Is The Media Deliberately Trying To Spawn Civil War 2.0?

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Everyone is talking about a looming civil war on American soil, but they’re all blaming the “other” side. The media is deliberately trying to stir things up with breathless headlines about how awful the “other” side is. And it’s working so well it could lead us right to Civil War 2.0.

The fact is, both the Left and the Right are to blame, threatening those who don’t have the same worldview. What it’s essential for us to keep in mind is that these are the opinions of the extremes of both sides. We in America have had conservative and liberal points of view along with everything in between for decades without the constant, looming threat of violence.

Here are some examples.

For example, Wendy Wolfe Herd, CEO of the dating app Bumble and a member of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30, was the victim of a cyber attack launched by a “neo-Nazi organization” that posted Herd’s personal details online, as well as the contact information of her staff.

The cyber attack occurred a couple of weeks after the Charlottesville rally last August, in which a man was with charged with a federal hate crime after driving into the crowd of counter-protesters. Herd released a statement saying that her company was “joining forces to ban all forms of hate from Bumble including racism, hate speech, and bigotry.” She believes this is why she and her employees were targeted. Herd now travels with bodyguards.

At the same time, the Far Left is also stirring the pot and threatening dissenters with violence. Some guy named Hamilton Nolan recently posted an article on the “progressive” website Splinter that seemed to have referenced the politically-motivated bombings that took place during Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford’s administrations in response to the Vietnam War.  While some of his points about the warmongers in Congress are legitimate, he goes way, wayyyy off into the ether in his calls to action. Here are some excerpts from his essay, entitled “This Is Just the Beginning.”

This is all going to get more extreme. And it should. We are living in extreme times. The harm that is being done to all of us by the people in the American government is extreme.

… I do not believe that Trump administration officials should be able to live their lives in peace and affluence while they inflict serious harms on large portions of the American population. Not being able to go to restaurants and attend parties and be celebrated is just the minimum baseline here. These people, who are pushing America merrily down the road to fascism and white nationalism, are delusional if they do not think that the backlash is going to get much worse.

…Read a fucking history book. Read a recent history book. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive. The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant. When you aggressively fuck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to fuck with yours. (source)

Who even is this guy and why does he have such a platform? Literally, nobody I know has ever heard of him before this essay that is getting so much press, although apparently, he used to work for Gawker. He even got to post a follow-up essay with some of the familiar hatred from people who were outraged by his first essay. (And while I wholeheartedly disagree with Nolan, I can completely relate to the hate mail – the internet breeds some craziness and people think nothing of threatening your life and the lives of your loved ones.)

There was also an NYU professor who was proclaimed a “hero” by AntiFa for doxxing employees of ICE. I don’t like ICE anymore than these folks but posting their personal information and addresses online is nothing but a call for violence.

And after the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave, some guy from West Virginia vandalized the place, allegedly throwing animal poop at the establishment.

Politicians are getting in on the hate-mongering too.

Politicians are getting media attention from the hullabaloo as well.

Most notably, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who I swear is only famous for her sh*t-disturbing ways, has said that anyone who disagrees with her should be treated horribly, particularly those who work for the current administration.

If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” (source)

Threats against Republican politicians have skyrocketed, leading to speculation that this is the impetusbehind quite a number of sudden early retirements.

I’m not really a fan of Democrat OR Republican politics, but the pattern here seems to lean toward the threatening behavior coming from the Left side of the aisle. If anyone has some credible links about Republican members of Congress recently making calls for incivility against the Democrats, please post them in the comments and I’ll update the article.

And big surprise, the media is pushing this narrative.

It’s essential to note that the threats and anger have been going on for quite some time now. But it seems like there is a whole lot more of it because it’s the topic du jour in the mainstream of late. Just like Selco warned us in his recent article, the media has an agenda and they are playing us like a violin. If there is a Civil War, you can be sure that those in the MSM are every bit as responsible for stirring up the hatred and division as the people who hacked Herd’s website and the dude who wrote the essay I cited.

