Supreme Court Decisions On Trump Travel Ban, Union Dues Expected This Week

The Supreme Court is winding down its nine-month term this week, and there are still several high-profile cases that need to be decided, including a ruling on the legality of the third draft of President Trump's travel ban, which imposed "targeted" restrictions blocking most travelers from six Muslim-majority nations, as well as North Korea and Venezuela, according to Reuters. As many will remember, federal courts blocked the third draft of the ban back in October despite the administration's tweaks.


The travel ban case was argued in front of the Court back in April, and its conservative majority has signaled its support - suggesting that the high court could overturn the lower court decision.

The White House has argued that the ban is necessary to protect the US from attacks plotted by foreign jihadis, and conservative justices on the court have suggested they'd be unwilling to question Trump on his national security claims.

Trump's opponents have argued that the ban is a racist attempt to stop Muslims from entering the US.

Making life exciting for court reporters, the travel ban isn't the only politically sensitive case that's expected to be decided this week: SCOTUS must also issue its ruling on a case challenging whether non-union workers can be compelled to pay fees to unions representing public-sector workers like police and teachers. It's also expected to release a decision on a California law requiring faith-based crisis pregnancy centers to post notices about the availability of state-subsidized abortions and birth control - something the conservative majority is reportedly leaning against.