The Dictatorship Over America: How It Functions

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Democrats have won the national vote in six of the last seven presidential elections, which, with the retirement of Anthony Kennedy, will have resulted in the appointment of eight of the Supreme Court’s nine justices. And yet four of those justices will have been appointed by presidents who took office despite having fewer votes than their opponent. Republicans will have increasingly solid control of the court’s majority, with the chance to replace the sometimes-wavering Kennedy with a never-wavering conservative movement stalwart.

Over the last generation, the Republican Party has moved rapidly rightward, while the center of public opinion has not. It is almost impossible to find a substantive basis in public opinion for Republican government. On health care, taxes, immigration, guns, the GOP has left America behind in its race to the far right. But the Supreme Court underscores its ability to counteract the undertow of its deepening, unpopular extremism by marshaling countermajoritiarian power.

This is the way that the neocon (Hillary Clinton wing) Democrat Jonathan Chait, writing at the Democratic Party propaganda-organ New York magazine, got something profoundly correct, for a change. That quotation opened Chait’s June 27th commentary, which was titled "The Republican Court and the Era of Minority Rule”.

Neoconservatives (otherwise called “America’s imperialists” but they’re basically no different from imperialists in other countries) now run both of America’s political Parties - not only the Republican Party - regardless of what voters might happen to think of the neoconservative philosophy.

This disparity between the non-ideological public and the virtually 100% neoconservative rulers, is due to the fact that voters have no real power in America (something that Chait noted in that excerpt, but only within a partisan Democratic-Party-versus-Republican-Party context, not any broader or more encompassing context, that questions the political and economic system itself — at a deeper level than merely “Democratic” versus “Republican”). By contrast against that powerless public, America’s aristocrats possess all of the power, and they’re imperialists (“neocons”) because they want their private international corporate empires to dominate over the entire world. But this insightful (though too narrowly focused) opening from Chait shows that even neoconservatives (such as he) aren’t always wrong about everything.

In fact, this opening, from a Democratic Party neoconservative, about America’s increasing conservative (Republican) dictatorship, was entirely truthful within its partisan narrow scope, and therefore (to that extent) more like an exemplification of the proverbial “infinite monkey theorem” — that “a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.” 

However, Chait’s ‘Shakespearean' string ended precisely there, when he immediately followed up that opening statement of his, by saying, “The story really begins in December 2000,” and he proceeded to blame everything on Bush-v.-Gore, and on the way that the Republican operatives raped the American nation on 9 December 2000. This problem of America’s being a dictatorship, however, actually goes far deeper — and farther back — than that Republican Party victory (as will be shown here).

The only comprehensive and scientific study which has ever been done of whether the US is a democracy or instead a dictatorship, was published in 2014, and it found that, “In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule — at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes.”

Consequently, for example, our opinions of “Saddam’s WMD” were simply being manipulated by the controlling owners of US-based international corporations, just as those same super-rich individuals (most of whom are Americans) have controlled whom the nine people will be who rule from the Supreme Court, on what the US Constitution means, and doesn’t mean (and this judicial panel, of course, also decided Bush-v.-Gore).

So: the US Constitution has become increasingly twisted (by such jurists) to ‘mean’ things (such as aristocratic dictatorship) that were loathed by America’s Founders, who actually went to war against Britain’s aristocracy — this Constitution has become increasingly twisted to ‘mean’ things such as creating and expanding an international empire, and as allowing US taxpayers to be forced to subsidize the political speech of some religions and not of other religions, nor of opponents of all religions. (Especially the Republican Party benefits enormously from empowering evangelical pastors to preach Republican propaganda to their congregations.)

