Erdogan Aide Tells Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff To "Shut Up"

California Congressman and Trump antagonist Adam Schiff was told to "shut up" by a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who recently won another five-year term as president with 53% of the vote in Sunday's election.

Schiff tweeted that Erdogan only "won" reelection by "decimating the opposition through arrests, violence and squashing freedom of the press" adding that Sunday's election is the latest reminder that "Turkey's descent into autocracy is another reminder that democracy is under assault worldwide."

He ended his tweet with a sarcastic "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" - a reference to a note that President Trump's advisors had handed him before a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In response, Ibrahim Kalin, an advisor and spokesman for Erdogan, told Schiff that the "Turkish people have spoken" and that "you need to shut up."

Schiff is notorious for his opposition to President Trump as the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. Back in April, he published a dissenting report disagreeing with the majority opinion following the committee's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 race.

Erdogan, who assumed more power over Turkey's daily affairs following last year's Constitutional vote, when Turkey switched to a presidential system, will now serve another five years in power. And he'll start that term with his AK party and its allies holding a parliamentary majority. Erdogan's victory will allow him to institute constitutional reforms. He also has the power to pass laws by decree, pick cabinet ministers and declare states of emergency.



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Schif, another jew supremacist pushing the brand of jewmocracy that eventually destroys all nations.

We are a Republic, we were never a democracy-it's a jew propagandized invention, created and pushed heavily by the father of propaganda jew supremacist edward bernays himself, nephew of the mind sickened sigmund freud the jew.

Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power, no matter how small-NOW!    

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t0mmyBerg Theosebes Goodfellow Wed, 06/27/2018 - 13:15 Permalink

The Turkish people have not spoken, (Erdogan rigged). But shut up anyway, Schiff.

Hey! That ought to be his new nickname, "Shut-up Schiff"!

Finally someone with the right line.  Erdogan, who the Economist (a magazine to which I no longer subscribe after doing so for years due to their just frankly unhinged election coverage in 2016) kept calling the "mildly Islamist" President of Turkyie is really bad news.  He is undoing the epochal work accomplished by Ataturk a hundred or so years ago.  And he is anything but "mildly" Islamist.  He wants to return Turkyie to the Ottoman days.  He is a danger to the world.

That said, Schiff really is just a wacky POS.  I applaud anyone telling him to shut up.  So yeah Shut-up Schiff is a gret nickname

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@ Shemp,

Let’s “illuminate” some more light on Adam shall we?


Adam and Eve Schiff are a husband and wife.


Eve runs the 'Sunlight Foundation' for the Rockefeller Family Fund (one of only ten funds).


The wealth of the Rockefeller's is est. at about $3 Trillion US $$$ A!


That's no typo folks (if anything its a lowball figure), and its run by the Kaiser Family.


Her husband 'adam (of eve)' is like all Rockefeller tools on the intelligence cmte.


Note:  You'll always find these well connected stool pigeons on defense or the appropriations cmte.


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Many western countries have strict campaign contribution limits as well as limits on the value of "gifts" that can be received while in office. So it is impossible to run a campaign for elected office without broad grassroots support.

Canada is one example...…

The USA is an outlier in that regard, the current President was clearly bought by Zionist interests, Adelson ($50mm+), Mercer, etc.  

I can only presume that the Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision felt that globalism under the direction of USA Inc and the MIC were too important to be left to the discretion of voters.


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That's close, but the last name starts with "M", I believe, it's a more modern actor, same head and face and manner. I'll look for him on the net.

Edit note, couldn't find the actor, saw his photo the other day and thought I would remember. I went through list of photos, but he's not one of the top actors but if you saw him you would know.

I'll keep looking, because it's strange both of the them look similar with the same manner.

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