Match Made In Hell: Bayer-Monsanto Partnership Signals Death Knell for Humanity

Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On what plane of reality is it possible that two of the world’s most morally bankrupt corporations, Bayer and Monsanto, can be permitted to join forces in what promises to be the next stage in the takeover of the world’s agricultural and medicinal supplies?

Warning, plot spoiler: There is no Mr. Hyde side in this horror story of epic proportions; it’s all Dr. Jekyll. Like a script from a David Lynch creeper, Bayer AG of poison gas fame has finalized its $66 billion (£50bn) purchase of Monsanto, the agrochemical corporation that should be pleading the Fifth in the dock on Guantanamo Bay instead of enjoying what amounts to corporate asylum and immunity from crimes against humanity. Such are the special privileges that come from being an above-the-law transnational corporation.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing Bayer did after taking on Monsanto, saddled as it is with the extra baggage of ethic improprieties, was to initiate a rebrand campaign. Like a Hollywood villain falling into a crucible of molten steel only to turn up later in some altered state, Monsanto has been subsumed under the Orwellian-sounding ‘Bayer Crop Science’ division, whose motto is: "Science for a better life."

Yet Bayer itself provides little protective cover for Monsanto considering its own patchy history of corporate malfeasance. Far beyond its widely known business of peddling pain relief for headaches, the German-based company played a significant role in the introduction of poison gas on the battlefields of World War I. 

Despite a Hague Convention ban on the use of chemical weapons since 1907, Bayer CEO Carl Duisberg, who sat on a special commission set up by the German Ministry of War, knew a business opportunity when he saw one.

Duisberg witnessed early tests of poison gas and had nothing but glowing reports on the horrific new weapon:

“The enemy won’t even know when an area has been sprayed with it and will remain quietly in place until the consequences occur.”

Bayer, which built a department specifically for the research and development of gas agents, went on to develop increasingly lethal chemical weapons, such as phosgene and mustard gas. “This phosgene is the meanest weapon I know,” Duisberg remarked with a stunning disregard for life, as if he were speaking about the latest bug spray. “I strongly recommend that we not let the opportunity of this war pass without also testing gas grenades.”

Duisberg got his demonic wish. The opportunity to use the battlefield as a testing ground and soldiers as guinea pigs came in the spring of 1915 as Bayer supplied some 700 tons of chemical weapons to the war front. On April 22, 1915, it has been estimated that around 170 tons of chlorine gas were used for the first time on a battlefield in Ypres, Belgium against French troops. Up to 1,000 soldiers perished in the attack, and many more thousands injured.

In total, an estimated 60,000 people died as a result of the chemical warfare started by Germany in the First World War and supplied by the Leverkusen-based company.

According to Axel Koehler-Schnura from the Coalition against BAYER Dangers:

 “The name BAYER particularly stands for the development and production of poison gas. Nevertheless the company has not come to terms with its involvement in the atrocities of the First World War. BAYER has not even distanced itself from Carl Duisberg’s crimes.”

The criminal-like behavior has continued right up until modern times. Mike Papantonio, a US attorney and television presenter discussed one of the more heinous acts committed by this chemical company on Thomas Hartmann’s program, The Big Picture: “They produced a clotting agent for hemophiliacs, in the 1980s, called Factor VIII. This blood-clotting agent was tainted with HIV, and then, after the government told them they couldn’t sell it here, they shipped it all over the world, infecting people all over the world. That’s just part of the Bayer story.”

Papantonio, citing Bayer’s 2014 annual report, said the company is facing 32 different liability lawsuits around the world. For the 2018 Bayer liability report, click here.

Before flushing your Bayer products down the toilet, you may want to put aside an aspirin or two because the story gets worse.

One of the direct consequences of the ‘Baysanto’ monster will be a major hike in prices for farmers, already suffering a direct hit to their livelihood from unsustainable prices.

“Farmers have already experienced a 300% price increase in recent years, on everything from seeds to fertilizer, all of which are controlled by Monsanto,” Papantonio told Hartmann. “And every forecaster is predicting that these prices are going to climb even higher because of this merger.”

Yet it’s hard to imagine the situation getting any worse for the American farmer, who is now facing the highest suicide rate of any profession in the country. The suicide rate for Americans engaged in the field of farming, fishing and forestry is 84.5 per 100,000 people - more than five times that of the broader population.