According to that scientific study, the United States, during the period that was studied, which extended from 1981 through to 2002, which was virtually the entire twenty years PRIOR to Bush-.v.-Gore — and this is quoting now directly from the study itself: “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

So: how does this — the aristocracy’s dictatorial grip on America’s Government — function? Not only the 2000 US Presidential ‘election’ was stolen from the American electorate, but so too are almost all US national elections stolen, especially the crucial ones, such as the political primary elections to Congress and the Presidency, for candidates to become the selected nominees of each of the two political Parties and thus to become offered to the public as the final contestants who might actually win those offices in the US national Government. Just as Bernie Sanders was the most-preferred of all candidates in 2016 to become the US President but the nomination was stolen from him by the Democratic National Committee for Hillary Clinton, it’s the same in most ‘elections’ to American national offices. And this dictatorship by the super-rich didn’t start with Bush.-v.-Gore, such as Chait alleges.

Right now, the US aristocracy, who control all of the large US corporations — including all of the major news-media — are pushing very hard to impose a kind of lock-down against the few media that they don’t control: against the media whose only presence is online, because these small media lack the funding to have either a print-and-paper presence, or else network broadcast and telecast facilities or a cable network.

The way that the ‘news’-giants propagandize this lockdown against unwanted truths, is by calling those small media sites (the half-dozen or so which do publish the elsewhere prohibited truths) ‘fake news’ media, and by alleging that only the print-broadcast-cable ‘news’ media (the very same ‘news’media which had deceived the public in 2002 to fear “Saddam’s WMD” and which had ‘justified’ in 2011 Obama’s destruction of Libya, and his subsequent invasion of Syria) ought to be trusted by the American people. Obviously, that’s crazy, but America’s aristocrats want the public to believe this way.

On June 27th, Gallup reported:

Gallup and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation conducted a web-based experiment to assess the effectiveness of a news source rating tool designed to help online news consumers discriminate between real news and misinformation. The tool identifies news organizations as reliable (using a green cue) or unreliable (using a red cue) based on evaluations of their work, funding and other factors by experienced journalists.

The Gallup news-report closed: “Gallup and Knight Foundation acknowledge support for this research provided by the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Open Society Foundations. All of them are neoconservative organizations, which represent the interests of America’s billionaires — not of the public anywhere.

The technical report of this experiment concluded that mainstream news-media can increase the public’s prejudice against non-mainstream news-media, by having their own hired “experienced journalists” label those small competing news-media as providers of ‘misinformation’ instead of ‘news’

This survey experiment evaluated the effect of a specific source rating tool — cues about news organization trustworthiness based on evaluations from experienced journalists. The findings suggest that using this approach may help combat online misinformation and restore confidence in obtaining quality news.

Of course, this finding is very good news for America’s billionaires, because further suppressing what the aristocrats are calling ‘misinformation’ (such as this) will enable them to increase their dictatorship, even more.

As time goes by, the means of deceiving the public, become even cagier than they were before. The way that the dictatorship in America functions is by deceiving the public; and perhaps this Gallup-Knight-Ford-Gates-Soros study has helped them to develop a more effective “tool” to do that.

Maybe the next big invasion will be of Iran. American-and-allied media seem to be focusing increasingly on this particular target. Perhaps “experienced journalists” are being promoted right now, for that very purpose. With Donald Trump in power, Iran is systematically becoming the main next target. It was his top target even before he became elected; and one can even say that he was selected by the US aristocracy, and by Israel's aristocracy, and by the Saud family who own Saudi Arabia, and by the leader of UAE’s royal families, mainly for this reason, to be installed to run the US regime. But, of course, they would also have done very well if Hillary Clinton had been ‘elected’.

That’s the way things are: politics in America, especially at the national level, is now merely a puppet-show. And, apparently, many if not most of the people who are pulling the strings in it don’t so much as live here — they are foreigners, though of the types that Trump (as now is obvious), relies upon, instead of persecutes (such as ‘wetbacks’).

The American people are merely the audience. We didn’t even buy this puppet-show. Those billionaires did. (The American ones also buy the puppet-theater which presents Russia as being the foreign power that controls the US Government and that ‘endangers democracy’ everywhere. During the communist era, that story-line was believable by even intelligent people, but after 24 February 1990, it no longer is.)

