch known as the Democratic Party. What a ragtag and bobtail of mendacious cowards it has become.

The truth, I believe, is that the party wants to bring as many Mexicans and Central Americans as possible across the border, by any means necessary, to fortify its future voter base. And so they are acting to insure that it happens.

Of course, this might also be viewed as a suicidal course of action for the party, since it puts them in opposition to the rule-of-law as a general principle, which is a pretty sketchy basis for any claim to govern.

That being the case, the outcome for the Democratic Party may be its own demise as a legitimate political bloc.

It’s one thing to ignore the economically foundering, traditional working-class constituency of actual US citizens who are having a tougher time every year making a living; it’s another thing to bring in a several-millionfold population of non-citizens to replace them.

Anyway, it’s a pretty poor strategy for success in the coming mid-term election. The effort got a boost over the weekend from Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Cal) who called for Trump administration employees to be thrown out of department stores and other retail establishments as well as restaurants. Why stop there? Why not enslave Trump employees and supporters? Force them to work without pay in the Chick-Fil-A regional distribution warehouses? One wonders what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks of Ms. Waters’ proposal. Other Democratic party leaders zipped their pie-holes about it.

It may also be the case that the majority Republicans in congress are cowed and anxious about doing anything legislatively to clarify the disheveled US immigration laws. If that’s true, they might pause to consider that their own party is not so far from whirling around the drain, too, from a consistent demonstrated lack of principle — as well as its uncomfortable association with the maverick president who only nominally leads the party.

The trouble is that the entities waiting to replace both the useless, careless, feckless Democrats and Republicans are chaos and violence, not reconstituted parties with coherent political programs.

The US, and really all the so-called advanced nations on earth, are heading into an era of scarcity and austerity that is likely to present as mortal conflict.

Bill Maher could easily get his wish of an economic crisis before many more months go by. The financial markets have never been under so much lethal stress. Everybody and every institution is drowning in debt that can’t possibly be repaid. The supposed remedies for that — like, inflating the debt away with official monetary policy — would be ruinous for the 99 percenters already struggling to lead normal lives. And the looming novelty of a cashless society would be even worse in terms of personal liberty.

Ah! We somehow miraculously got the website back up-and-running to post at the usual time today. Last week, I was awash in censure and obloquy for dissing the Resistance stand on illegal immigration, the alleged “torture” of children separated from their parents (or plain parentless) at the US / Mexican border. Much of the published opprobrium against Trump and the federal authorities under him proved to be quite false — such as the weeping child on the cover of Time Magazine, who was, in fact, not separated from her mother (a previous deportee who abandoned her husband and several other children in Honduras).

As far as I know, Time Magazine has not offered an explanation or an apology for this attempt to misrepresent reality to an already confused American public.

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I’ll be collecting questions for an “Ask Me Anything” segment of my podcast. Send them to me at jhkunstler at mac.com.


???ö? mad mad world Mon, 06/25/2018 - 16:29 Permalink

Follow the money:

Donors to the Democrat party desperately need to fill the worst paying jobs in the sanctuary cities with undocumented workers.

Sanctuary cities and illegal immigration exist not to provide asylum to refugees, but to provide safe harbor for the hospitality industry, which is demographically the same as Democrat voter districts.

The Democrat party donors care nothing for immigrants except for their labor.  Sanctuary city status is cheaper than putting American citizens on payroll with customary benefits.  In other words, the Democrats promote institutional slavery and such immigrants are the clear victims.  A policy which turns them away at the border is more ethical than the Democrat human trafficking of this immigrant slave labor into donor blue states.

The Chicago Pritzker family known for their Hyatt Hotel chain got Obama elected.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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claytonmoore50 The First Rule Mon, 06/25/2018 - 17:41 Permalink

"The truth, I believe, is that the party wants to bring as many Mexicans and Central Americans as possible across the border, by any means necessary, to fortify its future voter base. And so they are acting to insure that it happens."

Yep, that's how California got flipped from a Republican State to Democratic stronghold. Reagan and his congress went soft on the illegals and made a path to citizenship and the rest is history, and Mexicanization of California and the southwest...

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gatorengineer cheka Mon, 06/25/2018 - 18:51 Permalink

We have a tight labor market in the low end among companies that won't hire illegals.  E. G. Walmart Scamazin etc, and wages aren't rising.  There is extinction of demand and the number of these jobs is falling quickly. 

The People driving the bus on the D side are either joo communists (bill gates) or are retarded  (Maxine Waters).  Their end game is to quickly break the system due to an entitlement explosion. 

The value of entitlemwnts paid make it more attractive to stay home than work for 15. An illegal with 3rats is probably worth 80k.  The MS13s Comming in swell the knuckle dragger army that is growing and mobilizing quickly. 

