Armed Clashes In Iran As Guiliani Calls For Regime Change: "End Is Near"

Protests in the southern Iran city of Khorramshahr turned into an armed confrontation with security forces early Sunday, resulting in injuries among protesters and police, with conflicting reports that one or more demonstrators may have died.

Screenshot from social media video taken in the city of Khorramshahr showing armed clashes with police. 

Iran's state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) confirmed the clashes in the historically restive Arab-majority city after large protests over clean water shortages in the region began Friday, and after 3 days of economic protests in Tehran resulted in the temporary closure of the Grand Bazaar early last week.

Though the AP confirms that gunfire erupted in Khorrmashahr, it reports multiple injuries and no fatalities as "online videos appear to show Iranian security forces shooting at protesters."

However Saudi-owned Al Arabiya reported four deaths among protesters on Saturday, and BBC Persian cited at least one death based on an eyewitness account. The Times of Israel echoed regional Arabic press and cited four deaths during the protests.

Meanwhile the AP emphasizes that police were primarily on the receiving end of the violence while citing Iranian media:

Gunfire erupted as Iranian security forces confronted protesters early Sunday amid demonstrations over water scarcity in the country's south, violence that authorities said wounded at least 11 people, mostly police.

While difficult to verify the exact nature of what's being shown, multiple social media videos from the clashes purport to show shots fired by police into crowds of demonstrators, and elsewhere armed men opposing police, including a scene of a man wielding an assault rifle on a motorcycle.

The dramatic footage of overnight events in Khorramshahr has pro- and anti-regime activists debating who is to blame for the violence; however, it's clear from video footage being circulated by both sides that some among the demonstrators were armed  though it should be noted that some activists claim the armed group in the motorbike screen are actually plain clothed security forces.

Regardless, the video confirms shots fired by both sides, and that at least some among the opposition were armed. 

Another angle showing armed elements clashing with security forces, including a man who appears to be shot and dragged away by others

BBC Persian shows civilians fleeing tear gas, and other clips of automatic fire erupting as well as fires being set along roads. 

Arab Gulf media, especially networks based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia gave close coverage to what they dubbed "regime change" protests.  

Police deployed tear gas, but in other videos there appears to be an exchange of gunfire, which protesters blamed on security forces. 

Demonstrators can be seen attacking a police vehicle, and there are conflicting reports of at least one dead among those protesting the regime.

Heavy machine gun can be heard in multiple videos posted to social media showing different locations purportedly within the city of Khorramshahr. 

Iranian state media and opposition media activists traded blame for a blaze which engulfed a museum in Khorramshahr over the weekend.

The unrest comes amidst an economic crisis sparked by President Trump's decision with withdraw the US from the Iran nuclear deal and heighten sanctions, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani saying last week his country is in a "fight" with the US, blaming the attempt to collapse the JCPOA for "an economic war" fueling Iran's current crisis. “The US cannot defeat our nation, our enemies are not able to get us to their knees,” he said in response to the growing demonstrations.

Currently, a dollar is worth as much as 90,000 rials compared with 65,000 rials before President Trump announced he would pull out from the deal, and compared with 42,890 at the close of 2017. Thus the official government-set exchange rate of 42,000 rials to $1 has been quickly surpassed in the black market, which fueled mass protests in Tehran and reportedly in merchant districts of a few other cities last week. 

The weekend protests in Khorramshahr in particular, which lies about 400 miles southwest of Tehran, came after residents complained of salty, muddy water issuing from their taps during a years long drought.

According to a recent report by a recent report by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization, the last decade of drought in Iran has reached crisis levels: "Although Iran has a history of drought, over the last decade, Iran has experienced its most prolonged, extensive and severe drought in over 30 years," the report reads. 

Elsewhere in the country hundreds of deaths have recently been reported based on water poisoning during sporadic outages and shortages — a situation which could get worse due to heightened US sanctions as in some instances the government has failed to properly chlorinate and purify city water supplies.  

