Brandon Smith: "Trade War Provides Perfect Cover For The Elitist Engineered Global Reset"

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

Over the past several months, I have been examining the underlying or hidden motivations behind the currently expanding global trade war, including the impressive level of cognitive dissonance surrounding the issue.

The political left doesn't seem to have an intelligent grasp of economic issues in the slightest.  I'm not seeing any critical discussion from leftist media outlets or pundits on fiscal uncertainties, and the only reaction that is common from them is that they hope that the trade war results in the financial downfall of the US so that Trump can be voted out in 2020.  They may very well get their wish, but they seem to imagine themselves celebrating at the end of the disaster, and I predict they'll be so concerned with their own financial survival that they won't have time to celebrate...

The initial reaction in conservative circles to the trade war was unfortunately overconfident denial, with many refusing to call the situation a “trade war” at all and some predicting an end to the conflict before it began. Obviously those assumptions are proving incorrect.

Now that acceptance of the trade war as a reality is setting in, the Trump bandwagon is doubling down and embracing blind enthusiasm for what they assume will be a victorious outcome, no matter how long it takes. Though the team-geopolitics mentality is enticing in some ways, I don’t find much in the facts and evidence department to support the notion of America winning a global trade war. As I outlined in my article America’s Debt Dependence Makes It An Easy Economic Target, as long as the U.S. retains historic levels of debt on a government, corporate and consumer level, and as long as we remain addicted to foreign investment in that debt, trade war opponents have all the ammunition they need.

The argument I now see regurgitated over and over is that this trade war has actually been "going on for decades", and only now do we “have a president with the guts to do something about it.” I’m not sure where this nonsense meme was started, but it’s everywhere.

The U.S. has NOT been engaged in a trade war “for decades,” not with China or any other nation. It has been involved in a subversive trade arrangement which benefits the elitists on both sides of the world while the common people suffer. Only in the past year have we seen a “trade war” develop, but even now, it is a staged war that will once again empower international banks and global elites.

It is hard to argue the longstanding trade war meme when considering the facts. While China has indeed enjoyed a trade surplus with the U.S. for many years, this was strictly maintained in exchange for Chinese investment in U.S. Treasury debt and the U.S. dollar. In fact, it’s absurd to claim that the U.S. has been “disadvantaged” in global trade when it is the dollar that is used to facilitate nearly ALL international trade as the world reserve currency. Dollar denominated assets have been the go-to safe haven investment for decades for this exact reason.

Back in 2008 during the initial stock market collapse, mainstream media economists and some alternative economists alike argued incessantly that emerging market investors and foreign central banks would “never” pull back from American markets because “King Dollar” was the premier safety net during fiscal crisis. Clearly, the U.S. has enjoyed a special advantage in global trade; namely the dollar, and it is this advantage alone that has fueled the American economy for years.

The argument that foreign markets have swallowed up American manufacturing is also a bit of a misdirection. As I have mentioned time and time again, U.S. corporations are the true culprits behind the bloodletting in American manufacturing jobs as they relocated all industry into cheaper labor markets. Trump could have stipulated that these same corporations would be required to bring some or most of this manufacturing back into the U.S. before they enjoy tax cut incentives. He didn’t. Instead, he gave them a massive tax cut for nothing, and the majority of the capital gained through that tax cut has already been spent - not on more American jobs or innovation, but on corporate stock buybacks to keep equities propped up just a little bit longer.

Tariffs on U.S. goods implemented by other countries are almost always tied to the U.S. dollar’s world reserve advantage. The outsourcing of manufacturing jobs as well as tech jobs has always been tied to the U.S. corporate desire for cheap labor. No, we have not been in a trade war for decades, quite the opposite.

So what has changed? Why are the old arrangements being abandoned? Is Trump really upsetting the old world order and battling the globalists, or, is he simply helping them to stage the foundation of their “new world order”?

I would suggest that readers look into the International Monetary Fund’s concept of the “global economic reset” for more insight into why this is happening. I would also suggest that people pay close attention to the “predictions” of George Soros back in 2009 on the future of the U.S. economy.

