The Global Economy Is Running Out Of Its Most Valuable Resource


The current state of the financial markets and the global economy depends on one single resource that nobody, even such renowned economists as Paul Krugman or Robert J. Shiller and dissenters like Max Keiser and Jim Rickards, dares to talk about. In private discussions central bank managers told us that they were aware that none of the existing economic theories and models fit this new situation. 

Yet, they do not broach it in their public speeches and lectures, preferring to deal with such topics as balance sheets and business cycles. All of which reminds one of a family visiting a terminally sick relative: everybody knows that he will never recover, and nobody whispers as much as a word about it.

All productive nations whether in East Asia or the West, have reached the peak of their 250-year-long development. Even the most devastating wars could not prevent their populations from growing in the long run. It is only now, during the many decades of peace and affluence, that the numbers of the inhabitants of the developed countries have been decreasing and the trend continues. The phenomenon has not been brought about by any famine or natural disaster but by the sheer fact that people do not want to have children.

Japan is an economic bellwether. The country refrained from mass migration and during the 2006-2016 period its population shrank by 0.5%, oil consumption dropped by 22%, car sales by 7% and GDP by 4%.

Japan is the first country to cope with the new reality and investors need to change their mindset to understand what this new reality stands for. In the past, every business cycle, recession or recovery, ended with a higher GDP and larger economy than before. In the future we will see the opposite: every business cycle will conclude with a lower GDP and a smaller economy than the previous one.

A shrinking population entails economic consequences. Oil consumption will decline, car sales will go down, and national GDP will be lower and lower. The paradox of it all is that the total economy may be shrinking, and yet people in the US, Europe and Japan will be doing better than before. Why? Because a less crowded country means less dependence on (foreign) oil, lower pollution and CO2 emissions, fewer traffic jams, more space and food abundance.

It is the financial sector that will be afflicted by the new reality, not the people. Without the support of central banks the Western financial industry will not survive a continued depopulation, a situation in which people save and spend less and less money. A buoyant economy invests in win-win deals, a stable economy is a zero-sum game, and in a depressed economy all investors lose. That is why central bankers are considering the imposition of negative interest rates. These are flashing warning signals.

Confronted with this reality, the American and European leaderships have opted for re-population. If the pace of this process remains the same, before this century is over, 50% of the Western states will be replaced with people from the Third World.

The Washington establishment began with the acceptance of unprecedented numbers of migrants from Latin America while the enlargement of the European Union made up for the lack of people, at least for the time being. As under the banner of the free movement of labour, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands got a fair share of migrants from Central Europe, this part of the continent has been deprived of its youth. For example the Polish generation in the age bracket 15-20 is 30% smaller. Now it is Ukraine’s turn to hand over its youth to Western Europe. After the 2014 revolt in Kiev the European Union was in a desperate hurry to grant Ukrainian “patriots” the right of visa-free travel, so that they could leave their allegedly beloved home country.

Demographics is quite precise, and those in power saw the coming “disaster” in advance. Peter Sutherland, a former Goldman Sachs banker, became an advocate of mass migration. In 2008 he said: “Rich countries should not try to restrict migration from poor countries, even during the economic slowdown.” Alas, migration is not about helping the poor – there are just too many of them – migration is about re-populating Europe. Migration is also about economics and finance.

All theories, all models that we know about the economy, finance and markets were developed when the European populations grew. The global economy is dependent on the industrialized world. Without Europe, the Sheikhs of Dubai would relapse into the life in tents, Africa’s population would be about 90 million instead of 1.2 billion, and today’s US would be a sparsely populated country with very few nomad tribes.

Prestigious consultancy firms have told their corporate clients that all societies are in essence the same and well on the way to becoming like Western economies. The Africans only need to change the law, and they will be as productive, diligent and efficient as people in Europe. Those pundits believe that if car sales stall in Europe, China will be the next market; if the Chinese market is flooded, we have still India, and then – probably around 2040 – the Africans will be the new customers.

