Leaked Emails Reveal Pro-Saudi Intrigue At 2016 GOP Convention, Attempts To Suppress 9/11 Documents

Late last week Middle East Eye published the bombshell contents of newly leaked emails which confirm that "the relationship between the Emiratis and the president’s [Trump's] inner circle was cemented earlier than previously thought." And this follows previous emails which we've reported on here

The new batch of emails shed further light on UAE and Saudi efforts to penetrate the Republican platform in 2016, which the emails show "was altered to remove a call for the publication of 28 pages of allegedly incriminating documents from the 9/11 inquiry" — and attempts to prevent Trump from making any remarks that could potentially embarrass Saudi Arabia, specifically (as one email reads) "the issue of her [Hillary Clinton] taking Saudi Arabian money".

Though the 28 pages were ultimately released in redacted form just days after the Republican platform battle, the new emails provide a deeper glimpse into how the Saudis are constantly maneuvering to keep the American public in the dark concerning their role in 9/11, as the opening lines of the 28 pages suggest"While in the United States, some of the September 11 hijackers were in contact with, and received support from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government..."

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Below is analysis of the new emails authored by Brian P. McGlinchey via 28Pages.org

L-R UAE National Security Adviser, Tahnoon bin Zayed, US Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed bin Salman attending an event. Image source: Middle East Eye

According to leaked emails obtained by Middle East Eye, an unnamed Republican Party figure orchestrated the defeat of a proposed 2016 GOP plank calling for the declassification of 28 pages on Saudi government links to the 9/11 plotters.

That individual then notified Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort of the plank’s defeat and claimed credit for providing instructions to “our political team” to kill it.

Manafort forwarded the news to Tom Barrack—Trump’s billionaire friend, surrogate and fundraiser—who notified Yousef al-Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States.

The behind-the-scenes communications seem to suggest that Trump campaign officials and associates, eager to strengthen their relationships with Gulf officials, supported efforts to thwart the release of the 28 pages even though candidate Trump had spoken favorably of it.

Months before the Republican convention intrigue, Trump implied he would release the 28 pages if elected, and suggested they could reveal Saudi guilt for 9/11.

At a February 2016 campaign event, Trump said, “It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center. We went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over…but it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center, because they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out.”

“Really confidential but important. Please don’t distribute.”

During proceedings of the platform committee at the July 2016 Republican national convention, the national security subcommittee approved a plank urging the release of the 28 pages. However, it was rejected when it went before the full platform committee.

Soon after, a Republican party source, whose name is not known, sent a self-aggrandizing email to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. In part, it read:

“Paul. Something you can pass along to your friend Tom Barrack. I made certain that language that was anti the Saudi Royal Family was removed from the platform. It was inserted by AIPAC lobbyists and would have been a part of the 2016 Platform. When I saw the amendment that was passed in the subcommittee, I gave instructions to our political team to remove the language in the full committee.”

The full email follows this story. Middle East Eye concluded that “Paul” is Paul Manafort via other context in the leaked email conversations.

After receiving news of the plank’s defeat from Manafort, Barrack—who later chaired Trump’s inauguration committee—forwarded it to al-Otaiba, calling it “really confidential but important. Please don’t distribute.”

Since the platform proceedings were carried live by CSPAN, Barrack’s request for confidentiality seems intended to conceal Manafort and Barrack’s support of the plank’s demise, as they quietly worked to curry favor with the Saudi-aligned UAE and the kingdom itself.

Manafort, who now stands famously indicted for a variety of charges that include obstruction of justice, conspiracy to launder money, making false statements, witness tampering and acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, was once a registered agent of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with many other regimes known for violating human rights.

“The emails will be of interest to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has widened the scope of his inquiry into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election to include whether the Emiratis and Saudis funneled payments to Trump’s election campaign,” writes Hearst.

His report also paints a picture of an increasingly warm personal relationship between Barrack and the UAE’s al-Otaiba. “You’re an amazing man,” gushed Barrack after al-Otaiba hosted him at a dinner that also included Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir. Barrack thanked his host for serving “irreplacable wine.”

The emails also illuminate Barrack’s project to mold Trump’s thinking about the region. “I would like to align in Donald’s mind the connection between the UAE and Saudi Arabia which we’ve already started with Jared (Kushner),” he wrote to al-Otaiba.

