FBI Arrests Ohio Man Who Plotted July 4 Bombings In Cleveland, Philadelphia

An Ohio man who was radicalized in the US has been nabbed by the FBI after reportedly planning to plant a bomb during Fourth of July celebrations in Cleveland then stand nearby and "watch it go off," Reuters reported. Demetrius Pitts, a 48-year-old man who expressed allegiance to Al Qaeda, was arrested on Sunday after a meeting with an undercover FBI agent whom Pitts believed to be an Al Qaeda sympathizer.

Demetrius Pitts

Pitts, who lives in the Cleveland suburb of Maple Heights, told the agent that he planned to plant the bomb at a July 4 parade, while also targeting other locations in Cleveland and Philadelphia. The holiday fireworks, the man reasoned, would provide good cover for the attack. The undercover agent who nabbed Pitts helped him pick locations that would've been near multiple US government buildings.

Pitts told his would-be accomplice that he wanted to be downtown when the bombs exploded so he could watch the chaos unfold.

"I’m gonna be downtown when the – when the thing go off. I’m gonna be somewhere cuz I wanna see it go off," Pitts told an undercover FBI agent who he believed was affiliated with al Qaeda, the FBI said in court documents.

In a sickening twist to his plot, Pitts raised the idea of giving the children of military personnel remote control cars packed with explosives, turning them into unwitting accomplices.

Pitts was charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and is facing up to 20 years in prison. The undercover agent who brought Pitts in gave the man a bus pass and a phone to help him carry out surveillance ahead of the planned attack. Pitts and the FBI agent also discussed him possibly traveling to San Francisco.

"This defendant, by his own words and by his own deeds, wanted to attack our nation and its ideals," said Justin Herdman, the US attorney for northern Ohio.

Pitts is an American citizen, and his arrest follows the apprehension back in 2015 of 10 people who were plotting a slew of attacks in the name of Islamic State. It wasn't immediately clear whether Pitts had retained a lawyer, Reuters said.


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"The undercover agent who nabbed Pitts helped him pick locations"

Another episode of Bait Car brought to you by the FBI. I suppose the FBI gave him some fake bombs to plant as well ?

1. Find disenfranchised lackey

2. Talk him into terrorist act

3. Give him fake bomb

4. Save us all from terrorist.

5. Rinse and repeat - again and again and again...

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2 minutes ago I just thought they will do something around July 4th when you can due to all these fireworks.

On July 9th Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett the woman Feinstein said "the dogma lives loudly in you". She has 7 children and is a devout Catholic and a member of the Federalist Society and clerked for Justice A. Scalia. She is ONLY 46 yrs old.

The left is going to go batshit crazy and act out which is always good for Trump.

Careful out there.

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Wow, I feel safer.

FBI man talked some loser into carrying out a terrorist act.

They had to buy him a fucking bus pass and phone, how was he going to procure things that go boom?

And now the sheep will see how their government protects us from Oceana (Al-CIA-duh).

Why not just let the entire FBI go (besides Mulder and Sculley) and save a bunch of $$?


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I remember a time in the US when people could disagree without calling each other child molesters.

But "terrorism" and "Child Molestation" are crimes one can't defend oneself against, evidence or no, as sexual harassment is becoming; so it's perfect for risk-free slander and really tightening a frame-up.

This story is pretty clear.  The FBI found a crazy guy in 2015, and a professional informant spent 3 years coaxing the crazy guy to the point where he said the right words in the right order to justify an arrest and a press conference.

I feel so safe when the FBI protects me from threats they concoct.  Yes, that's snark.  Truth is, I feel safe because there are clearly very few to no real threats.  TSA screeners can't find weapons sent through screening by their bosses, yet nothing has happened on a US airplane in 17 years.  Nice to know the actual threats are so few.  Now if we could get rid of the clearly pointless Police State... 

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FBI to Probably Try and Stage Mass Shooting/Bombing and Subway Station Sarin/Chlorine False Flags attacks, During 4th of July Festivities!


Examples of possible attacks:


1. FBI cordons off a back section of Boston Esplanade Concert and Fills it with Crisis Actors ( Similar to their Las Vegas False Flag ) and during Fire works display using the noise as cover, sets off "Explosive" ( Harmless pyrotechnic ) or Conducts Mass "Shooting" attack among the Crowd of Crisis Actors.