The plan for this global reset seems to revolve around the diminishing of the U.S. as a major economic power. This does not necessarily mean the U.S. will be replaced directly. Instead, as Soros suggests, nations like China will fill the void as “smaller economic engines”. This is often referred to as “harmonization,” but what it really means is that the standard of living for ALL but a highly select minority will be deliberately reduced to a common denominator, and what is more common today than poverty?

For many nations, a lower standard of living is the norm.  For Americans, harmonization means we have a long way to fall yet.  For the reset to take hold effectively in the US, globalists will have to misdirect various groups within the population in different ways in order to avoid revolt.

The Trump fandom is being enticed with notions of a return to a golden era with The Don on his white steed leading the charge.  However, NO president has the power to reverse the economic damage already done in the US; the only solution is a long process of rebuilding the economy from the ground up after the ashes settle.  Any honest president not under the control of the banking cabal would have to be forthright about this fact.  Even under the best possible conditions of reformation, a depression and currency crisis is assured.  You cannot fight against math, and the math of US debt versus US inflation spells stagflationary instability for many years, far beyond the one or possibly two terms of Donald Trump.  When this reality finally hits the Trump Administration devout square in the face, they will be enraged, and the first scapegoat that will be held up to them will be foreign governments like China.

For the liberty movement subset not necessarily enamored with Donald Trump, the lie of the “multipolar world” has been concocted. In essence, we are being told that the death of the dollar will mean the death of globalist centralization, so we should cheer for such an outcome. In truth, there is no “multipolar world.” The IMF and the Bank for International Settlements continue to hold sway over the central banks of the world, in the East as much as the West.

With Russia and China’s calls for the IMF to become the defacto overseer of global monetary trade policy, and even calling for a new global currency system under the control of the IMF, I hardly see any indication that we are moving away from centralization if the U.S. currency falters.  In fact, we will see even more centralization if the globalists get their way.

The key to the reset is undoubtedly the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency.  Without this status, the U.S. loses all economic trade advantage as well as the advantage of perpetual debt monetization. As the dollar’s influence is reduced globally inflation becomes a more pronounced threat at home. The trade war makes the shift away from the dollar possible for international banking elites while they avoid blame for the suffering it will cause the public.

“De-dollarization” is already gaining steam as Russia and China make deals to decouple from the currency while increasing financial cooperation using their own. What trade war cheerleaders don’t understand is that a trade war with China is not a trade war with China alone. As the No. 1 exporter/importer in the world, if China decides to dump the dollar as world reserve its trading partners may very well do the same in order to secure their own import/export relationships.

As a domino effect ensues, I believe it will be the IMF that steps in as a “mediator” to provide the framework for a new system, probably under the Special Drawing Rights basket, and probably leading to a global cryptocurrency system, which the IMF has been praising recently as the next stage of evolution for money and monetary policy.

I have mentioned consistently over the past half year that a trend has developed in terms of the Trump administration’s behavior in the trade war. Specifically, whenever the Federal Reserve raises interest rates or expands cuts to its balance sheet, Trump conveniently expands his rhetoric on tariffs.

When the Fed increases balance sheet cuts, stocks take a hit of 1,000 points or more like clockwork. And, like clockwork, the mainstream media blames the drop in stocks on the trade war and Trump rather than the Fed. I think that this trend will accelerate into the end of 2018, and that stocks will hit critical downward velocity if the Fed does not reverse course.  In my view, the Fed has no intention of reversing course because they prefer to see a major market crisis at this time.

But more than simply providing cover for the Fed’s controlled demolition of equities, the trade war may also provide cover for the controlled demolition of the dollar as multiple foreign creditors and trading partners turn America’s greatest strength into its greatest weakness.

The dollar itself is nothing more than an imagined symbol; it is a tool for international bankers. And, like any tool, it can be replaced. The trade war provides the perfect historical narrative for the end of the dollar. The story told to future generations will be that the U.S., emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric and nationalism, fueled by the dangerous ideas of “conservative populists”, bumbled into self-destruction and harmed the rest of the world in the process. The IMF and other globalist institutions will step in, stating that no single country should ever be allowed to wield the power of the world’s reserve currency again. They will then offer their pre-planned solution to the very problem they originally created.