Meanwhile, events appear to be unfolding in similar fashion to the early phase of protests that gripped mostly provincial cities and towns across Iran in January. While the last week of protests appear isolated and primarily driven by local and regional factors, and fundamentally by the tanking economy, protest videos increasingly show people chanting "death to Khamenei" in reference to Iran's Supreme Leader. 

And notably, the last week has witnessed mass power and internet outages across the country, as Newsweek reports: "Power outages have hit Tehran this week as protests rocked the Iranian capital due to economic woes, which have seen the country’s currency fall rapidly in recent months".

This weekend's significant clashes in Khorramshahr occurred simultaneously with a major annual conference hosted Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) — an organization synonymous with the controversial opposition group in exile, Mujahideen e Khalq (MEK)  considered by Iran and many other countries as a terror organization (and not long ago by the US State Deptartment, though delisted as a terror group under Obama 

The MEK has for years received broad financial and political support from within the Washington mainstream, with dozens of sitting Congressmen and notable US politicians having attended their international conferences on an annual basis. 

Rudy Giuliani said at the NCRI/MEK conference on Saturday that Trump will suffocate Iran’s “dictatorial ayatollahs” and indicated that new sanctions were aimed at regime change. 

"Next year at this time I want us to have this convention in Tehran" Guiliani told the "Free Iran" convention:

“I can’t speak for the president, but it sure sounds like he doesn’t think there is much of a chance of a change in behavior unless there is a change in people and philosophy,” Giuliani told Reuters at the event in Villepinte, north of Paris. 

“We are the strongest economy in the world ... and if we cut you off then you collapse,” he said while referencing the recent protests in Iran. 

“Anybody who thinks the Ayatollahs are honest people is a fool. They are crooks and that’s what Europe is propping up ... murderers and sponsors of terrorism. Instead of taking an opportunity to topple them they are now left propping them up,” Giuliani said referencing is longtime stance supporting regime change in Tehran. 

With the weekend protests in Khorramshahr devolving into a major armed clash with authorities, and with Iran regime change rhetoric among Western political leaders back in the spotlight, we could be witnessing the opening act of much more to come. 



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Here is the piece I don't get.  

From the point of view of actually having the Iranian government collapse (rather than posturing about it), my strategy if I were a NeoCon (I'm very much not, but for hypothetical...) would be to step back and let events unfold organically.  Assuming these protests are legit, which is possible given that we're talking about actual water shortages which will make people desperate and radical, then the Iranian government has a serious problem on their hands.  Thinking of wanting them gone, let them fry in this serious problem.

The one thing I wouldn't want to do as an evil NeoCon is to provide the Iranian government a convenient distraction and scapegoat for their problems.  With the US shooting its mouth off all the time - in this case Giuliani - this lets the mullahs say: "Look!  It's them.  They are telling us they're attacking us, and see what's happening?"  If I were in the street in Iran, I'd find it very easy to believe my real enemies were the US.  There's plenty of precedent for sure...

It's like virtue signaling, but instead it's 'empire signaling'.  This seems stupid to me?  Thoughts anyone?

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evoila Billy the Poet Sun, 07/01/2018 - 14:41 Permalink

The MEK?  LOL -- nobody in Iran supports the MEK except maybe the few idiots who are willing to sacrifice themselves to Western and Israeli intelligence services.


The difference this time is that Iran is on its heels economically, but the mullahs are not the Shah. They're not going to get on a plane and leave the country.  Listen to Bob Baer interviews on Iran.  The JCPOA route didn't work, proving the hardliners correct. Now you will see the hardliners plan of action start to unfold. 

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FBaggins Klassenfeind Sun, 07/01/2018 - 16:17 Permalink

The US-led Anglo-Zio axis has spent billions already in the Iranian destabilization effort like they did prior to the Syrian war. Bolton in now in Moscow trying to persuade the Russians with inducements and threats to allow the Western axis control of Iran. If Iran falls to the dominance of the axis after we kill a few more million with our insurgents, bombings, destruction of their infrastructure, etc. then huray we can continue the US-based, petro-dollar, protection-racket ponzi scheme for another 5 or 10 years?  Do this and the rest of the would will bury us.    