NOTE: The way that the present writer tries to facilitate readers’ checking-out the trustworthiness of the allegations in my own news-reports, isn’t based on sites but on individual news-reports, by means of providing links to the source whenever a given allegation is one that a significant percentage of readers might think to be false. I am selective of each and every individual article or video that I cite as being evidence; I never select sources on the basis of the news-medium that published them, because I sometimes find falsehoods published on even the best media, and sometimes find thoroughly accurate articles or videos to be published on even the worst media. Selecting on the basis of media, is for fools. Every news-consumer should know what the prejudices of any given ‘news’medium are — its main propagandistic orientations. But to evaluate any given allegation on that basis, is foolish. It is ad-hominem, not ad-rem, regarding the given allegation.


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Hollywood production writ large.

Try talking to an ordinary person crusading for civilian disarmament.  They believe with a religious zeal that Orlando, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Parkland, et al all really happened, precisely as CNN told them.

Ask them why the US is in Afghanistan or Syria - they don’t know.

Ask them why the TSA sexually molests them in their airports, while the US border remains undefended.

Ask them who Seth Rich was, or LaVoy Finnicum, or Kate Steinle.  I could go on and on (and on), but it won’t matter - they don’t know anything about any of these people, or Vince Foster, or Ron Brown.  They’re clueless.

Willful ignorance + dependence will never exist in the same society as liberty + personal accountability.


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Organic Act of 1871.


No slaves were freed after the civil war, instead, every American "citizen" became property of the corporate US and its shareholders.

The Columbian Enterprise. 

"The Enterprise of Columbia will Endeavour for the Discovery of Atlantis, and all Challengers shall be destroyed."

A simple enough mission statement......

Americans are simply chattel to enforce this outdated, nearsighted mandate. Americans who realize these truths are pastors guarding their flock. Together we WILL reclaim our BIRTHRIGHT as Americans. No American accepts serfedom or worse. 




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Why no American outside of our government, or Israel's knows the truth about 9/11

Ask them what the Patriot Act is and how many rights everyone lost when it was passed.

The false flags of Las Vegas or Stoneman Douglas H.S.

Why is the Pentagon missing $21 Trillion dollars.

Why did the banks of Wall St get bailed out as well as GM, Dodge and Chrysler, but the rest of America has been left holding the bag.

States ignoring the Constitution.

Federal government spying on its citizens in violation of the 4th Amendment.

The increasing use of civil asset forfeiture by state and local government.

Big Pharma pushing opioids on the population.

Increased police brutality against civilians in spite of dropping crime rates.

The Deep State

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Wall Street “bail outs” by Barry aka “Quantitative Easements/ QE” done four (4) times doubling the “national debt” of tax payer to the Fed Reserve private bankers. How did Barry do it?

Barry sends letter to US Treasury to print a few billion dollars. Gives those billion$ dollars to the private Fed Reserve bankers. Bankers “loan” it back to US govt with huge interest rate. Barry then gives the billion$ to his Wall Street friends.

US taxpayer then pays off the Barry QE “debt” to Fed Reserve bankers who did not use one single dime of their own money.

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Most media don't run their little malfeasance secrets because we have censorship.

In Australia we have just gotten a new muzzle law that prevents anyone from publishing government's dirty tricks. Witness K (real name verboten) exposed government malfeasance and will now be put in jail.

Corruption in Sydney cannot be published, the book "Sydney Inc. The Murky world of Michael McGurk" is verboten by super injunction.

I know that German Chancellor Kohl's malfeasance was also taboo to be published - police coming and confiscating computers or in another case confiscating documentation from a journalist that had nothing to do with the case - not given back after he won his case.

When analysing these cases, it is always some corporation who benefits financially, rewards politicians and other nomenklatura. 

""The way that the dictatorship in America functions is by deceiving the public;"... In other countries, too, on all levels because the corporations and money are global. So is the muzzle legislation to create dictatorship. 

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"Over the last generation, the Republican Party has moved rapidly rightward, while the center of public opinion has not."

No, the public opinion has shifted left faster than the Republican party has shifted left, but all has shifted much farther left than Goodwater EVER was, there is no shift to an "extreme right"!

