"You Are Unbalanced": Hungarian Foreign Minister Shuts Down Enraged BBC Reporter Over EU Migration

The newly emboldened populist wave sweeping Europe has begun to clash with establishment EU "open border" advocates, as governments opposed to illegal mass migration dig their heels in and resist the influx of mostly North African migrants. 

Europe has been sharply divided over asylum seekers - however words turned to action in early June when Italy's brand new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, closed Italian ports to Non-Government Organizations (NGO) ferrying migrants into the country. The rest of Italy's populist coalition government supported the move, fending off condemnation from "hypocritical" French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders. 

Perfectly capturing the current rift between populism and progressivism in Europe, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó got in a spat with BBC presenter Emily Maitlis on Monday while trying to explain why his country opposes an open-border policy.

“The current migration policy of the European Union can be very easily translated as an invitation in the minds of those people, who can easily make a decision to head towards Europe,” - Péter Szijjártó

When quizzed by Maitlis on Hungary's "Stop Soros" legislation introduced in January the Foreign Minister said "There are organisations who help people to ask for asylum, even if they no legal basis for that… and they have to contend with the consequences."

Triggered by Szijjártó's answer, Maitlis tried to argue that anyone landing in Hungary has the right seek asylum and have their case heard, to which the Hungarian hit back: 

“From the south, we are surrounded by peaceful countries, so those people who are violating our borders all came from peaceful countries like Serbia and Croatia and there’s no point of reference in any international regulations why you should be allowed or helped or assisted to violate a border between two peaceful countries.”

What we don’t want is a massive illegal influx coming from the south to us, we want to keep Hungary a Hungarian country and we don’t think by definition that multiculturalism is good... If you think so, if people in this country think so, we respect that, but please don’t put pressure on us."

Over the weekend, Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński of the Polish Law & Justice party shocked UK Channel 4's Cathy Newman when asked if European politicians have a "moral, humanitarian duty" to help asylum seekers: 

Austria, meanwhile just conducted a massive border security exercise on Monday in the town of Spielfeld in preparation for a wave of 80,000 migrants expected to travel through the new "Balkan route" from Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia to Western and Central Europe.

In short, citizens of Germany, France and now Spain will continue to "enjoy" watching their culture become "multicultural," while those in Hungary, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria and several other European nations take active measures to resist the open border policies. 


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Why would he agree to be interviewed by the BBC? Sheesh. 

I've been to Spain and Portugal these past few months. In all of the major cities, especially Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon, large and small groups of young black African males loiter about, tossing ugly expressions at passersby, rude remarks in some odd language while leering at the local women. They babble on free cell phones, live in free government houses, wear new government clothes, shoplift, beg, hop on buses and trains without paying, they sit clustered around blankets displaying stolen goods on the sidewalks, they enter clubs ar will like flies, no need to pay, all without fear of the zoning authorities, bouncers or police, who are fearful of being called racist. 

This is the Europe that's coming. In many cities, such as Barcelona, it's already a reality. 

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She's Another Rabid Screeching jew supremacist- YES Jew !!

"From a Jewish family, Emily Maitlis is the daughter of Professor Peter Maitlis"

(((They))) are and have been trying to destroy every western nation by massive foreign immigration for the past 150 years.

The jew supremacists gave you the devastating 1965 Immigration Act, and when (((they))) got it shoved down America's throat the jew supremacist senator jacob javits that spear headed the jewish monstrosity screamed out "Open The Flood Gates"- Fact!

Here is another jewess supremacist in her own words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85BKDj_1vVU

Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power, no matter how small- NOW!

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The Melting Pot is Melting Down.

War on whites, if you're white, you're over with. Tell me why you believe we can survive a race war and a national debt of $21 trillion? The left has it planned and rigged to take us out, so how are you going to fight back when the police state targets you because you're white and social justice warrior communist in the government have designated whites as enemy number one.

