Police Warned Multiple Times About Annapolis Shooting Suspect; Gazette Employee Took Out Restraining Order

The suspect in Thursday's deadly newsroom shooting had been reported to the police on at least two occasions by journalists at the paper, and that a restraining order had been taken out against him, according to a former Capital Gazette employee.

Jarrod Ramos, 38, sued The Gazette and two of its journalists in 2012 for defamation over a July 2011 article about Ramos harassing and threatening a former High School classmate on Facebook.

“He seems to think there’s some sort of relationship here that does not exist,” said the woman in a harassment case she filed against Ramos. “I tried to back away from it, and he just started getting angry and vulgar to the point I had to tell him to stop.”

After his case against The Gazette was thrown out, a Twitter account associated with Ramos was used to send hostile, threatening tweets at Gazette employees and the judge in his case. The account had remained dormant from January 2016 until Thursday - minutes before the shooting, when he wrote "Fuck you, leave me alone @judgemoylanfrnd" - to an unused Twitter account which appears to have been created by Ramos in 2016. 

Police notified

Former Gazette employee Joshua Stewart tweeted Thursday night "I can say with complete certainty that a @capgaznews employee had previously told @AACOPD [Anne Arundel Police] about concerns regarding the suspect in today’s shooting on #Annapolis," and that "in addition to warning the @AACOPD about the suspect, another @capgaznews employee warned the @AnnapolisPD [Annapolis Police] as well."

In another tweet, Stewart says that another reporter at The Gazette was granted a restraining order:  

Five people after Ramos allegedly stormed The Gazette on Thursday. Despite having damaged his fingertips, making fingerprint identification impossible, he was identified after Thursday's shooting using facial recognition software according to AP. Ramos was found hiding under a desk after the attack, in which he was reportedly armed with a shotgun and a backpack containing fake grenades, smoke bombs and flash bang devices.

Acting Police Chief William Krampf of Anne Arundel County called it a targeted attack in which the gunman “looked for his victims.”

“This person was prepared today to come in, this person was prepared to shoot people,” Krampf said.

Journalists crawled under desks and sought other hiding places in what they described as minutes of terror as they heard the gunman’s footsteps and the repeated blasts of the shotgun as he moved about the newsroom. -AP

Circling the wagons

After Gazette employee Chase Cook took to Twitter to say "I can tell you this: We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow," Several journalists from other outlets offered to help the Gazette during the disarray - from phone calls to emails to help on reporting. Those offering to help include Katie Rosman of the New York Times, journalist Jonathan Katz and Jonathan Schieber of TechCrunch. 

Meanwhile, Bloomberg employee Madi Alexander set up a GoFundMe account for the Capital Gazette with a goal of $30,000. 

After getting in contact with someone who worked for the Gazette, Alexander decided to organize a fundraiser through GoFundMe. As of Thursday evening, the page had raised $14,290 toward a $30,000 goal. Alexander, who doesn’t know anyone on staff at the newspaper outside Annapolis, started with a $10,000 goal and increased it at the urging of GoFundMe. -Capital Gazette

“I can’t stop shaking because I cant’t stop thinking about how this could be any one of us,” said Alexander, 26, a Bloomberg Government data reporter. “There’s nothing to keep this from happening to any newsroom or newspaper across the country.”

“Our hearts break for our colleagues in Annapolis and we want to do whatever we possibly can to help them pay for medical bills, funeral costs, newsroom repairs, and any other unforeseen expenses that might arise as a result of this terrible shooting,” the page says.


Hours after the shooting, The Gazette managed to publish lengthy tributes to each of the five employees who were slain in Thursday's attack: 

The Associated Press Media Editors also promised to help the Gazette, while AP also put out a call to newspapers nationwide to help the paper continue its coverage.


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You sound like that douchenozzle editor from Reuters who deleted his tweet basically saying the same thing...lol.  

"This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is on your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul.