Look how neatly they are making us hate and fear one another.

I guess my question is, are you going to let yourself be manipulated?

  • Are the other parents of kids on your son’s baseball team actually the enemy because they voted for someone different, or are they just the folks who select the really good, name-brand popsicles when it’s their turn to bring the treats?

  • Is your next door neighbor who had the campaign sign for the candidate you detested in her front yard during the last presidential race actually the antiChrist or is she just the one with the best tomatoes on the block?

  • What about the guy at the dog park with the two sweet-natured Golden Retrievers? Did you think he was pretty cool before you saw the unfortunate bumper sticker on his SUV?

If we are directly threatened, we absolutely must defend ourselves. It’s our natural human right to do so. But politics? Bumper stickers? Don’t be a snowflake. You don’t have to engage in the hate.

We need to look at the individual people and we need to ignore the media that tells us they’re the enemy. Maybe they want to drum up a war, but we can be the majority who stops it. We can refuse to participate and take the bait.


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Yes, they foment this shit. It’s good for ratings. 

I hate the media more than the Democrats/Leftists because they are the Democrats/Leftists.


Gargoyles like Soros have hedged bets on the Balkanization of the USA.

Stu Elsample IridiumRebel Thu, 06/28/2018 - 23:07 Permalink

Leftist instigators do want Civil War II...and there are plenty of well armed 'deplorables' who they hate with a passion who will be happy to oblige. It's coming. Been telling people ever since the big-eared muslim chimp was selected to be POTUS to stock up on guns ammo. If H.R. Clinton had enough illegal votes to steal the election she would have already tried to disarm the patriotic citizens who she considers to be "domestic terrorists".

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The media doesn't have to "spawn" anything.  The seeds of revolution/civil war were planted and well sown long ago.  Nature will direct this great play from here on out.  The question is in the delineation of opposing forces.  Will there arise a cohesive political movement to stand against the destructive judeo-bolshevik adversary?  Aye, there's the rub. 

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If the MSM is trying to spark one off, they're fucking dumb.  The people who would be fighting on their side aren't all that impressive, and a lot of the people on the other side would count big MSM players among legit targets. 


IMO, something big is going down in the deep state civil war, and what you are seeing is pure desperation/distraction. 

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If the MSM is trying to spark one off, they're fucking dumb.

The media are indeed fucking dumb. Too dumb to understand what they're doing, because they're just script readers. Sort of non compos in the mentis.

The people who would be fighting on their side aren't all that impressive, and a lot of the people on the other side would count big MSM players among legit targets.

True, and also beyond the comprehension of most of them.

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Shut up faggot. 

The reason for civil war is clear:

Too many people don't want to work, but want others to work for them. They have maintained this arrangement by threatening to chimp out if they don't get their way. Well we're sick of it, put up your dick beaters, let's dance.

It isn't complicated.

So what if a bunch of pussy hand-wringers die along the way. They're the other half of the problem. 

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Both of Barry and Hillary are disciples of (((Saul Alinsky))) who was a communist and leading cultural Marxist who had roadmap for how the communist revolution was to occur in the US.  This roadmap also happens to be a modernized Protocols of Zion, but that is another story.

Antifa behavior has been blatantly ramped up, and mirrors completely the actions of Antifa across Europe after WWI.  Antifa directly lead to Bela Kuhn (Cohen) in Hungary and the coup attempts in Berlin and Munich.  Hitler never would have come to power if there wasn't a very strong reaction to the actions of Antifa, Comintern, and most of all the Talmudists.

Alinsky's plans are almost complete in America, the people are so stupid they will barely look up from their smart phones when it happens.  When it is over, it will not be called a civil war, it will be called a revolution.  Just like in Petrograd in 1917.