2. FBI/DHS STAGE Sarin/Chlorine gas attacks in NYC subway's ( Or any major cities subway system)!


Not "Coincidentally", around the 4th of July, almost every year since at least 2013, the FBI/DHS have been running secret sarin gas attacks simulations, in NYC subway  system!

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Standard FBI entrapment case in which the FBI supplies the material evidence and the terrorist plot for a made for TV show making the FBI look like heroes when MS13 is running wild nationwide. Is MS13 made up of foreigners? yes, Is MS13 a terrorist organization? yes, Does the FBI go after MS13? NO

For those who didn't read deep into this story. It looks like another of Mueller's FBI stings which are setup as an entrapment. In this case, the FBI setup an entrapment.

Those who disagree, well when the FBI puts an agents next to someone and that agent supplies funds and materials to complete the plan while outlining the plan to the subject, well that's entrapment. The FBI agent supplied the car for the bomb, and the subject didn't want a car, he thought a van would be better. It made the FBI agent angry, well the subject said REPEATEDLY he didn't want to be involved in making the bomb etc. because the FBI agent was representing the terrorist group with the bomb. Go read the big story/lie the FBI put out, it's just another spin of reality. The guy was all talk, nothing more, nothing less, but the FBI concocted the whole thing for TV and the FBI image. It's sick.

Go read from all angles and then maybe, the television programmed minds who believe in the FBI and everything they say and do, might be able to ask some serious questions, until then, we get the same corruption and lies from the government.

AND, anyone in this nation who believes the government's version of 9/11 is brainwashed mental ill, once you understand this, then when one reads a report about the FBI, one can easily see, the subject didn't do what the FBI said he did, it's what the FBI did, that the FBI is ENTRAPPING the subject.

No doubt the subject was anti-government, and most Americans are today, but the input of his sympathy for an Arab terrorist group made it perfectly acceptable to TWIST REALITY so as Mueller stated, the FBI is running terrorist STINGS to educate Americans not to be terrorist.


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I can. A long-time friend who I served in the Corps was AT the Pentagon when the plane hit. He walked outside of that exit five minutes before that plane came in, to smoke a cig. He thought the world was ending. Not a hoax. Not the USG false flag. 

I talked to another former Marine, on the NYPD, who was there on 9-11 when the planes hit and the bodies were dropping. Get the real info from people there, not Alex Jones types.

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Do you know how many told me in the cab they had a friend that was there. Only the most ignorant brainwashed lower socioeconomic class would believe the government lies. Your entire persona, entire life, entire reality is the government. Still foaming about the marines, I was in the military and all the time, no matter what, the trash would stand around talking shit, that's what they called it, talking shit, it means making shit up. The quality of your sources for your 9/11 version that you're saying happened the way the government said it did are cut from the same cloth, a pack of liars reflecting their trailer, ghetto origin.

Marines and the military in general are low quality people. They lie and talk bad as a matter of their upbringing and you know it, if you didn't know the culture of the enlisted ranks is lower socioeconomic class. It is low rent white trash and ethnic slum dweller, it's so bad, the latest recruitment had to waiver everything and they couldn't get the recruits to rebuild the military. And the failure rate has been so high in the 45% range do not complete contract, general under honorable conditions is now the new reality. So using the military and the police, especially after the NYFD HAS STATED OVER AND OVER BOMBS WENT OFF IN THE BUILDINGS ON 9/11.

I spent nearly tens years in the university, most all science. God strike me down right now, if the first thing I thought was the buildings can't come down that way, there should have been falling to the right or left not straight down at the SPEED OF GRAVITY. That is the first thing I thought, and man, who are you? when air force officers, pilots, engineers and all kinds of professional people say what I'm saying.

Furthermore, the evidence was there in a cut beam right in front of your eyes. I was in the military and that was cut with a new form of thermite, called thermate. It can be seen and detected in chemicals left behind. I saw the cut, I was trained to cut I beams the same way, it's a military cut using a more powerful thermite than what I used.

And the crap which is coming from your mouth about the Pentagon, you're a freak liar when a Pentagon policeman and a yard worker said no plane and they were outside. In pentagon uniform at the pentagon, said no plane.

I've reviewed every drop of data and the government's version of 9/11 is a lie, just the lies a bunch of low rent white trash marines believe and are telling each other to JUSTIFY THE MURDERS OVERSEAS DONE BY THIS NATION.

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