Orlov: Barbarians Rampage Through Europe's Cemetery

Authored by Dmitry Orlov via Club Orlov blog,

Around the world, very few people are capable of wrapping their heads around the European reaction to the migrant crisis.

On the side of the migrants, we have avid displays of barbarism, fanaticism and aggression;

On the side of the Europeans, we have abject fear of appearing... intolerant.

In an out-of-control situation where we would expect people to organize, protest, put up road blocks and vote en masse for nationalist parties, we are instead subjected to the ridiculous spectacle of meek, effeminate Europeans dressed up in unisex outfits chalking “No to terrorism!” on sidewalks.

Most people around the world see in this an orchidaceous display of anthropological nullity. “Is Europe dead?” they wonder aloud.

Lest you think that this impression is politically incorrect or undiplomatic or somehow marginal rather than mainstream, Russia's FM Sergei Lavrov, a senior Russian statesman and a diplomat’s diplomat, is on the record saying that the European Union is “committing suicide” by letting in the invading hordes from the Middle East and North Africa.

Here we have a flood of people coming in, the majority of them young adult males shirking military service back home, and relatively few of them are qualified to seek asylum. Most of them are unqualified to do any sort of work within the EU due to lack of literacy, education or work ethic. Many of them would not be trainable in any case, coming as they are from populations bred for physical stamina and disease tolerance rather than intelligence.

Quite a few are Islamic radicals who see themselves as actual colonizers; many more have no qualms about robbing Europeans and raping European women. A few thousand are actual terrorists being sent in to await orders. For most of them, crashing into the EU and freeloading there is part of an excellent adventure - far more exciting than herding cattle or growing millet in their native villages.

European NGOs equip them with inflatable lifeboats and life vests and set them adrift off the coast of Libya or in the Adriatic. European NGO ships then scoop them up and deliver them to ports in Italy, Greece or Spain. And then they get to freeload, for months on end, while more NGO types help them with the paperwork and clog up the courts with lawsuits they file on their behalf.

I am sure that some Europeans might think me unkind for presenting such an unflattering summary of the situation. But there is a much higher standard by which to measure it than mere kindness: is it truthful? Truth is often cruel and painful, and yet without truth—with which to understand the true consequences of our actions—we are all but lambs to the slaughter.

Refusal to face the truth by hiding behind a hypocritical, threadbare veil of “kindness” is mere cowardice. Indeed, cowardice is often on display in Europe, hiding behind another threadbare veil—of “security.” When ISIS bombed the airport in Brussels, the Belgian king Philippe and his royal spouse were swiftly evacuated. During medieval times such cowardly behavior would have cost the monarch his crown, possibly along with his head. But now it is fine for a cowardly nation to have a cowardly king.

It is quite difficult to understand the rationale behind such enforced cowardice. Why are the European elites so insistent on ramming “tolerance” down the throats of their citizens and replacing them with imported barbarians? What happened to the spirit of bloodthirsty empires that had bled the entire planet dry for centuries, accumulating countless treasure?

What I believe happened is that the Europeans became too comfortable. Yes, they did experience some hardship during the two world wars, but it was nothing compared to what many other nations went through, Russia and China especially. When life is a struggle, experience is vivid, simple joys are profoundly felt, intelligent choices are critical to survival and acts of heroism are both necessary and valued. When life is comfortable, people become satiated and hard to satisfy, tastes become decadent and effete, questions of safety are pushed off on specialists and spontaneous acts individual heroism and bravery come to be treated as symptoms of social maladaptation.

Given enough safety and comfort, they become ends in themselves and the standards by which all things are measured. Those less safe and less comfortable are perceived as less successful and fashionable, and become less popular, in a game of endless oneupmanship. In turn, those yet to be seduced by safety and comfort, and willing to battle for principles higher than mere tolerance and kindness, become incomprehensible; after all, what else is there but safety and comfort? But this is only a setup for the next leg down, because safety and comfort cannot function as absolutes.

Safety cannot be guaranteed in all places and at all times: accidents do happen. You might get punched in the face by a belligerent drunk, get molested by a horny migrant, die in a terrorist attack because Allahu akbar or, more likely, break your neck by falling off your bicycle. Since you are no longer responsible for providing for your own safety—it is now the work of paid professionals—you can’t blame yourself. You can, of course, blame the paid professionals, but they are, you know, doing their best… Your only choice is to claim that you are a victim. Victimhood becomes a prized commodity and a badge of honor. Extreme attention and care lavished on all varieties of victims, who are encouraged to organize and to bargain collectively, helps assure the rest that their total security is very important. You can be a victim, but you can’t be a victim of your own stupidity.