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The media is controlled by Jews, gays and Leftists.  Some of them are all three.  You people are missing a major point about the gay agenda and its effect in the media, entertainment and politics.  There's a reason why powerful civilizations of the past kept them in check.  I could care less what consenting adults do in their bedrooms but the gay agenda was not about gay marriage and equal rights, it was and always will be a Liberal political movement that is full of emotion, hysteria and insecurity.

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Totally_Disill… said: "Is the Media trying to spawn Civil War 2.0? That's a rhetorical question, right?  But it's really the cabal globalist elites trying to divide us - MSM is merely carrying that water."

Refreshing to see someone who actually sees what is going on here among the so many here that are falling for the divide and conquer tactic.

If you write or express your contempt for any group, whether left/right, Democrat/Republican, gay/straight, black/white, you are falling for the elites' tactics. Become aware of this and  manifest an end to the elites' games and manipulations over us.

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My parents were huge Goldwater supporters.

My father a WWll war hero along with his brother who was at Pearl Harbor during the attack saving lots of people.

Goldwater was right.

That's why they mocked him out of the public square, as they did McCarthy.

America is communist country, why we backed the Soviets in WWll, why we made Communist China most favored nation.

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For the newcomers it is important to connect the two, but it is self-evident that "judeo-bolshevik" is redundant my friend.

"The Jews are responsible for Bolshevism in Russia, and Germany too.  I was far too indulgent with them during my reign, and I bitterly regret the favors I showed to prominent Jewish bankers." Kaiser Wilhelm II, Chicago Tribune 2 July 1922

"We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks.  But, without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism."  Solzhenitsyn

Churchill, Henry Ford, Hitler, and George Washington, just to name a few, all coincided in the veracity of this claim.  But perhaps, you prefer the victim-class version.  Well, it just so happens that poor Jews agree:

"The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction.  Our plan is to have a New World Order.  What worked so wonderfully in Russia is going to become reality for the whole world." The American Hebrew Magazine, New York 10 Sept. 1920

"Thus, Jewry is thriving precisely there where the people are still ignorant, or not free, or economically backward. It is there that Jewry has a champ libre. And instead of raising, by its influence, the level of education, instead of increasing knowledge, generating economic fitness in the native population — instead of this the Jew, wherever he has settled, has still more humiliated and debauched the people; there humaneness was still more debased and the educational level fell still lower; there inescapable, inhuman misery, and with it despair, spread still more disgustingly. Ask the native population in our border regions: What is propelling the Jew — and has been propelling him for centuries? You will receive a unanimous answer: mercilessness. ‘He has been prompted so many centuries only by pitilessness to us, only by the thirst for our sweat and blood.'" Dostoevsky

"Well now, this whole Jewish world which constitutes a single exploiting sect, a sort of bloodsucker people, a collective parasite, voracious, organized in itself, not only across the frontiers of states but even across all the differences of political opinion—this world is presently, at least in great part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand and of the Rothschilds on the other. I know that the Rothschilds, reactionaries as they are and should be, highly appreciate the merits of the communist Marx; and that in his turn the communist Marx feels irresistibly drawn, by instinctive attraction and respectful admiration, to the financial genius of Rothschild. Jewish solidarity, that powerful solidarity that has maintained itself through all history, united them.” Mikhail Bakunin 1871 letter to the Bologne members of the International

Now of course, The Vatican is involved in this The Grand Chessboard (Z. Brezinski) as is Mecca and the Western monotheistic traditions can be seen as tools of atheism to divorce the ignorant masses from their relationship with divinity and creation call it what you may.  Judaism is not Zionism and Judaism, Islam, and Christianity may be innocent in nature but it is the political use of these religions to divide-and-conquer that is purely evil and is reflected by the movement of political Zionism.  Organized by secret societies, protected by corrupted legal systems, defended by the captured media, and financed by global central banks, The New World Order is a globalist movement that has its roots, whether people like it or not, in an atheistic version of Judaism.  The emotionally sensitive words are the tools that are used to divide-and-conquer as "they" have long since established, financed, and controlled the opposition.  The whole right/left game, or Capitalism/Communism, or Conservative/Progressive, and Christian/Muslim or male/female, black/white, and all the other examples of false dualities are simply there to divorce and distract the ignorant masses from the truth.  They use "democracy" to bludgeon sovereign nations into submission as the arbiters of immorality and slander anyone who doesn't agree with their "progressive" ideology, which has become an omniscient belief system or religion amongst "socially liberal" atheists and monotheists alike, with emotionally-charged and defamatory epithets that derail in rational, fact-based debate.  

