House Passes Measure To Force DOJ Documents While Rosenstein Grilled In Heated Testimony

The House passed a resolution on Thursday demanding that the Department of Justice (DOJ) hand over a trove of sensitive documents related to the FBI's investigations into both Hillary Clinton's email probe and the Russia investigation.

The floor vote passed 226-183, representing a further escalation in an ongoing feud between Congressional investigators and the DOJ. The demand sets a July 6 deadline for outstanding materials, which Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said on Wednesday that failure to comply could result in holding Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in contempt, or even impeachment. 

Moments before the resolution was passed, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein traded barbs in a fiery exchange during Congressional testimony - with Jordan accusing Rosenstein of keeping information from Congress. 

“I am not keeping any information from Congress,” Rostenstein insisted, before being cut off.

“In a few minutes, Mr. Rosenstein, I think the House of Representatives is gonna say something different,” Jordan fired back.

“I don’t agree with you … If they do, they will be mistaken,” replied Rosenstein.

Rosenstein then launched into Jordan - defending redactions in various documents, and said "the use of this to attack me personally, is deeply wrong," adding "I’m telling the truth and I'm under oath." 

The House panels have been feuding with Rosenstein for months over the documents.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said in his opening statement in a hearing with Rosenstein on Thursday that his panel’s oversight “has been hampered” by the Justice Department and FBI’s “lack of consistent and vigorous production” of documents. -Washington Examiner

“[I]t has felt like pulling teeth much of the time to obtain and review revenant documents,” said Goodlatte (R-VA). 

I understand some people still state concerns about the speed of the production, but those concerns are mistaken,” Rosenstein told Goodlatte. “Most requests have been fulfilled and other document productions are in progress for this committee and other committees.” 

In a Wednesday letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan made public on Thursday, Rosenstein insisted that the House resolution "fails to acknowledge the extraordinary – and unprecedented – efforts that Trump Administration officials and other Department employees are making to comply with a considerable volume of oversight requests."

“Movement on this resolution would be contrary to the spirit of accommodation that was present in our productive meeting with Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Chris Wray on June 15. Many Department employees are working tirelessly to produce documents to your Members,” wrote Rosenstein. 



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House Passes Measure To Force DOJ Documents While Rosenstein Grilled In Heated Testimony

why? not like anyone is going to jail or anything like that..

more clown show for the grazers


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Rosenstein will be out shortly. Trump let him hang himself. If he gave up the documents he would have incriminated himself. If he doesn't, he will be impeached. Either way Rosenstein knew he was fucked. If Trump had fired him, he would have taken all kinds of heat from the Dem Criminals. Trump played this brilliantly. The more this is exposed to the public the better it will be accepted by the MSM zombies when the Indictments are opened. I expect more and more revelations as we approach the Midterms. 

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Rosenstien is such a weasel bureaucratic slime ball... He's got a well rehearsed excuse for everything.... His only job at this point is to protect the face of all his cohorts in tried to pull the biggest act of sedition ever attempted by any government anywhere......

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I hadn't realized that there was a statute of limitations on treason and murder. But you wouldn't know, because you are all for the dumb cunt Hillary. What a terrible person she is. The worst. Makes Trump separating illegal child traffickers from their victims look tame. lol


30 indictments of misconduct compared to Hillary and her foundation... Murder... Corruption... Treason... At any rate, Rachal Maddow, hang in there, you might learn something here.

Truth Hurts. 

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“I understand some people still state concerns about the speed of the production, but those concerns are mistaken,” Rosenstein 


How long would it take you to produce a document? I can email a document to you within a few minutes AND I can use an encrypted email provider. I can fax it in a few minutes. I can certified overnight mail it in a day. He could have brought the documents with him today. What is his reason for the delay given all of the available options? 


Rosenstein insisted that the House resolution "fails to acknowledge the extraordinary – and unprecedented – efforts that Trump Administration officials and other Department employees are making to comply with a considerable volume of oversight requests."


How much staff could be hired to expedite these request for a fraction of the cost that Mueller is wasting? 


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you are spot on.

obviously it is not the physical production of the documents, it is the content of the documents.

rosenstein claims that he either needs more time to destory evidence or to make sure that no fbi/cia assets are compromised.

problem is, his definition of "assets" is most sane people's defintion of liabilities.

ergo, he is covering for those who have committed sedition and treason, amongst the other crimes, ranging from murder, thru blackmail, through perjury, falsifying evidence etc.

