Trump-Putin Summit To Take Place On July 16 In Helsinki

Update: And now we know the date:


Here is the official statement:

* * *

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts reported early Thursday morning that the White House and the Kremlin have decided on Helsinki as the location for the Trump-Putin summit, just as President Trump had suggested yesterday.

The capital of Finland was first reported as the most likely site for the summit last week, and Finnish President Sauli Niinisto has already confirmed that Finland is prepared to host the summit. Yesterday, National Security Advisor John Bolton hammered out details during a working lunch with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov before meeting President Putin. During their pre-summit meeting yesterday, Bolton and Putin reportedly discussed nuclear arms control, conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, the situation in North Korea and the Iran nuclear deal.

"Despite the political noise in the US," direct communications between Trump and Putin are in the "best interest of our country," Bolton said yesterday during a press conference in Moscow.

President Trump has pushed for improved relations with the Kremlin, even inviting Putin to the White House during a March phone call. Efforts to arrange the summit started to intensify in mid-June. Bolton said during yesterday's press conference that both Trump and Putin shared a belief that their face-to-face meeting will improve relations between the two countries.


Bolton also insisted that Trump and Putin will discuss "a full range of issues"  including arms control agreements, alleged Russian meddling and the possibility of Moscow re-joining the G-8.

The two sides have also agreed on a time and date for the summit - information that will likely be released on Thursday.



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It's because the accounts get banned, and the fuckers come back with a new name. This one only has one page of posts to date, so it's relatively new. I've added these type accounts to my favorite list so I can junk vote everything they post. And I've seen several get banned and not post any further. Then they come back with a new name and start again. 

You can tell when an account is banned by clicking on the persons name. If you get a quote, "you have no authorization to view this page", they've been banned. 

This account says they've been here two months, but they only have ten posts, all today. Makes me wonder if these asshats don't come on this site and request a bunch of accounts. Then when one gets banned, they already have another in the waiting. 

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You probably missed Kremlin's declaration about this:

-Russia is not interested in joining G7 again

-if the G7 countries feel the need to talk to Russia , they can come to Moscow

- together, in the G7 format, or separately , Moscow will talk to each of them

-if you think this this some type of the Donald "win", you are very much mistaken

This is throwing in the towel: US lost on all fronts.

Lost in Syria, where the country is almost liberated ;

-Russia said that ALL foreign troops must withdraw from Syria( this is regarding US mostly, as they are there illegally

-even if the US military did another heliborne operation in the SW and rescued two ISIS terrorists.

-the Houthis are resisting heroically in the SW of the country

-the NK deal was made between NK,SK, China and Russia:

Russia just announced that they are constructing the NK-SK corridor, the integration of both in the OBOR project, which is :

-a highway, started

-a railway, which will be linked to the Trans Siberian one

-and a gas pipeline

NK and SK are linked to OBOR.

-Libya is almost liberated from the NATO supported terrorists

-the Talibans are gaining in Afghanistan, despite the new surge done by the Donald

-Iraq just killed 45 ISIS terrorists in Syria, in coordination with Damascus , in that area protected by US, in Kurdistan( there was a high ranking military meeting in Baghdad recently, between Russia, Iran,Syria and Iraq)

-in Ukraine, where the US sent Javelins recently, the US ambassador visited the Donbass -Ukraine demarcation zone and asked Ukraine to "fight the Russian aggression" ; but Ukraine is approaching the collapse;

Russia hopes that the collapse of Ukraine will not happen 'til the end of the year, because in 2019, the Nordstream II opens, and Ukraine becomes irrelevant.

Ukraine is a hot potato that US will like to pass on Russia, but Russia feels that the damage done needs to be repaired by the real perpetrators, US and EU

So, you see : it's LOST. LOST. LOST.LOST. LOST.LOST

After so many losses, US needs to try to "win" something(obtain ) something.

And this is what this meeting is all about.

PS: whoever is interested , I posted an article about Obama's presidency vs Trump's presidency at my site ( it's a long one, I warn you); I'm drawing the Houthi fighters' portrait, probably publish in 2-3 days




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Well done NSA Bolton, well done! Out of curiosity, where was this diplomatic side of yours all these years? You almost seem human with this rediscovered personality on display, still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping you don't relapse.

In other news, Andrew Napolitano, a much respected legal luminary, broke down the immigration issue succinctly that immigrants, legal or otherwise, once on US territory, are entitled to the protection of US law, and I concur, because what makes the USA unique, not exceptional mind you, is the equal protection her laws provide to everybody.

That being said, let us delve down deep, into the conundrum facing us now. President Trump has asserted, that like it, or not, the US borders will be protected from illegal incursions, nothing wrong there, that's part of his job decription. He has determined to build a wall, in pursuit of that objective, and to deport illegal immigrants, and that's the conundrum, so I'd like you to pay attention, as we delve into rational problem solving techniques.

As judge Napolitano asserted, immigrants, once in the USA, are entitled to legal protection and due process, irrespective of costs to the government.

President Trump, understanding this, has asserted that in order to reduce liabilities to the government, from illegal immigration, requires the building of a wall, and the adoption of a "zero tolerance" policy, with regards to illegal immigration.

So my friends, here's where the rubber meets the road!

On one side, you have requirements of law, on the other side, you have requirements of law enforcement, what to do?

Let's start with requirements of law, it is absolute! No wiggle space there!

How about requirements of law enforcement? Here's where innovative tactics can be deployed! First, in my opinion, the wall, is unconstitutional because it infringes on the liberty of Americans and yet, the border must be defended!

Second, illegal immigration must be robustly discouraged and yet, immigrants on US territory must be granted legal protection!

Now, the elephant in the room, is why is there this massive flood of immigrants, risking everything, to emigrate to the West? The answer provides a long term solution to the crisis.

In the immediate term, what is to be done?

Let us be rational, and admit that for now, the most vulnerable sections of the border, need a defensive wall, like it, or not! It's a national security issue. Let us also admit, that temporarily, it might cost the public treasury, some serious coin, to simultaneously employ more legal resources, to expeditiously dispose of immigration cases. Then let us soberly admit that the USA needs to critically modify her foreign policy from one of hegemony and destabilisation, to one of cooperation, and stabilisation, especially of weak, and poor nations, not through overt or covert interference, but that of friendship, assistance, and development, and not out of pure altruism, but rational, and pragmatic understanding of self and national preservation.

Having said that, how do we immediately stanch the flood of immigrants, legal and otherwise, seeing as law constrains possible actions? This my friends, is the dilemma of governance, the tension between law (Republic), and politics (Democracy).

We would not have been in this dire existential situation, if the Rule of Law had not been abrogated in favor of imperium and that my friends, is why we have to RESTORE THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC! THE BIMETALLIC AMERICAN REPUBLIC!...

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veritas semper… Scipio Africanuz Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:07 Permalink

"Equal protection for everybody under the law."

Isn't this redundant? Shouldn't justice be exactly that, implicitly?

I'll tell you why they come here:

This is what happens when an Empire collapses: the periphery goes first.

Those are countries which were recipients of the  US democracy and freedom spreading( Monroe doctrine) ; destroyed. Their shithole is worse than ours.

The periphery of an Empire collapses first, then it hits the center.

Here , these desperate people receive help : free houses, money, free hospital access, a lot of benefits from " anchor babies".

If US and the Donald want to solve this, the truth must be the starting point.

What they did, separating children, creating a Heaven for pedophiles, is disgraceful.

Regarding The Donald- Putin meeting, read my reply to Looney's post.


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