Saudi Guardians at the GOP Convention

If the unidentified Republican figure’s boast was truthful, then, by all indications, that person’s instructions to kill the 28 pages plank found their way to Steve Yates, a former deputy national security advisor to vice president Dick Cheney.

A member of the platform committee and then-chair of the Idaho Republican Party, Yates moved for the plank’s rejection and gave a brief speech heavy on fallacious arguments echoing those being contemporaneously advanced by Saudi-accommodating CIA director John Brennan.

Before it was voted down, two Trump-aligned members of the platform committee also spoke up against the plank:

  • Thomas Dadey, who co-chaired Trump’s New York campaign, was later named to Trump’s transition team.
  • Darcie Johnston, Trump’s Vermont campaign manager, went on to receive a job as a special assistant in the new administration’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Yates become an informal advisor to the Trump transition team, where he played a supporting role in Trump’s controversial receipt of a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s president.

Barrack Sought to Curtail Trump’s Exploitation of Clinton-Saudi Links

Hearst provided 28Pages.org with another email exchange not quoted in the Middle East Eye story, one that shows Barrack’s high interest in shielding Saudi Arabia from embarrassing comments by Trump on the campaign trail, and in making sure the UAE ambassador knew about it.

On June 22, 2016, Trump delivered a formal, high-profile campaign speech at the Trump Soho hotel in New York in which he attacked opponent Hillary Clinton, accusing her of corruption during her tenure as secretary of state.

On the same day, in an email to al-Otaiba, Barrack wrote, “I also made sure in his speech against Hillary today that he did not mention or antagonise the issue of her taking Saudi Arabian money! All good.”

Al-Otaiba replied, I think he did mention Hillary taking Saudi money :)”

The ambassador was correct: Trump said “Hillary took $25 million from Saudi Arabia…where being gay is also punishable by death.”

The Saudi-Clinton monetary connection was one of many dimensions of Clinton’s record that dampened progressive liberal enthusiasm for her, and thus contributed to the low Democrat turnout that proved fatal to her campaign. However, in Barrack’s own political and perhaps financial calculus, fully exploiting that dynamic apparently took a back seat to protecting the interests of Saudi Arabia.

Plank Not the Work of AIPAC

The unidentified Republican party member’s claim that the plank was the brainchild of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is not merely odd—given the under-the-table alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel—it’s also false.

The plank was introduced by delegate and Maine state senator Eric Brakey—and the language was personally drafted by me.

The libertarian Brakey contacted me after hearing my July 6, 2016 appearance on The Tom Woods Show, in which I discussed the growing, nonpartisan drive to declassify the 28 pages. He informed me of his interest in introducing a plank supportive of the cause and I drafted language for him to use.

Earlier this month, Brakey won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, and will take on incumbent Angus King.

Reached with news of the intrigue surrounding his plank, Brakey says, “It doesn’t necessarily surprise me. There’s a lot that happens (at party conventions) out in front for people to see, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If there were really powerful people trying to stamp it out, we must have been on to something, and we found out we were on to something when they were released.”

As it turned out, the 28 pages were declassified just days after the platform battle, albeit with many remaining redactions.

Among other things, the 28 pages revealed many troubling connections between the 9/11 hijackers’ support network and other people of interest to investigators and then-Saudi ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

However, thanks to a perfect storm of major competing stories, a comprehensive U.S. government campaign to downplay the pages’ significance, and the media tendency to report official stances with little or no questioning, their impact was muted.

“It’s kind of a shame they’ve been swept under the rug,” says Brakey.

Tom Barrack's Email to UAE Ambassador Yousef al-Otaiba Regarding 28 Pages Plank

Middle East Eye provided a copy of the content of this email to 28Pages.org.

From: Tom Barrack 

Sent: Wednesday July 13, 2016 8.02 AM

To: His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba


Really confidential but important. Please don’t distribute. Where are you this summer. Would love to get together

Sent from my iPhone

Removed from Platform


Something you can pass along to your friend Tom Barrack.

I made certain that language that was anti the Saudi Royal Family was removed from the platform.

It was inserted by AIPAC lobbyists and would have been a part of the 2016 Platform.

When I saw the amendment that was passed in the subcommittee, I gave instructions to our political team to revoke the language in the full committee.

The final report of the Platform Committee does not contain the language.