We believe that the world’s economy is concentrated in East Asia and in the West, with all other economies being but satellites, and it is not going to change, at least in the foreseeable future. If the West together with Eastern Asia collapse, the rest of the world will follow suit. If the West and Eastern Asia stop being interested in African resources, the Black Continent will crumble. We remind the reader that all African countries are dependent on food imports which they finance with the exports of commodities. Africa cannot sustain its current population let alone the doubling of it within 25 years. 50% of the African youth is younger than 25.

The consultancies of Ernst and Young call these youngsters “demographic dividend”, a treasure trove for the global companies to reap. If they cannot capitalize on them in Africa, they have to bring them to Europe, as we see happening now. The current migration process which goes by the name of crisis is engineered and promoted by an influential lobby.


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Because african slavery worked so good in Amerika.  These corrupt morons are bent on destroying all that is good in the world by infusing the civilized nations with guilt, low IQ brown skins, culture viruses, social programs and the permission of savagery. 


The pretension that these "youth" will come to work.  The joke is that they will come and demand reparations for living in a better place while claiming social injustice.  Where my free stuff at?

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globalist/liberal pro immigration propaganda doom porn. They just never give up. The clear majority of the population everywhere does not want the self-induced economic and social chaos unlimited immigration brings, but the globalists considering buying up precious infrastructure resources for pennies on the dollar as societies collapse are just giddy with the idea. 

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Soon to be 9 billion on the planet and someone writes this.

We don't need cheap labor. We need good labor. Good / happy people.

This article seems like banker cartel propaganda encouraging further cultural suicide.  Do these Private Central Banking Cartel types realize what the world will be like when everyone as a group as an IQ two standard deviations less on average???


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yes stupid  - but if E & Y wrote it then its about pandering to Bilderberg

"Prestigious" consultancy firms have told their corporate clients that "all" societies are in essence "the same" - IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!

Those with an IQ at 68 are NOT "consumers" They are.... useless eaters incapable of education and analytical critical thinking

The black animals breed only - no different than rabbits / chickens / cattle / pigs - there is no upside to their continued existence - wipe them out of Africa and give it to the White Europeans  / Chinese / Japanese / Koreans / Jews and they will make an empire out of it and you will get growth beyond the mere natural resources





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"...the turd world sh*t are no longer needed"

They are temporarily needed to annihilate ethnic-Europeans in all White nations - part of the KALERGI PLAN.  Once (((they))) have succeeded in annihilating "Whiteness" (as promoted by Harvard Professor (((Noel Ignatiev))), - through miscegenation and civil wars - (((they))) will have little difficulty in depopulating the 'useful idiots', the third world invaders.

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Warning to all western ethnic-European nations

The IQ differences are extremely relevant to the 'new' society to be inflicted upon the whole western world - mostly consisting of ethnic-Europeans.

The Black African IQ (not American Blacks) is only 70 average as opposed to European IQ 100 average. The difference? 70 is the equivalent of an 11 yr old White child. Take a look at Zimbabwe and South Africa (and ALL the rest of ex-colonial Africa such as Congo, Tanzania etc) AFTER the end of White civilization, but then that's the international bankers' intention for the West - to KILL it.

Black governments are criticised all over Africa, after taking over from White society, for their inability to even maintain the precious Infrastructure they are gifted for free - roads, electricity, water system, hospitals, schools (law and order) etc.

Yet it needs to be understood that African languages, according to linguistic Professors, lacked language that refers to past and future tense in their original tongues. This reveals the inability to set future goals and work towards them - a fundamental difference in European culture.

It is much much easier to manipulate and stir up toward conflict and violence a 70 IQ and this is being promoted in Black South Africa very cunningly against the BOER FARMERS with anti-White racist memes by their political leaders "KILL THE BOER: KILL THE FARMER" being chanted routinely in public and displayed craftily on fakestream media. Now, a speeding up of farm family attacks whilst totally censored by all mainstream media which actually states the opposite of the truth - that farm murders are decreasing!

