The European Intervention Initiative: A New Military Force Established In Europe

Authored by Alex Gorka via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The predictions have come true about the emergence of a new defense group that will change the European security environment.

On June 25, the defense chiefs from nine EU countries signed off on the creation of a new force called the European Intervention Initiative (EII), which is spearheaded by French President Emmanuel Macron. The new organization will have a common budget and a doctrine establishing its guidelines for acting and joint planning for contingencies in which NATO may not get involved. The group includes the UK, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Spain, and Portugal. Italy may join soon. The initiative is not tied to the EU’s Common European Defense, which includes the PESCO agreement as well as NATO. Great Britain has always opposed the idea of creating a European defense alliance, fearing it would undermine transatlantic unity. Now it has done an about-face, as the rifts within the US grow deeper.

The new force is to be much more efficient than anything else the EU has to offer, with a streamlined decision-making process that will permit a quick reaction time. Its relatively small number of members will give it more flexibility in comparison with the EU or NATO. For instance, the EU’s four multinational military battle groups that were created as far back as 2007 have never been deployed.

Its main mission is to offer a rapid response to crises that could threaten European security. The operations are to be conducted independently from US control. The UK will remain a member of this European defense entity even after it leaves the EU next year. Denmark, which retains a special opt-out status and has not joined PESCO, is a signatory to the EII. This is a step on the path to creating a real European armed force to unite non-EU participants with those who keep their distance from the European deterrent headed by Brussels. If the process gains traction, Norway, a NATO member that is outside the EU, plus Sweden and Finland, which are EU members outside of NATO, may consider joining the EII as well. Sweden and Finland are already members of the UK Joint Expeditionary Force.

Will it undermine NATO? To a certain extent it will. Any defense group outside the alliance that acts independently weakens it. At the same time, this gives NATO an opportunity to focus on the European theater of operations without being distracted by other hot spots. Any coin has two sides. Afghanistan is an example of NATO solidarity but is also an example of how a crisis that takes place outside of the alliance’s primary area of responsibility has weakened NATO’s standing in Europe.

Europeans have participated in the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, conflicts in which they have no interest, in order to please the US. The real threat to Europe comes from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The planned creation of migrant reception centers in Africa may require military involvement. Washington views Europe’s migrant crisis as a far-flung problem that does not directly impact its own national security interests. NATO forces Europeans to focus more on the so-called Russian threat that no one takes seriously, despite the fact that defending its own borders is a pressing issue.

Europe can never be truly independent without the capability to mount a robust defense on its own. For instance, the EU needs a joint border force to prevent illegal immigration, which is plainly a real threat. The interests of the new group and Russia are not in conflict. Far from it. If the Russian-backed Syrian government finally wins, the flood of refugees to Europe will significantly diminish. Some migrants may return home. Russia has an important role to play in Libya, another source of refugees. Those interests coincide, while conversely, the US is more interested in countering Iran, which will exacerbate tensions, prompting more people to move to Europe seeking refuge from war. If an international operation in Libya is approved by the UN Security Council, the EII and Russia may act together, unified by a common interest.

With the EU still unable to bring its plans to fruition, the project led by President Macron stands a very good chance of creating a European group that would become an independent global player. NATO and the EU are being torn apart by internal conflicts while the EII is not. That group will be able to stand up to real threats, not imaginary ones.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, as NATO and the EU defense initiatives are failing to meet the interests of European security, forcing those nations to seek other alternatives, such as the EII. The threat of the Russian bogeyman has failed to paper over those differences. The quest continues. Whatever is in store for the newborn alliance, this is very bad for NATO, as this news is coming just a couple of weeks before the summit that may break up the alliance and consign the much-vaunted concept of “Western unity” to its grave. 


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If you two kikes would stop your kvetching, I would point out that this EU army was tried once before.  It was known as the SS.  Later the European SS was formed and finally came the Waffen SS.

The European SS was formed from volunteers from across Europe.  Swedes, Danes, Frogs, Belgians, Czechs, Swiss, even Poles.  By the end of the war there were close to 1m men in the SS, and up to the end in '45 they were the by far the most effective fighting force in Europe.

There were even 60,000 Arab Muslim SS with their own Mullahs,Hindu regiments, and there were Catholic regiments with Priests.  All sworn by oath to fight ZOG to the death.……

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wildbad CuttingEdge Fri, 06/29/2018 - 02:50 Permalink

"Will it undermine NATO?"

I certainly hope the fuck so...but the real question is: "will it undermine national sovereinty and responsibility to democratic governments and peoples of €urope.  YOU BET IT FUCKING WILL

Juncker, Merkel, Macron need to be put on trial individually in their own countries for treason and other constitutional crimes.

Just what we need over here, another standing army.


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as foretold, this will be the basis for so called "european army"
next step is they will draft millions of imported unemployed military-age muzis,
arm them to the teeth using eu taxpayers money,
and then force "misbehaving" eu countries at gunpoint to "accept" invading "immigrants".
when they reach majority of population, they will force muzification at gunpoint
nations that refuse will be slaughtered those that accept will be raped out of existence

eu is becoming a totalitarian regime and police state, zionazi eurocaliphate (zec),
any dissent will be violently and brutally suppressed by this "european army".
assmedia will report this as "peaceful operations" in defense of "democratic values"

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Re: "Muslim invaders threaten European security,"

I was about to say the same thing. If this EII serves the national security interests of its members, then first duty is to throw up a wall in front of the incoming Kalergi Plan horde, apprehend all those who managed to reach Europe, and ship 'em all back to Africa or wherever they came from. And freeze the funding of the organizations behind it. The policy has to be zero tolerance, or it will fail: "You either get on the boat and go home, or we shoot ya."  It is now up to European nations to save themselves from collapse. This is no small project. It's going to take time, since Germany alone has something like 2 million already. Consider it a test of conscientious leadership.