Speaking of stupidity, the realization that you are stupid is not comfortable, yet everyone—even the stupid—must remain comfortable at all times. Given that exactly half the people are of below-average intelligence, this is rather tricky to arrange. Claiming that half the population are victims of stupidity doesn’t exactly solve the problem: such an overabundance of victims hollows out the promise of universal comfort. Nor is the problem addressed by imposing a system of universal meritocracy based on individual rights: the intelligent will do better than the unintelligent, causing the latter considerable discomfort.

The solution is to step back from the principle of meritocracy. Instead of guaranteeing individual equal rights and opportunities based on ability and performance we strive for equality of outcome: everybody gets a participation prize and a bit of money just by being obedient and polite, with the size of the prize and the sum of money carefully calibrated based on one’s level of victimhood. This is now sometimes referred to by the strangely repurposed word “equity.” Since it is hard to organize the distribution of “equity” on an individual level, people are formed into a myriad of groups and each group gets weighted against the rest. If you are a disabled black lesbian, you get to check off three victimhood boxes at once and be handed the same prize as an able-bodied white heterosexual male. This is now strangely referred to as “social” justice—as if there were ever any other kind.

This new type of person, which arose first in Europe and then spread all over the West and beyond, does seem like a degenerate form of humanity: bereft of great passion and lofty goals, lacking any clear ethnic or social allegiance or preference, fixated on comfort and safety and deficient in both masculinity and femininity: a sort of civilizational eunuch imprisoned in a four-star LGBTQ concentration camp. These may seem like major negatives, but on the plus side this type of person is mostly harmless. Half a billion people now inhabit, without posing much of a danger to each other, a smallish peninsula jutting out of Western Eurasia that until recently has been the scene of endless armed conflict. They do not destroy material or cultural artifacts but seek to accumulate them, investing in comforts and in consumption. That, most people will agree, is progress.

The last major challenge to this way of being was presented by the integration of Eastern Europe, where national passions still run high. But that problem was easily solved by finding a scapegoat—Serbia—which was cursed for its lack of multiculturalism and tolerance and bombed into submission. This scared everyone else in Eastern Europe into inaction, for the time being. But now mass migration has presented a problem on an entirely different scale, causing Poland, Hungary and now even Italy to rise up in rebellion against the alien onslaught.

The newcomers predominantly come from cultures that are the opposite of tolerant and kind. They are mainly characterized by cruelty, passion, clannishness and religious and political fanaticism. They want to live right here and right now, take pleasure in the beastlier side of human nature, and they see Europe as a treasure chest to be looted. Their cultures hearken back to an earlier era of European history, when huge crowds gathered in city squares to watch people being drawn and quartered or burned alive.

The Europeans conquered their own medieval nature, but then reimported it. The new, emasculated Western European Man is unable to push back against it; nor can their governments, whose leaders are forced to abide by the same cultural codes of tolerance, political correctness and compulsory kindness. But the Eastern European Man, only temporarily frightened into acting tolerant and emasculated, will not stand for any of this for much longer. His medieval nature is still quite close to the surface, while their Western neighbors have placed theirs in museums and various other tourist traps. This is already apparent: there was a recent EU summit on immigration; the East Europeans didn’t even bother showing up.

Looking at the situation from even farther east, from European Russia and the rest of the Eurasian landmass, there is a distinct sense of sadness in watching Europe die. A large chunk of human history is about to get trampled and despoiled. Having spent the last several decades resurrecting Eastern Christendom after the damage caused to it by the Bolshevik barbarians, they watch with dismay as the relics and ruins of Western Christendom are becoming submerged by a new barbarian wave. Western Europe’s inhabitants may no longer amount to much, but they are still valuable as museum attendants and tour guides.

That Europe is turning itself into a museum was apparent to Dostoevsky 150 years ago, when he wrote this (speaking through the character of Versilov):

“To a Russian Europe is just as precious as Russia; every stone in it is charming and dear. Europe is as much our Fatherland as Russia… Oh, how precious are to us Russians these old foreign stones, these miracles of an old, godly world, these shards of holy miracles; they are more precious to us than to the Europeans themselves!”

