Democrats Melt Down Over Supreme Court Vacancy

Progressives from sea to shining sea are having an election-level meltdown over the announced retirement of Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy - such as that of former Obama NSC spokesman, Tommy Vietor:

The vacancy means that President Trump can appoint a more conservative Justice to the bench, as opposed to Kennedy's more moderate right-of-center stance on many issues.

News of Kennedy's retirement was captured during a DNC conference call, prompting audiable reactions from the participants ranging from shock to awe. 

“Ohhhh!” gasped one person.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed another.

Not that he’s done us any good on these recent decisions, but he was the one who was usually persuadable,” could also be heard. 

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer (NY) urged the Senate to hold off on confirming Kennedy's replacement until after November's midterm elections. Speaking on the Senate floor, he said that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should follow the same precedent set by Republicans in 2016 when they refused to weigh in on Merrick Garland (who was not confirmed) for months.

Schumer said that the vacancy is "the most important Supreme Court vacancy for this country in at least a generation," noting that women's reproductive rights and other issues hanging in the balance. 

 MSNBC's Chris Matthews did not get a thrill up his leg at the news: 

Others used dramatic grammar:

Much hot air is rising over America as the outrage grows: 

Conservatives, meanwhile, are predictably gloating: 

And the always independent Chuck Todd sums it up...


hedgeless_horseman Wed, 06/27/2018 - 17:31 Permalink


Schumer said that the vacancy is "the most important Supreme Court vacancy for this country in at least a generation," noting that women's reproductive rights and other issues hanging in the balance. 

Women's reproductive rights are going to be determined by a Supreme Court vacancy?

Is the SCOTUS going to rule on a woman's right to reproduce?  Her right to have sex, get pregnant, and have a baby?  No!

In Orwell's book, 1984, there is a term for this sort of thing: newspeak.

Let me help you, Mr. Schumer.  It is called abortion, and it is when one or more human beings choose to kill another unborn human being, while it is still in its mother's womb, usually by giving someone money to cut it up and vacuum out the parts, without considering the unborn human's reproductive rights, right to life, or any other rights it may have.

This is in no way reproduction.  In fact, it is the opposite.



BlackChicken jcaz Wed, 06/27/2018 - 17:40 Permalink

Just basking in the joy..!

After 1 1/2 years of non-stop liberal temper tantrums, threats, false accusations, pond scum coverups, and countless little dictators cramming their ideologies down our throats; these are good days indeed.

Think I’ll take a bath in liberal tears...

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Ms. Erable wadalt Wed, 06/27/2018 - 19:05 Permalink

Now if they can impeach (((Ginsberg))) on grounds of mental incompetence, it'll be common to see nearly sane rulings from SCOTUS for the next generation or so.

At least until the libtards get away with Arkanciding another SC justice like they did a couple years ago.


PS - love seeing all the triggered little cucks having their third breakdown this week. Tears on ice, please; hold the whine.

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nmewn DownWithYogaPants Wed, 06/27/2018 - 20:39 Permalink

I've always thought that was kinda weird medical advise (just sayin) seems to me, the one experiencing the blunt force trauma end of a schadenboner is the one who really needs medical attention...

"Oh gawd, make it stop! Not again! Get away from me with that!" kinda thing ;-)

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Carla Houston BigCumulusClouds Thu, 06/28/2018 - 07:38 Permalink


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MK ULTRA Alpha Tarzan Thu, 06/28/2018 - 05:03 Permalink

Zionist Bobby McKay aka Tarzan, I will be in Jacksonville this summer, I understand he wanted to meet me. He also threatened me, the exchange is still up.

He tarnished the honor of the death of his father who died an honorable death on a naval patrol saying the Navy lied about it.

He pumped that lie for years here during the communist era and when this board was a left wing hate everything America and now he's on Trump's side?, give me a break, how many times did he falsely accuse Trump of causing him to lose his job, it fit in for the board popularity contest which was left wing back then, now this twisted freak is a Trump supporter? Talk about chicken shit low life.

