Meyssan: What Donald Trump Is Preparing

Authored by Thierry Meyssan via,

After having observed Donald Trump’s historical references (the constitutional compromise of 1789, the examples of Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon) and the way in which his partisans perceive his politics, Thierry Meyssan here analyses his anti-imperialist actions. The US President is not interested in taking a step back, but on the contrary, abandoning the interests of the transnational ruling class in order to develop the US national economy.

The problem

In 1916, during the First World War, Lenin analysed the reasons which led to the confrontation between the empires of his time. He wrote – Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. In this book, he clarified his analysis – « Imperialism is capitalism which has arrived at a stage of its development where domination by monopolies and financial capital has been confirmed, where the export of capital has acquired major importance, where the sharing of the world between international trusts has begun, and where the sharing of all the territories of the globe between the greatest capitalist countries has been achieved ».

The facts confirmed his logic of the concentration of capitalism that he described. In the space of one century, it substituted a new empire for the precedents – « America » (not to be confused with the American continent). By dint of fusions and acquisitions, a few multinational companies gave birth to a global ruling class which gathers every year to congratulate itself, as we watch, in Davos, Switzerland. These people do not serve the interests of the US population, and in fact are not necessarily United States citizens themselves, but use the means of the US Federal State to maximise their profits.

Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States on his promise to return to the earlier state of Capitalism, that of the « American dream, » by free market competition. We can of course claim a priori, as did Lenin, that such a reversal is impossible, but nonetheless, the new President has committed to this direction.

The heart of the imperial Capitalist system is expressed by the doctrine of the Pentagon, formulated by Admiral Arthur Cebrowski – the world is now split in two.

On one side, the developed, stable states...

...and on the other, those states which are not yet integrated into the imperial globalist system and are therefore doomed to instability. The US armed forces are tasked with destroying the state and social structures of the non-integrated regions. Since 2001, they have been patiently destroying the « Greater Middle East », and are now preparing to do the same in the « Caribbean Basin .»

We are obliged to note that the way in which the Pentagon looks at the world is based on the same concepts used by anti-imperialist thinkers like Immanuel Wallerstein, Giovanni Arrighi or Samir Amin.

The attempted solution

Donald Trump’s objective thus consists both of reinvesting the transnational capital in the US economy, and turning the Pentagon and the CIA away from their current imperialist functions with National Defense.

In order to do so, he has to withdraw from international commercial treaties and dissolve the inter-governmental structures which consolidate the old order.

French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaking to US President Donald Trump during the second day of the G7 meeting in Charlevoix, Canada, June 2018.

Undoing the international commercial treaties

From the very first days of his mandate, President Trump removed his country from the trans-Pacific partnership agreement, which had not yet been signed. This commercial treaty had been conceived strategically as a means of isolating China.

Since he was unable to cancel the signature of his country on those treaties which were already in force, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), he began to unravel them by imposing various customs duties which were contrary to the spirit, but not the letter, of the agreement.

Re-framing or dissolving the inter-governmental structures

As we have often written here, the United Nations Organisation is no longer a forum for peace, but an instrument of US imperialism within which a few states continue to resist. This was already the case during the Soviet policy of the empty chair (Korean War) and, since July 2012, it is once again true.President Trump has directly attacked the two main imperialist tools within the UNO – the peace-keeping operations (which have taken the place of the observation missions which were originally planned by the Charter), and the Human Rights Council (whose sole function is to justify the humanitarian wars waged by NATO). He has deprived the former of their budget, and withdrawn his country from the latter. However, he has just lost the election for Director of the International Organisation for Migration, leaving the road open, for the moment, for the world traffic in human beings. Of course, he has absolutely no wish to destroy the UNO, but only to refocus its activities and bring it back to its original function.

He has just torpedoed the G7. This meeting, initially intended as a moment for the exchange of points of view, had become, as from 1994, a tool for imperial domination. In 2014, it transformed itself into an instrument for anti-Russian activity – thus conforming to what had become the new strategy of the Anglo-Saxon nations, aimed at « cutting our losses », in other words, avoiding a World War by limiting the empire to the borders of Russia and thereby isolating it. President Trump took great care during the meeting in Charleroix to show his confused allies that he was no longer their overlord, and that they would have to make it on their own.

Finally, after having tried to use France to dynamite the European Union, he turned to Italy, where he sent Steve Bannon to create an anti-system government with the help of US banks. Rome has already concluded an alliance with five other capitals against Brussels.

Reinvesting in productive economy

Via diverse fiscal and customs measures, rarely voted by Congress and usually adopted by decree, President Trump encouraged the major companies of his country to repatriate their factories back to the USA. There immediately followed an economic recovery, which is about the only thing for which the Press will recognise him.

However, we are a long way from noting a financial decline. World finance is probably continuing to prosper outside of the USA, or in other words, continuing to suck up the wealth of the rest of the world.

