Sarah Sanders, Red Hen, & Social Engineering By The State

Authored by Kurt Nimmo via Another Day In The Empire blog,

This will be seriously politically incorrect.

The management at Red Hen, the Virginia restaurant that booted Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has all the right in the world to deny service to any person it does not want patronizing its business. 

It is illegal in many states to do this, especially based in skin color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it so. 

Three jurisdictions forbid discrimination based on political affiliation - Washington DC, Seattle, and the Virgin Islands. 

According to the Law & Crime website, if “establishments in D.C. take a cue from [Red Hen], they could be held in violation of D.C. Code Section 2-1402.31, which bars discriminatory actions against people in whole or in part due to characteristics including race, religion, nationality, sex, age, and more, including political affiliation. Violations can result in punishments including court-ordered corrective action or monetary penalties.”

If you own a restaurant or any other “public accommodation” in DC, you cannot “discriminate” against people holding political opinions you disagree with. You are bound by law to serve Ku Klux Klan members and Antifa terrorists alike. 

It was Thomas Jefferson who said the only moral commercial transaction is one truly voluntary on the part of the buyer and the seller. 

The ideas of Thomas Jefferson - principal author of the Declaration of Independence - went out of fashion many years ago. According to the Identity politics crowd, his wisdom is the wisdom of a privileged white slave owner. 

The liberal social engineers busy at working destroying the Constitution believe the exercise of natural rights - the rights you are born with - permits racists, homophobes, and sexists to spread their poison throughout Hillary Clinton’s village. Natural rights are an excuse for privileged white heterosexual males to act deplorably. 

Now that the shoe is on the other foot - a “privileged white” was denied service for the crime of working for the president of the United States - it will be interesting to see what the response is. 

For these folks, application of the law is predicated on “diversity.” It revolves around “protected groups” of people designated by the state, people said to have been oppressed for centuries by evil white slave owners and Indian killers. 

According to the Identity crowd Trump is Hitler, a racist, a child abuser, a pervert who had sex with a porn star and soiled a bed Obama slept in. It is “justice”—as one tweeter put it—Sanders was denied service.  

The alt-right MAGA supporters want to punish the Red Hen for its behavior. MAGA tweets call for a boycott. This is certainly their right—unless the boycott target is Israel—but the effort is not likely to be effective. Democrats may respond by packing the restaurant every night with comrades from the rank and file of Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer’s Resistance. 

In a more sane and rational world, every property owner would have the freedom to exercise the natural born right to deny service or goods to any person for any reason. When government steps in and tells you what you can and can’t do with your property, you are reduced to the status of a landless serf at the mercy of the state. 

I’m afraid we’re at the point now where far too many Americans believe the state should be the final arbiter in personal matters. Decades of social engineering have resulted in a dumbed-down public, citizens that agree the state has the right to use violence against those who nonviolently resist its authority. 


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When people are indoctrinated to feel weak, they naturally seek the power of government (or a mob) to exercise their "rights".

This threat was clearly laid out for us by the founders. They warned us of how it would go if we failed diligence in the protection of our true rights. Subcontracting those rights to others for protection simply sold them first, and then at a very high cost in the end.

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Dear Miss Manners, My family and I were out for a pleasant evening of dining  and some crazy leftist bitch kicked us out of her restaurant and followed us across the street creating an even larger incident. Was it ok to lick all the silverware and glassware on the way out of her establishment? Should I buy gift cards and hand them out to the destitute?

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"I would bet that this particular restaurant will be closed within 3 months."

With a female owner who was at home on the busiest night of the week, and let her staff's mob mentality make her decision, not at least coming in and making it a teachable moment? I'll double down on that bet- though 3 months may or may not be the right timeline given the political circus caused by her actions

Yeah I've seen these businesses- hobby horses we call them locally. Well off woman, either through marriage/divorce or inheritance.

Lots of variety in the way ot works out- sometimes it does "clue-in the clueless" when they have to succeed publicly. Most often it just allows them opportunity to "blame the system". Occasionally one blows it away, showing she really does "get it". Those are cool.

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Guerrilla mobs unofficially working for big goverment’s social-engineering projects are [selective] about the enlightened “diversity” that they seek to impose. If it suits their economic interests, crony-absenteeism interests or even their psychological comfort level, diversity mobs in workplaces water diversity down so much that it looks more like cronyism.

So you will see, as I have via interviewing or working there, 8 large-scale government agencies, corporate back offices and call centers, including some with big government contracts, staffed with at least 80% (sometimes 90%) minority employees.

Fond memories include a Black general manager saying jokingly, “We need a diversity panel,” when parading her 9 out of 10 Black mom hires in multiple training rooms, where 178 temps were under consideration for permanent positions. 

Not sure it is legal to hire 90% minority employees in a city with a 15% Black population, but even when businesses are bigly and intertwined with bigly government—crushing most of the little, independent competitors and not at all in the free-ranging market of TJ’s day—employers do, in practice, have the natural right to discriminate in the hiring & retention of employees.