He attacked me for pointing out the corruption involving the Zionist and the Zionist Jews. He accused me of killing(causing the death of) his father in Vietnam. Remember that?  Used his name, which is his name. He used this board for a false campaign to blame the Navy for lying about his father, the whole scam was to try to get money. The board isn't left wing today, so he's changed to the right from the left. LOL too sick on this one.

I will continue to explain about the Zionist of who he's one.

He told me about his momma and all this crap. I kept the exchange going until I was sure, and he let it slip, he's pro-Israel, more wars for Israel and fully committed to Zionist Christianity 100%.

His father didn't die in Vietnam, it was a plane crash in the ocean. It was easy to see he's a liar, no honor and will twist and distort, take out of context on a message board as a popularity contest. LOL, nothing lower than that, no intellect just tap the article with the sway of the board and up votes and a cheap trill. Nothing ever added to the board, just some drive by comment to illicit up votes and then some bullying of posters who are trying to write something to add. Seen it many times now.

  So can he tell us how he LOST HIS JOB BECAUSE OF TRUMP and why the change from the left wing rants to now he's changed over to the right wing?

All I see is someone who doesn't want posters to point about the Zionist Jews, hiding around and attacking people for some other issue as an excuse to attack people about what their opinion is of Zionism, he's attacked many on here for pointing out what the Jews have done to our country, it was the same pattern, point out about Zionism and Bobby McKay(aka Tarzan of course) attacks, It doesn't stop anyone posting about the Jews and this board has turned over many many times, it's not the same people

I know the mind set of the NE Florida, it's a racial caste system of God's chosen people on top, whites and then blacks on the bottom. It justifies wars all over the world with out thought, unconditional support for Israel and the Zionist Christian racial caste system. It developed in the south over the years, kind of like a hidden KKK in the Zionist Christian church, it was designed to keep blacks down and in abject poverty. That is what the communist and people of color are working to destroy, the Zionist Christians of the south. The statue wars was a prelude of things to come.

This jack ass went on and on whining about his momma and how the Navy lied. The Navy didn't lie and he would never released the name of the mystery captain and his memoirs, it was delusional, beyond a few posts and anyone can see. He described a mother as a woman being passed around and remarried right after the husband dies and then the golden ticket didn't work out, so they whine and whine and used this board to smear the Navy, the US, and Trump until the board changed to pro-Trump. It just showed he had no honor.

His logic longer than one comment gets more and more delusional, he is either a drunk, hard drugs user or on mind dope. He seems to believe his duty is to police the board because of comments about Zionism and his claim to fame he's been on the board longer. It's sick.

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Tarzan MK ULTRA Alpha Thu, 06/28/2018 - 05:47 Permalink

For a CIA "General", you really suck at investigating!  I never lost my job, I have not been without a job in over 35 years. 

If you were really CIA, you would know that! 

I could go on, but it's obvious your just making it up, you have no inside information.  At best, your a troll searching Google, nothing more.

"we're in a multidimensional killing field, we're important to control. I can show you every where they went they killed the humans off. They're the most sophisticated killing species in the history of mankind. If someone exposes them, they will counter, they have every aspect of the human brain wired and under control.....

....So why aren't they eating us now, they're eating us by destroying us to prepare us for harvest to their god, a snake. This species is conditioned to kill us, from 100,000's of years of killing us. They evolved between the end of the reptile era and the human era, they were first, and they ate us."

Is this the group you starved millions for, A Snake God?  Is this who you pray for a nuclear war to, a snake?

You say these Snake people are,  "the most sophisticated killing species in the history of mankind."

And you say you are, the most deadly, the most lethal weapon ever devised in the history of mankind.

Are you talking about yourself, are you a worshiper of this Snake god?



"To be totally accurate and in your face, I am a CIA killing machine. A programmed weapon. If you know what MK ULTRA means, then you would be able to understand a little."

"Once I caused the death of over 3 million people. They starved to death."

"I am not an experiment, I am an operational model."

You've admitted yourself your a loser who was brain washed by the CIA for decades.  It took you 40 years to realize killing for the CIA was evil, that you were working for Satan?

