Supreme Court Decisions On Trump Travel Ban, Union Dues Expected This Week

The Supreme Court is winding down its nine-month term this week, and there are still several high-profile cases that need to be decided, including a ruling on the legality of the third draft of President Trump's travel ban, which imposed "targeted" restrictions blocking most travelers from six Muslim-majority nations, as well as North Korea and Venezuela, according to Reuters. As many will remember, federal courts blocked the third draft of the ban back in October despite the administration's tweaks.


The travel ban case was argued in front of the Court back in April, and its conservative majority has signaled its support - suggesting that the high court could overturn the lower court decision.

The White House has argued that the ban is necessary to protect the US from attacks plotted by foreign jihadis, and conservative justices on the court have suggested they'd be unwilling to question Trump on his national security claims.

Trump's opponents have argued that the ban is a racist attempt to stop Muslims from entering the US.

Making life exciting for court reporters, the travel ban isn't the only politically sensitive case that's expected to be decided this week: SCOTUS must also issue its ruling on a case challenging whether non-union workers can be compelled to pay fees to unions representing public-sector workers like police and teachers. It's also expected to release a decision on a California law requiring faith-based crisis pregnancy centers to post notices about the availability of state-subsidized abortions and birth control - something the conservative majority is reportedly leaning against.



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What does the LAW say?

If it's not in the words, it's not required.


When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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^^^ The democrat party no longer exists.... It's been taken over by leftist /communist loonies and to help justify their position, they accuse republicans of being extremists when in fact it is they who lurched to the left and made themselves devilcRAT's.....

The US Constitution grants the Executive Branch these power's..... This is when the politics is removed and we get back to some sanity for our country....

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We have a balance of powers system with judicial review.

When your SCOTUS starts doing things like declaring corporations to be people, their check on power is more a function of protecting entrenched, economic power by providing a last-word legal touchstone for corporations.

It could just be called corporate review. 

It is hard to get anything done on immigration via any branch of government. 

The SCOTUS, like the other branches, puts FIRST the corporate “need” for cheap, welfare-eligible / womb-productive labor that can afford to work for rock-bottom wages due to access to free EBT groceries, free rent, free monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits for US-born kids.

The SCOTUS does not care about the mechanics, like the fact that noncitizens (and many citizens in single-earner, female-headed households) get this free stuff when they work part time to stay under the income limits for the welfare programs.

Illegal aliens and many legal immigrants, too, get it when they present evidence of their oh-so-legal, [traceable] income that conveniently falls under the income limits to Department of Human Services employees. 

To make sure that they qualify for the 100%-free, non-contributory, pay-per-birth programs for the instant citizens that they create after illegal border crossings, all illegal aliens need is SS cards for their US-born kids and proof of a small amount of traceable income that falls below the income limits in single-earner, male-breadwinner-in-those-cases households.

In this way, noncitizens undercut in the rigged labor market millions of underemployed, non-welfare-eligible / non-womb-productive American citizens, facing rent that soaks up more than half of their earned-only income in the many US states where per-capita income is $20k or below.

On top of free groceries and free rent, a refundable child tax credit to reward illegal aliens who do not pay income tax for maximum womb productivity tops out at $6,431, which is about 1/3rd of the yearly, earned-only income of many citizens of the USA, working full-time hours but unable to afford the dignity of rent. 

No wonder the USA has 101 million working-age citizens out of the workforce. Work does not pay in the USA. Illegal border crossings, sex and reproduction in single-earner households, plus part-time work for traceable earnings that keep you under the income limits for 1) monthly welfare and 2) welfare allocation through the progressive tax code, is what pays in this rigged & corrupt system. 

This applies to citizens as well, including the many boldly discriminatory mom-absenteeism-gang workplaces, “voted best for moms” and staffed with nearly 100% citizen moms with unearned income for work productivity that lets them do the exact same thing: rig the labor market, with momma managers telling interviewees who lack unearned income from spouses, ex spouses or government programs for womb productivity that “the women we have working here have somethin’ comin’ in.”

In those cases, the labor market is rigged for citizens, not that the economic impact is any different for single, childless women and single women with children over 18 who cannot afford shelter on earned-only income in most of the office job positions, offered up by bigly corporations and small offices alike, much less the jobs in other areas of the service sector.

Wages for females in the female-dominated jobs where most of America’s women—in the 90% range—always worked and still work have always been low, but male wages have not just been stagnant. They have been falling for 40 years, thanks to the upgrade in total household income for multi-family immigrant households, whicg often have several womb-productive women fetching welfare from multiple sources, thanks to the immigration racket, presided over by the 3 branches of government at the behest of corporations. 

Thanks to the courts, the executive branch and the legislature ignoring immigration law for 40 years, the USA now has the biggest generation of working-age youth — ever — in our history, bigger than the so-called Baby Boom, and yet, the SS trust fund that we all pay into at either 7.65% or 15.3% (self-employed) from every dime we ever earn up to the now $128,400 taxation cap is no longer running surpluses, forcing the cap to be raised many times in just the last few years. 

The Elite plan to flood the country with welfare-fed, womb-prolific legal & illegal immigrants, willing to work for beans, has not worked to bolster the SS retirement fund———which is not free to recipients, unlike the womb-productivity-based welfare and refundable-child-tax-credit freebies. 