And then again, this time speaking as Ivan Karamazov, with even greater passion:

“...I want to travel to Europe, and so I will. Of course, I know that I will just be visiting to a cemetery. But so what? The corpses that lay in them are precious; every headstone tells the story of a great life, of passionate belief in heroism, in one’s own truth, one’s own struggle. I know already that I will fall to the ground and kiss these stones, and cry over them—even though convinced with all my heart that all of this has turned into a cemetery long ago, and is nothing more.”


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"Refusal to face the truth by hiding behind a hypocritical, threadbare veil of “kindness” is mere cowardice."

Typical raging Orlov hypocrisy.

As I recall, he is part Jewish from both sides of his family.  That means that he is an idiot because he cannot objectively analyze such things as the Russian Revolution, Balfour, Holohoax and WWII in its entirety.

This smug Orlov idiocy manifests itself in other ways too.  Not only is he an unrepentent warmist, he would deprive all those "climate deniers" the right to free speech.

In this article he raves about the effects of his peoples age old talmudic holy war against Christians and Christian Europe, yet he is incapable of stating where it eminates.

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On a similar previous post someone mentioned that Europe is overrun by male Islamics because the UN would only feed Syrian women and children, not men.

Since when did the UN start doing that?

So the path to Europe became their viable and officially approved alternative.

If whomever wrote that post is reading, or if someone else is familiar with the scam, please attach the link.

That would go a long way to explaining this abnormal migration and its shepherds.

There is no way that Syrian dummies had that kind of money on their own.


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Yeah, "oh europeans are so weak, look how they cower", but then whenever europeans do rise up his jewish people call them nazis.

Also, for better or for worse, even in its shitty state, europe kept russia under its thumb for the past 150 years since Dostojevski, so he seems to be a bit premature.

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I have been giving this alot of thought lately... the whole world has gone mad... but why?

The world has rejected, as a whole, objective reality. It is funny actually... science claims to be the source of all reason... but what is science, but an exploration of the inner self. Science rejects anything that lies outside of human experience... in other words, for an adherant of said philosophy... be it a practioner, or one of the lay (most of humanity)... there is no world but the inner world of the mind.

There was a time such a philosophy would land you in a mental hospital. It has been assumed throughout history that a world exists outside of the mind... but no longer.

As a result, the only thing of importance is my inner reality. I can be a female chicken, if that is my preference, I can adhere to any particular value or idea, no matter how illogical, because my world is the only world, and none of the rest of you even exist, and therefore, you hardly matter.

This began as a rejection of God... but became a rejection of all morale conscience... how could it not? We live amongst the most narcissistic people of all time... they will end as all narcissists end... alone with their own sad, sorry thoughts...

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somehow related but can't put my finger on it. A meme of tolerance/intolerance directed by a militant lesbian summed up:

My response to a premature (1 hour after report) correlation of Ramos the shooter/Milos the wag was to exclaim (crocodile) tears re: a manufactured division in US society. I was being polite.

her claim, drawn from Popper, was to direct a cartoon meme summed up as - if speech is labeled intolerable, then it should be illegal.

She was not the recipient of my comment either; jumped in both feet first. Angry as fuck! I'd meant to confront the person offering the correlation. I can only assume his motive was to draw attention to a "virtue signal". 

Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies | Libertarianism.org  my first exposure to the author


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 "...the whole world has gone mad... but why?"

"The pride is ripe." Narcissism and denial have increased to the point the pressure can no longer be contained.  The truth would kill us: madness is a defense.

I agree with you on science - modern physics anyway.  If it can't be measured numerically it doesn't count.  Very convenient for a species fuelled by emotion.  

The contradictions of quantum mechanics are our own.  The problem arose when 'who we think we are' began to conflict with "who we really are". 

Yes, this world is a projection from within - it exists to facilitate and enhance the denial . . .  

. . . we 'devour' our children so mum and dad can be happy.  But who would believe this.

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Interesting to note about quantum: the “Copenhagen interpretation” has been under attack for decades. It particularly freaks them out when applied to the “Big Bang.” Why do you suppose Hawkins spent so much energy trying to disprove/attack both?

Here’s a tip: if you apply Copenhagen to the Bang, you NEED an observer, one who By definition is outside of both space and time yet can observe it.