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Chupacabra-322 gatorengineer Mon, 06/25/2018 - 19:06 Permalink

The Globalist’s in CONgress have an Criminal Illegal Alien Immigrant problem disguised as a Voter & cheap labor problem.


There have been laws in place, they have just not been enforced. After listening Ad nauseam to Pelosi, Feinstein et al. about how unwilling they are to enforce or even change the laws, one can only conclude it is because they want it that way. Indeed this whole charade is to obscure the largest scandal in US history.


The whole migrant issue is a massive scam.  The left wants them to remain in their enclaves and not assimilate into main stream culture so they can be cultivated into leftist voters. Simultaneously, there are organizations making massive profits from tax payer funding of social programs for migrants and asylum seekers.


Ignoring laws that conflict with the Demo agenda encourages disregard for the Rule of Law in general - i.e. political correctness anarchy.  

Which is where we are today.  

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el buitre Chupacabra-322 Mon, 06/25/2018 - 19:37 Permalink

Well, I have to admit Kunstler has a great vocabulary, but in the political insight and analysis department he usually misses the boat.  While the Deep State has a dozen reasons for flooding the USA with Latinos, getting them to vote Democrat is one of the least.  The greatest reason is they want to put into place the North American Union, the analog of the EU, and in order to do this they need a much greater Latino population in the USA and Canada in order to give the perception of a blended culture.  The fact that the EU is about to explode hasn't dawned on them yet.  So why do they want the NAU?  Centralization of power.  Their plan is meld nations into "Unions" and remove their sovereignty.  When they get the whole fucken planet into 5 or 6 "unions," then they can amalgamate them into one global "union,"  to go along with the one world currency, religion, army, police force, etc.  The second reason from the top is just to increase social strife and anger, so we can't see who is really fucking us ALL over.

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Rothbardian in… The First Rule Mon, 06/25/2018 - 17:52 Permalink

Good Lord...what the hell happened to you?  So pedophiles, ISIS, rapists, murderers...all rank above democrats?


Y'all need to snap out of it.  This rhetoric and hyperbole is cumulative.  It builds, and if both sides keep this vitriol up then sooner or later someone or many are going to end up dead. You're not better than that dumbass Maxine Waters with this crap.  

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The First Rule Rothbardian in… Mon, 06/25/2018 - 18:20 Permalink

"So pedophiles, ISIS, rapists, murderers...all rank above democrats?"


I think the Issue here is that you are assuming Democrats are separate from these groups.  In reality Democrats are one in the same with most of these groups:


Murder - Seth Rich (one of many victims), see Arkancide page 

Pedophiles - Anthony Wiener...

Rapists - Harvey Weistein... Bill Clinton... Bill Cosby...

And Finally ISIS - which is situational. 

If you live in America, Democrats/MSM/Deep State are 1000Xs more the threat to the freedom of this country than ISIS is.  They are destroying this country from within.

If you live in the Middle East...then yeah, ISIS is obviously worse.





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Quantify Rothbardian in… Mon, 06/25/2018 - 18:28 Permalink

You haven't seen shit yet. Human suffering is going to expand beyond what anyone has imagined. The current homeless camps around Democrat cities now will look like playgrounds compared to what is coming. This current lie that we can support millions and millions more is total bullshit. California has already surpassed its social capabilities. I would like to think it is the elite liberals who will pay the price first, but alas justice is not so kind.

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Zorba's idea The First Rule Mon, 06/25/2018 - 20:18 Permalink

Another "Captain Obvious" article. The DNC has become the Eddie Haskel to much of americana, Hi Mrs Cleaver! How are you Mr Cleaver! Fuck You Beaver! Growing up back in the day, our neighborhood had a simple remedy for assholes and pricks...bloody noses and black eyes...walking around the neighborhood for a week looking like a raccoon was a good cure. The assholes that DTS Maxine and other DEMwits are inciting to act violently towards non Demwits need the same therapy.

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I Am Jack's Ma… Ambrose Bierce Mon, 06/25/2018 - 16:52 Permalink

Even I junked you.  Blame where due.

Here the entire Dem/Left.

These are people who don’t believe in borders, maaaaaan...

But they sure believe in state coercion and violence if needed to rob Joe Six Pack to pay Maria and Jose and their abuelas y hijos...  and you’re racist if you worry about an unassimilable horde.

How about more focus from moderates and the reasonable right on WHY border security is good and WHY illegal immigration actually hurts poor people, including blacks and latinos.

I stopped reading Reason on anything to do with immigration.  Too many articles by an East Indian immigrant using the term ‘nativist.’