Benito_Camela dirty fingernails Tue, 07/03/2018 - 07:52 Permalink

Exactly right, but keep in mind that the voters (and re-voters) of ZH contain a sizable amount of people who view Gateway Pundit as a reliable source of news while they think The Intercept is leftist propaganda. Further, these are people who have been propagandized to believe that American "leftists" are behind the surge in identity politics and (some) gun control, when in fact it has been Wall Street and the corporate masters cunningly assuring that they maintain as large of a base of cheap workers AND consumers flush with CREDIT (not cash!) to buy their identity-friendly fare and go deeply into debt to do so, if necessary.

Immigrants have large families and they buy stuff. Gays and lesbians are almost invariably intelligent and often high earners or 'upmarket' consumers. So the aforementioned corporate neocons that control both major parties let us rabble duke it out amongst ourselves while they laugh all the way to the bank (and control of the country and its resources and people).  

The true indicators (to me anyway) that the government and leadership of  U.S. has shifted to the right are obvious. An increasingly militant (pro-Israel) foreign policy no matter which party is in control, a police and prison state built on the ridiculous drug war (with a STATED intent of jailing hippies and blacks - aka "leftists") while the corporate drug lords made TRILLIONS of dollars forcing opioids into the communities that could least deal with them AND (so far) have gotten off scot free. The surveillance state, the PATRIOT ACT, the TSA, zero tolerance in our schools and public places, total deregulation and monopolies owned by both "left" and "right" leaning uber-rich individuals, etc. etc. And let's cut the bullshit here - which LEFT LEANING nation would bail out a bunch of privileged corporations and Wall Street banks while leaving the people to suffer and be forced to pay for it?! If our government was remotely "left" or "liberal" we would have done what Iceland did it its banks. Look it up. No - the government HAS shifted to the right. Period. Or large chunks of Wall Street would have been nationalized in 2007/2008. 

Meanwhile, even TRUMP campaigned on a quasi-left leaning platform of "making America great again" which hearkened back to when the country was the MOST socialist! He claimed he wanted a BETTER system than "Obamacare" and healthcare for all. He talked about bringing jobs back, but how are you going to do that without an educated (or trained in skilled labor) workforce? In fact, just before he took credit for coining the term "Crazy Bernie", Trump had begun co-opting numerous Sanders (again, the most popular politician in America) campaign positions....from.....wait for it.....THE LEFT. 

On a range of issues, Mr. Trump seems to be taking a page from the Sanders playbook, expressing a willingness to increase the minimum wage, suggesting that the wealthy may pay higher taxes than under his original proposal, attacking Mrs. Clinton from the left on national security and Wall Street, and making clear that his opposition to free trade will be a centerpiece of his general election campaign.

As Mr. Trump lays the groundwork for his likely showdown with Mrs. Clinton, he is staking out a series of populist positions that could help him woo working-class Democrats in November. But in doing so, he is exacerbating the trepidation some Republicans already feel about his candidacy at a moment when the party typically rallies to its nominee.…

But don't take the NYT's word for it - just use teh Google and you'll find example after example of Trump hitting Hillary from THE LEFT. And that's because - the commentarista at ZH notwithstanding - it's the will of the majority of the American people. Trump wasn't stupid.…

And let's cut the bullshit on one final topic now that my little rant is over, shall we? The illiberal (that's NON liberal) mainstream news media is RESPONSIBLE for Donald Trump's election, no matter how much your rightwing corporate masters tell you otherwise. They sure have done a great job APPEARING to stand against him since Lorne Michaels had him host SNL - along with all the many late night and other TV appearances during the campaign. Sure, there are people who have followed Trump and Hillary's careers full of their own respective fraud and avarice, but those writers are relegated to the back page or they have to embellish the message and publish sensational books if they want to make a living. Trump's real estate empire (not to mention the other jokes of a business he's tried to foist) is by and large a huge fraud. Hillary is not only a war criminal, but has enriched herself and her husband in the most unethical ways possible given her life of "service" to the people. 

Being pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-environment, pro-immigration isn't "liberal" or "leftist" - it's GLOBALIST.   "Capitalism for the poor, Socialism for the rich" - Indeed. 

