US Dems, NATO Allies Express Fear Over Putin-Trump Summit

Update: It did not take long for the Democrats to start jumping up and down about this and who else but Rep. Adam Schiff to lead the charge:

“I fear that this summit will prove to be another blow to NATO and our allies, and a gift to the Kremlin,” Schiff says in emailed statement, adding that Trump should use the summit to confront Putin “on Russia’s interference in our elections.”

Trump should also confront Putin on “the invasion of Ukraine, Russian and Syrian war crimes in Syria, and the chemical weapons attack in the U.K.'”

We would expect this rhetoric to ramp up from here.

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Authored by Jason Ditz via,

Russian officials confirmed on Wednesday that a deal has been reached on holding a summit between President Trump and President Putin. Though the two have met twice on the sideline of international events, this will be the first direct summit with the Russian leader of Trump’s time in office.

US officials have confirmed that the summit will take place in a third country - Helsinki, Finland - on July 16.

With allegations still swirling about Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election, President Trump has been very cautious with his diplomatic ties with Russian officials. This has meant that, despite substantial issues to be addressed, the US has much less engagement with Russia than in years past.

John Bolton, who was in Moscow negotiating this summit, says that President Trump will be raising a “full range of issues” during the summit. He downplayed the significance of the meeting, saying he didn’t view the summit as anything unusual.

Which normally it wouldn’t be. US and Russian presidents meet often. That Trump hasn’t done so formally in the last 18 months is much more unusual, however, and the political circus still swirling around the election will  likely make the summit controversial, particularly for Trump’s political opponents.

But, now that the Summit is set, key US allies in NATO, including some long-time advocates of President Trump, are expressing severe opposition to Wednesday’s announcement of an upcoming summit between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Polish Sen. Anna Maria Anders said everyone needs to be worried, saying that Putin is “extremely charming” and it would be impossible to predict how Trump would react to this. She expressed concern Putin would talk Trump into withdrawing from Poland.

Other European officials offered similar concerns that Trump might make “spontaneous promises” to Putin on myriad important issues.

They said the worst-case scenario would be Trump embracing Putin after a tense meeting with NATO.

This has been a recurring issue since Trump took office. 

Trump’s campaign talk of improving US-Russia ties was rejected by most other NATO members, and since then every hint of Trump meeting Putin or having talks with Russia has been followed by panic from those nations.

While it’s unlikely a simple summit with Russia would lead to any shocking changes in bilateral ties, the opposition is chiefly about changing the status quo, with much of NATO very comfortable with remaining hostile toward Russia, and fearing even the illusion of rapprochement.


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Trumpletoes Trickle Tinkle

Master at self-deception, leader of Fright Club,

he has doubts about his self-worth.

The president with the most neglectful education,

lives by child-taunting everybody from high atop the

White House now known as Dumbo Villa.

I solicit your Down Votes and wear them

as Purple Hearts.


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Dickweed Wang Manthong Thu, 06/28/2018 - 11:30 Permalink

NATO is an expensive MIC scam.


In the past Trump has said as much.  I have a feeling that the recent bird flipping Trump has given to the US's so-called allies is a backhanded method of dissolving NATO by sowing discord.  When you think about it that's likely the only way Trump could actually get the US out of NATO.  If he came right out and said "The US is pulling out of NATO" there would literally be hell to pay.  So instead he's pulling a rope-a-dope with them by trying to piss them off to the point they say "America is unreliable, we need to provide for our own security".  Wait a minute . . . isn't that exactly what's happened recently??

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Let's play some chess here.  If Nato countries were REALLY afraid of a Russian invasion, wouldn't they be thrilled that Trump wants to ease tensions?

This is all just never Trump Hillary regret tears.  They have a good thing going.  Free US defense, while they spend their cash on welfare programs like free college, health care, day care, etc...  Trump is wisely weaning all the parasites from our asses.  Proving Russia is no threat is a huge first step toward all that winning.

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The EU and many NATO nations have been mostly passive about building up a military presence over the last year in nations bordering on to Russia. It was all US led, just as the Ukrainian coup was US led. Russia is not an aggressor or threat to European nations, which nations generally do not even support the sanctions against Russia. Trump is meeting Putin to try to craft some deal in exchange for the US knocking off both its economic and military aggression. What could that be?

