"CNN Sucks!" - White House Reporter Heckled And Booed At Trump Rally

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta had a rough time at a Trump rally in South Carolina Monday night. The CNN White House correspondent was repeatedly heckled by an angry crowd, including one woman who hurled chants of "CNN sucks" at the reporter and told him to "go home." The rally took place at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina, where Trump made an appearance on behalf of Governor Henry McMaster, who is facing a runoff vote on Monday. But unsurprisingly, members of the crowd showed up holding signs that read "CNN Fake News" chanting "Go home, Jim!"

At one point, an elderly woman, whom Fox News later identified as Maria Rojas, approached Acosta, heckled him, and accused him of not respecting the United States.

Acosta later said on CNN that "while we have had some people come up to us and be very nice this evening, I did have an elderly woman come up to me...and said that we at CNN should get the f**k out of this auditorium."

The crowd continued to make Acosta's day difficult by shouting "CNN sucks" while holding up signs criticizing the network as Acosta tried to deliver his report.

Members of the crowd also yelled "go home Jim" and "Fake News".

Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, has recently called for the reporter’s press credentials to be withdrawn after Acosta shouted questions at Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the summit in Singapore earlier this month, as RT reminds us. But Acosta has had other run-ins with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.