This is especially true——-and even more ubiquitous than crony hiring based on the justified solidarity of “oppressed” racial minorities——-when cronies base their hiring & retention not on who has the highest sales-generation and account-retention numbers and not on who has all-day, every-day attendance numbers, but on who aligns with the family-friendly natural law of above-firing absenteeism privilege in the fake-feminist era.

Who will watch the “needs-the-job” momma manager’s back while she takes her 10th, yearly, two-week, excused vacation for busy-working parents in this “voted best for moms” job in a corporate office with hundreds of employees or in this smaller office, where “we have 17 women in here (MOMS) and HAVE to have someone who fits in?”

The few childless, single people hired, along with a few, non-corrupt parents, often step up to make sure that the momma manager’s bonus numbers stay high during all of her excused absenteeism.

Who is invariably kept on after the crony-parent manager’s numbers are boosted up? It is not the single, childless, hardworking employees with sky-high sales-generation & account-retention numbers. They are not in the crony-mom gang. Natural law does not apply here. 

It is the non-quota-meeting moms who share the womb-productivity privilege of the momma manager, the ones who take off whole mornings, whole afternoons and whole weeks (for kids, for kids, they claim), in addition to to PTO and pregnancy leave. They retain their jobs, regardless of quota meeting, due to the natural, innate, non-performance-related law of crony-parent privilege in the fake-feminist era. 

I have seen an enormous amount of absenteeism from parents in workplaces, but only one mom fired for all-day / every-day absenteeism in a management job. Even she was kept on for years.

The only modifications to this type of natural [progressive] law involve extending crony-absenteeism privileges beyond the womb-productive employees to the sperm-productive employees, granting them various forms of non-work-related leave.

We’ll see if this solves the problem of 101 million US citizens of working age out of the workforce. Me thinks it will not since MOST do not have kids or do not have kids under 18. 

Crony-parent, frequently absentee managers often USE the childless, single employees to bump up their sales numbers, praising them lavishly to get them to sell more, after which they churn them often by bullying them out with no UC between churn jobs to cover rent that soaks up more than half of the earned-only income of single, childless, non-welfare-eligible citizens and the single moms with kids over 18. Our paychecks, likewise, are not hoisted up by $2,000 in non-refundable child tax credits, up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits and lower withholding. 

One of the reasons America’s capitalist-in-name-only employers do this hiring & retaining of mostly “women who have somethin’ comin’ in” is their ability to use the socialism-for-some system to keep labor costs down. Labor costs trump everything with employers. They might act like high sales are important, but it is just a brief act. What they value above all is a reduced labor expense, however they can get it, including through socialism.

That is why, as a college grad with 4 licenses, a degree and years of experience, you find yourself interviewed by moms who tell you that “YOU just don’t know what it is like to raise two boys.” It is because employers prefer to hire whole buildings full of unlicensed moms, letting the moms take off a ton of time (for kids, they say) as a consolation for the low pay, while hiring only one or two licensed signers for compliance purposes. 

Employers know that many childbearing-age single moms with kids under 18 need low wages and part-time hours to stay under the income limits for  welfare programs, like free EBT groceries, free or subsidized rent, free electricity, free monthly cash assistance, up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits and nearly free daycare so that they can officially work part time, staying below the income limits for the free stuff from government. 

Other moms are working part time, unofficially, in family-friendly jobs, either supplementing a big child support check that covers the rent on a posh condo or adding keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ income to a spousal income that could support the whole household in style.

These moms sew up the jobs in smaller offices in safer, nicer areas, retaining those jobs even though they often leave work every afternoon at 2:30, when phones are ringing off the hook with paying customers, not to mention the many weeks off for things like travel soccer.

Such women are always the first to complain about any 5-minute time infraction of non-womb-productive employees who never miss a day of work, stay all day and outsell them, month after month, knowing that non-womb-productive employees are subject to firing for the most minuscule of infractions, regardless of quota-meeting. 

But it is not just labor-cost savings that motivates this quest to keep workplaces non-diverse and [pure]——--full of nothing but womb-productive moms. Which is why you find yourself facing the same thing when interviewing for jobs that pay enough to actually cover rent, like say jobs in workers comp claims. 

You have jumped through all of the many pre-interview hoops, filling out a ton of paperwork and going through phone screenings, driving for an hour, waiting for an hour, sitting with staff, etc, etc.

In the middle of the afternoon, and in the middle of an interview, the momma manager of one of the many, many all-mom workplaces in underwriting and claims, jumps up, saying, “Busy single moms never get a night out.”

In the middle of the work day, she is leaving to get ready for a date after concluding that this single, childless woman with a college degree, four licenses in the field and related work experience just would “not understand what it is like to raise two boys.” 

Moms hire in this crony manner to make sure they can maximize their official & unofficial time off in a supportive, crony environment, but also so that their hires are “culture fits,” showing the proper enthusiasm during the many mom-bonding rituals at work: the baby / mommy look-alike bulletin board decorating contests, the tacky Christmas-sweater contests, the Family Day picnics, the Halloween dress-up days, the bring daughter to work days, etc.