This tragic trend echoes that of India, where about a decade ago millions of Indian farmers began switching from farming with traditional farming techniques to using Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds instead. In the past, following a millennia-old tradition, farmers saved seeds from one harvest and replanted them the following year. Those days of wisely following the rhythms and patterns of the natural world are almost over. Today, Monsanto GMO seeds are bred to contain 'terminator technology', with the resulting crops ‘programmed’ not to produce seeds of their own. In other words, the seed company is literally playing God with nature and our lives. Thus, hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers are forced to buy a new batch of seeds – together with Monsanto pesticide Round Up - each year and at a very prohibitive cost.

But should the world have expected anything different from the very same company that was involved in the production of Agent Orange for military use during the Vietnam War (1961-1971)? More than 4.8 million Vietnamese suffered adverse effects from the defoliant, which was sprayed over vast tracts of agricultural land during the war, destroying the fertility of the land and Vietnam’s food supply. About 400,000 Vietnamese died as a result of the US military’s use of Agent Orange, while millions more suffered from hunger, crippling disabilities and birth defects.

This is the company that we have allowed, together with Bayer, to control about one-quarter of the world’s food supply. This begs the question: Who is more nuts? Bayer and Monsanto, or We the People?

It’s important to mention that the Bayer – Monsanto convergence is not occurring in a corporate vacuum. It is all part of a race on the part of the global agrochemical companies to stake off the world’s food supplies. ChemChina has bought out Switzerland’s Syngenta for $43 billion, for example, while Dow and DuPont have forged their own $130 billion empire.

However, none of those companies carry the same bloodstained reputations as Bayer and Monsanto, a match made in hell that threatens all life on earth.


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Who let the progressive into the newsroom?

Oh! I see. It's an educational piece on logical fallacies.

If you really think they will take over the world, best buy their stock now. As it goes up you will more and more be able to afford healthful food.

Faeriedust brianshell Sun, 07/01/2018 - 08:05 Permalink

Uh, my dear consumer of corporate propaganda crap: "no till" is a method promulgated by Monsanto to sell more Roundup.  "No till" saves water (for industrialized agriculture in states where water has to be piped in artificially) by covering the ground with a mat of plant fibers that sprouts weeds in abundance if not drenched with herbicides.

Tilling is an ancient and honorable method of agriculture which manually removes weeds and thatch to provide a clean seedbed in which weeds can easily be recognized and eliminated without the use of poisons, also reducing the cover and support which weeds provide to insect pests thereby reducing the need for other pesticide methods.  Of COURSE corporations such as Bayer, Monsanto, and Dupont don't want you using this tried-and-proven method for growing food without forking over billions of dollars for their products.

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Mr. Universe Faeriedust Sun, 07/01/2018 - 10:55 Permalink

I think there might be more than one way of realizing a no-till garden. Permaculture techniques promote building up of the soil not depleting it with constant tilling. Tilling depletes the organics in the soil and eventually turns it into a lifeless void requiring massive amounts of chemicals to grow anything. This is the mono-culture way of big agribusiness. It's only purpose is to produce the most amount of income for the least cost, quality (and nutrition) is not a factor. Oh, and squeezing out the small farmers so eventually they will own it all and can say who will eat and who will you have your microchip embedded yet?

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Talk to Dave Brandt of Ohio or Gabe Brown of North Dakota along with many other experienced farmers and ranchers along with a growing list of academics who have proven the no-till cover crop agriculture is far better than these current methods.

Go from 1% to 7% carbon organic matter, reduce the runoff to as little as nature allows, understand that the symbiotic fungus is what is important in the soil. It really is the hero of no-till cover cropping. When soil is plowed and harrowed, the fungus is largely killed so each season it must start all over to achieve a bond with crops. That is a net negative and over time destroys the soils.

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Instead of forming a symbiotic relationship with the soil, gee we call it earth, agribusiness treats it a substrate, nothing more.  Pump it full of ammonia and let it all run into the Gulf of Mexico, adding to the dead zone they created.

Is it really profit that drives them all or is there something more sinister behind it? Feeding the world isn't much of an issue except for my opinion that living in a metropolis of 6 million is way too many people.

These corporations know no honor, or tomorrow.  Instead they ever chase the carrot of fiat dollars for their Demonic masters. Indeed, for the love of money is the root of all evil.