Obama planned this with his Bill Ayers communist. He even went to central America to make the deal, send your poor north and we will pay for them. They're coming at over two million a year. There are over 30 million illegals here and many are communist. Many ethnic foreigners illegal and legal are working to displace white people. THAT is the platform of the Democratic Communist Party of ethnic racist. Openly broadcasting the DNC advocates a race war. Many times now and nothing said against it, by both parties and the communist MSM. They have the street soldiers who will fight to take our country. The GOVERNMENT is designed and programmed to hold whites down if they fight back. We better take guns from the whites, they might fight back, right Feinstein?

The civil war is based on a race war and the communist believe they can win a race war. They're openly talking about bombing and burning in communist publications. There are foreign communist from all over the world ready and waiting. Thanks to Obama.(noticed how Obama has disappeared, it's highly likely he would be killed in a race war, or maybe his death would trigger a greater race war like when MLK was killed, the blacks burned every city in America, bombs going off, it was a real war, but the numbers are much much greater today and all the communist like Bill Ayers remember the riots and the burning of US cities. The communist openly talk about an armed insurgency with fire bombs.)

Ever heard of La Raza? These kids are the Mexican KKK, that Obama gave tax payer money for the purpose of displacing and liquidating the whites. It's all race and we're in a race war. There are many many groups set up to instigate for a race war. There are over 7000 communist cells organizing and that number is DHS and it's an old number, spring 2017 number.) The whites don't have a chance, the government will disarm them and help the communist foreigners take over. You are being replaced, that's Obama's HOPE, it was for racist who wanted to replace the whites with the blacks.

The entire federal government and police in communist multicultural strong holds are loaded with social justice warrior communist. The target is white people. If you didn't see or maybe you wanted to ignore it, how the government went after white people all across this nation, particularly the hinderlands, it means you were programmed by MSM not to see it. It came out in the end, but it was too late.

A half week before Las Vegas, the new FBI director Wray read an FBI intelligence assessment to Senator Feinstein detailing the federal government war on whites.

He said there were currently over 1000 open terrorist investigations of white males and white males were the greatest national security threat to the United States. It was in context of conservative white males, it's the same policy since Obama's homosexual female Homeland Security Director and FBI picking up white vets for Facebook post, taking them to private mental institutions. Remember?

Whites are the enemy and anything is justified in their destruction is the mantra.

FBI Wray inadvertently released what the government's main focus has been, a race war on whites who object to being displaced by the communist racist. Their Jewish leaders, from Soros to Feinstein to Levin have worked to displace whites. Remember Levin, McCain, the brain damaged Vet, and Feinstein built the martial law control grid, (for the terrorist right? guess what, you're the terrorist because you're white) through the NDAA, remember Senator Graham, Battlefield America statement when he sold out our freedom to help the communist racist, yeah or how about the Clinton election plan which said Graham would be reelected by the Israel lobby machine if he attacked Trump during the election, which he did. Too many chicken shit traitors in front of me.

The Americans are so stupid we are under martial law. Wait till the plug is pulled, our communist racist friends are now fully engaged. In Austin Texas the police allowed demonstrators with AR-15 to threaten and that wasn't right, it's because in communist racist strongholds, the police are ethnic and social justice warrior communist AGAINST whites. Seen it too many times now.

Recently, Feinstein openly attacked a white woman who was before senate confirmation hearing about her religion. Remember? Feinstein has been active in the coup against Trump to the point she is manipulating the investigation, and her staff moved into positions to destroy Trump. Paying attention? Considering Feinstein's rip off of the government on Iraq war contracts for her billionaire husband and her ring of Jewish Cronies, I think we are in TROUBLE. (Both the republicans and democrats want to destroy Trump to keep stealing the money. It's really over and the sooner you can see it's over at $21 trillion national debt, then your mind will be prepared to fight.)