Whether or not this plan for the global reset works will rely on the awareness of conservatives specifically. Getting caught up in the fervor of trade war rhetoric will cripple our ability to prepare and to fight back against the true culprits behind U.S. decline. Our fury will be wrongly directed at foreign economies instead of the banking elites, where it belongs.

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Rapunzal Thu, 06/28/2018 - 23:45 Permalink

Trump is and always was a puppet to the NWO. The trade wars have been long ago in the pipeline. The banksters use Trump as an anti establishment and anti globalization candidate. The best candidate to crash the system. They can blame the next financial crisis on Trump and conservatives. They need to destroy the US to achieve their NWO and neofeudalism.

karenm Rapunzal Thu, 06/28/2018 - 23:52 Permalink

Exactly, as always Brandon tells the truth. How convenient Trump would decide to do the stupidest possible thing any world leader could do. And btw,trade wars are NOT how world leaders settle disputes, which Trump knows full well. All trade issues are handled by the WTO and the unseen hand which controls world trade.



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Attitude_Check Putrid_Scum Fri, 06/29/2018 - 01:01 Permalink

Wow you are stupid. 

On a more coherent subject we have most certainly been in a trade war, that as the author says has benefitted a few.  The wealth available for grift is almost gone so 'they are going to pull the economy to cover their tracks'.  The US as a nation has not benefitted die to an overly strong dollar - which has resulted in the complete hollowing out of the  national economy.  Low prices by itself isn't good when people have even lower incomes. 

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Endgame Napoleon Klassenfeind Fri, 06/29/2018 - 11:08 Permalink

We like that Trump was the only one with the brass to get any of these issues on the table, regardless of whether or not he is sincere or anything else. Many of us are not math people. What Brandon describes as the endgame of the trade war is, however, the opposite of what Deplorables wanted: more globalist control. We need for Trump to focus on immigration, which is a much more immediate matter, right here in the USA. I can see why that issue is such a pain, given how hard it is to get anything done in the US Congress, but it is what we hired Trump to do, hoping that this man who actually got the issue under discussion in a bigly way could get it done.

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Endgame Napoleon Attitude_Check Fri, 06/29/2018 - 10:43 Permalink

Brandon's articles are always informative. Ugh, if this is right, the globalists are even more calculating & maniacal than Deploeables thought. 

It is so true that US-owned companies handed cheap-labor nations 5 million jobs, according to PCR, not to mention the SS contributions that would have been made, gutting middle-class prosperity at the front end and the back end of life. 

It should be easy to believe they are as manipulative as described, especially since they sold this...’fast demolition’..of the widespread US middle class as kumbaya benevolence toward global peoples.

Offshoring elites covered their tracks by turning public attention away from the economic gutting, accusing US citizens of being racist when they opposed any displacement by foreign labor, like the mass displacement of Americans with welfare-buttressed illegal / legal immigrants that has been going on for decades, in addition to the displacement by offshoring.

You just hate the brown-skinned people.

Yet, in truth, it is American-owned companies that fled the racial diversity of the US labor market, heading straight for the most racially homogenous (and cheap) labor markets they could find.

Not much racial diversity in Mexico and China.

Elites on both sides of the political aisle supported paying the major household bills of millions of illegal / legal immigrants (and many citizens), when they worked part time to stay under the income limits for welfare, and after decades of this, we now have the biggest, young, working-age generation in US history—bigger than the Baby Boom.

They (and others) are massively underemployed due to displacement by foreigners and automation. And the SS trust fund that we all pay into at 7.65% or 15.3% of every dime we ever earn up to the $128,400 cap is no longer running surpluses, even though boosting the SS-retirement fund was used as the more [math-oriented] excuse for bringing in all of these immigrants and providing them with layer after layer of 100%-free, non-contributory monthly welfare and refundable child tax credits up to $6,431 for citizens & noncitizens who do not pay income tax.

Politicians made sure that this womb-productive group was not hit so hard by the inflation that already exists———————not so much for the rest of us in underemployed  America. 

In any IMF-controlled scenario, without the dollar as a reserve currency, inflation will rise......

