Is One Man About To Collapse German Politics As We Know It?

Authored by Jorg Luyken via The Local,

On Sunday the Christian Social Union (CSU) are set to meet to vote on whether to back Horst Seehofer in his plan to turn asylum seekers back at the German border. If Seehofer follows through, the move will have incalculable consequences for German politics.

What is the problem?

Germany's conservative parties are a little like two crime families who work together as long as one stays off the other's turf. This has worked out pretty well over several decades as the CSU have sat in power in Munich, while the CDU dominated politics on the federal level.

There were unwritten rules to their collaboration though. Whereas the mafia (at least in the films) drew a line at bringing drugs into the country, the unspoken code of German conservative politics was: no immigrants (or at least, not too many).

When Angela Merkel decided not to close the borders as thousands of refugees crossed the border in 2015 she broke this rule. Ever since then the ageing boss of the CSU, Horst Seehofer, has been seething. Throw into the mix a hot-headed upstart who is challenging Seehofer's grip on power in the CSU and you not only have the ingredients for a ropy Hollywood movie, but also for real-life German politics.

Now Interior Minister, Seehofer has loudly declared that Germany has been too soft in applying EU law on asylum seekers. He was set to publish an “asylum masterplan” a little over two weeks ago, which would have given him the power to stop migrants coming into the country.

But Merkel bluntly rejected the proposal.

Ever since then conservative politics in Germany has been in a state of meltdown. Seehofer claims he can't understand why Merkel rejects what he describes as a technicality, while Seehofer has been accused of putting Bavaria's interests above those of Germany and Europe.

And with state elections coming up in Bavaria in the autumn, there is every reason to believe that Seehofer and the young upstart Marcus Söder aren't thinking about much else other than what goes on inside their own territory. 

The upshot of the controversy was that Seehofer gave Merkel two weeks to find a deal on migrants with other EU countries, otherwise he would shut the border whether she liked it or not.

If he goes ahead, decades of peace between the conservative clans will come to an end. Seehofer will force Merkel to fire him and their Bundestag alliance will be over. A pitched battle for power will commence in the build up to Bavaria's autumn elections. Things could get very messy.

Time is up

Seehofer's deadline is up this Monday. On Sunday, the most important members of the CSU will come together in Munich to discuss what steps they'll take next.

In the meantime, Merkel has been wringing every last inch of guile out of her political neckerchief in an attempt to get European deals signed that stave off the threat of a rebellion from down south.

The first success was announced early on Friday morning when she managed to secure a surprise agreement between the 28 EU member states on migration.

The states agreed to set up closed migrant centres, which would be hosted on a voluntary basis. People rejected for asylum would “be returned” from these centres, while genuine refugees would be taken in by states on a voluntary basis.

But the agreement was thin on the ground on details on the crunch issue for Seehofer, so-called “secondary migration”, a phrase which refers to migrants moving around within the EU. The agreement only contains the vague statement that “member states should call on all necessary internal lawful and administrative processes in order to prevent such movements, and should collaborate closely on this issue.”

Then later in the day Merkel could announce bilateral deals with Spain and Greece, committing them to taking migrants who German border police detain at the border. The big one, Italy, remained elusive, though. Most asylum seekers who reach Europe come through Italy - and Merkel has been unable to get Rome to commit to a bilateral deal.

So will Seehofer pull the trigger?

One fundamental reason why the CSU have been so agitated is that another organization has been aggressively muscling in on their patch. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) have managed to be more populist, more anti-immigrant and more reactionary than the Bavarians - and in doing so have stolen a whole heap of business from Seehofer and his gang.

Polling shows that the AfD are on course to win 14 percent of the vote in Bayern, a result which will drag the all-mighty CSU down to their worst score since the 1950s. The days of absolute power will be over.

So the temptation is clearly there: pull the trigger and show the Bavarian beer halls that you don't take orders from Berlin.

If only it were that simple, though. Were Seehofer to close the border to migrants, thus pulling down the government and ending the alliance with the CDU, Merkel's party would swiftly move onto his patch.

And polling shows that many Bavarians are secretly crying out for freedom from the yoke of one-party rule.

A poll released on Friday by Forsa showed that 54 percent of Bavarians who voted CSU at the last election would swap to the CDU if they had the choice. That poll suggested that the CDU would win 33 percent of the vote in a Bavarian state election.

