The United States Withdraws From The World

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The United States has decided to no longer participate in the United Nations 47-member Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The number one reason cited by U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley was that the council is unfairly critically focused on Israel.

The United States had already left the U.N.’s cultural organization UNESCO last October, the last straw reportedly being when the organization named the city of Hebron on the West Bank a Palestinian World Heritage site, which Israel declared to be unacceptable. At that time, the number one reason cited by Haley for the withdrawal was that the organization was too critical of Israel.

Haley has also made a number of other comments relating to the United Nations and Israel. Immediately upon taking office she complained that “nowhere has the U.N.’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel” and vowed that the “days of Israel bashing are over.” In February 2017, she blocked the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to a diplomatic position at the United Nations because he is a Palestinian. In a congressional hearing she was asked about the decision: “Is it this administration’s position that support for Israel and support for the appointment of a well-qualified individual of Palestinian nationality to an appointment at the U.N. are mutually exclusive?” Haley responded yes, that the administration is “supporting Israel” by blocking every Palestinian.

There is clearly a disinclination on the part of the Trump Administration to support multinational bodies, evident in the rejection of climate, trade and non-proliferation agreements. Complete withdrawal from the United Nations is not unthinkable in the current climate, though the Democrats and some moderate Republicans would no doubt strongly resist such a move.

In my opinion, the United Nations is a dystopian mess but it is better to have it than not as it provides a forum where nations that otherwise cannot meet are able to do so and discuss transnational issues. And it should be conceded that the U.N.’s inability to actually function is largely both structural and bureaucratic due to the veto power given to the Security Council’s five permanent members, a function that Nikki Haley has repeatedly used to stop resolutions that might be offensive to the United States or Israel.

Beyond that, Haley’s constant citation of concern for Israel gives strength to the suggestion that there is something unnatural about its bilateral “special” relationship with the United States. In the Middle East in particular, Israel would seem to be driving U.S. policy, particularly vis-à-vis Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Israel is intent on continuing political chaos in Syria lest there be a threat to its continued occupation of the Golan Heights and has warned about possible preemptive action in Lebanon to punish Hezbollah. It also wants the United States to deal decisively with Iran. By all accounts, those agendas are proceeding very well as Washington has been regularly threatening Iran and last week vowed to take military action if Damascus seeks to recover territory in the Syrian southwest that until recently was held by terrorists.

It is difficult to discern what the joint United States-Israeli strategy might be towards the United Nations and other international bodies. Neither has recognized the authority of the International Criminal Court in The Hague for fear that its own senior officials might be arrested and tried for war crimes. To be sure, both countries are protected against any serious challenges in the U.N. itself by the American veto power over the Security Council, which alone has the authority to mandate sanctions or peacekeeping operations.

But the U.S. withdrawal from U.N. agencies is, if anything, a sign of weakness rather than strength. If Washington were indeed confident in its own brand of international leadership it would welcome the opportunity to sit on panels and help shape the views of other countries with which it has a politically neutral or adversarial relationships.

That it does not choose to do so suggests that there is an understanding that what Washington is selling no one is buying.

The complete isolation of the United States at the United Nations and also elsewhere, to include G-7, was exhibited recently during June 1st votes at the U.N. Security Council. A resolution sponsored by Kuwait seeking an inquiry into the Israeli killing of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza and a motion by Haley seeking to blame Hamas for the deaths both were voted on. Haley’s was the only vote against the former and the only vote in favor of the latter. She predictably commented afterwards that “Further proof was not needed, but it is now completely clear that the U.N. is hopelessly biased against Israel.”


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The US's relationship with Israhell is not "unnatural". It's rather "ungodly".


It FULLY supports:

- its APARTHEID regime

- its constant THEFT of Palestinian land (incl. Jerusalem)

- its CRIMES vs humanity.


WARNING: Disturbing Images


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REPHRASED "US People 'withdraw" from pond scum elitists  who write these editorial headlines"

Worldwide middle class, working class citizens reject globalism and will soon elect ethical politicians, and blow this media bluster into smitherines.

Israel, moderate Muslim and MAGA-Christian interests are in perfect alignment. Must be the same think tank that tried to ignite US race war, and promotes anti-Israel propaganda.

Anti-Israel troll farm very active during this time slot. No one impressed.

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Truth is, the world doesn't give a flying fuck about us. What they care about is the billions of free dollars, euphemistically called "foreign aid" that we hand out by the planeload.

What they're really pissed about, is that our POTUS is pulling the plug, and all of a sudden they're going to have to make it on their own. 

[You can almost hear the world wide chorus of "Ain't no sunshine when your gone..."]

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Who cares about alliances... all they want is fuckin money and stab us in the back in the long run anyways...


Screw em...


Besides, we can wipe anyone out that we please at any time, by REMOTE even... fuck em...


And fuck the jews... thats the ONLY so called "alliance" that needs to really be flushed down the toilet badly but hey, gotta have somewhere to land a few million troops at when we turn the middle east into a glass parking lot...

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Never saw any reason to treat backstabbing, blood sucking euro-peon governments as our equals anyways. They're not.

And as far as this hemispheres backstabbing, blood sucking governments, build the damned wall and air drop those incarcerated illegals onto the rooftop of the presidential palace of Mexico and give them a heads up it's going to happen and defy any Mexican government attempt to shoot down one of our planes while we do it. 

They came in through Mexican territory, they can go back through it.

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I think you mean its all the world has left of honest politicians who care more about their own citizens than the fake globalism that will destroy the social fabric of humanity.

Or perhaps you would like to live under a EU type fascist government and be arrested for merely typing your opinion such as on this forum.

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Who gives a shit about Israel or the whole middle east for that matter. The UN has NEVER prevented any of the 70+ wars since it was founded. The people of NYC would be better served by converting those buildings into multistory parking garages than having some fly-by-night suspicious-sounding "united nations" in midtown Manhattan. 

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so dear author...what nation cannot make contact with any other.  phones planes email.

The UN is diabolical.  The IMF is diabolical.  The WHO is diabolical.  The World Bank is diabolical.

now we need to destroy the BIS, Make Bilderberg illegal for our politicians.  Destroy the CFR, Royal Society of London.

Club of Rome and put AIPAC in its place.  The €U is disintegfrating on its own so we can save our breath there.

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