It has already risen to levels that decimate any chances at a middle-class lifestyle for many US citizens. Key household expenses, like rent, are already unaffordable to adults without spousal income, child support that covers it, retirement income or access to subsidized rent (and subsidized everything else) due to out-of-wedlock reproduction.

You need 5 strangers to split the cost of rent that soaks up more than half of your earned-only income if you are single & childless or a single mom with kids over 18. One of my colleagues, a divorced mom, was actually rooting for her pregnant teenage daughter to break up with her baby’s father so that she could live with her in subsidized housing (she thought, even though she couldn’t because of the way housing rules work).

She could not afford rent on her wages, and no, this was NOT a McDonalds type of job. Nor was she in a racial minority group, something the race-obsessed left might assume. MOST—the vast majority—of non-managerial office jobs pay just as little as the low-wage jobs on the lower (and the higher) rungs of the non-managerial service-sector ladder, including for most employees with a bachelor's degree, multi licenses and years of experience.

Even the impossible-to-anyone-but-college-age-youth-5-roommates-to-an-apartment solution is not a viable, affordable housing solution when jobs are mostly fly-by-night, part time, temporary, gig piecework and churn-mobile fare. 


~ 101 million US citizens are out of the workforce.

~ 78 million Americans are working piecework gigs.

~ 42 million womb-productive citizens and noncitizens are EBT-eligible, meaning they work part time to stay below the extremely low income limits for the program. 

Into this cauldron of underemployed citizens, inflation has already been thrown to heat things up. 

It even affects a few of the high earners, mostly in coastal cities. 

Despite the social-stability-eating inflation and underemployment, many top 20%ers around the nation can [afford] to be distracted from the ruinous problems, focusing on the fake news drummed up by the MSM ratings chasers.

That is possible since almost all of the good-paying jobs are concentrated in the households of married parents in the top 20%.

It seems like a frolicking leisure-class era to them since many of them do not even have to attend work regularly, as computer automation has made possible the high-paying job, with mornings & afternoons off for baby-mommy togetherness and a two-week, excused babyvacation every two months for busy-working parents. Automation has made it possible by doing so much more of the “the talent’s” work for them.

Ditto for the plethora of low-wage “voted best for moms” office jobs, held by the dual-high-earner-parent-managers’ near-100% staffs of frequently absentee moms with spousal income that covers major expenses, divorced moms with child support that covers rent or moms who need part-time hours or temp work to stay qualified for monthly welfare that covers rent / groceries and refundable child tax credits up to $6,431.

If women raised their own children, rather than farming that work out to $9-per-hour babysitters with NannyCams, $10-per-hour daycare center workers or elderly “retired” grandparents, we would have—if not a doubled college-educated middle class—a much bigger one.

But those “needs-the-job” parents keep the few, decent salaried jobs in fewer households, likewise taking fewer risks with the excess money that they accumulate by doubling up on high-paying jobs. They start fewer businesses all the time, creating few additional jobs.

They also add to the health care conundrum by keeping two jobs with benefits under one roof. Their “employer-provided” health insurance is not a product of the free market. It is made possible by a $260-billion tax exclusion for their employers. 

Dual-high-earner parents help to drive prices up on everything———housing and tuition included. What six-figure dual-high-earner parents can afford to pay is driving up the price of college, and developers are not building affordable apartments, but luxury apartments for the dual-high-earner Boomers to move into when the upkeep on their palaces becomes too demanding.

Elected—but owned-by-corporate-lobbyists—representatives who do not represent the interests of most US citizens in a so-called Republic are letting in 1.5 million new legal immigrants every year to compete for jobs and rental space, driving up the prices on the remaining apartment units.

The corporate-owned media, doing the bidding of the cheap-labor-seeking owners who sign their paychecks, spin any resistance is a matter of a matter of racial animus, using pics of the babies of racial minorities as an emotion-sparking, race-baiting prop.

But it is just math.

When more people chase jobs, it drives wages down, especially since the US government pays many legal / illegal immigrants for womb-productive sex, making it easy for them to undercut Americans by working for less. Due to their instant-citizen US-born kids, when in single-earner households, illegal / legal immigrants have access to free EBT groceries, subsidized rent, monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits. 

