Bulletproof Car Production Hits Record High In Mexico As Violence Soars

Out of control violence in Mexico has sparked a record increase in the country’s armored-car business, Reuters reports. Mexico recorded more than 25,000 murders by EOY 2017, the highest number “since modern records began,” with 2018 projections to be far worse than expected.

As a result of the violence across all 31 states, the Mexican Automotive Armor Association (AMBA), expects a 10 percent spike in car-armoring services this year to 3,284 cars, surging above the previous all-time high in 2012.

Reuters describes Mexican demand for car-armoring services as “small” relative to the 15,145 cars armored in Brazil, during FY’17. Reuters believes a 25 percent spike in demand for these unique cars in Brazil could be seen this year, as the country’s currency is in free-fall.

As Latin America implodes, car-armoring services have never been stronger. 

While demand for armored cars has soared in recent years, global automakers have taken notice and started bulletproofing vehicles on their Mexican production lines to capture more revenue that would otherwise be going to after-market armoring shops, explained Reuters.

Back in 4Q16, Audi identified Mexico and South America as a pilot market for offering the Q5 armored vehicle. The Audi Q5 Security is the world’s first SUV in the segment to be offered in an armored version from the factory. The automaker uses certified NiJ III-A class of ABNT NBR 15000 protective parts in the Q5 that is widely used in South America. That means the Q5 can resist attacks by handguns up to 44-magnum in caliber and thereby protects its passengers.

BMW, Jeep, and Mercedes-Benz have also recognized the need to offer armored cars in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

In particular, the BMW X5 has a range of three different levels of protection to increase its appeal to the Mexican market.


After being attacked in recent years, Arturo Avila, who owns a private security firm, now travels in armored cars through the streets of Mexico City.

“One of the crimes that hurts us most is kidnapping, that’s what we’re afraid of,” he said, adding he changed his car every two years.

“About 1.5 million cars were sold in Mexico in 2017, but just a tiny portion were armored, since the cars remain a luxury for the affluent and for companies that require executives to travel in bulletproof vehicles with bodyguards,” Avila added.

The popularity of armored vehicles is soaring through all 31 states of Mexico, but still represents a small percentage of overall cars sold in the country. Demand for these special vehicles comes from large corporations and the wealthy, who are often targets by cartel gangs. Armored car providers are turning to rental and leasing agreements to make these vehicles more affordable, Reuters added.

Leading up to the Mexican presidential election this Sunday, about 113 politicians or candidates have been killed since September 2017. More than 1,000 candidates have dropped out of local races because they feared being gunned down. With cartel gang wars and out of control murders in Mexico, we believe the armored car industry is just starting to flourish in North and South America.

As global automakers now realize that there is money to be made in bulletproofing a car, it is only a matter of time before these cars hit the streets of the United States.


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So they need to increase social services spending, raise the minimum wage substantially and legalise drugs. They want a solution there is it and it looks like we will be able to prove it shortly by demonstrating want happens when it goes the other way, thankyou America for the lesson you are about to teach the rest of the world and Americans will learn the hard way, the Mexican way, when you go in the opposite direction.

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And all those protesters in DC want to let these greazers in???

You fucking vatos know who these cartel people are, NOW START FUCKING KILLING THEM!!!!

I'll never feel sorry for any fucking beaner trying to escape the culture they created.

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Actually, its America's drug problem that provides the money that is created and is causing the problem.  Like any economics issue, stop the demand and the supply will stop. Your stupidity is exactly the problem in the US right now. Always blaming another country for your ills. And Guess where the guns are coming from? There is only 1 dealer of guns in all of Mexico. The US border sends tens of thousands of guns south every year. But the problem is with simpletons like yourself who can never see past the forest through the trees. 


Same with illegal immigration. Go after the jobs. You want to stop illegal immigration then just go to the Cal central valley and arrest all of the farm workers. In fact go after any employer and give them a 2-4 year mandatory sentence.  Most are illegals but you won't see any of their employers going to jail. Why? Because big Agri is a huge supporter to the Republican party. 

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In the good old days, Bulletproof was a superlative indicating the car won’t break down. Now it denotes the ability to withstand The Turd World.

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gun control is working great down south when they are being attacked by full auto ak 47s..

dat is way fvkd up but it is also what gun control brings..

if a gun is going to be illegal anyway.. then make mine a full auto..why the hell not?

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you would play hell trying to purchase a full auto to run to mexico.. for one thing if you could find one for sale it would be close to 10,000 bucks.

the tom dick and harry you are trying to bust is named eric holder.

HE and his boss and his agency was flat out caught red handed with dead US Border Patrol agents as a result and what kind of trouble did anyone get in?

I suppose I am trying to discuss this situation with a brain dead lib so wtf am I even bothering?


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I love texting with people who have absolutely no clue how the border operates. 

The go to line on ZH "Liberal".  Like that even means anything these days. Like conservative means anything. 

But if you want to try to categorize me as a lib or conserv go ahead. It probably hurts your brain that I am neither. i just understand that problems that exist are complicated and they are multifaceted. But conservatives hate that. Its all Black and White to them. Which tells me they aren't thinking too much.

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That's not exactly true.  The constitution of Mexico, like that of the USA, gives the right for citizens to be armed.  However, it has been watered down to the point that the gun may not leave your property.  Penalties are severe.  There is one legal gun store in the country, in Mexico City, and it is run by the army.  Permits even to own a gun for your house protection are given out by the army.  .22 rifle permits are easier to get.  If you have a permit, in theory one can buy a gun from another gun owner legally, but I don't know the details.  Ammunition stores exist in the larger cities.  I lived for a while about 150 miles south of the Arizona line in a town known for its bird hunting.  A snowbird neighbor of mine used to come down with his shotgun legally every winter but I never learned the details.  Anyway, if you are not a gangbanger in Mexico, obtaining a legal gun in Mexico is a royal pain in the ass and forget open carry.  For the moment some areas are a lot safer than others.  For the moment, where I live is safer than any major US city, but I don't know how long that will last.  I can live a very middle class life here on my SS, $1250 a month and most of the people are nice, polite, and friendly.  By the way, meat consumption is huge here, so calling Mexicans beaners is not exactly accurate.  Vegetarians have a hard time finding a decent item in a restaurant.

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     Why doesn't MBZ, BMW, Porsche, form a  [Mad Maxesq }consortium?

  There's not much demand/ profitability, in building tanks that look pretty, cost $200-500K and are single use. [BOOM]

 The automakers should Unite like Airbus *caugh caugh and absorb the expense together.

  If anyone took this comment seriously, they don't understand why a bag of Doritos is mostly air.

  Elon no so happy?

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No such thing as "bulletproof".

I fabricated more than a few armored Motor Vehicles in the 1980's.  The term is called Bullet Resistant.

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Mexico: Record 93 Murders A Day In May


2.5 Million Murders In 16 Years: Latin America’s Nonwhite Crime Wave

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US: Non-US Citizens Commit Crime At 2.5x Their Population Share