If we’re going to dispense labels, how about ‘migrantist’ -  

Nativist’ - the radical idea that the natives of a country have more rights to it and in it than people who have never set foot there.


It’s not just for cynical partisan reason these people want open borders in all but name.

It’s also because they are myopic and don’t understand that millions of unskilled uneducated foreign language speakers ARE NOT AND CAN NOT BE a positive for the real economy.

No matter what the fucking idiots at Reason and Brookings say. 

The Left are made stupid by ‘feels’ and closed to new information by being arrogant dickheads.

The ‘libertarians’ that want open borders into our current welfare state put all their liberty eggs into how ‘the economy’ is doing...  forgetting out of ignorance or dishonesty that there are more freedoms at stake than the desire of people in foreign countries to come here for jobs or, if that fails, all sorts of “free” shit.


progressives, liberals and (some) libertarians are intent on shooting holes in the boat until it sinks us all.  Sooner or later, that has to be stopped.

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monkeyshine Rothbardian in… Mon, 06/25/2018 - 20:45 Permalink

It is a mistake to blame the right for the War on Drugs.  There are almost no politicians of either party who advocate decriminalization and an end to the WOD for the simple reason that they fear being branded as anarchists, soft on crime, anti-police etc by either their primary opponents or the opposition.  There is a stranglehold on most politicians by the party apparatus, and those too far out of line simply lose the support of the party. 

It is not too far of a leap to suggest that the people closest to the crime are the people most likely to become corrupted by it.

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Mikeyyy ???ö? Mon, 06/25/2018 - 18:19 Permalink

It's not the donors to the Democratic party who farm in the San Joaquin Valley - those are all Devin Nunes/Kevin McCarthy rock-ribbed Republicans.  And they're the ones who have needed a cheap, exploitable labor force since the Okies quit coming.

Anybody who won't admit this simple fact is a hyprocrite, plain and simple.  I grew up there and my farmer friends always need "wetbacks" to pick the grapes and peaches and bust their asses in 100+ degree weather for peanuts.

And those farmer friends were uniformly Republican.

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Mikeyyy ???ö? Mon, 06/25/2018 - 19:00 Permalink

That's BS.  You drive an ICE truck to a farm or ranch when the workers are out in the field and watch them scatter.  


In 2017, there were a total of 134,000 H2-A visas issued.  Total.  How many illegals do you think are working on California farms, in carwashes, as gardeners, etc?  I'm guessing a buttload more that 134,000, wouldn't you?



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Utopia Planitia Mikeyyy Mon, 06/25/2018 - 21:32 Permalink

Do you have first-hand experience with that scenario?  I do.  You are a bald-faced liar.  Nobody does anything but keep working when ICE shows up.  They have absoutely nothing to fear.  Thanks to you demoncraps and progs ICE is inhibited from doing anything more than washing their hands after using the toilet.

Do you know why there is such a demand for labor like that?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  Because once again demoncraps and progs have passed a multitude of laws preventing the employment of USA citizen teenagers to do that labor!  Why? That answer is also as simple as the zit on your face.  Because the laws were passed as graft to labor unions, who then pay big money to keep demoncraps in office!

It is all a sick joke.  The mechanics are right there in plain sight, yet few have pieced together the puzzle.  I ran farms in Eastern WA that needed lots of labor for the harvest.  It quickly became literally impossible to hire teenagers due to what I stated above.  The laws also prevent many citizens (adults) who would otherwise engage in part-time farming labor from participating.

But like all demoncraps and progs you have nothing but poor-me excuses for the way things are now.  Which was purposely engineered by YOU!

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Endgame Napoleon ???ö? Mon, 06/25/2018 - 18:34 Permalink

How about the once-pro-labor Democrats being in bed with the Chamber of Commerce cheap-labor lobbyists, trying to keep the unrestrained flow of welfare-hoisted immigration going? 

What strange bedfellows in the name of unlimited, womb-productive and, THEREFORE, welfare-eligible mass immigration. 

How about the conservative sign in one of graphics on this post, expressing a seeming unawareness of how legal / illegal immigrants get the free stuff from Uncle Sam.

It is not through abortion or birth control, quite the opposite. The welfare comes from US-born kids in single-earner households (mostly male breadwinners in the case of the immigrants). They work part time for traceable earnings that keep them under the income limits for the programs.

It has helped to drive wages down for 40 years, making work unrewarding, in of itself, with no second income or welfare access.

Despite the massive population produced by all of this pay-per-birth welfare for citizens & noncitizens——the biggest working-age generation in US history, bigger than the Baby Boom—-coffers are not fuller for the SS trust fund that we pay into at 7.65 or 15.3% of every penny earned up to the cap, unlike these womb producers with their monthly welfare, covering groceries and rent, and their up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits.