Reorienting the Pentagon and the CIA

This is obviously the most difficult operation. During his election, President Trump could count on the the votes from his troops, but not those of the superior officers and generals

Donald Trump entered into politics on 11 September 2001. He immediately contested the official version of the events. Thereafter, he expressed his astonishment about the contradictions of the mainstream story – while Presidents Bush Jr. and Obama declared that they wanted to eliminate the jihadist movements, we observed on the contrary a drastic multiplication and globalisation of jihadism during their mandates which went as far as the creation of an independent state in Iraq and Syria.

This is why, as soon as he took office, President Trump surrounded himself with officers who enjoyed a recognised authority in the army. It was, for him, the only option, both to guard against a military coup d’etat and to ensure that he would be obeyed in the reforms that he wanted to implement. Then he gave carte blanche to all the military for everything concerning tactics on the ground. Finally, he never lost an opportunity to confirm his support for the armed forces and the Intelligence services.

After having confiscated their permanent chair at the National Security Council from the president of the chiefs of staff and the director of the CIA, he gave the order to cease support for the jihadists. Progressively, we saw Al-Qaeda and Daesh lose ground. This policy continues today with the withdrawal of US support for the jihadists in Southern Syria. From now on, they no longer form private armies, but only scattered groups which are used for occasional terrorist actions.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (R) and US President Donald Trump take a seat during a working dinner meeting at the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) headquarters in Brussels on May 25, 2017 during a NATO summit.

Similarly, he first of all pretended to give up dissolving NATO if it would agree to add an anti-terrorist function to its anti-Russian function. He is now beginning to show NATO that it does not enjoy eternal privileges, as we we saw with his refusal to deliver a special visa for an ex-General Secretary. Above all, he has begun to diminish its anti-Russian function. So he is now negotiating with Moscow the cancellation of Alliance manoeuvres in Eastern Europe. Besides this, he is now taking administrative actions which attest to the refusal of the allies to contribute to collective defence as far as they are able. In this way, he is preparing to dismantle NATO as soon as he sees fit.

This moment will only come when the destructuration of international relations occurs simultaneously at maturity in Asia (North Korea), the Greater Middle East (Palestine and Iran) and in Europe (UE).

Keep in mind 

  • President Trump is absolutely not the « unpredictable » character so often described. Quite the contrary, he acts in a clearly thoughtful and logical manner.

  • Donald Trump is preparing a reorganisation of international relations. This change will operate through a complete and sudden upheaval directed against the interests of the transnational ruling class.


J S Bach Quantify Tue, 07/03/2018 - 23:14 Permalink

Cynic that I am, I don't hold the high hopes of this writer.  I see Trump's obeisance to Sheldon Adelson's Israeli-First Middle East policy as well as his appointment of Goldman-Sachs Executives to high governmental positions as an obvious sign that he is compromised to TPTB.  He slavishly heralded the opening of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital while at that very moment, innocent Palestinians were being murdered by cowardly IDF snipers.  In my opinion, he fears for his ego and remaining 15 years of life.  A man of conscience, honor and courage does not quail at the thought of his immediate demise... so long as he has truth and providence on his side.  He carries the torch of truth proudly and openly for all to see and follow.  Subterfuge does not enter into his pure state of mind.

Now, there are many who would claim that that last statement is an example of total naivete.  But, I would posit that such a policy would attract MASSIVE amounts of starving disciples to the cause of righteousness... thus burying those of the bedeviled and brainwashed antifa.  Such is my optimistic hope for humanity.

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Giant Meteor Four chan Wed, 07/04/2018 - 01:28 Permalink

Yep. I scanned the headline. I sense a disturbance in the farce. It's like I could hear a million Q's crying out in agony ..

It certainly has made some folks a bit testy, although I am not surprised by the development.

You see this truthful hyperbole thing, (like saying honest lying) is bound to get one involved in some deep shit, sooner or later, like anytime one over promises and under delivers .. Hillary good people, she's suffered enough, which OK was probably Ivanka talkin but still ... he could have at least left the good people part off for Christ's sake ..

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wildbad Four chan Wed, 07/04/2018 - 02:49 Permalink

This article is excellent. I have to agree with Marx's prediction as to how things would develop, not that his solution has any merit.  The one nit picking point I would make is the order of business with the military.  They were much more a part of Trump's rise than this article asserts.  While 911 may well have been a seminal moment for our president, some point to JFK Jr's death as the moment as well.  Who knows?

Trump was chosen by the military who were sick of Obozo's and Bush's hegemonic policies and dismissal of the real Americans from their ranks.  A coup d' etat was certain had Trump declined to run.  I'm glad this way was chosen.  That other road less travelled is still there to be taken shall this one fail.