1. Saudi Arabia

a. Removed a section in the Platform that was inserted to embarrass the royal family. The section called for the release of 28 pages of sensitive documents gathered during the 911 investigation. The pages allegedly contain information that asserts involvement by the Saudi Government/Royals as related to the alleged Saudi funding of terrorists who were involved in the 911 bombings


I Am Jack's Ma… nmewn Sun, 07/01/2018 - 21:53 Permalink

It was inserted by AIPAC lobbyists and would have been a part of the 2016 Platform.





Of course (((nmewn))) uses ‘truther’ to describe anyone not buying the official story! 

Of course if the article was one of those absurd claims of Iraqi, no wait, Iranian involvement...  why, he’d be vociferous in his claims that the evidence* surely points to them.



*claims made by Zionists with no evidence at all.

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@JackMa & JSBach - You read that AIPAC rumor and you stop reading, so silly. Yet farther the author states:

Plank Not the Work of AIPAC

The unidentified Republican party member’s claim that the plank was the brainchild of the AIPAC is not merely odd—given the under-the-table alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel—it’s also false. The plank was introduced by delegate and Maine state senator Eric Brakey—and the language was personally drafted by me [author Brian P. McGlinchey].

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Count Cherep J S Bach Mon, 07/02/2018 - 01:38 Permalink

The Saudi crypto-Jewish "royalty" are scum, and may have been involved in some aspects of the 9/11 false flag, however to pin the blame on them is a red herring intended to divert attention from the main culprits:

red herring


2. something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

Word Origin and History for red herring


"smoked herring" early 15c. (they turn red when cured), as opposed to white herring "fresh herring." Supposedly used by fugitives to put bloodhounds off their scent (1680s), hence metaphoric sense (1864) of "something used to divert attention from the basic issue;" earlier simply "a false lead"...




Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Spinning Top of 9/11

13 years is a mighty long time. What can be said that hasn't been said a thousand times before? 

We know a few things. The official story is a 100% lie. It was a psychological operation against the entire world. It was an inside/outside false flag operation. The media is complicit in the cover-up. Treason lies at the heart of the event. There were some who benefited greatly, most did not.

Truth is out there. Somewhere. In spite of the so called truth movement which was part of the original planning and infiltrated from day one in anticipation of a great number of individuals seeing through the operation and speaking out. The perpetrators made a lot of mistakes, some so sloppy that they couldn't be totally hidden. Obfuscation worked to cloud reality. Cognitive dissonance became a new meme in an effort to stop truth in its tracks. There are those who sell themselves for a few nickels to act as deceivers, confusers, shills and trolls in the effort to divide us, to control us.

Yet we persist. We may not agree on all the specific points of the how but we get the gist. The whos in the criminal conspiracy are well known although there are some deep within the world wide central banking system that remain somewhat hidden under the layers of deceit.   

9/11 was the big lie of our time. It set the stage for more wars, more theft, an increasing police state and even more false flags and staged events.



{R.I.P. Kenny}


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Thanks, Jack, and I'll add:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Those Still Alive and Well

The death of Ariel Sharon is a grim reminder that most of the top level criminals never face the justice they deserve. They many times live long lives of profiting from the misery of others. 3 current old timer names head that list; David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and George HW Bush. Their time is soon to come but never fast enough. There is a long list of those who fit into the un-indicted category. The 103 below are suspects in 9/11, the cover-up and the resulting crimes against humanity that are ongoing. Are they to also live a long life without consequence? 

Other lists can be compiled which include top bankers, mega-corporate heads, leading politicians in virtually every country on the planet, religious fakes and media deceivers. Often refereed to as the elite, the Illuminati or new world order enablers, all of these people have names and faces. The faces of our true enemies. Name the names. Demand justice.




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CriticalUser I Am Jack's Ma… Mon, 07/02/2018 - 06:34 Permalink

You read that AIPAC rumor and you stop reading, so silly. Yet farther the author states:

Plank Not the Work of AIPAC

The unidentified Republican party member’s claim that the plank was the brainchild of the AIPAC is not merely odd—given the under-the-table alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel—it’s also false. The plank was introduced by delegate and Maine state senator Eric Brakey—and the language was personally drafted by me [Brian P. McGlinchey].