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I think there is evidence of altered FBI 302 interview reports.  Revealing this will rock the FBI to its core, as it well should.  There may also be evidence of discussions as to why multiple Clinton personnel were allowed to be in the interview room at the same time during this farce of an alleged investigation into into Clinton's email server.  There may also be evidence related to the Lynch Clinton tarmac meeting.

No one who loves the government wants to be the one who allows this to happen, so all the deep state careerist fucks drag their feet.  If this happens on Rosenstein's watch his career will be over.  That is why he's dragging his feet while he sits there and grins stupidly at congressman.

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This is a generational war more than a race war. There is a huge gap in income between the young and the old. There is no way many young people are going to have the same standard of living as the Baby Boomer generation.

Wages would have to increase significantly to recreate the standard of living of the Baby Boomer generation. In other words, the wages of the Baby Boomer generation were higher overall for the majority back then, than what we have today for young people. And the purchasing power of the dollar was much higher back then in comparison to what it can buy and what it could import dirt cheap because of the value of the dollar.

The dollar has lost value over the years and a young person today would have to have a higher level of income to compensate for the lost value of the dollar.

The situation is not good economically because the jobs being created aren't paying enough for young people to have a good standard of living.

When we look at Texas, the Hispanics in school today are around 52%, the blacks around 12% and whites around 26%. So the white is the minority in public school in Texas. This is the trend nationwide.

So higher populations of young people of color with limited opportunity to make anything except slave wages causes anger at the Baby Boomers who run around in expensive cars and live in expensive houses - the real middle class is a cause. Why? In an economic slow down these people of color can be radicalized based on race by the communist.

Many Baby Boomers can't remember the 50's and 60's. The other day I was looking at photos of the 50's and 60's on YouTube. I remembered, middle class was universal. The majority were in the middle class. In the 70's, it was said it takes five years of work to have everything, a car, a house etc. of course it would be paid for with monthly installments, but it was universal, meaning everyone who wanted to be middle class could, all it took was to work. It's not that way today, with the wages today, not many are going to be able to work five years, then be in the financial shape to be able to buy the American Dream - car, house, furniture etc.

So if we can't bring back the jobs lost to offshoring then we're going to be a huge camp of disenchanted, disenfranchised people of color who will believe it's because of racism they are where they're at. It will be easy to lead these people in a civil war to take the wealth they believe they're entitled because they are Americans. In other words, the American Dream is now an entitlement.

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The election in the NYC district where the incumbent lost - Crowley to the PR - she ran on a complete welfare platform - free housing / food / education / medical  and government make work job / no ICE - No Cops - the constituency is all Black & Brown

once they reach the tipping point you wont be able to own private property - it will be taxed away and your income will be marginalized by 50% + taxes



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The economy has been roiled over and over by design for the last thirty years. Wealth has purposely been driven to the top. 600 billionaires own 90% of the wealth. They let us have a shot at 10%.

Nancy Pelosi didn't get it, Trump's tax cut wasn't crumbs, when we only get a 10% share of the economy. We need every dime from the tax cut to survive. And if anyone has time to review the credit card debt by regions and cities, one will start to see a pattern, poor people, who claim they're middle class because of pride, are using credit cards to survive. Now that should raise a red flag, because if this trend continues, it means most of the economic recovery was on borrowed money. This economy must reach a break even point of growth without using debt to grow.

The offshoring has hollowed out the economy. This was also by design.

So the economy was roiled by design, wealth driven to the top 1%, and the immigration crisis flooding the nation with cheap unskilled labor of which we no longer need. That's just three axis of our demise and there are more, draconian regulation, global warming and environmental open hostility toward the nations industries, wars for Israel, and the massive national debts and deficits can be added to the three axis, that's seven axis which must change or we're doomed.

And we didn't even have to chant the Zionist Christian chant, Bless Israel or we're doomed, well we don't need to bless Israel because we're already doomed.

We're at the abyss and that's not doom and gloom, it's a reality we must understand absent the noise or we're not going to pull out of this dive or should I say, race to the bottom.

Good Luck

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