Why do you suppose that rubs them the wrong way?

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@ A Sentinel: "... if you apply Copenhagen to the Bang, you NEED an observer, one who By definition is outside of both space and time yet can observe it..."

A commenter at this link https://www.quora.com/According-to-quantum-theory-Copenhagen-Interpreta… gave one interpretation:

"The problem lay people have when they try to understand quantum mechanics--well, one of them, anyway--is they get hung up on the word "observer." To a physicist, an observer is not a person looking at something. An observer is anything whose state depends in a thermodynamically irreversible way on the state of the thing being observed. In the thought experiment with the cat in the box, the observer is not the person who opens the box and looks inside. You can't put a cat into a superposition of states--at least not like that. The radiation detector that responds to radioactive decay and releases the poison is an observer. Its state depends on the state of the thing being observed."


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I recommend reading about psychopaths.

Without understanding how ((((they))) think and operate - both individual psychos and psychopathic ((cultures)) - it's impossible to understand  what is going on in the world and why. A least the western part. 

I found these books very interesting and helpful. After reading them I finally managed to make sense of my years spent in LA and London (2 of the 3 world's capitals of psychopathy): 







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Rejection of God- there you have it. 

Here’s one of the keys people need on their key rings: Science NEVER claims to say a word about the metaphysical. Science is about the physical. Period.

the next key has to do with a fruit of Christianity: that Christ’s cross gives all human life infinite value. The two-cell embryo of even Hilary Clinton is worth more than every thing in the universe.

It keeps going. There are several keys and they are undermined in a very specific way, like it’s on purpose. 

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The world is demonstrating signs of rampant mental illness in every society - it simply changes from one society to the next. In Europe, several varieties are present - from socialism (which has never worked anywhere it has been seriously tried outside the family), to obsessive environmentalism, to immigrant worship as above, to thought control by the thoughtless - all are going on, and in greater measure than before. If the Russians ever escape alcoholism, they have a better chance now that they went to an open oligarchy instead of communism. If the Chinese can get along with each other, they might make it - but then again, when men can't find outsiders to fight, they fight themselves. Right now the US is trying a little of each - sexual depravity / dysfunctionalism / perversion, immigrant overtolerance, rampant political atavistic corruption, and so on. 

We will wind up exterminating those who are sufficiently unlike us, and those of us who welcomed the opportunistic foreigners among us as well. It will take only a spark to ignite the conflagration of violence that our leaders have encouraged, by trying to breed us out using foreigners. 

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the bulk of science is outside of our reality these days but those that study it accept it, examples : ultra violet , infra red, atomic structure, viruses, radio waves, unfortunately science wannabe sheeple accept climate change, in there minds they are female chickens on a barbecue  rotisserie , rejecting god is akin to rejecting santa claus. Moral decay is more about quality education and poverty caused by a fraudulent money system, that compounds decay over generations

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Dostoyevsky's thinking is far more complex and nuanced than that, he also wrote:
“If God exists, then everything is His will, and I can not do anything with my own outside of His will. If there is no God, then everything is my will and I must express my will."

Take away >> (((They))) - who are not affected by morals, want you to believe in the morality of a god, and any god will do, as it inhibits your actions against (((Them))).

How about this line from the (((Usual Suspects)))...
"They realized that to be in power, you didn't need guns or money or even numbers. You just needed the will to do what the other guy wouldn't."

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How about this?  Everyone is welcome, but no welfare AT ALL, and everyone has to be castrated before entry!   Come on in boys, just leave your nuts at the border!   Castrated males are not nearly as aggressive, and no offspring keeps the locals on top while reducing the population in their home countries!   Then we'd see how badly they really want to escape their own country!

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Saddam and Gaddafi ruled with an iron fist and kept people within borders. Terrorists had plenty of domestic activities to occupy themselves with. We went in and beheaded entire leadership. We poked the holes in the box and now the roaches are running around.

It's called blowback.

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The number of Christians who wanted these wars is miniscule, and those that were strongly pro-war had conflicts of interest or were merely taking orders.  Blaming the mind controlled goyim Christians for blow back resulting from gods chosen peoples never ending wars for Israel is absurd, although it has been going on for centuries.

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Yep -- it was the pointless obliteration of Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq that created these hordes of homeless, hungry, angry, illiterate, unassimilable Islamics.