This is the warning to the West being flooded with incompatibles. What is happening today in South Africa, and already happened in basketcase Zimbabwe WILL be transferred to all ethnic-European first world nations. Count on it:


Cultural Marxism with its nonsense 'political correctness' attempts to censor the truth of all this, but, FACTS ARE FACTS as Benjamin Freedman wrote.

Remember, to the political power "SILENCE MEANS CONSENT"

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It happens over and over in the developed world.  Financialization creates speculation, speculation makes housing expensive, and expensive housing destroys family creation in the productive class.  Doom has been predicted in Japan for a generation, and I still don't see it.  I'd love to retire there, but I can understand them wanting to preserve their culture and identity.

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The slave trade was predominantly Blacks/Arabs/Jews. Blacks in Africa raided other tribes to collect slaves (which they had always being doing for themselves anyway), sold them to the Arabs at the coasts of Africa, who onsold them to Jewish businesses. The ships carting them overseas were Jewish owned and the marketplace selling them were Jewish owned and closed down on Jewish holidays.


This information is censored and when Black professors research, find this out, and teach it to their students, they get persecuted and intimidated into silence. Its true that while Jewish media and Jewish controlled media BLAME WHITES (and censor slavery of White slaves ongoing today), the majority of Whites never had anything to do with owning slaves.

Articles I had on this topic giving factual evidence have been 'disappeared' off the net:

and several others. No, Whites must take the blame for what was a Jewish/Arab trade business on the whole, to cover up the truth and to enable anti-White 'hate' and fake White guilt.

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Can the idiots really be that stupid?  Can you equate a muslim african immigrant with a latino?  I am not for open borders by any means, but the great majority of latinos are hard workers and have a culture compatible enough to adapt. 

If the european leaders have bought into this, which it seems they have, they are in for an ugly surprise.  Their citizens are already waking up to it.'

In the US they have squeezed the middle class to death, with both parents working full-time and barely making it.  With the millenials, it's worse.  As others have pointed out: who willingly has kids they can't afford now when the cost of raising and "educating" kids continues to grow at a rate way beyond family income? 

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Them eurotrash need to raw dog it a lot more to create a population boom.

Otherwise them elite-eurotrash gonna create wars, ethnic cleanising and murders to get africans to move their asses to the eurotrash heap.

All because the Rothschild monetary fraud requires a growing population of 2-4% a year.

Get to banging, white bitchez!

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I don't know if SouthEast Asians are considered 3rd world immigrants, anymore. Yes, they know all the tax and welfare loopholes, but they're pretty decent machinists if you can keep them away from the cell phones. Whites either usually don't want to do the work, or were never told decent manufacturing jobs still exist in great numbers in certain areas. White women are extremely rare in this field, although I'm sure most of them could do it.

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When Ellis Island was bring in tons of people even through the 1950s, the skillset of those coming in matched those here and anyone had the skill and motivation to pick up a shovel because there were no safety nets.  People here are only motivated to get ON the safety net system and there are many fewer "shovel ready" jobs so those coming do not contribute to the economy...

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Remember democracy is the real enemy. Your ari$tocracy knows best!

"Count" Richard Coudenhove Kalergi’s Plan outlined by Gerd Honsik: “Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination, ... the elimination of nations by means of ethnic separatist movements or mass allogeneic (genetically dissimilar) immigration to create a multiethnic flock without quality, easily controllable by the ruling class. Kalergi characterized the multi-ethnic flock as cruel and unfaithful but maintained the elite must deliberately create them in order to achieve their own superiority: ‘Then the elite will first eliminate democracy – the rule of the people. Next, the elite will eliminate the people via miscegenation, thereby replacing the ruling white race with an easily controllable mestizo race. By abolishing the principle of equality of all before the law, avoiding and punishing any criticism of minorities, and protecting minorities with special laws, the masses will be suppressed.’'

The same khazar jews that slaughter Palestinians (with impunity) in their Gaza cage, after stealing their land, welcome ethnically cleansed muslims to Urupp.


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