If Putin goes along with the proposals he will be marked for as big a stooge and Trump. 

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you know they … tmosley Sun, 07/01/2018 - 15:01 Permalink

You really are detached from reality. How can you be ok with regime change over "separation of church and state", when our best buddies are Saudi Arabia and Israeli, both run by the most radical religious nuts ever.

Even here in America, the separation is but a farce, when you consider all the current rules and laws influenced by the majority christian makeup of our local, state, and federal governments. And yes, I could make a very long list of laws primarily in place only because of religious beliefs.

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Heros CogitoMan Sun, 07/01/2018 - 16:51 Permalink

This is hybrid war with full spectrum dominance.  Financial war, spying, subversion, embargoes are a given.  But there are loads of technologies we don't know about.

There already was that Windows virus Israel and the US used on their nuclear enrichment centrifuges.

Right around the last protests there were a series of earthquakes, Iran is very vulnerable.

Then there is the odd chemical plant fire.  Recently I believe an Iranian oil refinery caught on fire.

Chemical weapons false flags are a reliable standby too.

Viral warfare would also be a possibility.  The US has already accused Cuba and N. Vietnam of Microwave warfare.

But most of all there is the steady drip, drip, drip of Mossad psyops.

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sparkadore CogitoMan Sun, 07/01/2018 - 17:18 Permalink

Haarp.  Weather control.  Not fiction!  Iran under worst drought ever...hmmm.

Brasil also had extra hot and drought weather for years until the elected government fell to CIA stooge...and suddenly the weather is fine.

Do you think for a moment if the powers that be decided to ruin Iran stopping the rain would be one great easy first step and avoid accountability. 

And yes, our government (US) would if it could and does manipulate weather since the 60's.  See Vietnam war.  

MAGA by stopping the serial destruction of whole cultures and countries.

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Heros Billy the Poet Sun, 07/01/2018 - 13:43 Permalink

"Are the water shortages related to US sanctions?"

No, he said water poisoning. 

"Elsewhere in the country hundreds of deaths have recently been reported based on water poisoning"

What group of people is famous for poisoning wells...

Poisoners, an archived Twitter thread:

"26. One report has it that a Hebrew letter found in Parthenay in 1321 and translated by a 'converted' Jew was said to reveal a huge plot of the Jews, the lepers, and the Saracens of Spain to destroy the whole Christian population of Europe by poisoning the wells."

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omniversling Billy the Poet Sun, 07/01/2018 - 19:55 Permalink

Good question...can 'softwar' sanctions be applied by EMF? You betcha...

See the subject of atmospheric heaters raised by Iranian VP here:…

Also being used in the US:

See "Owning the weather by 2025" here: (Raytheon: "Deprive your enemy of Battlefield comfort")

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 - PDF eBook - Air Force 2025…

Much research, docs and patents here:

Why in the World are they Spraying:



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elephant SofaPapa Sun, 07/01/2018 - 13:22 Permalink

Here's a thought.  Iran is #7 on the list of NeoCon/Israeli targeted countries leaked by General Clark.  The US is somewhere capitalizing on discontent and instigating upheaval.  It really would not surprise me if the US could exacerbate drought via HAARP.  Regardless, in any country, there are people who feel marginalized and can be manipulated into open revolt.  I don't think Iran will go down as did Libya.

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detached.amusement elephant Sun, 07/01/2018 - 13:33 Permalink

does ANYONE else around here remember Obama in 2009 throwing Iran's color revolution under the bus and calling them illegitimate, while every other country that has had some sort of "color" revolution, Obama was right up there saying "we must support a people's right to decide their own fate"...

Iran was the one actual grassroots campaign, they saw what was going on in other countries and figured they'd have been told the same and gotten some support.  Instead, Obama's doing pallets of cash deals and keeping Iran under the mullahs.

always at war with eastasia

there has to be a few observant people around here, no?

