Martin Shkreli Offers Biotech Research From Prison, Starts A Blog, Teaches Discounting To Convicts

"America's most hated man" Martin Shkreli may be serving a 7 year prison sentence (for various offenses among which having the temerity to raise drug prices, something which Pfizer just did today) but that does not mean he has any interest in disappearing from the public spotlight.

To confirm that, on July 1, Shrekli launched a new blog at the address (the URL was registered on May 5, 2015 with godaddy) in which he will share "My thoughts on biopharma and other topics like my friendship with my best friend mo she is seriously the best and i love her dog ringo i do not compare to him at all."

This is how his first blog post begins:

Welcome to my first blog. I’ll be discussing biopharmaceuticals and other topics. I’ll try to mark sections clearly for those who are here for industry commentary as compared to my personal life.

He then lays out his thoughts on several recent developments in the biotech space, before highlighting that he is now teaching discount rates to convicted felons:

In teaching discount rates to some of the guys here, we find dogma like ‘sovreigns always have less default risk than corporates’, when obviously most S&P 100 companies have lower default risk than the Eastern European countries I come from. Or my notion that a conglomerate should always have (all else being equal) less default risk than an industry-focused company. Certainly GE has more default risk than Amgen. You can slap together a lot of low-margin businesses with leverage and you’re far less safe than a well-run industry leader. But, ceritus paribus, the Novartis move is risk-neutral since healthcare conglomerates aren’t really conglomerates. Having an eye healthcare business isn’t particularly diversifying other than somewhat eliminating concentration risk which naturally comes with scale. GE selling Healthcare markedly increases risk, in my eyes. Any precision that comes from better operational focus is overwhelmed by the idea that one of their highest-return businesses is being spun off. Companies need to weather bad times. There’s a reason Berkshire Hathaway, the consummate rollup/conglomerate (dirtiest words possible) bailed everyone out in 2008.

He proceeds to list several science papers he has been reading, and then hits us with the punchline: he is now offering biotech research services from prison:

If there is a biopharma stock you want me to review, email (gets snail mailed to me by a friend) or send me a snail mail at:

Martin Shkreli
Register #87850-053
FCI Fort Dix
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 2000
Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640

Shkreli concludes with the following update, which includes everything from his person thoughts about reading on himself, to the fate of the Wu-Tang album and his financial assets, even his thoughts on the current political situation, saying that "politics seem to be tearing this country apart. I think both sides have to start capitulating or perhaps California/NYC should become a special entity with their own federal government." He won't, however, discuss prison life:

I have around 38 months to go assuming no success on an appeal. I spend most of my team reading. A newspaper misreported that I’m ‘buff’. This is not the case. Oh, the Wu-Tang album is still in my possession. As are all of my assets. I couldn’t have a lower opinion of newswriters now that I’ve had folks report on me. It’s astonishing, really. I understand that not everyone can be capable or excel at their chosen career, and the reporting of occurrences and chronicling of history is not a vitally important task to those charged with it. So, don’t pay too much attention (an admonishment to the reader and a reminder to myself). Anyway, the fate of the Wu-Tang album remains to be seen, but the choice is distinctly mine. I’m a bit frustrated by the Clan’s insistence on making a further album. I was told this would be the final work–I would have never purchased ‘Shaolin’ if that representation was false. That sounds like a violation of a certain section of Title 18 I’m familiar with, come to think of it. Anyway, I’ll decide at some point if I want to sell the album. If a higher-return troll opportunity occurs, I just might.

What else? Politics seem to be tearing this country apart. I think both sides have to start capitulating or perhaps California/NYC should become a special entity with their own federal government. The rest of the backwards nation will have to make do. It’s more practical than what we have going on. Same federal taxes but less whining. Just thinking way outside the box 🙂

You probably won’t find me talking too much about jail as I think it’s in bad taste. This will undoubtedly be read my inmates and staff and it’s easier (and safer) for me to just avoid certain topics. The only thing I can probably say is I miss my family, friends and cat, roughly in that order.

Finally, he urges anyone out there to reach out:

Well, this will be a living project. If you have any advice, like, “less this and more that”, leave some comments or email (my people will slowly deliver this email to me in the form of printed snail mail — takes about 2 weeks from your email until I get it in the actual paper mail). I write this message on our “TRULINCS” prison email system to a friend. That friend posts it on the blog. Hope you enjoy this!