"Taken as a whole, the Chinese revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party embraces the two stages, i.e., the democratic and the socialist revolutions, which are two essentially different revolutionary processes, and the second process can be carried through only after the first has been completed. The democratic revolution is the necessary preparation for the socialist revolution, and the socialist revolution is the inevitable sequel to the democratic revolution. The ultimate aim for which all communists strive is to bring about a socialist and communist society." Mao Tse Tung "The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party" (Dec. 1939), Selected Works, Vol. II, pp. 330-31.

The only absolutes are truth and freedom and anything that goes against truth and freedom must be denounced and resisted.  People around the world must rally to the call of truth and freedom lest the international financiers and usurers fully implement their endgame of a New World Order under a demonic and atheistic communist regime that completely subjugates everyone not in political favor to the status of serf.  

PS-Trump is one of "them" though he provides good comedic relief and appeases the false "right" however temporarily.    Be skeptical of everyone and everything that has not earned your trust through acts and study what they do and not what they say.

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Zerogenous_Zone J S Bach Fri, 06/29/2018 - 11:28 Permalink



continual support for the two counterfeit parties must end...neither really is doing the will of 'We the People'... 


and i have suggested many times on this board, and other, that we need a new party for the majority of us that are disgusted at the lack of will and progress the past 50 years...


i'd like to call it the Fundamental Understanding of Constitutional Knowledge for both Dems and Repubs...


just imagine the bumper sticker...



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That’s what they’re missing. 
The simple fact is to look at them. Their utter unpreparedness for life in general, let alone such a thing as they are trying to foment. 
Seriously, those who do have the wherewithal and knowledge for such a heinous endeavor as this, they are very much trying to not go there.  

They know it’d be over swiftly, in the streets. These cows and soy children would be instantaneously... out cold. 
But the toll it would take is great; the ... it’s nothing that anyone who gets it wants. 
HOWEVER. If they keep their mindless crap going, at some point?

They’re GOING to cross a line. And then they’d better start finding God..

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Look at that. Geniuses respond to an article deploring violence over political differences with threats of violence over political differences. I am a well-armed elite who deplores the left and their empty rhetoric. I also know that only a very small number of liberals are willing to act out violently, and I don’t spend five seconds worrying about it, or feeling the need to say “bring it on, snowflake,” because I know full well that the ultimate outcome of all their vitriol will be at most a couple of rock throwing protests, and that’s what we have the police for.

seriously, the left isn’t going to engage in the violent overthrow of anything but a Starbucks bathroom, and all this shit about the deplorable being well armed and ready to rumble is either Russian trolls trying to rile up the moron class, or the moron class wanting everyone to know how big their wieners are.

The MSM is a clown show now, an echo chamber of idiocy. Try to imagine Rachel Maddow or Ari Melber hitting someone. I guarantee you this middle aged white man could kick Don Lemon’s ass. Put your pistols back in your pockets, this is s tempest in a tea pot.

my guns are for home protection and target shooting, I stopped hunting when I came to the conclusion that while AI love to eat meat, I prefer not to kill animals myself. So I hire a hit man to do it for me at the local Stop and Shop. They butcher the meat and everything. The day I need a gun to deal with an angry liberal is the day I hand in my Man Card. Try irony first, sarcasm next, mockery after that, and if absolutely necessary, a hard, open hand slap across the kisser. But guns for a political debate in America? Puhleeze Boris. Keep that shit in Moscow where it belongs. 

