This Is What A Massive X9 Class Solar Flare Looks Like

Scientists from Caltech Astronomy examined the great solar flare of 1990 that occurred in active region NOAA 6063. The eruption and subsequent shockwave were so massive that scientist decided to write a report on their findings titled “Tangential Field Changes in the Great Flare of 1990 May 24.”

The region on the sun gave rise to a dangerous X9.3 flare, which was visible in white light. The flare was observed by several observatories, including the Big Bear Solar Observatory at Caltech.

Solar flares are enormous explosions on the sun that unleash streams of energy, light, and high-speed particles into space. The most dangerous solar flare is known as “X-class flares” based on a classification system that divides solar flares according to their strength.

If Earth faced, the solar flares and associated coronal mass ejection (CME) can create geomagnetic storms that can disable satellites, communications systems, and even ground-based technologies and power grids.

massive solar storm in April 2017 allegedly interfered with power grids in San Fransisco, New York, and Los Angeles. On both coasts, critical infrastructure such as communication networks and mass transportation were severely impaired.

This was the period when mainstream media blamed the Russians for cyber hacking America.

Meanwhile, in a report from NOAA titled “Geomagnetic Storms and the US Power Grid,” the paper mentions how US power grids are highly interconnected and susceptible to damage from solar flares.

The report shows how the sun produces Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) [solar flares] and launches it to the Earth.

When GICs penetrate the Earth’s geomagnetic field, they usually enter transformers in the power grid.

What happens next? Well, GICs blowup transformers and force a terrifying grid-down event.

Even the White House has been preparing for a catastrophic solar storm through a recent 2016 Executive Order titled “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta warns about solar storms and its physiological impact on markets.

So, what does this all mean? Like the great solar flare of 1990, scientist and governmental agencies have been fascinated by the sun and its occasional expulsion of energy. Not all solar flares are Earth-facing, but it is only a matter of time before the next big one cripples modern society. Then what?


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Fear porn. No evidence was presented other than low res CGI. They only told their opinion in a made up story and you imagined it to be true due the induced fear. MK Ultra programming.

Scientists are reprobate minded fools. Jesuit lies to discredit the Bible truth. Let God be true and all man a liar.

The sun is small within the firmament, like a bulb on your ceiling.

The earth is flat.

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Faraday cage and forget?  There are still almost a hundred US nuclear reactors with cooling ponds that have not installed passive cooling.  The fuel for the back up generators will run out in a couple weeks to a month.  The US will be spotted with Fukashimas a month in.

Edit: Reading down, some think that they can hide away in bunkers.  Wrong!  If there are that many spent fuel rod pile meltdowns, no part of the world will be habitable.  You'll get a few more years in the southern hemisphere, but there will be no future generations, except perhaps in filtered domes.  BTW:  Thank Harry Reed for shutting down Yucca Mt.


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Well, what you guys DON'T know is that, while there is some small working "stock" of huge grid-, station- and substation-transformers, the normal lead time from ordering to production is measured in years.  SO a massive nation-wide event which fried many of these critical components would cause a grid-down event which possibly could not be recovered in years, in which time most of you city soy boys would croak.

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They have more protection due to circumstance.  The magnetic poles are merging towards them.  South America is at the highest risk.  If the poles continued as they have, they would theoretically meet in Malaysia before either popping back to original position or reversing.  

What might be interesting is that it wouldn't be far from the alleged magnetic anomaly triangle in Asia (some think they are heading there specifically), the one with similar folklore as the one in the Caribbean.  They do periodically have trouble with navigation there causing ship and plane loss.

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The last time we got an event like that was the Carrington Event of 1859.   Aurorae were seen far south, telegraph wires caught fire and telegraph machines operated themselves.  


It would demolish electronics worldwide that weren't shielded and knock the world back to 19th Century technology at best.   Roughly 90% of the population of the civilized world would be dead a year later.   

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Tripe.   Telegraph wires in 1859 were strung long distances with no thought of noise or surge protection.   You wouldn't run your vibrator these days with such wild abandon.   Common mode chokes, MOV transient suppression, and decent grounding practice goes a very very long way towards taking care of most of this.    Putting your PC in a metal box does quite a bit more. 

Yes, in a big flare, there would be some damage and some disconnects, but we would not all starve.....  

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The truth is too horrible to contemplate.   For that reason it is much easier to ignore the odds and deny the possibility of the grid going down.   Preparation for this is beyond the scope of the average person.   Few who have not lived it can grasp the systemic collapse that results when the grid goes down.

If you have lived through a hurricane, you have had a taste.  Those of us who have lived through it have prepared as best we can.  The rest of you are on your own.

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If you have a couple week's worth of food in your pantry, a campstove, and a good supply of flashlight batteries, a short term grid outage is not the same as godzilla trampling through your tomatoes.... get a grip.   (and anybody who has lived in hurricane or earthquake country for awhile knows about stockpiling a safety net.)

My point, however, was different.  Regardless of what horror may or may not result from a grid outage, I was commenting on the vulnerability of today's electronics vs the great famous strawman of "telegraph lines of 1900".   Vulnerabilities are there, but they are not the same, and it is silly to imagine otherwise.