Recently a Chinese DOJ federal prosecutor indicted a young white male because he said on social media he wanted to kill Kamala Harris, a California communist who advocates the same platform of the DNC, a race war. And he wanted to kill the communist leader, the multimillionaire communist leader Bernie Sanders, that advocates unlimited migration to displace us. Well, if no one can see it is racism for a federal prosecutor who just happened to be Chinese, with the fact, there are no federal indictments against the racist who want to kill Trump and all the other whites, then you're not paying attention.

The ignorant whites call it reverse racism, I'm not racist, I've helped black people all of my life, I recently broke my neck saving old black women in an ice storm 2013-2014 in Dallas, I was paratransit. Since the 60's, the US has worked hard to be fair, and if anyone doesn't realize a black can make it in America, isn't playing with a full deck, thus it's not economic with these people, it's racism. They are working to displace us and drown out our voice because of racism.

Foreigners who are communist are waiting for a hot civil war. Yes, US citizens born in other countries use the communist umbrella for a race war to kill us, steal our property and generally take over. That's what's happening, if the government can't be used to do us in, then they will do it in an armed kill off of the whites. Just like the 1917 genocide of 20 million whites in Russia during the communist revolution, THAT is their blueprint model, they have often used to describe the result of what they're planning. Bill Ayers in the 60's advocated the genocide of white Christians in the south while bombing government buildings, (that's next), but he was best friends with Obama and formed his inner circle of communist. If Cultural Marxism can't destroy the whites in the south, then a mass kill off will. (to understand Bill Ayers hate for the southern whites ties into the North's hate of the south, we still have feeling about it, and the North and the South hate each other and this is a main driver of the communist racist.)

So the entire federal government has been loaded with social justice warrior racist communist by Obama. Who went all over the world blaming America and crying he apologized for white America. He was blaming white people for the worlds problems, to the racist of the 3rd world priming them everywhere he went. Many, I can't give a percentage of the 3rd world Obama dumped on us are racist haters of white people. I have many experiences now.

This is a war on white people. The federal government no longer works, the country must be divided up, how we get to that point will be a bloody race war.


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Do you ever hear the word "communist" on this board or in the MSM? no, it's other terms like Open Borders.

MIC the industrial complex of which China, Russian and just about every advanced country operate in many nations. The Obama administration conducted the wars in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine, that was Obama, that was the left, that was Hillary Clinton and Brennan. The Chinese have operations to harvest and mine natural resources all over the world, actually more so now than at anytime in US history. The US has lost out to China in Africa and many countries. I guess you haven't paid attention to that, it's all America bad and China is good. Kind of like brainwashing from the communist MSM?

Did we want Obama conducting wars everywhere, throwing our money away? We didn't want it. period. Furthermore, Trump hardly talks to Mattis who over ruled Trump before congress on the defense budget and Trump wants out of the Middle East. Mattis demanded more money and continues the NATO build up and One World Government operations of which Trump is trying to get us out of. I guess the war mongering left doesn't care about peace?

Funny note hiding in front of us, the election spy was a CIA spy not FBI informant, it leads back to Clapper and Brennan, not the FBI. The CIA was interfering with the election. Has anyone noticed, I've seen him only twice, thought it was a fluke, the CNN former CIA agent who is also a homosexual social justice warrior communist, state the CIA was going to kill Trump. He said that on CNN.

Or how about the former FBI social justice warrior communist on CNN who hates Trump and wants the nation to keep marching communist?

We're in a race war caused by Obama and the communist, trying to deflect facts with comments like yours, it's the MIC or some other excuse doesn't cut it from where I am, you will soon be doing your own killing or you're going to die.

We're in a serious planned and executed race war while white male momma boys run the laugh tape in their heads from a life time of being told how to think by communist controlled MSM. It's all a big joke, right?

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closed Italian ports to Non-Government Organizations (NGO) ferrying migrants into the country.

