Samsung Phone "Bug" Secretly Sent Photos To Random Contacts

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ or the Note 8, you better be careful: Because those nudes your girlfriend sent you just might end up in the inboxes of your friends and family, too. Though hopefully this glitch will soon be fixed, as Samsung is reportedly scrambling to fix a bug in its messaging service that is causing photos to be sent without the user's authorization.

As the Inquirer pointed out, perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the glitch is that the (inadvertent) sender likely won't be aware that the photos were ever sent, unless the recipient tells them.

One user reportedly had his entire photo gallery sent to his girlfriend in the middle of the night, and others have taken to online forums with similar complains, according to Sputnik.


If you or someone you know owns one of these phones, here's how to check whether you've been impacted by this glitch:

If you want to check if it has already happened to you, take a look at the log files for your device in your phone account. That's the easy bit - it's not showing up in message history on devices, but your carrier will still be delighted to bill you for it, so that's a good place to start.

That's not to say that it's a carrier issue, by the way, it looks like a bug in the most recent update of the app. And it's not the first time that Samsung Messages has borked either.

And if you have been impacted, here's a temporary fix that should hold until Samsung releases a patch:

If you want to workaround until there's a fix, go into the permissions for Samsung Messages (in the settings menu of the phone) and turn off the phone's permission to access the storage from your phone. That should nip it straight in the bud.

Samsung hasn't officially acknowledged the bug - at least not yet. And it's unclear when a fix will be available.