Most citizens must live on the inadequate, earned-only income. 

Trade War: Yes, many Americans, including some small-business Republicans on Main Streets all over America, have for decades decried the ransacking of independent merchants by big-box stores, selling Made-in-China goods that undercut small merchants. Main Street has no access to the volume-discounted wholesale rigging made possible by moving production to slave-labor countries.

This topic was under discussion long before online commerce brought a new dimension to the rigging and long before Donald J. Trump hit the scene. 

This grievance group is grounded in hardcore economic reality, not in some kind of social-identity psychology, which is why it always included strange bedfellows, like anarchist students with neon-purple hair, protesting the WTO way back in the Nineties. 

The anti-FAKE-free-trade opposition also included the old-school labor leftists that have become extinct during the identity-politics years.

All bemoan the WTO and the rigged set up in global trade. Many love seeing Trump  take on this issue, verbally, even though the time to really take it on was when Perot ran. We would have saved several decades of widespread, middle-class prosperity if we had not allowed the Clinton brand of globalism to take hold.

Many of the manufacturing jobs had not yet been offshored at that point, but at this point, the tech companies are simply going to bypass all of these issues, outsourcing many jobs to remote locations around the globe. 

They are private companies and not required to be patriotic, albeit noted: They do not move their families to the often dictatorial countries where American prosperity was offshored.

Not sure that the current model of global trade—led by advanced nations, where a globetrotting top 20% of dual-high-earner babyvacationers hold all of the prosperity, and the bottom 80% has nothing but its glorious, race-baiting diversity to help it navigate the brutality of the current inflation and mass underemployment—is not going to fall of its own weight.

After the gutting code is finished compiling, resentment over the economic ransacking and the race baiting that elites are using as a cover might make the USA socially unstable and undesirable for investment, not to mention far less free and Republic-like. 

Sure, many strange-bedfellow groups wanted to avoid this whole situation—where elites were allowed to gut the US economy via offshoring of jobs to cheap-labor countries—but as reflected in current stats, Deplorables, and Republicans in general, want the priority of the Trump Administration to be ending illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to reasonable numbers.

A reasonable number is nowhere near 1.5 million new legal immigrants per year. 

Obviously, this is not like a commercial transaction. What voters want has zero bearing on what elected leaders do. It is so much easier to just close a sale than to fulfill an order. 

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Prosource Putrid_Scum Fri, 06/29/2018 - 16:19 Permalink

No, the official story is that the jet that hit the field near Shanksville, Pa. hit the ground so hard - that it actually buried under the surface.  There were no airplane parts (no engine(s)), no tail, no wings, no seats, no electronics/wires, etc.  Also, no luggage, or anything resembling clothing or body parts.  It all just bore into the ground and left a burned rut.. And then covered itself back up.  We can't do any more investigation because it would 'disrespect' the dead and the families of those killed in the crash..  Move along.. Nothing to see here.  Unless you want to DISRESPECT THE DEAD...then you are obviously a crazy conspiracy nut.

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JIMSJOE2 karenm Fri, 06/29/2018 - 09:22 Permalink

Trade wars is exactly how you correct the imbalances caused by globalism. Take the EU with tariffs, (taxes) on virtually everything imported from the US including luxury US autos at 40%. What taxes are on Mercedes, BMW or Volvo not to mention the exotic car market? The EU also subsidizes many of the largest firms. It is all about protecting EU jobs and businesses. Take Canada with nationalized health care which places US firms at a disadvantage from the beginning with them paying tens of millions to subsidize employees premiums. Then you have Canadian firms selling for dollars and with the loonie worth about $.77 of a dollar, they convert dollars to loonies and make an additional 23% profit. Take Mexico with very inexpensive labor and also a very weak currency doing the same. Bottom line US firms cannot compete and this is one reason why so many multinationals have laid off workers, shut down facilities. moved jobs overseas and imported back into the US without any tariffs with remaining US firms unable to compete. The US has been getting raped by our so called friends and allies in additin to US multinationals and wall street. It is amazing how the MSM here are all against "fair play" for American workers. Look at EU leaders like Merkle and Canada's Trudeau claiming Trump is upsetting the global world order. Fuck yes he is and these countries all know they have been getting a free ride at the expense of the American worker. Back in the 60's if you drove up or down the Ohio River between Ohio and West Virginia both sides were solid the whole drive with manufacturing, refiners, chemical, ferrous alloy and many other facilities with very good paying jobs. This was also true in the Pittsburgh area and Philadelphia. The latter is nothing but miles of empty row houses and business with crime and drugs out of control. If you stayed your only option to survive is to sell drugs. Take a look at any area where large amounts of people were laid off and if there are no jobs to replace them you get crime and drugs. 