 It can't be all that difficult to follow the money of these NGOs back to the fat cats that are purposefully abusing immigration and asylum laws in Nations across the globe, to purposefully weaken nations, to foment civil war, to promote a UN controlled NWO.

It's obvious as hell Soros is behind most of this.  It's also clear, Soros and company, Obama, Hillary, and Bill Ayers, are losing!

Funny how you declare a bloody civil war is being planned by these enemies of the People, and yet you have been cheering for it, for months at ZH.

"This is why I want war, you deserve it."

"I am old and tired, I want a nuclear war to kill people like you."

"And I am not afraid, I am praying for a nuclear war to kill off Russia and China and kill off around 200 million Americans. That's what I want, how about you?"

I hope you also fail!

How's that web sight you promised me going, you got a link?  I'd love to see it. 

Now Dox me all you want!

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LOL  just yesterday I was using 100 million dead in a race war, that 200 million number is for a nuclear war at the time everyone was talking about it. This low life takes everything out of context and posts what he wants one to believe to discredit me on a fucking message board, LOL, loser didn't, yes he says he lost his JOB BECAUSE OF TRUMP, but the 200 million is for nuclear war and the rest, we need to have a kill off of 200 million to remove the YOKE OF ZIONISM. He supports the Jews and wars for Israel and genocide. Read on about this freak.

Tarzan AKA Bobby McKay the stealth Zionist Jew supporter, and in his mind with safety from blacks in a Northeast Florida Zionist Christian White Racial Caste system. It's sick and he's sick. The blacks and the people of color, the communist are coming for him and he wants to tell you we're winning. Yeah sure millions of people flowing in, $21 trillion national debt, deficits so higher it will be the end of social security and taxes will have to go though the roof. I try to write to warn and he says it's not true. HE IS EITHER A DRUNK OR A HARD DRUG USER HIS LOGIC IS FLAWED AND CONFUSED. Donny has it occurred to that it's you who is the low life that your racism of blacks in NE Florida is what has brought this about and the unconditional support you give to the Jews?

I didn't even see it, I don't read him, the jack ass Bobby McKay aka Jew nigger Tarzan, who on these boards accused me of killing his father in Vietnam. This crazy ignorant jerk accused me of killing his father in Vietnam. He even posted his name and had the most delusion and it was dirty, delusional logic. He tries again, the low life nigger from Florida Bobby McKay a Zionist nigger from northeast Florida.

Mr. Bobby McKay Green Cove Springs Florida is a racist white who supports Zionism. Anytime stealth nigger McKay sees a comment about the Jews he will attack. All I do is point out what the Jews have been doing. I'm not allowed to do that in his sick mind, I use to post on the Jacksonville newspaper and the same kinds of minds would do exactly the same.

He's been programmed in a racial caste system that has caused all of this, he is what the communist are targeting. These sick freaks believe the word of God means the Jew is on top, then whites and people of color on the bottom. This is how they justify their sick religion of murdering mankind. The Jews on MSM tells them who to kill and this nation does. Tarzan AKA Donny McKay is a stealth Zionist.

Bobby McKay AKA Tarzan is in a racial caste system and he even foamed about Jesus and all this Zionism and he hides because can't let anyone know while he whines about how his father died not in Vietnam but in the ocean on a aircraft patrol, he died in the Vietnam era, McKay is using the board and me, at the time to drum up publicity to make the government pay him and his whining momma money. And in the exchange showed he was low rent because he would lie and I would ,catch him, like the mystery Navy Captains memoirs. It was too much.

Tarzan AKA Bobby McKay number one momma whining victim, if anyone remembers the exchange with the low life lying POS. Yeah, he whined about his momma and how I killed his daddy. This mofo is sick. Let me make sure you understand, I am hoping for a bloody throw down and I explained even better about what I have been doing to make sure trash like you are in the killing field.

It can be a nuclear killing field, a communist revolution killing field or a race war, which ever one, it means  Bobby McKay, his kind of distorted mental illness of the Jews being the chosen ones and whites are in a racial caste system and the use of this belief system as an excuse to murder mankind.

