As Manafort Battles FBI, Mueller Gives Flynn Another Unexpected Reprieve

Recent developments in separate cases against former Trump officials Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn have left many scratching their heads.

On Friday, Politico reported that the Associated Press may have tipped off the FBI to a storage locker that the bureau then raided, according to an FBI agent who gave an unexpected testimony at a federal court hearing in Alexandria, Virginia.

A meeting last year where Associated Press reporters discussed with federal officials the news outlet’s investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s finances may have led the FBI to a storage locker the bureau raided, an FBI agent testified Friday. -Politico

Congressional investigators have inquired into the April 2017 meeting between AP and officials from both the DOJ Criminal Division and the FBI. 

Manafort's attorneys have sought to suppress the materials obtained through the searches as part of a broader attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation.

In response to an earlier question about how the FBI became aware that Manafort had a secret storage locker used for all of his business-related files, FBI agent Jeff Pfeiffer said "Either through my investigative efforts or through a meeting that occurred with reporters of The Associated Press." 

Present at the meeting with the Associated Press was Mueller investigator Andrew Weissmann - who is also a top prosecutor in the Criminal Division's Fraud section.

It was Weissman’s presence in the meeting with Associated Press reporters that first generated interest from congressional Republicans. In a January letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes indicated he was interested in obtaining “records related to the details of an April 2017 meeting between DOJ Attorney Andrew Weissmann … and the media.” The disclosure of the meeting in Nunes’ letter led to speculation among Trump allies that Weissmann had aided the reporters’ stories. -Politico

AP's director of media relations, Lauren Easton, confirmed that AP journalists met with DOJ officials "in an effort to get information on stories they were reporting, as reporters do," and claimed that the journalists asked the DOJ about the storage locker but never identified its location.

Following the FBI's meeting with AP, Manafort assistant Alex Trusko eventually helped federal officials obtain access to the locker and consented to its search. While Manafort's attorneys have argued that Trusko lacked the authority to grant access, he was listed as the "occupant" on the locker's lease, and he had a key to it. 

Flynn gets another reprieve

Meanwhile, special counsel Mueller has asked for yet another delay in the sentencing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to court documents filed on Friday - the third such request

Mueller's team asked for two more months before scheduling his sentencing - with a request to file another status report by August 24. 

“Due to the status of the Special Counsel’s investigation, the parties do not believe that this matter is ready to be scheduled for a sentencing hearing at this time,” reads a joint status report filed on Friday in a D.C. federal court. 

Flynn worked on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election and was briefly Trump's national security adviser before being fired for misleading Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian officials. While an incoming national security director communicating with Russia would be absolutely expected - Flynn's statements to White House officials and the FBI led to his firing and subsequent prosecution by the special counsel. 

McCabe didn't think they had a case

In May, an unredacted House Intel Committee report revealed that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told Congressional investigators that the FBI had virtually no case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, and "The two people who interviewed [Flynn] didn't think he was lying[.]" 

"[N]ot [a] great beginning of a false statement case." McCabe told the Committee. 

The same House Intel report revealed that James Comey contradicted himself in a Fox News interview when he denied telling lawmakers those agents thought Flynn was telling the truth, when in fact he did. Meanwhile, there has been an unconfirmed rumor that McCabe instructed agents to alter their "302" forms from the Flynn interview, effectively changing their written accounts. 

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has been zeroing in on the Flynn interview - demanding the 302 forms, as well as a sit-down with Special Agent Joe Pientka who Grassley revealed as the second FBI agent in the Flynn interview aside from Peter Strzok

Grassley demanded a transcribed interview with Pientka - who would be able to testify as to whether or not McCabe had him alter his 302 formwhich would send things nuclear.

Thus far, the DOJ has told Grassley to pound sand...


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"Meanwhile, there has been an unconfirmed rumor that McCabe instructed agents to alter their "302" forms from the Flynn interview, effectively changing their written accounts."

Lesson learned: whenever consenting to an interview with the FBI, make sure to conduct it in your own lawyer's office, and have your lawyer videotape the proceedings. Then make two copies of the tape, and put one in your safe deposit box.

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Nothing but talking points bullshit comes out of your mouth "Freeze This"

I can't really expect anyone to agree with me on any one issue but I think it is fair to expect you to have done your homework and put something useful up on the board.  But you?  Your score is ZERO. A big fucking goose egg.  I'll bet the people around you know it too.  

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Yep, also I would add that any wrong doing will be covered first as needed for National Security, since we know that is abused all the time now. Do something illegal? No problem, it's a matter of National Security.

Let's not forget about the Flynn judge that met with Stroke and Page at the Cocktail party they hosted. Why was that needed? 

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The only reason they delay is most of the crimes these spooks have committed have 5 years before the statute of limitation takes effect.