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Well, you have one thing right:  "Being pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-environment, pro-immigration isn't "liberal" or "leftist" - it's GLOBALIST.   "Capitalism for the poor, Socialism for the rich" - Indeed."  This is what you need to understand -- the American people reject leftism and everything about it.  This is the other problem with your post:  most liberals have fully embraced globalism, as has the American left.  I spent years reading both left and right, but eventually stopped reading the left because they completely sold out to globalism.  The conservative movement is wholly anti-globalist.  The liberal movement is wholly globalist.  Conservatives are not part of some vast right-wing conspiracy or far-right movement.  Their values are traditional American values -- pro-liberty, free market, with a focus on restoring justice, anti-corruption, pro-human rights.  It is the globalism of the left that is gradually destroying us, with their hatred for the nation state and for the citizens of our nation.  Only reverting to our traditional form of government with decentralized power will save us from globalism. You are on the wrong boat. 

Conservatives support no part of the surveillance state you write about.  Liberals are pushing for a bigger and more authoritarian government, even when they don't realize it.  Obama and the Democrats spent years persecuting American conservatives and creating political prisoners.  Leftists, like you, didn't even notice.  The goal of a true conservative court is not to increase authoritarianism, but to reduce it, to stop the extremists in our government (and they do exist in both parties) from legislating away our rights and freedoms. 

Under liberalism, freedom dies and all we are left with are illusory freedoms -- such as the freedom from gender identity.  Every aspect of the leftist agenda depends upon a bigger, more centralized and more global government.  It is the left that is leading us to tyranny.  If the left was not so insane we could work together against corporatism, against globalism, but you people have gone off the rails.  You hate people you don't in any way understand.  You hate other Americans unnecessarily.  You are filled with ideas that are patently false and filled with false self-righteousness.  All the hatred of liberals is doing nothing to free this country, nor are their unhinged ideas.

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you are right - the US crony Capitalism has nothing to do with Socialism I experienced growing up in Yugoslavia. No similarities whatsoever - it 's basically the very opposite. 

But the psychopaths like Hitlery are better actors - acting and propaganda are the biggest factors in US fake socialism and crony capitalism. And convincing foreigners the US of AIPAC is a 'free, democratic' country . IT's done through CIA controlled BS media and more BS from Hollywood. These stories have nothing to do with reality. 

I have never seen such extreme poverty and so much of it in any other country as I saw during my 14 years spent living in the best parts of Chicago, LA, SF and DC

A poor, dirty, stinky, with shit and syringes all over the place banana republic where fearful, slavish population has no idea about what the word democracy or freedom means

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There is nothing conservative about America's left any longer.  Many on the left live in an echo chamber and simply have not noticed how far they have moved to the left.  I was a liberal Democrat for decades.  I read both sides for years.  There is nothing far right about American conservatives.  They are actually centrists, who believe in human rights far more than any liberal of the present era.  The liberals were perfectly satisfied for their party to politically persecute innocent American people for 8 years, under Obama.  The real problem is that most so-called liberals are totally clueless about what it is they are supporting, which is globalism.  Globalism is a movement toward global fascism (a leftist ideology), which is the true authoritarian movement in the West today.  The author of this article is as confused as you are.  For example, American churches are not spewing Republican Party propaganda, but leftist/globalist propaganda.  Much of the article is otherwise accurate.  It is clearly written by a leftist.  The left has lost its grip on reality.  People are walking away in droves.  Your movement is dying.  Thank God.

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On all economic policy, including the welfare-boosted immigration tsunami that has suppressed wages for underemployed citizens for 40 years, most elites adhere to a Uniparty platform that has one goal: serving corporate interests.

This includes America’s political elites who are beholden to the corporate lobbyists who 1) fill their campaign warchests and 2) provide lucrative employment for them (and theirs) after they leave office.