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stacking12321 Robot Traders Mom Sun, 07/01/2018 - 22:01 Permalink

So...when Saudi ambassador Bandar bin Sultan, aka "Bandar bush" for his closeness to the bush family, was found to have paid for the flight lessons for the 9/11 hijackers, and when president bush decided to keep that info (the 28 pages) Out the the public record, and when most of the hijackers were Saudi, youre still going to claim that Saudi Arabia is "just a distraction"?

we don’t have all the facts, but clearly there were multiple parties involved, and clearly the government narrative is false.

to attempt to boil the facts down to "the joos did it" and pretend everyone else has their hands clean, is a fairy tale for children.

its clear that bush, Cheney, and Giuliani are involved, if not in the initial planning, then at least in the cover-up.

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Handful of Dust stacking12321 Sun, 07/01/2018 - 22:08 Permalink

There's no doubt Bush was behind the attack or at least an indirect co-conspirator given that Condie Rice testified before Congress she told him several times about the impending attack and he kept ignoring her. He finally ran away to Camp David to escape Rice so she could not find him to warn him again. His father George senior had been in bed with the Saudis for years so he himself might have been the Kingpin behind it along with the other neocons like Perlman and Wolfowirtz.

He then allowed the plane of his Saudi accomplices to escape and ordered the fbi not to go near the plane.

The guy should have been indicted and hung at dawn.

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I Am Jack's Ma… stacking12321 Sun, 07/01/2018 - 22:15 Permalink

Yes flight lessons on prop planes with instructors who said they were absolutely terrible.

And what would Saudis gain from 9/11 and wars on Afganistan and Iraq?  How about the MIC and Israel?


September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job?


Three individuals with the van were seen celebrating after the initial impact and the explosion that followed [5]." The van was stopped by police a few hours later, with five young Israelis aboard: Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari. Physically forced out of the vehicle and pinned to the ground, the driver, Sivan Kurzberg, launched this strange sentence: "We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem [6].” Police sources who informed Paulo Lima were convinced of the involvement of the Israelis in the morning’s attacks: "There were maps of the city in the van with some of the points highlighted. It looked like they knew [...] they knew what would happen when they were at Liberty State Park [7]. Passports of various nationalities, nearly 6000 dollars in cash and open airline tickets to travel abroad were also found on them. The Kurzberg brothers were formally identified as Mossad agents. The five Israelis worked officially for a moving company named Urban Moving Systems, whose employees were mostly Israelis. "I was in tears. These guys were joking and that bothered me [8]," stated one of the few non-Israeli workers to The Record. On September14, after receiving a visit from the police, the business owner, Dominik Otto Suter, left the country for Tel Aviv.



No one disputes that the hijackers were Saudis. The Saudi angle however is used by people desperate to prevent the many more significant Israeli/Jewish connections.  Connections the 9/11 commission, led by a Zionist Jew, and described as ‘set up to fail’ by at least 1 person on that body, studiously avoided.


And yes, it required Cheney/NORAD complicity.

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el buitre I Am Jack's Ma… Sun, 07/01/2018 - 23:37 Permalink

No one disputes that the hijackers were Saudis.

I dispute it because there were no highjackers.  How did those Saudi's who couldn't fly a Cesna perform an impossible task of navigation that most of the top pilots failed at in simulators.  All these Boeings were set up with computers that could be  flown by remote with the controls to the pilot cut off.  That is a fact - they became drones at the appropriate time for the operation.  Most of the purported highjackers turned up alive in Saudi.  One was, in fact, a professional pilot, and he sued the US for defamation of character.

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opport.knocks el buitre Sun, 07/01/2018 - 23:53 Permalink

You are right of course, and the 28 pages (everyone following 911 details already knew what they contained) were just to cement the lie in the US public's mind and deflect attention away from the zio-neo-cons that pulled it off.

Bush congratulating Obama on the faked murder of Osama Bin "Dead for years already" was just more theatre. OBL had nothing to do with 911 and said so.

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nmewn Robot Traders Mom Mon, 07/02/2018 - 06:54 Permalink

I have and look at how far I've come with you guys...lol...instead of me just shutting up about it and "Moving On" I'm still willing to take the wrath, the innuendo, the scorn heaped upon myself from those who have been consistently wrong. 