The poor, beleaguered AND street-smart immigrants got one over on the elites, as anyone who has ever worked in a welfare agency could let elites know. 

The SCOTUS’ loyal service to corporations is one reason why we cannot get anything done about the out-of-control illegal border crossings, 40 years of falling wages for US citizens and the unsurprising mayhem in the streets that results from this rigging.

The SCOTUS will not even do anything about birthright citizenship, which is what enables two illegal aliens to get their major household bills paid by the US government when they have sex and reproduce after crossing the border illegally. The SCOTUS has the power to say that, to be an instant citizen at birth, one parent must be a naturalized or native-born citizen. 

They won’t do it, even though they have lifetime tenure, unlike Congress, which must worry about the money that the cheap-labor lobbyists throw into their campaign coffers and the six-figure lobbying jobs they can snag with big corporations after leaving office.

All of our branches of government serve the economic interests of corporations and the top 20%, while papering over it with the excuse that this is done to protect individuals against racism, sexism & xenophobia. Never has the USA been so socially liberal on those issues, while other individual liberties, enshrined in the US Constitution, that have nothing to do with racism, sexism or xenophobia have never been more in peril.

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Didn't read your whole rant because I got stopped at "When your SCOTUS starts doing things like declaring corporations to be people, their check on power is more a function of protecting entrenched, economic power "

First of all SCOTUS did not use the word "People". They used the word "Persons". Now go get yourself a Law dictionary and preferably an older one. Now look up the word "Person". Your will find multiple types of persons. Now you have to ask what kind of persons were they referring to, one, many or all of them. Now you have to find other SCOTUS rulings until you come upon one that states referring to laws "Unless a law specifically states the "natural person" it excludes the natural person." Now that you have actually taken the trouble to educate yourself on legal definitions you will find the SCOTUS said nothing new as corporations are a type of legal persons. They never said corporations have the same rights as people. The Law is fucked up and even people involved in the legal system often don't know what the words they use mean.

Things are not as they seem. What everyone says is common knowledge is not necessarily factual, only accepted as factual by those who are not fully informed. The world is flat, the sun travels around the earth, the Pope is infallible, Negroes are sub-human, pure blooded Germans are Aryans, Jews drink the blood of children, the policeman is your friend, Saddam Husein is worse than Hitler,  the Federal Reserve is a branch of the US government, and legislators uphold their oaths of office are just a few examples of myths that currently or at one time were accepted as indisputable fact.

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Distractions. We have millions of homeless. Millions of lost jobs. Daily propaganda assaults on the Bill of Rights. Represent the people, don't distract them.

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I'm sick and tired if seeing no skilled janitors making $80k a year with 4 weeks of paid leave and 15 paid holidays with a 20 year retirement that pays $80k for life.


You're damn right the tax payers are funding it......and their funding it with their measly $50k salary with 2 weeks of vacation and no Cadillac pension plan.


Fuck these union scum who steal from taxpayers and fuck the Democrats who they vote into office who keep the money flowing to them.

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We are on the verge of intensifying deflation of currently owned assets/labor and inflation for everything else we import. Your home will decline in value and the refrigerator imported from china will cost more. Your dollars at home will buy more than it will if you travel outside the US. Credit will dry up so you will not be able to borrow or the cost of borrowing will be to high.

Chaos is coming and it will be blamed on Trump when all he has done was cause the fairy tale of the world economy to become apparent a few months earlier than the hands on the levers would have preferred. All interference by governments and central banks in natural price discovery will have disastrous consequences. The longer and more intensely you try to interfere with the course of nature the worse the outcome. That's when the old dam bursts.

This is the formula that Amschel Rothschild came up with to control the world through manipulation of the money supply/credit system. It can target specific countries, the entire world or industries. It is a profit sucking system that can also cause changes in human behavior. There are most likely a few Jews and some Christians that control this system because of their economic power. Everyone else are the sheep to be clipped when their wool they produce is ready to be harvested.  Ba a a a ah

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What they want is to be able to hire a bunch of minimum wage non-union illegals at schools so they can take union dues out of their checks to pay for the bloated pensions of the older "teachers".

Oh, you put $100 a month into a retirement plan for 25 years and think you should get $80k a year for the rest of your life?

Screw public unions. Without them my property taxes would be about $250 a year instead of $5500.

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Expect to get ass raped by this court. Last week those cucks decided my small biz must collect sales taxes for foreign state governments I have not part in electing. What's next? Americans collecting VAT for Europe?  It's called USE TAX you cucks. I'm not California's fucking sales tax agent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck this shit. It's time to courtesy flush the American government. They're stinking up the planet. 


Nature_Boy_Wooooo VladLenin Mon, 06/25/2018 - 09:41 Permalink

But the media said that this is a bad thing for Amazon.....


I'm confused as to how it hurts Big corporations like Amazon who have already been charging taxes because of their brick and mortar locations. The elites flat out lie to the peasants and tell them that they did this to hurt corporate America. Reality is that a savings of 6% was often times the reason that I ordered from small business and now those businesses need to pay for services to implement sales tax for every state.


They didn't hurt corporate America with this, they killed small business and moved the goal post even further away for anyone thinking of starting a small online business.


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