Russia is not likely to back off its support for Syria or Iran, despite what Trump threatens militarily, and that only leaves the economic club. 

If Russian has been central to the movement of various resource-rich nations in pulling away from the control of Western multinationals and support of the shaky US petrodollar protection racket, that would be another reason why Russia is under US interdiction. With the resulting gravitation of Russia to China and the building up of the Asian economic community by those nations, the US needs to entice Russia the other way and is probably getting ready to shaft China.   

In the ZH posting Everyone's Got A Plan... there was an interesting comment by hedgeless_horseman

“Is China his bag man for all the dog shit on The Fed's balance sheet? 

Who else could it be?”


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Good comment.

One issue is Ukraine, which is to the point of collapse and US would like to throw it back to Russia. EU is backing away. They are guilty as they supported the coup. And now they do not like the results and EU is having a trade war with US and needs Russia.

Russia wants US and EU to cough up the money needed to reconstruct Ukraine and hopes it will not completely collapse til the end of the year, because in 2019 the NordStream II is operational and Ukraine becomes IRRELEVANT.

In Syria, the war is lost for US/Israel.

In NK : the deal was done by China, Sk, NK and Russia.

The Donald came to a meeting ,in the end, because, again, US LOST.

Russia is building :

-a railway NK_SK , which will be linked to the Trans Siberian and Europe

-a highway ( is already started)

-and a pipeline

Both NK and SK are being linked to OBOR.

Without US.

So , you see there was no genial strategy from the Donald.

But, Russia, China, NK and SK ( the adults) let the bully and the brainwashed Americans think it was.

US LOST on all fronts.

And now US is trying to obtain something for nothing. As usual.

Only I do not think they have too much to offer. Maybe to promise not to create more havoc.

Does anybody believes US anymore?

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+1 for good post. That pretty much covers it. Bluntly, there is no way for Trump and his erstwhile “advisors” to emerge from this without mud on their faces, and it disorients, frustrates and infuriates them, because they still cling to cherished delusions of grandeur, refusing to acknowledge the pathocracy that undermines and handicaps all their policy. It is inconceivable to them that they themselves might be the very problem tHat they seek and/or fabricate elsewhere. (And of course, they don’t give a shit even when you do try to reason with them, because practically all of them are sociopaths, and you can’t reason with a sociopath.)

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RUssia isn't building squat for a highway. China has already built a real superhighway to its far Western border, but getting it the rest of the way, across thousands of miles of Kazahkstan, and volatile Ukraine will not be an easy task. It should be, but it isn't. It also drives me nuts that there is no highway from Alaska into Russia and Asia. Humans are really idiots.

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A very informative comment. With more nations developing nukes and delivery systems it on longer makes any sense for the US to be spending half of its budget on a vulnerable military, or developing high tech conventional weapons to flog on the world market after stirring up conflicts. Whether in the US, Europe, Russia, China, or NK and SK, all nations need balanced trade in consumer goods and services or any talk about expanding international trade or a silk road is nonsense. To help this happen and perhaps be a part of it, the US has to stop backing up its economic and business proposals with military threats. Also, equally aggressive nations like China have to wake up and realize that expanding their jurisdiction over gas reserves into international waters with man-made islands and backing that deceit with their military only compounds the problem and ruins fair business and opportunities for everyone.  

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Of course they are. Behold the real reason for the Russia-gate conspiracy. To postpone and sabotage The Great Pivot away from Saudi Arabia (already happened with regime change) and China (our greatest existential threat) and toward Russia and Iran. 

The rest of the world knows there is a great difference between Sunni Muslims (Obama) and Shia muslims that are historically pro-west...

Russia is our natural ally. Putin will work with the US to purge both our countries of our Globalist Oligarchs that lined the pockets of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton traitorous scum. 

The key to Iran is separating out the strongmen mullah types. Obama's nuke deal served these strongmen and would have kept them in power. That is falling apart. Iran will fundamentally change. The region will change. The world will change and Trump will get the credit. 

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The many open investigations make it obvious that America is a Mafia-run state.

Putin goes on live tv once a year to answer questions phoned in from around the nation. What level of leader in the US does that?

Putin has an 80% approval rating, I read recently. What American leader has that?

Do you think Russians are less sophisticated in their political views than people in the US? I know a fair number of Russians, doesn't seem like they are less sophisticated to me.

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