Capitol Police Arrest 575 People Protesting Trump Immigration Policies At Senate Building

The Capitol Police charged approximately 575 people with unlawfully demonstrating in the atrium of the Hart Senate Building. They are being processed on the scene and then released.

More than a thousand female protesters, joined by Democratic senators, marched two miles down Pennsylvania Avenue to protest the Trump Administration's family detention and separation policies, and demanded the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ABC reports. The walk ended in the Hart Senate building, where Capitol Police arrested many of them in response to an act of civil disobedience.

Chanting "WE CARE" and "ABOLISH ICE," the protesters are demanding Congress act to end Trump's policies that criminalize and detain undocumented immigrants and separate detained families. ICE is a common acronym for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Women's March organizers were involved in today's action, along with local D.C. advocacy groups. The rally started in Freedom Plaza at around 11 a.m and proceeded down Pennsylvania Avenue until participants reached the Capitol. Once they reached the building, women sat on the ground and waited to be carted off. Police began arresting them in groups.

Protesters walked around wearing mylar blankets similar to those being handed out to immigrant children detained and separated from their families.

“Women are outraged at the separation of families,” said Linda Sarsour, one of last year's Women’s March Organizer. “We are outraged of all the things that are unfolding in our country."

Democratic Sens. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut visited the protesters to support their efforts. Sen. Tammy Duckworth was spotted in her wheelchair with her daughter in her lap.

"We are here to say we’re ready to sacrifice and we’re ready to leave our jobs, leave our families to come and take this act of civil disobedience here,” she said.

The actress Susan Sarandon made an appearance at the march, and she was arrested in the second group of protesters in the Hart Building, where 50 senators have their offices, according to Washington Post reporter Marissa Lang.

The march began near the Department of Justice, where speakers rallied supporters by sharing their experiences with immigration and calling for action. Before the march, protesters were split into four groups to review the procedures if arrested.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas called for ongoing mobilization beyond Thursday's protest. “This is not a day event,” Lee told a crowd of protesters. “This is an everyday event.”

People showed their support through handmade signs, including one that read “Don’t have a heart of I.C.E.” Others marked “We Care” on their palms. Still other protesters wore jackets with “I really care. Do you?” painted in white on their backs, a reaction to the controversy that followed First Lady Melania Trump’s trip to the southwest to visit detained children. As she boarded a plane in Washington D.C, photographers could clearly read the message "I really don't care. Do u?" on the back of her jacket, which reportedly retails from Zara for $39. While the First Lady took the jacket off before exiting the plane, it was widely seen as an inappropriate choice of clothing.

As women protested downstairs, senators began coming down to shake their hands and say thank you.


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Was that bitch traitor Hanoi Jane Fucktwit Fonda ever fucking arrested for treason for giving aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese? No, didn't think so. So don't expect that advanced Alzheimer's patient Maxine Waters or Fucktwit Jane's brother to ever be arrested either. 


The motherfucking scumbags in the privileged classes never get fucking arrested. 

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~"We are here to say we’re ready to sacrifice and we’re ready to leave our jobs, leave our families to come and take this act of civil disobedience here,”~

Cool! Let's have them start "sacrificing" say $1500 fines each. Those capitol police don't work for free. Give them one week community service at the Salvation Army, (since most of them are atheists anyways).

Let the judge warn them that their second offense with have a fine ten times the amount of the first. That'll make them think twice about leaving their families.

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    Sadly GatorEngineer "tracking the money back to Soros" is as likely as their understanding "decriminalize illegal immigration" is an oxymoron. 
    That Nancy Pelosi after 9/11 voted for these laws.

    All they want is hope and change; not success, not progress and not thinking the problem through. All they want is change, as guided by another hand, so they can show what they did. 

   Seen it before. Sadly seeing "useful idiots" here. 
   They are so concerned? Please give each one a family to care for - just for showing up. Let them guide and nurture the family till they pass the citizens test. 

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Let's see if they protest about the Clinton staffer, Joel Davis, who was arrested yesterday on pedophilia charges. 

This link goes to justice gov site and is an unsealed complaint filed in the southern district of NY. It describes horrible details described by an FBI agent so fair warning if you click it. Pizzagate.

// edit - I've been searching and have not found proof Davis was a Clinton staffer. He's verifiable as a supporter but that is all that's confirmed so far. Sorry to repeat potentially fake news. //

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Yeah, how many protested during the Obama years?

Liberals, are pieces of shit. There using this issue to feign outrage and stir up opposition to Trump among their base.

The reason they didn't protest during Obama years, isn't just politics, it's because the entire reason the policy was started was to stop the sex trafficking of kids across the boarder.  

The liberals who are directing these protests, know the policy is to protect kids, but they don't give a fuck!

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Fair enough, but where were the conservative protests against the bombings? The left lost their anti-war spirit when Obama was elected and became just as bloodthirsty for MEers as the conservatives. So, since the conservavtives "miraculously" discovered that the US wars were illegal and unjust why weren't they protesting in large numbers? 

I'm just pointing out the double standards.

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And a frisson of doing something for social justice, aping Vietnam protests, which were a sad aping of earlier, real civil rights protests which were done by Republicans mainly, primarily to reverse the effects of the Democrat Party's domestic terror wing known as the KKK.     Stolen Valor basically .  

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