Clapper is off the hook, as of last March, for lying to Congress.

Telling Grassley to pound sand, is just prolonging the investigation, they hope for 5 years, and Grassley may just be part of that plan, as controlled opposition. 

Nearly no one who lies to Congress under oath is ever prosecuted, unless your lying about something important, like steroids and Baseball.

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Better idea is to upload the files on the Blockchain. Let the FBI raid all of your safety deposit info without them knowing about the real documents that are locked on the Blockchain. Let the prosecuting attorney grill you and once that attorney believes he has won the case, now is time to let your defense attorney present evidence from the Blockchain showing that the prosecuting attorney just committed perjury. Have the judge dismiss your charges and order the Bailiff to immediately take the prosecuting attorney into custody as he awaits sentencing, 5 years in prison.  

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Manafort was planted in the Trump campaign, as a means to discredit it. 

Check out Manafort's connections to the Podesta Group and foreign governments.

Trump's allies at NSA and DOD were aware of the plot and permitted it to reach fruition while gathering evidence, then promptly removed Manafort before he could damage the campaign.

Months later, the left and the media were happy to claim Manafort's scalp (even though his misconduct had absolutely nothing to do with Trump).  However, Mueller's ongoing investigation of him presents a real risk for Manafort's allies in the DNC and the deep state. 

Why is Mueller's investigation the danger, when Trump and his allies already possess evidence of the infiltration?  Because if that evidence is presented to the public by Mueller, who has been praised as a wise, fair, tough-minded and even-handed savior by the left and the media for over a year, it is more likely to be accepted by the public than if the evidence were presented by Trump or his allies.  



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Hey Frozen Titties, I wanted to ask you, how is it you’re always one of the first to comment? You sit waiting for each article to come out so you can spit out some nasty, ignorant and uneducated comment to rile up the masses? Either you’re being paid to troll here or more likely you’re a pathetic loser that has nothing better to do with your life than to sit on Zero Hedge clicking the refresh button over and over waiting for that next article you won’t completely read so you can insult people you don’t know. 


Either way . . . Sucks to be you!

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Just like the guy here always says "Tyrannical Lawlessness" is EXACTLY what all of this is.

Slow Walking


Double Standards

Law does not apply to us...

This shit has got to stop....

Side note....I am so so happy that Trump gets to swing the Supreme Court for decades to come.  These libs on MSNBC are having a shit fit.  I hope he picks Brett Kavanuagh....this looks like the one that will make the Lib/Dems...have the biggest shit fit X10.

Another SIDE NOTE:  I listened to Maxine Waters give her speech at the PROTEST today via XM Radio....I was fortunate to be driving when she came on.  What a Fucking lunatic.  This Maxine is the dream come true for the Republicans....and a nightmare for dems, because they can't shut her up.  Today's speech was 10 minutes of PURE Maxine..."IMPEACH 45"  Amazing.


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Yet another day passes and yet another Prime example of the absolute, complete, open in our Faces Tyrannical Lawlessness.

Debbie is not going to say one word. Her brother Steve Wasserman, Assistant U.S. Attorney, will keep her informed of every step of the investigation, and if it looks like its getting to hot, she'll be on the next flight to Tel-Aviv. This whole thing will get buried, as it most likely involves the blackmail of, and breach of US National Security by several dozen Idiotic democratic members of Congress. No doubt these pakistani spies are somehow tied to Zionist, Isreali intelligence.



*Attention - The Awans & Pakistani ISI are only "sub contractors" for Hillary (CIA since young/operative/ratline field commander) & Israeli Mossad (Debbie Wasserman, Weiner, Shumer & any other affiliated Zionist Jews). Both the CIA (Rockefeller>Kissinger down the line to CIA-op Hillary/all presidents except Trump) + Israel (Rosthchild) & Mossad (Rothschild private intel/military army) have compromised and co-opted the White House/US Presidency, US Congress, US Senate and much of state government. 


Both CIA & Mossad farm out dirty work ops to other international Intelligence agencies & military, as well as criminal organizations in order to created a spider web of hard to prove 3rd, 4th, 5th party connections to their illegal operations in order limit their exposure to being outed by real journalists like the dead Michael Hastings. 


Pakistan ISI, the Muslim Brotherhood or any other seemingly bad actors have 'not' infiltrated and taken over Congress nor anything else. The Awans and the Pakistani ISI were 'invited' & brought here by Mossad-Anthony Weiner & Mossad-Debbie Wasserman-Schultz here to run operations for CIA-international-crime-boss-Hillary Clinton.

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Michael Flynn was illegally entrapped  by corrupt FBI agent Peter Strozk. McCabe illegally altered the 302 form.

Rod Rosenstein knows about this entrapment and approved of it because hes a key player in the coup attempt of President Trump. That's why Rod is stonewalling Congress's request for documents!