We are now talking about factual evidence that it was indeed Saudi hijackers (because, ya know, it actually was) instead of holograms of jets crashing into skyscrapers that had been pre-planted with C4 for perfectly timed visual effect & then "nano-thermite" for the coup de grace hours later. 

Now I have good reason to believe "why" you guys chased every friggin wild rabbit let loose before you and it's all psychological, those rabbits fit into your worldview at the time, about Bush, about Israel, about the CIA, about oil, about "world domination" or any other myriad of fantastical rationalizations you had...you wanted to believe...they were not Saudi's...you wanted to believe...Saudi royalty did not finance all of it...that wasn't in your narrative template at the time, was it?

You actually had stewardesses and passengers TELLING YOU wtf was happening, in real time but still...you wanted to believe...that it was actually spook voice recognition software implanted at Verizon that was mimicking those voices or that cell phones and sky phones don't work because "that fit" your worldview at the time.  

There was never any thought among any of you that it could be a Saudi psyop posing as a Truther making all these wild accusations and to ultimately make Truthers look like fools in the future?

No, it must be ole nmewn because he's the one not willing to buy into any of this Truther-rabbit-chasing bullshit. It is nmewn that must be the psyop here because he's not stroking our collective confirmation bias and egos! Kill him! Burn him at the stake! He's a heretic! Probably a jooo too!...lol.

You people are a fucking trip. 

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LetThemEatRand nmewn Sun, 07/01/2018 - 21:58 Permalink

"Truther heads explode in 3...2...1 ;-)"

Why not "Trumptard heads explode..."?  Or is this more 3D chess to cover up the sins of Saudi Arabia?

As for 9/11 truther heads, I don't know many truthers who think Saudi Arabia wasn't involved.  It's more about how they were involved and in what, than whether.  Note that is has come to light in the last couple of years that Isreal and Saudi Arabia have all kinds of strategic deals with each other despite their supposed hatred of each other on religious grounds.  And it is well documented that Cheney and Bush were bigly friends with Saudi Arabia.

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Uchtdorf LetThemEatRand Sun, 07/01/2018 - 22:43 Permalink

It's time for all the big boys and girls to admit that there is continuous betrayal of the US going on in Wash DC. It doesn't matter which party is camping out in the White House or which controls either house of Congress. They are thieves and crooks and traitors and they will not allow us to join their club and enjoy their spoils. Fine, eat your ill-gotten gain. I hope you crooks all get tummy aches.

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el buitre Nuclear Winter Sun, 07/01/2018 - 23:50 Permalink

You bring up an interesting aspect with your final bullet, Nuclear. "Look the other way FBI."  "Mr. Clean" Mueller became the director of the FBI on September 4, 2001.  Look it up in the CIA Fact Book, I mean Wikipedia.  And what do you suppose his prime directive was? 

I wonder if there is a connection with him fighting to bring Trump down.  Trump has the backing of the Marines and their generals are not stupid.  They know about the real 9/11 and maybe they want blood.  Maybe Mueller is fighting to avoid the firing squad.  Of course Guiliani is totally dirty as well, so that weakens my theory as Trump is allied with him.


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Count Cherep el buitre Mon, 07/02/2018 - 03:21 Permalink

The issues are quite complex...

Robert Mueller — FBI director on 9-11; under his “leadership” FBI field agents’ warnings of an imminent attack were stifled


There would have been a lot of "chatter" while the 9/11 false flag was being set up, which low-level FBI field agents would have detected but not have understood, due to the compartmentalized nature of the operation.

What did Mueller know, and when did he know it, and how and why did he know?

If there are any decent, honest individuals in the alphabet agencies and/or government, they should do what needs to be done to bring the criminals to justice before it's too late for our Republic.


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The first rule of D.C. politician club is you do not talk about 9/11.

(how could all those people keep secrets like that? Impossible. See below)

The *new* first rule of D.C. politician club is you do not talk about the murdered staffer.

Paul Manafort is as we speak in prison, in solitary confinement.

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One thing I notice when it comes to Trump and these things he rarely is in the loop and even criticized Saudi Arabia in the speech mentioned ....when Tom  Barrack said he didn’t...when it was Crooked she was always directly involved and many times the emails proved it..In the end with this shit you can take one thing to the bank...Trump will do whatever he wants....This one is even funnier as the Jews and Arabs are tighter then ever now and the emails show some conflict...