You make unsubstantiated claims about me, with NOTHING to back it up. 

I've never been a tool of the MIC, like you. 

I've never killed for the Neocon and Zionists. like you. 

I've never STARVED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, for Satan, like you boast.



"I have a CIA modified brain for mind warfare and was trained in a technology, that I didn't want to say because it's CIA proprietary technology."

"I'm a CIA mind warfare soldier, my program code name is MK ULTRA. Not one of the self proclaimed MK ULTRA can take a polygraph on the issue of even being an MK ULTRA never mind sophisticated mind warfare operations, I can. period."

"I am an MK ULTRA mind warfare weapon, I was designed by Central Intelligence from 1963  to 1969, I am the most deadly, the most lethal weapon ever devised in the history of mankind. I proved it too many times all over the world."

"I am good at what I do. I am a CIA soldier trained by the CIA WHEN I WAS A CHILD."

"I'm a CIA general by the way."

"I was a USAF Electronic Warfare Staff Sergeant. My rank runs the show in the Air Force."

"From my first day of written instruction....

"You are the highest ranking officer of the United States. You out rank all presidents, all directors of Central Intelligence and all generals. You are to prevent a fifth column take over of the United States. In the event of a fifth column take over you are to destroy the United States."  

....I had to memorize this and about five to seven pages each week."

"One can not be an MK ULTRA child if one has one supposed event and call it CIA, IT TOOK SIX YEARS TO TRAIN ME. From 6 to 12 years old, elementary school."

"to use a child for such a program was justified in their minds. They treated me with great honor, and respect, I was not abused in anyway. They even made me a CIA general when I was 8 years old."


You kneel before your master, a Snake, and pray for the death of millions, then you call me sick? LMAO!

Your a sick sick man!


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Tarzan Tarzan Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:21 Permalink

You claim I lied about my father.  You Claimed that he didn't die in Vietnam, and that the Navy didn't lie about how they were killed.  You have no clue what your talking about.  Spending a couple minutes on Google is not the work of a CIA "General".  Your a fraud!


Name:Homer Eugene McKay 

Rank/Branch:Aviation Structural Mechanic 2nd Class/US Navy 

Unit:Patrol Squadron 26, U-Tapao Airbase, 
TH (TDY from Sangley Point, PI) 

Date of Birth:18 October 1938 (Lubbock, TX) 

Home of Record:Shallowater, TX

Date of Loss:6 February 1968 

Country of Loss:South Vietnam/Over Water

Loss Coordinates:093050N 1040730E (VR040520)
Click coordinates to view maps

Status in 1973:Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered 


Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground:P-3B "Orion"

Notice, they didn't declare them KIA until 5 years later!  They lied, said it was an accident, that they were not shot down!

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MK ULTRA Alpha Tarzan Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:28 Permalink

I already proved you lied., it's a delusional lie, you twist and lie about the Navy. It was easy to prove, I can't help you lie as principal and have lied to yourself.

It was proven in the below exchange and you know it. It proves again, no honor, just twist the lie, spinning it around, nothing true etc.…

Anyone can read it and see, it was top of Google for a long time and many read about Bobby McKay, the whining momma boy and his victim momma trying to defraud the Navy out of money when the Navy told the truth.

It wasn't in Vietnam like you said and Navy divers located it quickly because the pilot was following the flight plan. It was where the Navy said it went down and you're trying to get anyone to say, to lie, to twist it around for money from the Navy.

And a new note, he's using the POW report which is inaccurate when they sent him a POW prize and this document to get money. It's a huge racket and it's big in NE Florida, they believe we still have soldiers in POW camps in Vietnam. NE Florida is a major contributor to the POW movement.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Tarzan Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:31 Permalink

Answer the question, you were so fired up to meet with me, do you still want to meet with me?

I'm not going through it again about your father, the POW group trying to get money, your momma wanted money and you've been on the dole with money given to you and your family because of your fathers death, yes, education, health and other monies. Now you wanted to mount a campaign to convince readers of your cause to get public support, a congressman, to defraud the Navy for money, you even said that, remember step by step you explained the fraud.