    It used to be in the 60's the man went to work and the wife stayed home and took care of the home and kids. With the loss of all these jobs it takes both to work to make ends meet.

    Now companies do not buy back shares to move these higher. If I am an investor and if the fundamentals are not there no one is going to buy no matter how many shares are reduced. If it has no ability to make current and future profits it is a dead horse. Companies buy back shares to cut expenses which as less shares means less expense in dividends. If firms use part of this to increase dividend yield AND for capital expenditure for future growth this has the indirect effect of shares going higher which causes investors to bid up prices.

   I have mentioned this before but bears repeating. Back in 2009 Armstrong Economics computer models forecast that Europe is in trouble and will only get worse. This will cause capital to flee and move into dollars and US equities especially the Dow. The forecast was dollar strength and the Dow to 22,000 then 23,000 and onto to 40,000 which we are heading beginning at the end of 2018 and into 2021 when the shit hits the fan there. Starting in 2011 this has been exactly what has been happening. Draghi has destroyed the traditional banking system there along with the bond markets both sovereign and corporate and including most economies in the EU. Merkel and Brussels has also helped bankrupt many of the countries there as they completely underestimated the cost of migrants. Now if you control large amounts of capital are you really going to park it in any EU bank? Italian or Spanish sovereign debt? Even negative German bunds? There are few places left and that is dollar based assets. This has panicked the FED for some time as the last thing they wanted is dollar strength as they know they must bring back yield to save pensions and also entities who hold the majority of America's retirement wealth. If these go so does the economy and all levels of government as tax revenue plunges from a total lack of confidence and the destruction of retirement wealth. In spite of these potential problems dollars and the Dow are the only place to be.

    As we move forward the dollar will strengthen and the Dow move higher all due to capital flight!


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Endgame Napoleon JIMSJOE2 Fri, 06/29/2018 - 13:24 Permalink

One of the key points in this article was that the tax cuts were not contingent on US-owned companies moving  production back to the USA from China & Mexico.

When “US” imports are taxed by Europeans, trying to protect products made in their own countries by workers with higher wages, it protects the broad-scale middle-class standard of living in Europe. 

If we slap a tax on US exports, it has limited impact on wages and widespread middle-class prosperity here in the USA since US-owned corporations offshored 5 million jobs to nations with cheap, racially homogenous labor markets.

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Billy the Poet Fri, 06/29/2018 - 00:32 Permalink

I agree. I'm bored. Time to rev things up and make it interesting!

I had no idea that my grandfather's town had little houses selling for $24K.…

Trip, huh? Well, except for the outrageous property taxes! Cute little town being smothered by the hidden fucking commies sucking the life out of it.

I need a good fight. Might find one up there.

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Putrid_Scum Fri, 06/29/2018 - 01:00 Permalink

Ya, I know. I have been stacking cash and PMs. I'm good. But once the reset happens I want to see things change. It totally pisses me off that Maine bought into all the commie fucking lies about public schools and equality and all that shit. Look at the ratings for the schools in that town. What kind of ROI are the locals getting for paying those kind of taxes? Nothing. Less than nothing.

Oh and look at what the Refugee Resettlement Program did to Lewiston! Well I know some fat cats turned some crap shacks into government checks. For taking care of the refugees. And feeding them. And teaching them. Blah, blah, blah. Stupid idea to move people from equitorial Africa to fucking Maine! And then started handing out welfare like candy! SNAP, HUD, WIC, Section 8. The whole deal. Medicaid. When locals can't, or won't, sign up for most of that crap unless they are desperate.