As usual, the Pentagram was the instigator but their NATO slaves did all the bombing.

Those nations which were bombed by NATO should be rebuilt with NATO's funding, and instead of spending money on a Space Force  the Pentagram should be forced to rebuild what they destroyed.

The migrants need to be returned to their dumps of origin, but in newly built homes or apartments.

Some of the buildings can still be repaired even after Pentagram/NATO attacks. 

It cannot continue that psychopathic state agencies can destroy entire nations with impunity, directly or indirectly destabilize any target region at will, and leave citizens of other nations to accept the attacks of the migrants, and allow the rise of savage gangs among the migrants themselves along with the Western legacy of terror states within the shredded societies left after the Western attackers move on to another target.

And something needs to be done about the stranglehold of the Bolshevik MSM, they have been and still are complicit in all of this.

They dutifully repeat without questions whatever is fed to them by the warmongers, and refuse to let any other voice be heard.



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I've been trying, even annoying readers here, and elsewhere,  to petition Congress with threats of removal. The technique stopped the '06 Amnesty. It takes numbers though.

I've been met with outright banishment in one instance. Algos ... otherwise, it's walking a fine line to remain infiltrated in the near extreme of leftists, only if we share a common avocation. And the rejection, illustrated by denial and being ignored/blocking out some reasoned argument and appeals.

Which reminds me, reason does not carry any weight. Pain, and power, combined with fear would get the job done.

But then ... what am I?

"this idle life led mostly in the mind "

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Well, at least there isn't any strong country among the ones you mention that can threaten Israel since 911 is there?

What a coincidence.  

"A Clean Break:
A New Strategy for Securing the Realm"

Well,  I guess we're living the dream right Mossad/Israel?

and of course this one....

PNAC letters sent to President Bill Clinton

January 26, 1998

"We urge you to articulate this aim, and to turn your Administration's attention to implementing a strategy for removing Saddam's regime from power..."

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Ron_Mexico JuliaS Fri, 06/29/2018 - 11:02 Permalink

this never happened under Bush.  Hahahahaha.  Nope, it wasn't until the Tribe got their little hand-picked psuedo-Islamic lackey into office.  I can only imagine the laughs Netanyahu and Obola must have had about all that "making Bebe wait for 45 minutes" stuff.  Oh man, good times.

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Yes, and now we're in Syria and eyeballing Iran. Guess what's going to happen if we get rid of Assad or Rouhani? Think you've seen the worst of the migrant crisis? Hell no!

That's what pisses me off - the fact that we are staring right at the consequences of our own collective actions and what do we do? Nothing! We allow MIC lobbyists to go on about their business and we elect politicians who are eager to cater to the imperialists.

When 911 happened, even if we are to trust the fabricated narrative - the right conclusion would've been: "Maybe we shouldn't have given Bin Laden weapons and money to battle USSR, which was going to collapse anyway". Did we do that? We didn't! We said: "See what happens when we finance terrorists? How about to fix it we finance some more terrorists!" And that is where we are at right now. Conducting and sponsoring international terrorism.We are the rogue state. The world policeman with a doughnut gut, nose covered in coke and bloodshot eyes.

We're so full of shit, it's mind-boggling (European leadership included).

We're countering Russia like we did in the 80's. Did we not learn anything from history?! Why are we playing Russian roulette? You know, each time the gun goes click, you're supposed to pass it over. We have forgotten that part. We cock ours again and again until it fires.

I'll just say it: "We're idiots. As individuals, we're smart, but as a collective - we're apes with machine guns and nukes." It's sad for me to be looking at the future and knowing almost precisely what's going to happen next. It does not look pretty.

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When it comes to WWII, Russians and Jews are joined at the hip in the cover up of their collective gang raping of Germany.

Orlov is firmly ensconced in the Judeo-Russian expat community in the US.  These people are the biggest Putin haters on the planet.  Whatever Orlov's true proclivities are concerning the JQ are, he certainly never bucks the Jewish Narrative.

If I want to try to decipher Jewish lies, I'll go to an oracle like Nathanael Kapner before a phony like Orlov.

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What an insightful, saddening, elegant obituary for Europe and, if not for Trump, the United States. This article is mere toilet paper for ingrates and lesser scum like this Heros clown to wipe their diseased arses upon, but for the rest of us, it is a call to arms. We are not Europe. Not yet.

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