I can guarantee your claim wouldn't stand up in court so it has to be pressure on the Navy for money. Tell us why you wouldn't tell us the name of the mystery captain and the memoirs? I had you, so it's the mystery captain, buddy, if that was the case you would have used it a long time ago.

You've pounded this board with this lie for years, even showing me one of the post from over a year ago. Convincing people of your lie.

I proved you're a two faced chicken shit liar in that exchange, now months later it's another attack and nothing I said in yesterday mornings post was bad, You accused me of the starting a race war and anyone can see the post was explaining CURRENT EVENTS and if one objects to someone explaining what Zionist and Zionist Jews are doing in the government, Feinstein, Levin and the NDAA martial law plan. But for you being so twisted in your mind, between being a left wing fruitcake or a right wing fruitcake, yeah before it's hate America, Navy is liars and hail to the left wing now it's your a Trump supporter to fit in to the board, you are a CLASSIC SOCIOPATH.

See he had to be a communist at the newspaper to fit in, believe me, the newspaper he worked for went social justice warrior communist with transvestites on the front page and now they've lost most of their customer base and just about went out of business, he was laid off. But he repeated over and over, the reason HE lost his job was because of Trump. It's in the exchange and now he says he didn't say it. He thinks the board is stupid and he's smart, but it's too easy to see. Lie after lie after lie and I called him on it because he attacked me.

He lies as principal, that's the kind of person you are and when I proved it was all a lie, then you want to have contact with me. I blew your bubble. Now you follow me around insulting me on a message board, attack I defend, attack I defend, he's a sociopath, perfect example of a sociopath.

Anyone who reads it can see, the exchange that was high on Google for months. It went national, the story of Bobby McKay's fraud on the Navy went national.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Tarzan Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:24 Permalink

I won against it, and all I'm telling is I'm a victim of MKULTRA, I've told it in detail. What you're doing like the chicken shit kind of low life you've proven, you're taking an exchange I had with fellow posters who said something crazy like you and I gave it back that way. Now you take it out of context proving over and over you'll lie, distort, absolutely no moral bearing. You're a pathological liar who has no honor. We proved that.

You said you wanted to meet me, do you want to meet with me to talk about this in person?…

Under this article I proved you lied about the death of your father for money from the Navy. You proved your mother immediately remarried in the Navy unit. The golden ticket didn't work out, momma high and dry complained about the Navy all of your life and the voices in your head about the Navy lying is your momma's bitter rant. Because of this elaborate delusion running in your head, you've actually grown neural pathways in you brain to that story and it controls you. I can guarantee with the baggage, the history you wrote, you're dependent on some kind of hard drug, alcoholic or mind drugs.

It is you who attacked me, and I gave it back, now I ask, again, you wanted to meet me, do you still want to meet me?

And everything you are reporting about me is true. I am an MKULTRA mind warfare weapon, I was designed by Central Intelligence from 1963 to 1969, I am the most deadly, the most lethal weapon ever devised in the history of mankind.

My orders 1965, first day of contact and programming with Colonel Busby Central Intelligence. First page, to the right is a full page photo of William Colby Deputy Director Central Intelligence.(prior to this was two years of narcohypnosis with the tapes. 1963 to 1965.)

"You are the highest ranking officer of the United States, you outrank all presidents, all directors of central intelligence, and all generals. You are to prevent a fifth column take over of the United States. In the event of a fifth column take over you are to destroy the United States."

Those are my Central Intelligence orders from my first day of programming in 1965. I was eight years old, brainwashed to believe I was a CIA general on a special mission. Over 40 years of my life was taken from me, my grandfather was murdered to have access to me. I told this and you're so low you have no compassion for your fellow man and want me to whine with you about momma and the Navy killed daddy and then it was I killed daddy. At least I have a grasp of my reality.

Now do you want to meet with me, you keep spinning and taking out of context and you won't talk directly to the issue. You're the low life that attacked me many times now, so do you want to meet me?