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And all the others, as in the NWO, there will no longer be any need for this puppet show farce of 'separation'... all companies will be 'merged'.. and monopolies are all that will exist in their NWO.... assuming they can control the chaos they create... which isn't something they think possible... they aren't used to being out of control... .they don't like it... same as they don't like others that don't submit to their authority.

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Your irrational hate of Israel sticks out as a plank from your eye socket.

Bavarians were a core part in Roman Empire and the Papacy. They are 95% Catholic and love their Pope. They produced many Roman/Papal emperors.

Last Pope was bavarian Pope Benedict, real name Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger. He shares the same middle name as in Alois Hitler. He was born in Marktl, a little bavarian town near Munich. Off topic, yet this gives you a hint who Hitler really was. Just as who Merkel is today. German Christians are the victims. Just as the Roman empire crucified Jesus.

Vatican is still in control. The seat of Satan is right there. The Vatican runs the world through the UN and locally through the EU and all of the secret societies. Esau stole the head crown of Nimrod the king of Babylon and the Pope is wearing it. It writes "Vicarius Filii Dei" on it. Who is the Babylonian satanic ruler today? Some supposed fake-Jews or the King of Vatican? Who has the babylonian crown? The Pope. Certainly not Israel. They are busy planning to build a 3rd temple, eventually to find out that they had missed Jesus.

Reprobate minds are fooled and deceived, because they rejected the love of the truth, which is Jesus.

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Second that, having gone from the suburbs to the country myself.  My college hippy friends who wanted to go Back To The Land always decided at each turning that they would be too far away from bars, libraries, schools, friends, family, or now, high-speed Internet.  They come to visit, help with the crisis du jour, get DIRTY, and eeeekkk! The bugs!!! and go running back to the city to take a shower.  For someone raised at deskwork, this life is HARD.  I had to settle for half-and-half, and keep a job in the city to pay the bills.  That makes work on the land go at a snail's pace since I'm away so much.  

The difference between someone who can do and those who can't becomes palpable over time.  Even at work,  now, everyone instinctively turns to me when there's trouble, whether it's a big, ugly bug on the carpet or an angry customer at the door.  Hard work makes you stronger in a lot of different ways.  Highly recommended.

Forty acres for a family with enough to spare for woodlot, fallow, and a cash crop for a few luxuries.  Four acres per person for survival.  One acre will get you started, grow your fresh vegetables but not your staple meat and grains, and provide a safe supplement to the corporate food chain.  There are plans made up in the 19th century for basic vegetable garden production on as little as 1/4 acre (which is why that's a standard suburban lot).  ANYTHING is a start, a safety-net, and a budding alternative to taking whatever Bayer-Monsanto wants to feed you.

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I read a worse story on Bayer. It seems that the company sent a large shipment of bird flu vaccine to the US that was discovered by an alert lab technician to have been contaminated with HIV. When the US sent it back Bayer then sent the shipment to Africa and Asia. Add this to the blood-clotting medicine story - Bayer seems to have a lot of HIV virus in stock they need to get rid of. lesson is never accept a treatment from their labs. ever. 

Not Too Important scribe1 Sat, 06/30/2018 - 21:21 Permalink

Are you referring to the story of a US company, Baxter, shipping vaccines contaminated with bird flu virus across the planet?

'Baxter Caught Shipping Vaccines With Live Avian Flu Virus To 18 Countries Worldwide'

Oh, no, here it is:

'Bayer Knowingly Sold HIV-Contaminated Vaccines, Say Internal Documents'


Whew, for a minute there I thought something might be wrong.


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Mr. Universe JimmyJones Sun, 07/01/2018 - 20:49 Permalink

From the Baxter link...

In 2006 it was revealed that Bayer Corporation had discovered that their injection drug, which was used by hemophiliacs, was contaminated with the HIV virus. Internal documents prove that after they positively knew that the drug was contaminated, they took it off the U.S. market only to dump it on the European, Asian and Latin American markets, knowingly exposing thousands, most of them children, to the live HIV virus. Government officials in France went to prison for allowing the drug to be distributed. The documents show that the FDA colluded with Bayer to cover-up the scandal and allowed the deadly drug to be distributed globally. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.

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For much of the 20th century global population was increasing faster than food production. 

By the 1970s the situation appeared dire. 

The green revolution bought the world a 50 year respite. 

GMOs will buy perhaps 20 additional years. 

Where we go from here is very ugly indeed.