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Speculation is open ended.  Whether the prophets of doom are correct or not is beyond my ability to ascertain.  I have had five hurricanes come over the top of my house in the last fifty years.   Three of those hurricanes hit us in 04.    The longest I have been without power was 11 days.   Those events were always isolated.  Surrounding counties and cities were still up and running.   Line crews were visible everywhere.   Civility remained intact because most everyone understood our plight was temporary.

A congressional study on the matter claims that the destruction of as few as nine substations would take down the grid for months.  If that is true and that event was to occur, civility would be lost.  That same study asserts that we would lose 90% of our population within the first year.

I have experienced failed water systems, failed sewage systems, no gas, no food, and no cops.   We prepare for storms.   None of us are prepared for grid collapse.

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True but they have been living that way and know how to do it. The average person today can't get along without their "smart" phone. It would be extremely difficult for the average person living in modern times to survive a year without what are now basic conveniences. Much of what most people don't even think about, running water, easy transportation, electricity, gas and/ or electric stoves, dishwashers, Washing machines, dryers, running vehicles, tractors, flushing toilets, health care, Refrigeration, access to medication for chronic diseases and so on wouldn't exist if the electric grid was down for a year and there was nowhere else to go. People with generators need access to fuel, if you can't drive into the next county to get some or don't have a year or more worth of it stored the generator would only run so long. Making Bio diesel takes time if you have a generator take could even run on that along with enough oil to keep the engine running without seizing. It would be very difficult for modern society to survive if a scenario like the one presented actually did occur.

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Ordinary disasters are localized and so relief operations can rehelp restore critical systems. With an uh-oh CME directly hitting earth, there will be no support from outside organizations or entities as the breakdowns will be “universal”. No water pressure, natural gas in the pipes, power in the grid or food in the pipeline to a supermarket. Good luck to all.

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Cloud9.5 says, "None of us are prepared for grid collapse."

Grid collapse is supposed to happen because an article is posted on ZH?

Everybody on ZH thinks they understand statistical probability and will downvote the fuck out of you, if you doubt their claim, thereby PROVING that you are wrong.  That's all it takes is a downvote.  

We are in a constant downpour of doom porn.  People LOVE IT which is why disaster movies do so well.  Remember The Towering Inferno?  Poseidon Adventure?  And they've only gotten better thanks to CGI.  

For any geological event or astronomical event we have to consider our puny lifetimes in comparison to how often something UNUSUAL will happen.  For example, I'm 60 and I figure I'll be able to afford to live to 80 before inflation forces a conclusion.  The hour glass is running out for a natural event to "get me".  Its far, FAR more likely that I will die in a car accident, or get killed by my fellow man in some way before I die of "old age".  

I see the comments and the voting.  Everybody gives this scenario FIVE STARS because its fun, not because its likely, its just a great movie theme.  

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The grid is likely going to collapse.  Most likely somewhere between south America and the US where the magnetic weak anomaly is, but potentially anywhere as the weak spots aren't the only problem, it is all decreasing in strength.  This is why:

Your sun went into record low sunspots starting in the minimum in 08-09.  This is an indicator of grand solar minimum.  As predicted it is now continuing and the modern age has not seen this, nor obviously our technology.  

This is happening while the poles are converging towards Russia and Australia, which has created a strong magnetic field toward where your poles approach and a weak spot on the backside. 

Everytime they show a dot estimating where the magnetic poles are estimated to be next they are way off.  They have always underestimated movement and its pretty obvious why.  The north is really starting to haul ass during this magnetic excursion. 

This will continue to increase and even mainstream admits now that this process can only take one lifetime, which we have already seen.  So don't expect it to stop.  Your protection has been lowered and it will continue to increase almost certainly.

Cosmic rays increase in inverse to loss of sunspots and solar shield deflection.  Essentially your sun's deflection of cosmic rays has decreased also.  All solar irradiance is starting to decrease.  There is your second problem and that's plenty enough.

Also your sun while going dormant, will still spit out flares.  We just had a KP5 over nothing (approx 2 weeks ago).  It may have been unprecedented even. 

In addition to all of this it is going to get balls cold.  We will have crop losses from cold, giant rain events (cosmic rays seed clouds and lightening), hail events, etc.  We are also at risk of grid problems.  We will be at biggest risk once or spotless sun switches into maximum.  There still will be few sunspots but when they do produce flares We will see an usually strong effect.

Call it "doom" if you want and dismiss all of this but it will still be our factual circumstance.  Our current reality is really that fucked up, or maybe its good, depending on perspective.

THEY have known this would happen since at least the 80s.  They knew the sun would ramp up and it would get jot briefly first. They called it man-made global warming.


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"The hour glass is running out for a natural event to "get me".  Its far, FAR more likely that I will die in a car accident, or get killed by my fellow man in some way before I die of "old age".  " Nonsense most people die of old age, of natural causes and many more so than die in car accidents and are murdered or killed by their fellow human beings.

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conraddobler Cloud9.5 Tue, 07/03/2018 - 09:07 Permalink

So you're saying that any enemy country, say someone like the formerly aggresive North Korea, just has to get about 10 missiles to get through and hit 10 targets to wipe us out?

That's the mother of all asymetrical warfare score right there up there but not quite on par with guys who can flly "but not land planes" getting some box cutters and hijacking a few airliners to then fly two of those  into two modern skyscrapers but fell three buildings, one they didn't even hit.

THAT ONE STANDS ALONE IN HISTORY and will stand until well uh, someone say proves it wasn't what they're claiming it was.

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