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cro_maat detached.amusement Sun, 07/01/2018 - 13:48 Permalink

Yep, economic blockade from USSA and weather manip to extend a damaging drought and then fund Gladio cells [MEK] and add lots of political MSM hysteria and bluster calling for regime change - hmmm... looks like someone has a plan and they are getting to a new exciting stage in their project.

Now which stock (manipulated by HF algos linked to MSM and altmedia leaked anti-Iran narratives) to buy/sell for the win!


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The Ram SofaPapa Sun, 07/01/2018 - 13:31 Permalink

Well, the US has been the real enemy in Iran.  First, by placing its puppet the 'Shah' on the throne, then by actively trying to stop the Islamic revolution in the late 70's.  Of course, all this back fired, and Iran ended up with an even more radical regime.  I suspect that this is a color revolution of sorts with the US and Israel somewhere lurking in the shadows.  Don't expect anything good to become of it.  The US Defense establishment has a way of fucking up things much more than if the MIC had just let nature take her course.  

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Bay Area Guy SofaPapa Sun, 07/01/2018 - 13:35 Permalink

I agree with you 100%.  If the US could keep its fucking mouth shut once in a while (and I'm going back to presidents from both parties on this), the religious Iranian government would have fallen years ago.  But we keep providing them with the boogeyman time after time after time and the mullahs use that to their advantage.

Of course, that could be the whole point.  Keep the mullahs in power so that the US MIC has a perpetual enemy that it can steal money from the Federal Treasury.

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Scipio Africanuz SofaPapa Sun, 07/01/2018 - 14:00 Permalink

The rioters are Iranian antifa, dancing to the tunes of foreign elements, using economic hardship as excuse. Iranians in general, understand the score, fires will be doused, sense will prevail, talks will begin soon, old friends will reacquaint, divisive wedge will be sidelined, and commerce will heal wounds. Sound will lower, fury will mellow, the lion will fly again, and the white crowned eagle will regain its wings...

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Ms No chestergimli Sun, 07/01/2018 - 14:59 Permalink

Just remember all of the complete idiots and trolls on here over the years that insisted that this was just run of the mill Muslim violence, when now we have western ally SA openly calling these things "regime change protests". 

All they were doing was trying to normalize the complete takedown and chaos in the ME that has bankrupted us and will total Europe.  This was never normal until it became a decades long CIA Mossad war against peoples everywhere.  Fuck I hate stupid people.

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wildbad SofaPapa Mon, 07/02/2018 - 02:46 Permalink

The water situation is a HUGE theme in Iran.  The gummint there is 100% responsible for a policy that ensures that agricultural companies have all of the water they need for export crops hwile people are drinking piss.  The government cannot get out of its economic death spiral and this is the "pressure from outside" that is currently being employed by the US.

The mullahs are corrupt and authoritarian and controlled but thier end is nigh.

They have turned IRAN into a third world nation with a 97% literacy rate.  Doctors and engineers pumping gas and baking bread.  No jobs at all.  Most Iranian who could leave have already left. 

I'm willing to be that this time the army sides with the population and that they will cut a real deal with the central banksters to help them out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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general ambivalent Free This Sun, 07/01/2018 - 14:59 Permalink

Remember this. The retards who support ZioDrumpfism are no different than the Left: they identify all their enemies as the Left.

Remember BLM calling Trudeau a white supremacist terr'ist? Well, it goes the same with these zioreddit retards. You will be an enemy unless you wear the six-starred elephant. And don't forget that these are the same scum who are calling for all non-zios to be sent to Gitmo and FEMA camps.

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shortonoil general ambivalent Sun, 07/01/2018 - 17:05 Permalink

This is just more Shiite/ Sunni crap. The US is dancing to a Saudi tune. The US will have dirt on its face, again, after the Saudis stab it in the back. MBS wants to get rid of the Iranians because when his Pokemon Village starts coming apart the Iranians will be right there to provide the piano wire. Persians and Arabs are like dogs and cats with a bad case of fleas fighting over a food bowl. It is just more retarded, and self destructive US foreign policy. The Middle East is pumped out, and if the US had one brain in its administrative head it would be out too. Let them kill each other, they have had 3,000 years of practice at it.

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