Protests Turn Violent After Anti-ICE Demonstrators Arrested In Philadelphia

Three days after a violent riot broke out in Portland, the result of clashes between antifa and a right-wing conservative group, on Tuesday protests again turned violent, this time in the city of brotherly love, as activists were taken into custody on the streets of Philadelphia as they were called for the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The protests took place in front of the ICE office on 8th and Cherry Streets in Center City, according to CBS Philadelphia.

CBS3 video captured police and some activists clashing while officers were clearing an encampment outside the ICE building on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Philadelphia police, 29 arrests were made and they were issued failure to disperse citations. Two people sustained minor scrapes and bruises during the arrests, as one was taken to the hospital. Protesters had been out since Monday afternoon.

According to an organizer, the small but resilient protest group has donations of cold water and food coming in constantly because the goal is to be out here in front of ICE’s office indefinitely until certain demands are met.

On a national level, they have been calling for an end to mass deportations and to abolish ICE. This is a new movement that has sprung up saying the agency has gone rogue and needs to be replaced.

The protesters also want to end family detentions and close a detention center in Berks County. They say what we are seeing at the border is also happening in our backyard and it needs to stop.

Lastly, they are calling for the City of Philadelphia to have no cooperation policy with ICE.

In other words, a rather lengthy list of demands.

"Despite Philadelphia’s reputation as a sanctuary city, it is the case that Philadelphia also has one of the most active ICE offices in the country. Part of the reason for that is that they are able to access the city’s residential data," said protester Anlin Wang.

For those who wish to see the civil protest first hand, you have time: Protesters say they are going to be out here standing up for the treatment of undocumented immigrants until their demands are met.


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I encourage this lefty rage.  We need to troll them all the way through November, because their insane behavior will lead to them getting trounced in the election in the absence of a true catastrophe that can be hung around Trump's neck.  The reason that I want them to lose and lose hard in the election is not because I think the Rs are the best party ever.  It's because I want to send a clear message to the left that they have gone insane and we're pushing them out of the political sphere all together.  If they don't like that, well, we have all the guns and they can either shape up, or sit out in the cold. 

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If you really want to troll these jackwads Trump should start giving preference to countries where they love Trump.  I've heard Indian men are quite hot for Trump.  Just start flooding in some of these type of immigrant and then ask

    "how's that? should we do more?"

Something tells me if this was done suddenly immigrants would be evil.  These evil lefty pieces of alligator fudge don't give a flip about anyone but themselves and that's a transparent fact.   In fact I think they are the only people they are fooling.  All the rest of us see it.

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Many business owners and even big corporations like that too. And to keep their wages even lower, they have tried their best to lobby the corrupt US Congress to do nothing and keep undocumented immigrants' status unchanged for as long as possible.


As expected, the big corps always have their way.



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Fuuuuck!  I would not touch a white lefty woman with your dick.  White women in the USA are liabilities only so far as as I have seen.  Never seen a more neurotic beast that an american white woman.  Asian, Brazilian you name it and it's probably better.  I tried really hard to find one worth a damn but after my Japanese girlfriend who would come fuck the shit out of me all weekend and cook really good food for me and was actually funnier than I am I absolutely gave up on the neurotic home grown ones.

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