This article is referencing businesses that rely on a volume of customers to keep their doors open, and as a former shop owner, I do not understand how they can afford to alienate customers—any customers—but I see the point about the freedom to do business as you please. 

But there is also the related issue of a free-in-name-only labor market and how individuals, as opposed to skin-pigmentation factions and crony-corrupt back-watching gangs with government-provided wage supplements rigging the system in their favor, go about securing an earned-only income to spend in said businesses.

DIVERSITY. I call BS. There is no diversity in American workplaces and commerce. There are a lot of calculating and corrupt nice family people whose womb productivity puts them above firing and even above critique (and a few not in that category, too), managing to use the political ideal of “diversity” as an excuse for crony corruption. 

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And what does the 'Red Hen' family look like? (Warning -get out your barf bag)…

I guess the husband and kid fell for the Soros funded Bolshevik Pussy March as well as the mentally ill mom.

I knew it was a commie joint. Check it out -

This must be the place where Nellie Ohr hung out with Fusion GPS. I'm told that there is a picture of Sally Yates  next to one of Joseph Stalin on the wall in the ladies room. Z/H needs to send an investigator in under cover to get to the bottom of this.

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It's been social engineering by the parasitoid corporate fascists. Privatization of the schools. Taxes cut for corporations, less money to schools. Debt slavery so parents can't pay for education for their kids. Corporate fascists rely on an ignorant populace, so that they can have puppet politicians who lie to them constantly without them being aware of it. One big lie is that there is no existential, life ending climate crisis due to the destruction of the planet's life support systems from ecocidal resource extraction and the pandemic spewing of toxic pollution from fossil fuels, nuclear power plants, and industrial pollutants. Or that they should fear the Russians. Or that they're really not eating polluted toxic food, drinking polluted toxic water, breathing polluted toxic air. Or that there are still political parties not controlled by the parasitoid corporate fascists. Both parties are controlled by them. Trump is the result of a stupendously ignorant populace who know that they are getting fucked, but they are also too ignorant to know who is fucking them. They got fooled again. So did you.

"A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host's expense, and which sooner or later kills it. "

Ecocidal: "(Environmental Science) having a detrimental or damaging effect on the environment, esp as a result of the purposeful or unthinking actions of human beings"

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This country, if you are not lazy, is fat easy.  Can it keep up with your snowflake fantasy that you'll have a urban loft sex crib with a totally do nothing hipster loft office job and quirky road trips with friends? No.  Thats TV.  Like "News".  Its fake.  Life is real.  Learn( study ) a skill other people want.  They'll pay you.  You can trade the pay for stuff.  Like a nice Toyota with 150K that will last for a decade.  Or you can go to the TV again and have a hipster adventure vehicle and not have adventures cause you are stupid and have to hand over 1 weeks work in every four to the debt company.  Cause you are a fantasist.  You could pay $1,600-$2,300 a month for the hipster apartment.  Or buy a dump, get used books, play with craigslist/yard sale tools and just buff up said dump, make it clean, and sell it in three years and trade up.  Or rent it and repete.

People are in debt for two reasons.  1. They got skills and are making themselves more wanted and valuible every day, so they are confident of paying debt.

2.  They think indebting, enslaving themselves to finance the signals of wealth.  

Choose.  Social skills, the real ones, the ones smarter peoole than you will pay you for, or delusion.  Or crying like a baby .

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we just commented on this exact topic on another thread.

Seems, slowly the calm polite conservative folks will realize its down to just that.Only one group can survive,

i do not welcome this, but see the markings of it being inevitable in our lifetime.

calmer heads are not to be seen on the left.

Chuck Schumer denouncing Maxine Waters is not my standard of calmer heads prevailing. he wants to take away the 2nd Amendment as much as the far leftist Antifas.

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Your rights are inalienable or God-given, they can not be taken away by any group or individual.  It matters not what the left thinks of Thomas Jefferson.

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  Any restaurant has the right to politely go up to some table and ask the people to leave.  As long as they have not paid.  They get a bad reputation, that is on them.   Winner take all.

   As nobody seen the irony in this?  The Republican party... of Abe's fame... is being drummed out of restaurants in northern VA and DC.   .... by by  wait for it... the Democrats!  They have completely flipped positions from 100 years ago.  President Johnson was right.   It's a flip flop if you're watching gay porn.  Are we going to see a new version of republican sit ins?

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Democrats have ALWAYS been RACISTS. Who do you think wanted to keep slavery? Who do you think created and sustained the Klan?

Just because they violated the constitution to create affirmative action and other racist policies does not change the fact that they have worked tirelessly to retain their hold of blacks, even if it meant the oppression of some whites to do it. Welfare and social justice redistribution are the oppression of whites to create DEPENDENCY in blacks, as strong a tie to the plantation as it ever was.

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DUH dood..  And even more Irony that the only president we can possibly compare Trump to is Jackson... the first Democratic President. The one president who took it upon himself to kill a central bank.  The security branch of a government is equally suspect.  Maybe Trump will do it.   Robert never could take down Hoover.

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