Meanwhile well over a third of Bavarians told Forsa that the CSU are the single biggest problem in their state, above the number who said refugees are Bavaria's biggest headache.

Meanwhile a powerful alliance of business leaders has closed rank behind the Chancellor.

The country's four most influential industry associations on Friday released a common statement which denounced Seehofer in no uncertain terms.

“What we need now is a stable and resolute government that works together with its European partners constructively and calmly,” the statement read. “The German economy is convinced that acting only out of national interest will do more harm than good.”

So will Seehofer close the border and risk an all out battle for power in Bavaria? Only he knows that - and on Friday he was staying silent. A spokesperson said that he was refusing to comment on the EU migration summit. He would wait instead to speak to Merkel in person.


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According to Reuters, Merkel listed 16 countries, including some of those most outspoken in their opposition to her open-door refugee policy, which had agreed to take back migrants.

Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic agreed to this plan, because they were never “the first EU country the Rapefugees set foot in”. Here’s the map of Europe.

This is truly hilarious, especially on Victor Orban’s part – why not agree to the “plan” that will bring ZERO Muzzies into Hungary?

Merkel was clutching at straws. Instead, she’s got a fistful of somebody’s pubes.   ;-)

Hey, Seehofer, put your Lederhosen on and kick the bitch out already!


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CSU is not the party to plunge the dagger in Merkels ass. Therefore, crawdaddy is right with his "no". Seehofer is a smart but weak person, no leader. He hardly recovered from a heart attack last year. He is an exemplary carreer politician,  exactly that type of person you absolutely DON'T need in times like this.

CSU, his party, has supported Merkel all along. Their current hard-line attitude is pure tactical as they fear losing their absolute majority in the state of Bavaria in the elections this fall.   

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IMHO it would be strategically in the interest of Seehofer and the CSU to let the coalition collapse.

Left wing Bavarian voters (i.e. in favour of rapefugees, the EUSSR, the wealth transfer scheme called the €uro) won't vote CSU anyway, while more conservative voters (limiting migration, tougher position against the EU and the Euro) will walk away to the AfD.

In the short term the CSU will probably take a beating regardless, but IMO the CSU only has one choice if they want to survive politically in the long term: 'die Flucht nach vorne antreten' (= 'grab the bull by it's horns' / 'attack as a means of defence')

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Seehofer is an oportunist.  He happens to be on the correct (right) side of this issue but only because it serves him politically and he has a unique talent of knowing which way the wind is other words, what we all have know for a long time.

Globalism has had its day and the Merkel overreach was just too blatant.

But is he single handedly doing this?  NO FUCKING WAY.

AfD is way ahead of him as is  Austria, Poland, Hungary, Italy (suddenly), Slovenia....

The globalist goose is cooked.  I just hope its proponents fall into the fire for that last turn of the spit.

They tried doing this stealthily and undemocratically..That is their crime. , let the punishment fit it.

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politics move slower than a rape refuge can find another victim. 

now try to extract the roaches. 1/2 half of euro is destroyed culturally.

be so much fun when they organize into terror cells and start imposing allah is great,

backed by the koran( law), all whilst have 6-8 children on welfare.

sun is setting to a dark era across eurofrica

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Merkel is hell bent on destroying Germany and the ethnic German majority.

More than that - she is hell bent on destroying ALL European nations as 'her' policy to bring immigrants in en-mass hides the fact that, once given EU citizenship (with, probably, only a cursory check on validity), these gimmegrants will be free to move anywhere they wish, regardless of individual states 'rules'.

Still, the gimmegrant issue pales into insignificance when you start to talk EU finances...... which will bring the edifice down first?

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This isn't just about Europe.  Globalist one world oligarchs, plutocrats and those like hilary are all seeking to wipe out Caucasians, and some Caucasians are leading the Charge!!

With Racist Jews like Ignatiev and Lerner, how can all Caucasians not resist with their superior power (for now)?