They do not pay into that stuff and do not contribute enough to SS to keep it running surpluses without constantly raising the cap, which is another reason the economy will likely tank.

Today’s hardcore-progressive Dems believe that more giveaway programs for “the poor”—single moms & legal and illegal immigrants—will override all of those catastrophic economic issues that he mentioned in this article, like the debt-financed stock market, the debt-laden government and the dearth of jobs that cover a full range of household bills without streams of unearned income from spouses or government.

Other than being willing to do something about immigration—I hope—Republicans won’t face most of these things, either.

But I, too, am afraid of the mayhem. Before abandoning progressivism at an age when it was way past its shelf life, I actually went to an Occupy event, even though I hate crowds. 

I could not even stay fifteen minutes. I was too embarrassed to carry the sign, anyway, and it was worse than I expected, just a bunch of people screaming at cars and beating on drums. Why did I ever romanticize such behavior, thinking how cool it must have been to be in the Russian Revolution, reading the Reed book?

A few were swilling alcohol. A few opportunists were taking advantage of the attention from cars passing by to advertise their businesses. One protestor even brought a baby who looked as miserable as me in the midst of all of that yelling with progressives, beating their drums. Fortunately, I was able to walk away.

I ducked into a nearby chain bookstore, which is now just a university bookstore. Thinking the older Black man guarding the information desk might have some interest in the political event, I told him I had just been out there with the protestors.

This was a leftist event, protesting Wall Street excesses, and he was likely a Democrat, but he just grimaced, saying something about how it looked bad for Obama. He had a safe job and probably an SS-retirement check to boot; what did he care? 

Politics is not about solving real problems until it has to be. It is just about personality, identity politics, group identity and so forth, but like this article says, it will eventually get heated in a bigly and ugly way when the economy finally dips low enough. 

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Endgame Napoleon I am Groot Mon, 06/25/2018 - 19:29 Permalink

Maxine has a large multi-million-dollar mansion, suitable for housing a lot of migrant families. Wonder if she has read the articles on ZHedge about Venezuela? One of them was written by a man who is actually there.

He described a gated neighborhood, full of what sounded like professionals a few financial rungs down the ladder from politicians, making $185k plus millions in potential lobbying gigs. This was a neighborhood with engineers, lower level lawyers, medical professionals, etc.

He said leftist troops forcibly removed the gate, stationing themselves in the empty houses, where they were watching the neighbors. Wonder how long it will be before they take over the occupied houses?

In the event of a thwarted revolution, Maxine will be the first to swiftly exit the Bastille-storming party, protecting her $600 shoe collection. The people who will be hurt are the impressionable, low-income, young people that she encouraged to take to the streets.

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Rothbardian in… mad mad world Mon, 06/25/2018 - 16:42 Permalink

This issue really brings out the worst in most.  Right/Left, Red/Blue, Dem/Rep...if you are playing that game then this issue is built to show how foolish you are.  


The real conflict is between those who see the truth of the single party system and their plan to use identity politics, propaganda and crap like this to divide us all to keep us weak and for them to consolidate power as government grows bigger and more oppressive as the solution to the problem that it created.  VS  Those of us who see the lies and the agenda of the plutocracy and want no part of it and value individual liberty and seek to live in a world of voluntary participation...free minds.  


The free minds are losing nowadays.

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Endgame Napoleon ZD1 Mon, 06/25/2018 - 19:42 Permalink

Without a country with some logical & legal limits on immigration, the free thinkers fall prey to unthinking mobs. Without some order, you get too much order imposed on you. Many naturalized citizens who went through the whole legal process do not want the mob-justice remedies, including the ones that unthinkingly favor mass, unfettered immigration at the expense of current citizens. They fled nations with clashing groups and disorder for a country with an orderly set of legal rights, applying to individuals, not to factional groups. Plug the Preamble to the US Constitution into a word-parsing app. It does not mention the word “family” or “working family” one time. It does not mention factional groups, either. It is about individuals, their rights and their liberties. 

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ConcernedCitiz… mad mad world Mon, 06/25/2018 - 18:14 Permalink

Better yet, adopt entire families and be responsible for their well-being, support, and living area.Zuchky has a few acres in Hawaii, I'm sure he could take a few planeloads and take great care of them.

Peter Fonda's living off his dad's earnings, maybe he could put them to a better use than his alcohol at habit.

Mad maxine is a multi-millionaire I'm sure she could support a few dozen families.


And so it goes, so many screaming and foaming uber-rich Uber liberals trying to take down our country could instead do some humanitarian work and adopt and support so many millions of World immigrants. They could sign agreements confirming they don't want to become citizens or abuse chain migration. they just want to live here in America to earn money that will help their families

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