Tesla Confirms Chief Engineer Has Left

On a day when Tesla's share price plunged 10% from its highs intraday after Musk tried to spin his missed Model 3 deadline as a win, the company has confirmed that its chief engineer Doug Field is leaving the company.

This comes just a day after Tesla's CIO quit (and is already missing a COO, a CAO, and a CMO). The company C-suite executive team is limited to Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer, JB Straubel, Chief Technology Officer, and Gabrielle Toledano, Chief People Officer.

Field, who "had been taking time off to recharge and spend time with his family" after Elon Musk took over production responsibilities during the ramping up of the Model 3 sedan...

...is now officially gone.

“After almost five years at Tesla, Doug Field is moving on. We’d like to thank Doug for his hard work over the years and for everything he has done for Tesla,” the company says in an emailed statement

As we noted previously, Field has been a "key leader at the Silicon Valley auto maker since joining in 2013 from Apple" according to the WSJ and oversees all engineering of Tesla’s vehicles. As noted above, that changed this spring when Chief Executive Elon Musk said he retook control of production.

Ironically, the hiring of Field from Apple, where he was vice president of Mac hardware engineering, was touted as a win for Mr. Musk, who had big ambitions for Tesla. Field had also worked at Ford Motor and Segway, giving him unique experience in both the tech and autos industry.

When Field first joined Tesla, he said driving a Tesla for the first time "was like using the first Mac with a mouse. He knew that eventually everyone would want to drive one."

The latest SEC filing shows Field sold over $1 million in Tesla shares.

So they have no chief engineer and production is being done under a tent - so 7k next should be no problem, right?


SafelyGraze jcaz Mon, 07/02/2018 - 16:21 Permalink

this is a good sign for Telsa because it means that the chief engineer completed his engineerings and that is why the 7000 model threes are being cranked out of the fabrication studios on mars and so forth.


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gregga777 El Oregonian Mon, 07/02/2018 - 16:44 Permalink

Soichiro Honda didn't start out making luxury Acura automobiles just after World War 2. He began making motorized bicycles with 50cc engines. Honda automobiles were years away in the future. Acura was 40 years away in the future. 


Henry Ford didn't jump right into making luxury Lincoln automobiles. He finally succeeded after several tries making the Model T for a mass market. Lincoln automobiles were years away in the future. Ford now makes 15,000 of their cash cow F-150 trucks per week!


Ford was focused on producing so many Model T's as quickly as possible that the paint drying time was a significant production bottleneck. Since black paint dried the fastest all Model T's were painted black. 


On the other hand, Elon Musk started out making luxury vehicles for a tiny niche market. Now Tesla is trying to manufacture larger numbers of Model 3's (versus earlier models) and is having lots of trouble ramping up to 2,000 per week. The original price target of $35,000 has been abandoned for an $80,000 fully loaded version. How many of those $1,000 down pre-orders are going to be canceled because of that?


High-volume manufacturers come down the learning much faster than their low-/lower-volume competitors. There may be some, but I don't know of any luxury goods maker that has ever successfully become a high-volume manufacturer. 


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Delorean could still be in business today except instead of using his experience and considerable competence to run the company he put clowns in charge as his new found fame went to his head and he went the celebrity route. By the time he wised up it was too late.

Anything unique that Tesla has to offer, which isn't much, came from suppliers. For example batteries and solar panels by Panasonic, Mobile Eye for self driving until they terminated the relationship claiming Tesla was bastardizing their technology. Elon made a big PR splash releasing Tesla's patents for anyone to use "to further the electric car industry." If those patents were in anyway valuable or groundbreaking either Musk's board or major shareholders would have stopped it as those patents would have been worth huge money to the bottom line. Not a peep out of either. Fluff worthless patents used to generate huge PR for Tesla and the ignorant claiming it was more proof of Musk's genius.

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35 grand ain't cheap and Musk lied when he said they could do it. Recently when asked why he wasn't making the strippos, he's concentrating on the top dollar stuff, he said they would go broke if they did. Some outfits tore down a 3 and figured materials and labor it costs 28 grand to build a 3. Fanbois were ecstatic claiming huge profits for Tesla. As per usual the true believers forgot to add in the Selling, General, and Administrative costs which would make the actual cost well past 35 grand.

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helloimjohnnycat GatorMcClusky Mon, 07/02/2018 - 16:53 Permalink

Seriously ?

The batts are DC.

Power from the massive ( and proven dangerous ) batt supply is switched through an IGBT arrangement to power AC motors.

An IGBT is a clever device, genius level thinking . The rest of the POS cars not so much !

I wish El Lolita ( crypto-joo slime ) would switch himself to the permanently locked OFF POS-ition.

I'm not proud of myself to say such things, but then again aren't we tired of the daily lies & fraud called Tesla ?

Truth is all powerful.

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tahoebumsmith Mon, 07/02/2018 - 16:22 Permalink

I would leave too if I just produced 5000 more faulty cars last week just to appease Wall St. and knowing they are all shit and going to be recalled eventually 

CHoward Mon, 07/02/2018 - 16:24 Permalink

Pushing numbers down a half assed 'assembly line' under a tent is easy.  I think Musk should go for 10K next month.  Come on baby - you can do it.  After all - we're not talking about real cars here - it's just numbers.

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It's funny to see how delusional people can be and never really get called out on it until enough people are killed or some big investors start to lose billions.  We see Elizabeth Homes of Theranos....same syndrome.   Completely delusional and no adults in the room to supervise until the joint is burned down!  Oh well, buyer beware.   I guess an Enron or two or three has to happen every decade so that someone could write stupid books on 'how it happened.'  Paging Michael Lewis, paging Michael Lewis, please pickup the yellow guest phone for a call from your agent.

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