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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:52 Permalink

As the world can see, big shot board member Tarzan aka Bobby McKay of NE Florida who attacks posters, not just me, but many times others, the bully doesn't want to meet with me to discuss this in person. When he is the one who stated I was a coward behind a monitor when he taunted me for proving he's lying and trying to defraud the Navy.

Bobby McKay who has no compassion for my suffering under mind control from the CIA doesn't want to meet because he's the coward and he's the one who attacked me, he did it again this morning. I just want to know since I have to visit Jacksonville does the big shot who threatened me, does he want to meet?

He attacked me yesterday morning, on this exchange.…

I didn't say anything wrong but he can't stand it when I explain about the Zionist, see in his mind we're not allowed to talk about the Zionist and the Jew Zionist.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Arnold Thu, 06/28/2018 - 07:31 Permalink

Arnold, looking for that childish up vote even if you had to pop it yourself. My grandfather was murdered in Jacksonville Florida to get access to me. First came the KKK, then the FBI Masons and then came the CIA, they took over 40 years of my life, no justice, no compensation, I can't even get the VA to do right on military injuries for thirty years. I have had no medical treatment on military injuries, no acknowledgement of the injuries even though it's in my military records. I get nothing and this low life uses me to pump about his daddy in Vietnam when he wasn't in Vietnam and that was proved. He's still doing it, still running the same quotes taken out of context months ago, and his lying again. How would you like to have your grandfather killed and he was all you had? His name is L. D. McMichael buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida. He was murdered to have access to me for MKULTRA.

Go read the exchange in which I proved he was lying about his daddy to get the money and the reason, bit by bit the sociopath released the data, and he ran down my military honor everything. He says I wasn't in the military and I wasn't MKULTRA, so if I'm not MKULTRA how did I do what he saying I did? the logic defies reason with this sick cookie.

I would have never been in the military if it wasn't for MKULTRA, that's not me. Now I have to face the evil of my hometown, the same dirty low and I mean low kind of people. Tarzan aka Bobby McKay is exactly like the redneck lower socioeconomic class whites who pump the Israel over America and Zionist Racial Caste system and THAT IS WHY THE COMMUNIST ARE COMING FOR THE WHITES IN THE SOUTH.

Give me a break Arnold, I am giving it back, apparently you didn't read it, if you did then you would understand yesterday morning he attacked me.

He's done this before and tries to run the popularity contest of up and down votes, So if he can shit on me, then I get down votes and he gets up votes, but it didn't work yesterday because the board is no longer a left wing board, now he's a Trump supporter when he was on the far left before.

It's sick and why don't you tell him not to post to me with his low life dirty attacks of which I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO GIVE IT BACK.

And Arnold since your interested and trying to say I'm bad, look at what he's posted, an exchange taken out of context between me and one of the snowflake leftist, I've explained it in detail, but what does he do, he is attacking me with same crap which is inaccurate and it was explained. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, AND IT WAS MONTHS AGO WHEN THE BOARD WAS ONE BIG COMMUNIST THROW DOWN.

It's sick. He's the one who is attacking me and you blame me not knowing the history of the attacks. It's not that, it's he's trying to rob the Navy and attacks when I explain about Zionism, he is not even real on here.

LOL I must be hitting a nerve with this jerk explaining about the Zionist. He's a racist Zionist Christian in racial caste system and the main target of the communist.

The racist Zionist of the south is the main and absolute reason for the communist race war. Remember the statues, that was the beginning. The left wants to destroy his mind, the kind of mind he has and as anyone can see, he's a liar. So much for Zionist Christianity up bringing and his momma must have not taught him manners.

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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Thu, 06/28/2018 - 07:59 Permalink

Why don't you reply Arnold, how chicken shit are these attacks taken out of context from a man trying to tie me in with the death of his father and after I spend the time it was easy to see he's crazy nuts trying to defraud the Navy for his momma. It was insane.

The quote he's taken out of context on mass starvation was to Handley, remember the troll Handley, well he asked me if I wanted to smoke some battery acid and I wrote it. This jerk for months has been using the same shit over and over to attack.

