Meanwhile, In The Arctic...

In a development that could further advantage OPEC members as they step up production to compensate for falling exports out of Venezuela and (potentially) Iran, the Barents Observer is reporting that two of Russia's largest Arctic out-shipment points for oil and LNG have become "packed with ice" leaving tankers and carriers stranded in the "paralyzed" area, which hasn't been this packed with ice at midsummer in four years. Experts had expected that ice clogging up the Gulf of Ob would melt with the summer months, allowing Rosatomflots, the state-owned energy company responsible for the region, to avoid relying on their nuclear-powered icebreakers to clear the area.


According to Rosatomflot, its icebreakers will be working at least through the first week of July to free stranded ships from the ice. Two icebreakers, the Taymyr and the Vaygach, are working overtime. There are also several smaller tugs and icebreakers working in the waters around the Sabetta port.

One Rosatomflot representative pointed out that the climate change fears which had analysts worried about rapid melting of ice caps in the Arctic have apparently receded.

The global warming, which there has been so much talk about for such a long time, seems to have receded a little and we are returning to the standards of the 1980s and 1990s, says company representative Andrey Smirnov.


Companies shipping from the area have in recent years invested in building more powerful tankers capable of breaking up the ice on their own. The projects are expected to ratchet up exports from the region by the equivalent of millions of barrels of oil per year.

The Yamal LNG plant is fully dependent on smooth shipping to and from the port of Sabetta. A fleet of 15 powerful top ice-class carriers are being built for the project. The ships are capable of independently breaking through more than two meter thick ice. Commercial shipments from Sabetta started in early December 2017.

Further south, company Gazprom Neft is operating the Novy Port project, which is built to be able to deliver up to eight million tons of oil per year.  A fleet of six tankers are being built for the Novy Port. The first vessels of the new fleet, the Shturman Albanov and the "Shturman Malygin" were put on the water in early 2016. The third fleet tanker, the “Shturman Ovtsyn” set course for the history books when it in mid-winter 2017 left the yard of the Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, made it through the Bering Strait and sailed all the way to Yamal. Later, also the Shturman Shcherbinin and the Shturman Koshelev webre built.

To help put the ice-pack in perspective, the blog Climateer Investor published a pair of heat-coded images showing the extent of the sea ice thickness in June 2018...


...Compared with June 2008 - a decade earlier.


So much for "global warming"...


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It's like Global warming was a fake story pushed by companies that profit from the regulations it caused to be put in place. Climate Gate emails, if something is real you don't have to use fake data to support it. The Sun is in a state of decline in it's cycle. We, the earth are receiving less BTUs of energy, we will get cooler, how much? I don't know but I hope not as cool as the mini ice age because if we do, people will starve.

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Check out and compare. But of course you want to believe, so you won't.

Therefore here an executive summary:

Sea ice extend is now higher than in 2017, but still well below the 1981-2010 range. Extremely low in winter, but now getting a bit nearer to normal.

Regarding the Gulf of the Ob river - I would bet the water in the gulf is a bit less salty than usual, more freshwater inflow from the Ob river. That would go a good way in explaining thicker sea ice there. Actually logical, for those whose brain is still operating.


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Teja: You must be a prayer rug carrying member of the Church of Global Warming. A real true believer.  I've been doing STEM my entire life and observed politics during that time.  The only explanation for "globull warming" is that it is politics / a scam.  It is not science.  My brain is operating.  So you can put away that trope. Global Warmers hawk their pet theory/grift like with all the sincerity of the flat earthers on Youtbube.

I remember how winters were getting ever colder and snow ever deeper in Ohio as a child in 1975 during the peak of U.S.A. industrialized output.  Carbon Dioxide output by man was skyrocketing during the 1945 to 1975 time frame yet the globe was cooling to the point that the "geniuses" at Time magazine put their prediction of a coming ice age on the cover in 1974.  This is when you parked your car in Pittsburgh and came out the ash settled on it from the coke being burnt in the steel plants.  

Then since 1980ish the winters have been milder all the while industry has gotten waaaay more efficient.

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The winters have been milder since the 1980's? Can't be true, can it? I am always reading this is fake news on ZH.

Regarding "more efficient" - there is not much discussion about atmospheric CO2 rising, in spite of everybody agreeing that the industry and also cars got more efficient. Just that there is more production and more cars now...

Actually inefficient (ie smoke producing) industry COOLS the atmosphere, well known effect, also from some volcanos like Krakatau - as soon as the Asian countries get rid of the big brown cloud over the region, this will be globally felt.

Btw, there are some really simple facts you personally can check - vegetation data like when certain trees flower, locally. Trees don't read neither MSM nor ZH & stuff, so are pretty neutral.

But don't worry about me being focussed on global warming - over my lifetime, I have observed ecosystems being destroyed, rainforest felled, our local forests damaged (that got better due to cleanup efforts in the 90's), much less insects now than in my youth, and also practical things like street noise now on an unbearable level because car ownership has doubled or more, overland bike tours on roads practically impossible or at least very dangerous. And each time people said "oh it is not that bad, and we need economic growth, and our personal freedom to drive everywhere" blah blah and so on. Why should I believe these idiots any more?

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Dude Teja.  You're barking up the wrong tree.  You're trying to prove a scam using calculus.   You are yet to learn: "Always use the right tool for the job" I see.

Go read the book "Yellow Kid Weil" if you still don't understand scams / grifts and how they work.  Free PDF or whatever version you want linked on that page.  It's an essential read to guide your decision making in our politician / grifter controlled society.  Added benefit is that it is an extremely entertaining read for the curious.

.......Let me guess: You were a liberal arts major?  You might be an engineer but not a good one. None of the good ones ever fall for this stupidity called "global warming"

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;-) nice guess.

Physics, Master. Now IT. Hardcore.

Sorry. Here in Germany, the only people I personally know who reject global warming are pensioned-off journos with a PhD in German language studies, with their PhD on a penny SciFi journal hero...


Last time I went into a discussion fight regarding global warming facts & fiction, the other guy finally resorted to "orgon theory" stuff to prove his point. Depressing.

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Well if you read carefully you noticed I said "None of the good engineers / physicist fall for it".

That's been my experience. The ones that believe in the Church of Global Warming don't have the deep intuitive mathematical grasp that is required to be really good at engineering or physics.  The ones like you always put out shoddy product.  

I can see why you severely downshifted into the IT area.  IT is something I never considered because I wanted to do the truly challenging stuff.   I know a lot of people who went to DeVry who do "hardcore IT".  

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Maybe you are a bit self-indulged?

I remember lots of arrogant people telling me from above "oh you don't have a clue boy". Made it a profitable habit in my youth to bet with them regarding their "facts".

Arguing "you don't have a clue because you don't agree with me" is the most clear sign of arrogance, wouldn't you think so too?

I do agree with you that shifting to IT was downshifting, but actually I didn't want to spend my time in a lab researching some abstruse physical systems nobody has ever heard of. But IT knowledge (and the money it earns) helps me in doing some other things which are more interesting.

Anyway, thx for the Weil link. Might be interesting, just downloaded the pdf. Probably still relevant - these days a master swindler might even become US President...

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I was thinking more a Genghis Khan style overrunning of the current system. I am a little pissed off at "neutralized (so called) Christians" who act like they are sitting in a movie theater watching the end times on the big screen. Damn them all to hell! They belong to the devil. I see the end times as a warning prophesy as something to avoid. I will work to save the world. Anyone wanting the end times to come is my enemy and I will put a sword through them. Let God be my judge.

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