This jerk secret supports the Jews on this board, hiding around and when someone posts what the Jews are doing to us he attacks, what's really sick is he whines about the MIC and uses buzz words to proves he's with the in crowd.; But when I say your Jews are behind the MIC he confuses with some distorted line of reasoning.


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In NE Florida the culture is a racial caste system developed over the years and it uses the Bible and Christian for a form of KKK in the shadows. The religious factor is the Jews, with the Jews being God's chosen people, thus the Jews are on top, then white and blacks on the bottom. It is the culture of the lower socioeconomic class aka white trash of this region and too many know it.

Yeah, Booby and Donny, can't remember which one, but Bobby or Donny McKay is who I was supposed to have killed in Vietnam, everyone saw the exchange, after he put his name on the board trying to use me to get publicity for the death of his father in a plane crash not in Vietnam, he's whined about his momma and the money he wanted from the government. It wouldn't stand up in court so he's using the court of public opinion. He can't stand it when I call the Jews out. That's the reason for him posting to me. It's a fucking joke.

Donnie, Bobbie what's the difference you have no value to me.

Bobbie McKay Green Cove Springs Florida, Clay County living in a little rat trap house. Don't try to hide the fact you are a Zionist Christian, a supporter of Israel, more wars for Israel and the Jews.

Bobbie Donnie McKay showed he was a white nigger Jew supporter from the hot bed of Zionism NE Florida Jacksonville home of the lowest white trash in this nation..

LOL He lives his life in a racial caste system of the Jew on top, then whites and people of color are on the bottom. It's a racial caste system developed for the white Christians of the south, it is called today, Zionist Christianity.

Unconditional support and loyalty to Israel over America, because America has blacks and Israel doesn't and a dose of religion. They believe and it's wired in, the Jews will help them keep the blacks down. It's sick and this is the main target of the communist, to break up the racial caste system in the south and to destroy Zionist Christianity. AGAIN, THIS IS THE MAIN TARGET OF THE COMMUNIST TO DESTROY THE ZIONIST CHRISTIAN RACIAL CASTE SYSTEM OF THE SOUTH. remember the statue wars, that's just the beginning.

Again, Donnie, Bobby or whatever your name, you attacked me, I don't even read your comments.

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"If the Zionists are going to kill millions in a race war, and your praying for this race war to happen, aren't you praying in agreement with the Zionists? 

You are a tool of the Zionists!"

Ignorant POS can't read, I said the removal of the yoke of Zionism of which you are a Zionist, would require a nuclear war and 200 million dead. Including you.

The race war will do it too, millions of people in this nation would love to see the removal of Zionism from our country. But for you it's a part of your racist belief system, a racial caste system and what's weird, many in this nation have no idea dirty low life whining momma boys in the south are in a Zionist Christian racial caste system of hate.

That's Bobby Donny McKay or whatever his name.

He has to be on drugs or a drunk because he can't even read it right or he's so low, dirty low that he has to lie and twist reality.

Anyone can read this exchange and see this freak is a Zionist supporter of Israel and the wars for Israel. He's uses buzz words and the like for up votes but the truth is, he hates me because I call out the Jews. And he can't stop me from called out the Jews for what they have done to my country.

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Bobby Mckay is 56 years old and was born on 05/18/1961. Currently, Bobby lives in Valrico, FL; and previously lived in green cove springs, FL and jacksonville, FL. Sometimes Bobby goes by various nicknames including Bobby D Mc kay, Bobby D Mckay, Bobby Don Mckay,. Bobby currently works at . ethnicity is Caucasian, and religious views are listed as Christian. Bobby is now Married . Other family members and associates include Andrew Mckay, John Mckay, Katherine Mckay, Jesse Mckay and Matthew Mckay. Bobby has a reported annual income of 100 - 149,999 and a current net worth value of $100,000 - $249,999.