When I proved he was lying to defraud the Navy, he twisted and lied and showed his hate for me. At this point since he's so interested in me and hates me so bad and is working to try to prevent my 1st amendment right to free speech. So you say I'm bad, it's kind of like the US is bad and China good, right Arnold?

MKULTRA happened to me, I tried to get justice many times, the FBI is so corrupt it's too much to believe the horror I live with, then I have some low rent freak including me in his delusion because I was MKULTRA I killed his father. How sick is that, I tried to reason with this asshole for about 15 post. Go read the exchange, he's nuts nuts, he's either a drunk or drugs because his logic was not normal logic and he's very deceptive. As in sociopath deceptive.

Again Arnold why didn't you ask him to leave me the fuck alone? why dump on me, it shows what Arnold, no honor? So he can trash me but I can't give it back?


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MK ULTRA Alpha Tarzan Thu, 06/28/2018 - 07:07 Permalink

I see he's now saying he didn't lose his job as a printer for the Florida Times Union. He's lying again, he explained in detail how Trump caused the lay off and the closing of the printing shop.…

It's in this and many of his post how Trump caused him to lose his job. EVERYTHING with Bobby McKay is a twist around spin lie, even when evidence is presented, he lies.

That's the kind of character, no morality, no honor, and this freak attacks me over and over and now we can all see Bobby McKay aka Tarzan the Zionist racist from NE Florida. He was a left wing hater of America for years on this board, then the change only to be loved with the up votes, he's changed over to a Trump supporter, now he's saying Trump didn't cause me to lose my job. LOL what a liar.

I really don't like the childish up vote and down vote, and this is the kind of people who seek this, he must be divorced, he did go bankrupt so that may have added into is perception of reality. But what I'm seeing now is classic sociopath.

See in his mind, I represent Trump, and the CIA and the FBI and everything, when I AM THE VICTIM and this pretend victim Bobby McKay whining momma boy racist Zionist Christian and his victim momma want money from the Navy after his mother remarried quickly after the death of his father. She lost the golden ticket because of divorce, so she lost all claims for a pension. If he was kill in action in Vietnam, then there is a special case, so he says the Navy lied on where the plane crashed in the ocean.

They're trying to get the Navy to reinstate the monthly payments for the first husband.

The plan to defraud the Navy by accusing the Navy of lying about where the plane crashed, but the wreckage is where the pilot flight path stated it should be and last radio contact. It's all written in Navy files, (I reviewed all of it and tried to explain and finally after a week I had him, then he starts threatening, there is Navy evidence, everything, but he knows if he can get a congressman to intervene, then the money flows, it's our US government tax money, Bobby McKay aka racist Zionist Tarzan is using the board for publicity to defraud the Navy.

This jerk used me, and my story to spread his story which is a complete fabrication and I don't get one dime for MKULTRA, military injuries, Agent Orange, and he has no compassion for his fellow man, this a perfect example of a sociopath. Who's sick? LOL

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gregga777 nmewn Wed, 06/27/2018 - 22:38 Permalink

I've always thought that was kinda weird medical advise (just sayin) seems to me, the one experiencing the blunt force trauma end of a schadenboner is the one who really needs medical attention..

i used to have a girlfriend who would pass out after a few hours. I'd go wet a hand towel with cold water, revive her and continue. She said it was low blood pressure. Whatever. She was fun! 

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nmewn MANvsMACHINE Wed, 06/27/2018 - 21:16 Permalink

Kavanaugh looks good...

“In light of the consistent historical practice under which independent agencies have been headed by multiple commissioners or board members, and in light of the threat to individual liberty posed by a single-Director independent agency,” concluded Kavanaugh. “We therefore hold that the CFPB is unconstitutionally structured.”

...seems to have a good head on his shoulders. 

But Larsen & Hardiman are also solid picks. 

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Dilluminati nmewn Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:52 Permalink

I thought him looking good as well.  Here is an article: How Many Second Amendment Cases Will the NRA Lose?… 

And they mention Kavanaugh as the dissenter, also NRA gives him a thumbs up..…

I like the guy on his fundamentals of freedom.

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