Turned Lewsiton into a complete fucking Somali refugee shiithole. People in Maine have been poor for a long time. It pisses me off to realize why my granparents always rented and never bought a house. Why they moved to fucking California, where I was born, to get away from bullshit laws and rules they didn't understand, didn't vote for, and didn't create. Both of them worked hard. I never heard them bitch about it. They never blamed anyone. They were so fucking positive. Never one bad word about anyone, not that I heard.

To realize they bled out their life blood, their sweat and time and labor for what? To go back to a shitty town and be treated like crap by the local government bigwigs? They never made excuses. They said to never be ashamed of being poor or doing the hard jobs that no one else wanted to do. I get that now. I really do. Because the losers are the ones that take those fat government checks and lord it over the little people.

And people think negros are poor, living in HUD housing and apartment blocks, with access to schools, hospitals, transportation. Those fucks haven't seen poverty until you go to Arroostoock County. I didn't realize it was still this poor. I had no idea. FFS this place makes West Virgina and Appalachia look good!

I'm pissed. My family never took welfare. Taking welfare was shameful. Taking welfare meant you were a whore or a drunk.

The tax rates, even on a normal house, this one is similar to my area but the taxes are much higher than where I live with worse schools:…

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 nostops4me Fri, 06/29/2018 - 03:17 Permalink

Yep, I know. Camped and hiked in the spring, know about black flies. All those old houses are insulated with, at most, old newspaper. It's amazing to think my grandparents lived up there. Wood stove for cooking, coal stove for heat. Hand pumped water. Outhouse. They piled the kids into bed together under stacks of quilts. The bedrooms weren't heated.

I come from some tough fucking people. Good. Looks like that will come in handy. I like the cold. Doesn't bother me. I never understood why people thought baking in the sun and sweating was fun. Not my thing. Never was.

I don't know if you ever had any, but I grew up making potato candy at Christmas. If you haven't been around that area, you haven't heard of it. It was made from mashed potato centers, mixed with butter and lots of powdered sugar and rolled into balls. We dipped them in chocolate and topped them with either nuts or coconut.

I was born and raised on the west coast but my mother and grandparents kept up the old ways and old traditions. I was able to travel back and visit my grandfather, and spend time with him before he passed. My cousin and I hiked Big Spencer Mountain and went to Acadia, on the coast. Other places in Maine, NH, and Vermon we hiked and camped in the spring and fall, usually, when he could take a vacation and when I was on break from univiserity.

I actually got oranges and various nuts at Christmas in my stocking every Christmas I was at home. It sounds a little crazy until you realize that getting an orange in December, in Maine, kept that kid from getting scurvy. Nuts were pure protein. So when meat and fresh fruits were scarce, it is the perfect gift in the middle of winter in the far north.

Oh, thank you for your service. Appreciate it!

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Tony 12-Letters Billy the Poet Fri, 06/29/2018 - 00:40 Permalink

> What would rational, productive people

No doubt, you've seen these things with your own eyes - but admit, their populations are in serious decline. I don't think you can hinge your argument on this.

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.” ― St. Anthony the Great

I think we're pretty close to this. But these people have been driven mad intentionally. Look at the kookery going on on the left - it gets magnified here daily. But it's not just the left, is it? The Trumptards are just as mad. And they're mad at each other. And they're mad at other groups, like the illegals. And the illegals are mad because the whole border/immigration/sanctuary nonsense is mad in itself in a completely schizophrenic way ... all by design.

The .gov needs the .gov supported class to keep this whole circus moving. As long as there is a .gov (and the implication with all the COG stuff is that there always will be), they will need groups to pit against each other for a whole variety of reasons - profits and graft not being the least. I mean, what are we talking about here - crashing the system? What kind of madman would want to do that - and why?

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I'm a Trumptard specifically because I want to stand with his supporters rather than the man himself. I like decent, polite, hard working folks.

I mean, what are we talking about here - crashing the system? What kind of madman would want to do that - and why?

Was Frederick Douglass insane because he wanted to see an end to a system which enslaved him and his fellow human beings? Besides, the article says that those who run the system are the ones who intend on crashing it. Obviously, any intelligent slaves could take advantage of such a move.

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