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MERKILL-the-German-folk on 2nd April 2018 signed Germans' Death Warrant IN SECRET:

MERKILL-the-German-folk has just sped up the process to destroy ethnic-European Germany according to the Kalergi Plan, by now focussing on Black Africans (many of whom still practice cannibalism today) to invade and pour into Germany (and MANY other European nations) -

she has just signed on to the Final Destruction Of The German People - THE (newly signed) MARRAKECH DECLARATION, signed together with numerous ethnic-European nations and numerous African nations of north, eat, west and right down to central Africa -

TO FLOOD BLACK AFRICANS EN MASSE RIGHT THROUGH TO 2060 INTO GERMANY (and other European nation signatorees):

1) "THE GREATEST BETRAYAL SO FAR - THE MARRAKECH DECLARATION - Share the hell out of this!" (quick video by Brit Girl)


2) Snouts in the Trough (good summary)

How We've All Been Betrayed By Politicians, Bureaucrats and Bankers:



3) Rabat Process: Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development:


WE, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of the Interior, of Integration, in charge of Migration and high representatives of the following countries:





High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship; and high representatives of the Economic Community of West African States Commission;and Algeria and Libya as observer countries;

MEETING the 2nd MAY 2018 in MARRAKESH.....(for the rest see link)


Now this anti-White pro-race-mixing advertising makes even more sense!


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Hungary and Czech denied to have agreed to take back anyone. The Merkel administration says no, they have agreed to this. So now there is a little bit confusion. 

BTW, Seehofer has his balls removed long time ago. He will do exactly nothing, except to lick Angelas boots and curl up under her desk.

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These Insiders running governments all lie to the peoples. How can they actually admit "we are genociding the White Race worldwide so be quiet and accept it". No, they have to lie in our faces whilst keeping the process moving forward.

On 2nd April 2018 Traitor liar governments of Poland and Czech Republic BOTH signed the SECRET evil Marrakesh Declaration to flood their nations with Blacks from all over Africa. (see my post higher up for details, proof, and links). If they were so squeaky clean as they imply they never could have signed this.

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And yet, that is exactly what the treaties say: the refugees must be managed by the FIRST country they enter.  Why any border country ever agreed to that is a mystery, but they did, and now they don't like it.  This is also why the CSU is concerned about secondary migration, they want the "refugees" to stay where they enter.  But Italy and the others can hardly live with that, nor will the refugees, they want to go to Germany and Sweden. So even if they agreed to it, it won't work.


All they are doing is delaying the solution, and that just makes the problem bigger.

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Germany has been toast since the Zionist Jews defeated them with their ganging up upon the small country in BOTH World Wars and have run them into the ground ever since. Not only is it time to put America first and Germany first again. It is time to put Israel first now. How? 


No borders and flooded with immigrants? ISRAEL FIRST. 

No atomic weapons? ISRAEL FIRST. 

No "preemptive" aggressive wars? ISRAEL FIRST. 

Five G invasive damaging technology? ISRAEL FIRST. 

Fluoride in the water? ISRAEL FIRST. 

Aluminum in the air? ISRAEL FIRST. 

Smart cities of 1984 control grids? ISRAEL FIRST. 

Dumbed down Protocols of Zion's schools? ISRAEL FIRST. 

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American non-Jews infiltrating and controlling the Mossad? ISRAEL FIRST. 

American non-Jews serving in the Israeli government and calling the shots? ISRAEL FIRST. 

False flag 911 events carried out in return to Israel? ISRAEL FIRST. 


The time has come to put Israel first all right. First right into line in the back of the line. It is time to make this nation walk the line rejoined with humanity as the Satanic Jewish religion is finally burned down to the ground and the psychosis, the supremacy affliction, is cured. The time is at hand to grab this runaway screwed up Sauron false bandit asshole Rothschild nation by the short hairs and put an end to crazed holy book fantasies gone to hell in a real world that will no longer allow it. 

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Excellent post, Socrates.  We must fight the international bankers' ZIONIST WORLD DICTATORSHIP from hell. And that includes the British and European Royalty bloodlines who are completely intermarried with Jewry (titles for Jews, wealth top up for aristocracy = marriage made in hell).

Hitler was dead against war as he admired the British Empire and saw the British as kith and kin - which they are. Hitler himself was a young soldier in WWI - decorated for bravery - Hitler in WWI WAS GASSED BY THE BRITISH. Hitler prevented his military annihilating the British at Dunkirk and allowed them to run off unharmed to the dismay of his Generals who were trying to fight a war)

"THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD" fantastic series on true (censored) facts about Hitler and about WWII:…

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