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curbjob Bulgars Wed, 07/04/2018 - 06:37 Permalink

Historically, underpaid factory workers always lean left ...

but not to worry, when the US starts manufacturing household appliances again, our patriotic captain's of industry are going to make sure the line workers are paid no less than a 50th of what they earn ... just like it was in  the 1950's. 

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Ex-Oligarch wildbad Wed, 07/04/2018 - 15:27 Permalink

I think so too.

Trump brought the military (and NSA) on side because he needed allies to counter the CIA and FBI, who as we have seen launched major covert and overt efforts to end his presidency.

What other institutions could he look to for support?  His own Republican Party apparat hates him.  So does the Democratic Party, virtually the entirety of Washington officialdom, the press, the Chamber of Commerce, academia, Wall Street -- everyone, it seems, except the electorate.

I remain skeptical of the suggestion that Trump's candidacy was organized from the beginning by military intelligence. He would be an unconventional choice for a tool.  I'm more inclined to believe that it was a fortunate confluence of common objectives that brought them into alignment. Also, Trump's maneuvering and manipulation of his opponents to their mutual destruction feels so much like the plot of Yojimbo that I can't help but wonder if the military isn't being manipulated as well.


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janus Four chan Wed, 07/04/2018 - 09:55 Permalink

the plea deal clearly said that the DOJ won't pursue indictments for nonviolent crimes up until such and such a point.

if the issue before us is treason -- high treason, at that -- it strikes me as probable that these crimes will be adjudicated by another that treats treasonous traitors as 'enemy combatants'.  

i do believe death by firing squad is still sanctioned by the UCMJ.

i do believe Gitmo has seen some renovations of late...maybe a fresh coat of paint, an expansion, refurbishment of facilities.

hell, hussain ain't even a citizen.  why should we extend to him Constitutional protections?

4D chess is real.

Bannon never betrayed POTUS (or us).

TDS is real.

it is also my belief that Trump wants the midterms to proceed without too much of a taint from these proceedings, not only to lend them the impression of fairness but to ensure as much in substance (Trump is being far more magnanimous than would i).  moreover, whomsoever stands with these people should likewise fall with them


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uhland62 DeadFred Wed, 07/04/2018 - 00:55 Permalink

He needs to keep the military sweet or he'd be zapped. Both JFK and Martin Luther King did not favour the Vietnam War and said so shortly before they were zapped.

He tells them what they want to hear, he does a few things they want to see. Do we know if the Africom soldiers are always readily and completely rotated? The Pentagon's mantra is still "to sustain America's influence abroad". Just imagine what they'd do to him if he had said, "no, leave that out".

Raytheon is kept sweet with selling their Patriots to Poland. In many ways it looks like creating contradictions to become less of a target combined with good old Lenin's mantra 'two steps forward, one step back'. The article is a little naive because these things do not move in a straight line and there are many, many moving parts. 

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Giant Meteor uhland62 Wed, 07/04/2018 - 01:06 Permalink

Well could be even potentially worse than that .. if he starts cutting into international banker profits too much, his own team would take him out ... An ides of March sorta thing, or the Caligula conspiracy. So either all this is prime time reality tv show, or he best/ better triple the Praetorian guard .. shit is getting real .. or unreal as the case may be ..

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yvhmer uhland62 Wed, 07/04/2018 - 04:07 Permalink

Indeed it does not move in a straight line, and I personally did not get the impression the article promotes such a view. 

I do feel, having read quite a lot by the hand of Thierry, that he is right in pointing to the average direction, by taking a step back, and looking back over the past 550 days or so.

The confusion is only those who think the unthinkable cannot be thought and executed in practice.  


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Chris2 CTacitus Wed, 07/04/2018 - 01:12 Permalink


He is not conventional, he is radical in that he is going to change the game so that America/Americans can win again. The game was rigged against us for a reason. That reason is to collapse America from the inside as shoe banging Khrushchev said at the UN in the early 60s "We will bury you!"

Since then we have outsourced manufacturing base, funded third world countries, taken their migrants and ignored our own interests. And hulled out the nation via debt.


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CTacitus Chris2 Wed, 07/04/2018 - 01:24 Permalink

What??? You still believe this liar?!?!?! Kindly answer my previous question to the poster above you....that should be indicative of what IS happening, minus the rhetoric and theatrics being played out--with the explicit attempt to distract the audience from the actual deeds recorded as it is playing out in front of all of our eyes .... try to pay attention and keep up with what has actually PLAYED out!

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shovelhead Giant Meteor Wed, 07/04/2018 - 09:23 Permalink

But here's the trick.

That national debt was sold off to other countries and 'investors' while whatever is held by the Central Bank consists of a mere data entry, a UOMe.

Does the CB actually 'lose' anything in a default if the data entry is removed, while earning 6% on a very large number up to that point?

Remember, the cash they hand back to the Govt. was manufactured, not earned...Ain't accounting great?

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