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JohnG LaugherNYC Fri, 06/29/2018 - 02:14 Permalink

I understand your sentiments, and I wish for the life of me that I could agree.

History teaches me the occurrence and outcome of extreme leftists insurgencies is very, very gruesome.  Think Cambodia, Bolshevism and Robespierre.  The difference is this time their opponents are armed, some very well armed, and trained.  I hope this peters and fizzles, I really do.  I just don't see how.

As the democrat party goes even more full bore socialist/Marxist, openly espousing such politics, they will experience the "agony of defeat" and their deranged minds will reflect upon this fail, the self-loathing will be turned outward towards people like you that just want to be left alone.

There are many very well armed deplorables who have had more than they can take already as well.  I'm one of them, and I know plenty more.  We've been pushed to the edge.  The election, twice, of the gay mulatto marked turned a point that cannot be undone.  This destroyer laid the foundations for what is coming.

It is also time, we haven't had a very good cataclysm since WW2.  These things seem to follow cycles, and here we are.

I do hope you are right though, I don't want a war.  No sane person does.  I've never found that I get what I want.  It would be unusual.

I'm not religious, mysticism bores me, seems better for board games for geeks.  There is usefulness in the words though, so I'll leave you with this:

"And you will get what you deserve.  You will get that which you have wished upon others."

Wish well.

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malcolmevans JohnG Fri, 06/29/2018 - 04:19 Permalink


I  think you have the better argument. LaugherNYC writes as a sensible and reasonable patriot, but he strikes me as whistling past the graveyard. You can't compare the Vietnam-era violence with what's coming now. For one, the MSM was not pushing violence like they are now. People are more disconnected from each other and society in general, thanks to social media, among other things. It really seems that something resembling mass psychosis is occurring on the left after their 2016 defeat. Revolutions are normally carried out by less than 5% of the population. That fact alone nullifies the argument that this or that group can't/won't fight. Very few will, percentage wise. 

  CW2 will obviously not have neat battle lines, but will more closely resemble Syria or Beirut in the 1980s. Assassinations and sabotage will be the order of the day. Any direct combat will be between small groups, but will be widespread.  I don't believe the average person will personally witness any combat except in a few metro areas. 

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Falcon49 Stu Elsample Fri, 06/29/2018 - 07:17 Permalink

If HRC would have been elected she would not have been able to accomplish anything….the election proved that a large segment of the population was fed-up with the status quo.  Those people would not have put-up with it or any of HRC’s agenda. 

We have two key factors working here…cognitive dissonance in the case of Trump supporters, their man is under constant attack by the left and media.  This allows the real agenda to progress as Trump is being given the benefit of doubt via 3d chess (trust the plan) by his supporters as he acts and supports things that would normally not be supported by those that voted for him.  At the same time you have a broad and concerted effort to Balkanize the people into extreme camps….fighting among themselves ….this division will allow the reset to occur while the people are divided, fighting, and in fear.  Then, in comes the Gov to save the day….and most of the people will welcome it.      

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Shillinlikeavillan IridiumRebel Thu, 06/28/2018 - 23:09 Permalink

I'm not worried at all...


Consider the leftard side: millenials, leftards, lgbtsklajsfoeijosjis, dumbasses, retards, low IQ voters, beta males, etc etc etc...


The best they have that can even be considered a fighting force is the minority with the warrior gene... but those guys are so racially biased that they will never actually fight for a white leftard(and this is a byproduct of leftard programming too! lulz)...


To even consider that these people will EVER be an actual fighting force is laughable, at best...


They will be a minor annoyance, at best, and still are: The lights are still on, the water still flows, and once they all eventually run out of welfare and have to get jobs:


The leftard syndrome will be dead... and no amount of soros money will be able to resurrect it...


So relax... give it a few years. soros will be dead within a reasonable amount of time and:

It will all be over....

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