This is why voters cannot get any representation by voting against unreasonable amounts of welfare-buttressed, wage-slicing illegal / legal immigration in a so-called republic, where 101 working-age citizens are out of the workforce, 78 million are working piecework gigs, and 42 million food-assistance-eligible citizens [& noncitizens] work part time in womb-productive households, with traceable earnings falling below the income limits for multiple welfare programs that cover their major household bills and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits that, in the case of the immigrants, make it possible for them to undercut non-welfare-eligible citizens in the labor market.

Other Uniparty elites include the media, which is mostly corporate-owned. Corporations that own the media do not want change in immigration policy since the status quo reduces their labor costs. This is why there is no discussion of the devastating economic trends that led to the Trump victory, including the way wanton levels of welfare-aided immigration drive down wages  and raise rent prices for millions of non-welfare-eligible citizens, struggling to pay rent that absorbs more than half of their monthly pay.

Why would Disney, a company that owns one of the major news media outlets, allow reporters to honestly cover the immigration issue, when the company’s executives made bank by replacing a bunch of skilled, higher-wage US-citizen tech workers with low-wage, foreign temp workers, making the citizens train their replacements? 

To paraphrase Ben Franklin: ‘It is a republic if elites can keep it representing only them and their welfare-fed and often noncitizen servants.’

The rest of us do get the privilege of choosing to perform or not to perform the civic chore of voting. 

We get to keep ourselves registered to vote each time we move, and we get to stand in lines to choose which Uniparty elite gets a $185k congressional job with six-figure-to-multi-million-dollar corporate lobbying opportunities after leaving office. We get to decide which Uniparty elite gets a presidential position with the post-presidential opportunity to make $60 million in book contracts and $2.3 million in 1-hr speeches to foreign bankers, like Obama, or $8 / $12 million in book contracts, plus $500k per foreign speech, like the have-to-hustle-harder-in-their-post-presidency Clinton power couple. 


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Down-voted for your conspicuous choice NOT to discuss one of the most disgusting welfare and make-work programs in the United States - The U.S. Department of "Defense" - wanna talk about welfare, and corporate welfare? Better discuss the military and spy agencies too, because I'd much rather see my tax dollar go to help out a "welfare queen" than the fucking KING of welfare and forced support - the DOD. 

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Per John  Ringling, "sucker born every minute"... Per this piece of propaganda and the distorted "facts" employed to create a predetermined conclusion. "Bullshit" in every day terms.

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>>>I gave up on BS voting over 40 yrs. ago

I only gave up on US federal elections 28 years ago, but will very likely be voting straight Republican this November; this seems to be the best way to say "fuck you" to the Uni-party, in that Trump at least pisses off the functionaries of both parties, and most of the elected (R) officials as well.

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I'm not into "national greatness", as defined by a bloated MIC and foreign interventions, and a good deal of Trump's utterances seem unwise.  BUT he has the knack of pissing off nearly all of the old-line-consensus assholes who actually created the economic and political world we are currently enjoying.  Trump's disruptiveness is at least entertaining.

The above is not a "logical" argument, but at this point in history, I'm willing to vote for the lesser of several evils, and hope for the best....  FWIW I suspect we'll always have a "democrat-like" party offering free shit to voters.  Also FWIW, the Republican Party as it has existed for three decades is utterly worthless, and Trump may be the wild card which ultimately leads to its well-deserved destruction.

And, for God's sake, I'm getting pretty sick of these constant attacks on Mr. George Will!

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Trump was and is not a wild card...He is all about being part of the plan.  People have been sold on the lessor of two evils for decades and that is exactly how their plan was designed to work.  This last election was the epitome of that concept.  The Uni-party is not losing is in fact, now in the process of dividing the people into greater extremes...thus, actually reinforcing their power and control.  This will also keep the majority of the people coming to the polls to vote for the lessor of two evils and thinking that their vote can actually make a difference.  Voting means nothing when TPTB are the ones that select the candidates.

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attah-boy-Luther Falcon49 Tue, 07/03/2018 - 09:02 Permalink

"Trump was and is not a wild card...He is all about being part of the plan."

That is exactly correct. The blood drinking talmudic tribe has a death grip on most countries today. Murica no exception.

Those not subservient to the Khazarian Mafia are presently in different stages of subjugation.