In reality, sadly, I think the real purpose is quite the opposite. This is another step toward nation-breaking. (Kudos to Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and maybe a couple more -- not to mention Russia -- for starting to show some guts and principles. It's nice to know that patriotism is not dead.)

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Well, the EU is going to get their very own Army under one command -what could go wrong?

Good luck ever leaving or seceding from that union.

Still think Brexit will ever be allowed to happen?

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Dissolution of NATO in 3...2...1...  Please let me know when the unified armed forces of the EU are in place and who controls them.  This will end well.

Headed by the French.  I heard a large order was placed for white flags.

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I am not against this initiative. People and countries can do whatever they think is best.  It is my belief that this would have happened sooner or later. It would have happened because:

1. TPTB doesn't like Trump too much and is seeking to migrate to a new territory as a main base of operations (I'm speculating)

2. It is yet another way to attempt to unite Europe. They didn't buy the political aspect, the financial aspect isn't doing too well, so they'll try the third (and last) aspect which is the military. Maybe a bit of false flag light opposition/challenge in a few years just to stir feelings of unity and accomplishment??? Maybe use the new force to deport 1-2000 Somalis or something to quiet the voices of dissent???

It is happening sooner as opposed to later because the weenies are "shocked" by Trump and couldn't stand the indignation. I would also speculate that TPTB may also be accelerating this behind the scenes.

I bet you anything this is a bluff that they will be forced to see through to the end. They are counting on concessions to regain their favor and support them as they build, but I am not so certain that will happen. Soon they'll find themselves burning through cash faster than a wildfire in high winds but they'll have to bite the bullet and see it through.

As for the effectiveness of this endeavor, I am not very optimistic. It takes decades to build an effective military. It takes $trillions to build an effective military.

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The A340 has been retired. It was killed by the 777-300. Two engines instead of four while maintaining similar characteristics. Basically it was the GE-90 engine (and subsequent improvements) that eliminated the necessity for 4 engines.

The A380 is a "my dick is bigger than yours" project that turned sour. It has been kept alive by 1 airline basically. The new 747 flopped as a passenger plane too but is selling as a freighter.

Two engines is the way everything has gone. It is more profitable for airlines and they gravitated towards that configuration.

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All I said was that the GE-90 permitted 2 engines to do that which required 4 in the past. The airlines loved the savings and ran with the 2 engine configuration.

Boeing would love for someone to buy their new 747 as a passenger airplane. They even offered significant discounts as an incentive. Very few takers. You can count them on one hand.

You can always do more with 4 engines than 2. The issue is that in order for it to be as profitable you need a HUUUUUUUGE plane that carries 7-8-900 people. Airlines find it hard to fill so many seats and if the plane doesn't depart at full capacity it isn't profitable. This, in combination with low ticket prices, is what bit the A380 in the ass.

The 777 was introduced in 1994. Check its safety record. The most popular planes on the planet, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, both have two engines and always did. The 757 was used to cross the Atlantic for many years and it has two engines. This was because of ETOPS regulations in 1986.

So, we all know that money is more important than lives to them but that for "optics" they have to pretend to otherwise. This means that safety records could not be ignored no matter how much they wish they could. Technology matures as time passes.


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Why should the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of US WW2 vets die to protect Europe from the EU or Islam, when European countries have surrendered their brains and identities to the EU Germans?

Let the money men choke, as they will eventually do, under a German thumb or an Islamic thumb. Seven of their 8 leaders are childless. Europe will die when they die. Muslims will make sure of it.


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That's about how I think of it.  We saved Europe for a long time, but now they've really soiled their nest.  Europe isn't what it once was.  Let Germany deal with its Muslims or not.  We now have close to a "total and complete ban on Muslims coming into the United States" as Trump originally proposed, thanks to a more patriotic SCOTUS.

He's not allowed to have anti-Muslim animus, but I am.

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"die to protect Europe from the EU" What the heck does that mean? You mean the EU will attack a European country that is not in the EU, or will make sure a country remains in the EU and does not break away, or something else?

Islam is taking a foothold in Europe, no doubt. This has been going back and forth for centuries and will continue for centuries to come.

Unfortunately for Europe, Germany is the largest economy and they have the german-disease (which is self-hatred for killing the joos). They've been brain-washed with this holohoax from birth. FYI there weren't even six millions joos in the entire continent - how did they and more all end up in the gas chambers?

It's bat shit crazy but so is the rest of the world. Stick to your own problems.



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On Sunday I have to attend a political thing for Somali Independence Day.  I am trying to learn more.

Here is a basic primer.

Obviously there is a lot more.  They are here now.  Many of them can't speak English and are good at getting free .gov money. 

I have met a couple of them whom I can communicate with.  There are some 20,000 of them here now just in my town.  It has to stop. 

These are not cultured people.  If the Europeans think Americans are not cultured I have something to say to you: These people would tear the Mona Lisa down and use it is kindling.  And they are muslim.

This will not be easy.