Christian in Jacksonville means Christian Zionist. That's not Christianity, it is a mutated religion of hate. It means the member is in a racial caste system, Jews on top, whites and then blacks.

Now he accuses me of trying to find his house, so I decided why not, look it up. This was the main reason i didn't want to respond to him. Anyone who blames me for his fathers death in Vietnam and uses his fathers honor to justify his attack on me, by being so stupid to list his fathers name, and brags about being a printer in a newspaper and saying the reason he lost his job was because of Trump. That person isn't playing with a full deck,

He's attacked my military service saying I wasn't in the military, and then when I say call one of my commanders, he's not interested in me, it's the message of these Eastern E...


This was from an exchange, so Bobby McKay aka Tarzan who posted his name at the time he was accusing me of causing the death of his father in Vietnam in a whining momma tale, he has to  be a drunk or hard drugs.

I have more data than this, he even tried to get me to come to his house, yeah, he became delusional. He's either a drunk or hard drugs or he's ignorant.

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She's Another Rabid Screeching jew supremacist- YES Jew !!

"From a Jewish family, Emily Maitlis is the daughter of Professor Peter Maitlis"

(((They))) are and have been trying to destroy every western nation by massive foreign immigration for the past 150 years.

The jew supremacists gave you the devastating 1965 Immigration Act, and when (((they))) got it shoved down America's throat the jew supremacist senator jacob javits that spear headed the jewish monstrosity screamed out "Open The Flood Gates"- Fact!

Here is another jewess supremacist in her own words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85BKDj_1vVU

Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power, no matter how small- NOW!

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Nice job Hungary!  The United States allowed too many immigrants, and now this place is fucked up.

Immigrants want to leave their country to find something better, but the assholes bring their country with them -- their flag, language, socialist views, crime, attitude, etc.  They are trying to change the U.S. to the culture they supposedly left behind.

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Wile-E-Coyote Team_Huli Wed, 06/27/2018 - 01:47 Permalink

Bang on comment these immigrants expect to be given everything and you are right they bring with them a culture of failure, of course, there is always the odd exception.

I was in Rome last week and I didn't see the number of migrants in the city that you would see say in London but maybe I was in the wrong area. Italy is not a rich country it needs parasitic migrants like a hole in the head.


Well done Italy and the rest for making a stand. As for the BBC they are nothing more than a propaganda channel, not to be trusted.............. they never report real news.

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We should only allow Hungarians into the US.

My daughter was proud to return to Budapest to get married last year. She sent me pix of Orban's "Zoros" billboards.

"They need to arrest him, Daddy."
"Yes, I replied, but he has too much money from dead Jews he ratted out, whose gold teeth he  split with the SS."

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It gave me a smile :)


I alway do that to when I boss my secretary arround :)


She's young so about once a week I lecture her and she  always thinks it's an open discussion.

"I don't really agree with you there, because..." AND I ALWAYS STEP IN AND SAY "NO!"

And the discussion ends there. Always.

Love it! And I always to it with eye contact and I keep eye contact for the next minute.

that's what only men can do :) And it feels great! Woman can't stand it!

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land_of_the_few caconhma Wed, 06/27/2018 - 02:23 Permalink

And who exactly is in charge of Bosnia and Croatia, part of the "new migration route" in his southern neighbors, primarily Bosnia which has the biggest border with Hungary? What exactly are they so busy with, that they can't turn their attention to it? They could stop the "refugees" in half a day.

Those countries might want to consider why the Europeans should continue helping them.

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land_of_the_few caconhma Wed, 06/27/2018 - 02:59 Permalink

In that case Hungary needs to consider what so-called "Bosnia" is, exactly. What is its function and purpose. And most importantly, who is it for. It's a mistake to consider it from the point of view of being a "country". That is absolutely not what it is being used for.

Presumably wiping out Sarajevo would be considered impolite?

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