Libya, Iraq, Syria, NK, Philippians, Venezuela and the list is long but the chosenites are furiously working to bring them all to heel.

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Nope, Trump has illuminated the propaganda machine of the left, ridiculed the stagnant right and continues to publicly brand the idiocy of the progressive and expose corruption, this is no mean feat. He has gone from the guy who can't do anything right to the guy that has done quite a few things just right.

Yes, people have been sold the lesser of two evils for decades, that is the system "Two men enter, one man leaves". There is a crack in the egg now, the propaganda machine that has dutifully led people by the nose is looked at with suspicion. With that, there is some chance. Admittedly Americans are not that bright about dealing with the mega list of distractions that steer them off course. But, this is a very different time in history. We have not been here in a long time.

While Trump isn't the "Orange Savior", he certainly is a man on a mission. For the most part I like what he is doing. Again, he is a blunt instrument pointed (for the most part) in the right direction. Is it perfect, no. Does he play ball with everyone I like no. But there is that lesser of two evils thing again. It is folly to believe we are going to get everything we want. That is the left's sales pitch, there is no utopia here. Ain't gonna happen, not in this life.

It is an unbelievably big deep and dirty swamp. Did the average Joe know this 10 years ago, no he did not. Trump is doing just fine for now.    

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lew1024 August Tue, 07/03/2018 - 13:57 Permalink

There is no strategy in that.

Instead, choose some important topic, e.g. major prosecutions of the Deep Black Swamp denizens, and vote for the party who accomplishes them.

Otherwise, you don't vote.

That can have an effect, possibly. Straight tickets unconditionally don't. Look at the history of minorities voting, they ended up Pelosi and Feinstein and Schumer, multi-millionaires feathering their nests via rhetoric and ignorant voters.

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Cloud9.5 Micah C. Miracle Tue, 07/03/2018 - 04:22 Permalink

We never had a democracy.  We had a republic.    A democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner.   The men who built our Republic were aristocrats.  They were not commoners.   They understood that democracy was mob rule.  They knew full well that the mob could be easily swayed by half-truths and innuendo.  A mob feels it does not think.  A mob is a ready tool for a tyrant.      To guard against tyrants, the republic was to have three divisions.  Power was to be divided between the federal government, the states, and the sovereign citizen. 

The centralization of power into the hands of the federal government has unwound this arrangement.  The saving grace for the founders was the insistence on the part of the anti-federalists for a bill of rights.  As we move closer and closer to mob rule, the Bill of Rights is the only thing that protects the minority from the dictatorship of the majority.  That is why there has been a never ending assault on the Bill of Rights since the founding of the Republic.  This is why every effort has been made to abolish the second amendment.

The Whisky Rebellion hamstrung the sovereign citizen.   The Civil War hamstrung the states.  From 1865 to the present, power has moved in only one direction, towards Washington.  We now have much more government than we can afford.   Imperialism was born in the 19th century, and our foreign wars began.  The wars and rumors of war have all been funded by the central banks.   The Federal Reserve has made this anomaly possible. 

In a world of exponential growth, the growth of exponential debt is a viable construct.  When growth ends, debt becomes unsustainable.   What follows is currency collapse.  The collapse of the currency will unravel the strangle hold this current plutocracy has on the republic.  Study closely the devolution of Detroit and you will discover the template for the future.

The health of a nation can be ascertained by the health of its currency.  Debasement of the currency is the tell of impending collapse.  We peaked in the 1970’s.   We have not been back to the moon.  We abandoned the gold standard.  The production of light sweet crude peaked to be replaced by difficult to produce kerogen.   Look at the quality of a nickel minted in the 1970’s for what passes for a nickel today.   Shoddy is the only way to describe a current nickel.

With collapse comes an unraveling of the old constraints.  A breath of freedom is about to sweep this country that few can imagine.  With it will come all the opportunities and horrors that chaos brings.   Buckle up.  Like it or not things are going regional in the next decade. Limited government under the Constitution as it was originally intended is the best outcome for what comes next.



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