At least four people killed in Maryland newspaper shooting: reports https://t.co/BXNOhj5BDx

— Rob Cox (@rob1cox) June 28, 2018

Are you Robbie Boi or just aother leftard sycophant? ;-)



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bluez TBT or not TBT Fri, 06/29/2018 - 11:26 Permalink

Maybe people here think people who threaten are mindless dolts. No they aren't, not quite.

If the police crack down on every odd threat, the real potential killers will rapidly adapt by simply ceasing to threaten. Then the police will not know who to look for when they strike, and they will not be able to guage the degree of danger.

We definitely do not want that!

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HarryKallahan Ghost of Porky Fri, 06/29/2018 - 12:05 Permalink


60 seconds is bullchit.  Dispatchers spend more time than that asking stupid questions before sending cops.


If they were really that close, how did they let a guy walk across the parking lot of a big office building carrying a SHOTGUN ?


Further, a journalist hiding under his desk reported that the shots were fired, then they stopped, and then the police came in.  This was over before the cops got there, however long that took.  That's why there was no gunfight.




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The phrase, "warned multiple times" means they were warned 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, or twelve times, not 3, 5, 7, 13, or 15 times, and so on, because you cannot get 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, or 15 as a product of multiplication no matter what whole numbers you use. This misapplication of word meanings is a good example of how ignorantly law enforcers typically --though not always-- do things.

"Warned several times", would be correct, or "Warned numerous times", or "Warned five or six times". There are several better choices.

"While reading a book last night, I turned multiple pages", would be peculiarly incorrect usage. Even the extremely informal locals around here don't use words in such ways. And yes, I do like them, by the way.

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I'd say he ignored the restraining order with a vengeance 

The narrative is shifting:

Anyone who is perceived as a threat must have their 2nd amendment rights revoked.

Everyone is so easily triggered, and they haven't been able to ban firearms, so they'll gradually reduce who can legally possess them, until nobody can legally possess them.

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Agree.. imagine the relief of the women who was stalked by this creep living in Maryland and not fully capable of exercising her 2ndA rights, being told that guns kill when in fact it is instead unstable people whom do so.  Yeah that restraining order, liberal judges, deciding to ignore felonies in high school, all of that is what the liberals preach and the cause of the problem.

But the women he stalked had to take him to court and then what?  Hope??? Hope that a cop would show up later to clean up the mess?

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"I'm 100% certain that if Trump had not said "The press in the enemy of the American People", that Ramos would not have taken Joe Biden's advice to "Buy a shotgun" and then use it to kill these "Friends of the American People".



"July 2011 article about Ramos harassing and threatening a former High School classmate on Facebook"

That's what this is all about? A FaceBook Post?

What liability does FaceBook assume here?

Some loser harasses another loser on FaceBook and this is "news" worthy of the effort of TWO reporters?


Ramos had loose screws.

The Press "targeted" Ramos.

Ramos returned fire; literally.


Why is it that Trumps words have consequences but the (Liberal) Press' words do not?


These people are dead not because of Trump....but because they tried to TURN A PROFIT from the postings of a lunatic on Facebook!

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A retraining order or even a protective order is worth as much as the paper it's written on sadly.

Those news people should have hired their own armed security and also considered cc. NEVER count on police. They of all people should have read about all the times recently police and fbi have been warned REPEATEDLY about these wackos and they did nothing.

The Cowards of Broward are a good example.

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So we have progressive state mandated death--no right to defend yourself. The progressive state says you must die when faced with criminals who would do you bodily harm. Aren't progressives wonderful people? The same progressives who spit, stomp, scream and shout to be able to murder their own unborn babies, go figure. Progressives really are the face of death.

So these poor victims and their families made the ultimate sacrifice for the progressive team. Like all the school children gunned down by criminals --denied the same right to self defense by progressives.

I wonder if the victims would ( if allowed a do over) choose to be terrified/blasted/killed at close range by a criminal with a shotgun or would they want to be able to shoot their attacker and live?

Is that a tough decision?









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