Trump: "Lover Strzok" Got "Poor Marks" On Testimony For "Refusing To Answer Questions"

After Peter Strzok failed to address the concerns of Republicans by trying to explain away his anti-Trump texts as "just an intimate conversation" with his mistress (former FBI lawyer Lisa Page) during yesterday's marathon closed-door session, President Trump chimed in this morning with a tweet claiming that Strzok had been given "poor marks" on the hearing because he "refused to answer many questions."

The president also reaffirmed that there was "no Collusion and the Witch Hunt, headed by 14 Angry Democrats and others who are totally conflicted, is Rigged!"

The president then turned his attention to the DNC Server, asking once again why the FBI wasn't allowed to closely examine it? The DNC never furnished an explanation, despite Wikileaks emails revealing that former spy Christopher Steele had once filed a memo claiming that 
"Russian agents within the Democratic party structure itself" were involved with the theft.

What's even more suspicious is the fact that the DOJ is refusing to release intercepted material that could reveal that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch conspired to rig the Clinton investigation. This, even as Senate is trying to subpoena her.



gregga777 TBT or not TBT Thu, 06/28/2018 - 09:23 Permalink

This guy.  This fucking guy.     Still drawing a salary.   That's what is incredible here. 

The wheels of justice grind slowly and exceedingly fine. As a Marine I sometimes escorted Marines to courts martial hearings. They were still drawing their pay, still eating in the mess hall, maybe they were sleeping on a bunk in a holding cell. But, they were still Marines until the sentence was pronounced and any appeals exhausted. Some were still Marines afterwards just a little poorer and missing some stripes. But, they got what were largely fair hearings for the military. Strzok is going to get his Justice unless someone a little more impatient splatters his brains all over the sidewalk. 

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emmalisa403 TBT or not TBT Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:55 Permalink


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MK ULTRA Alpha gregga777 Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:17 Permalink

Gregg, yesterday you were raising hell saying the Marines will save the day. I need to tell you and I know it's hard to believe. There are young Marine social justice warrior communist. I've met them. Not one or two many Marines and Army, vets in general.

So not all of the Marine Corps is right wing conservative. That was the impression you gave and I didn't have time to add the data of the Marines that I've met who are in the activist movement of the social justice warrior communist. This is a generational issue, our generation is in conflict with their generation.

I don't blame them because of the high level of corruption in this nation, perhaps the shock of 9/11 being a fraud, I don't know, but I noticed this back in 2010.

The 9/11 event had a big impact on many young peoples mind, the trust of government issue is big.

And another anecdotal is a young 82nd Airborne soldier who kept asking me at work about what was behind the curtain, like one world government etc. he wanted to know everything, so young people are not following the line of reasoning we followed and MSM parrots.

Yes, prior service older vets like you are important to us, but I want to make sure you understand, just because someone is a Marine or 82nd soldier doesn't mean they're politically reliable for our way of thinking. That's concerning when five police officer were killed and many wounded in Dallas by a radicalized vet.

That's the danger, and we think the army of vets in this nation will automatically side with us in a race/civil war. The military skills demonstrated in Dallas was a warning of things to come. The other component, the number of vets still killing themselves each day is around 30-40 and suicide is increasing, not decreasing in the overall population.

Good Luck

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SybilDefense TBT or not TBT Thu, 06/28/2018 - 09:53 Permalink

"Just an intimate conversation between intimate people"

Who the hell else are you going to conspire to commit feloneous acts with? Random passersby? Just because he didn't announce his guilt publically, does not make him not guilty.

Also, claiming he can't answer due to the security concerns, in a closed room with only oversight and other specially appointed congressfolk who I assume have equal (or now higher) level security clearance) does not wash.  Its like in high school not admitting the first time you had sex when caught by your parents in the back seat,  naked because "they" never had sex before.  A guy who lost his clearance should not be able to withhold info from officials who still have it.

In summary, if your a Dem, you have to admit guilt publically, verbally, and in writing of any wrong doing to then only get immunity as a punishment.  If you are behind Trump, you are guilty before doing anything, before there is any evidence of any crime even, and you go to jail until they can find something to pin on you.  This sounds like the complaint the black folk have against the cops.  You wonder why they aren't voting R as we both are supposedly persecuted for our color (black or Red).

Strozk could be acquitted with Bart Simpson as counsel.  "I didn't do it" is good enough for Mueller & friends.

Time to invest in some more metals (brass and lead).  Only matter if time before the hoards of SJWs and Have-nots come a marching down your street. I will be cutting plywood for the windows this 4th and looking for steel plate. Only a matter of time before George sends out the "Operation Civil War is a Go" orders from the safety of Brussels (the pussy- he got to "go").  I, like yourself should ride it out just fine, at least for the first few months.  I don't think it goes longer then that as the LGBQT -/+? anitifa army will be no match for real Americans...ones with more heart and not all emotion.


John Q Citizen, Ind/R

3030 Turret house

10M Crackshot Road

Nothing-LEFT-Alive, USA 

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gregga777 Posa Thu, 06/28/2018 - 09:26 Permalink

If everything came out now the CommProg*'MSFNM (Mainstream Fake News Media & Entertainment Oligopoly) would Bury it all come November. Trump's giving La Resistance and Hillary and Obomination and all those other asswipes the deaths of a thousand cuts. Fucking enjoy it. It's awesome watching these CommProg Democrat crazies having emotional meltdowns and psychotic breaks. 


*CommProg—Communist Progressives

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ATM Fish Gone Bad Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:03 Permalink

Want to know why the left is so concerned. Don't follow the money. Follow the votes.

Look what just happened in the Bronx, which is home to all manner of brown "immigrants", entitlement babies, and Obama phones. They vote for more free shit.

And who promises more free shit than the Communists? Open borders means the Communists will ultimately win. So who fights the hardest for the invasion? The other fucking Communists! (with a capital "C", unlike Obama's buddy Bill Ayres who chose the small "c".)

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SybilDefense Fish Gone Bad Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:06 Permalink

I was wondering how much "we" are charged for all those silver space blankets doled out one per customer, in Texas, in Summer, so the immies don't catch cold. $30-$50/? ($3 cost).  And that's just one trinket in the welcome to Democrat-ocracy box.  The left cares so much for black, brown and all other babies, except the ones that are growing in Americans, that they are all for killing with curettage every "whoops".  The left want the ability to plan their family, but don't want you to have the ability to protect your family, to choose your neighbor, or to protect yourself from crime.

The Dem logo should be a Hippo instead of an ass, to represent the Hypocracy

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