The Trump-Putin Peace, Trade, And Friendship Talks

Authored by Brian Cloughley via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

News that a meeting has been arranged between Presidents Trump and Putin on 16 July was greeted with displeasure in many sectors of the western world, and especially by the military-industrial complex, the cabal of war-profiteering US and European oligarchs whose interests lie solely in maintaining their lucrative arms manufacturing empires. Trade is most important to them — but peace and friendship come way down their page of priorities, because it is enmity and distrust that lead to lucrative sales of weapons.

UK newspapers reacted predictably to the news, with the right wing Daily Mail stating “Fears are mounting that Donald Trump wants a ‘peace deal’ with Vladimir Putin that could fatally undermine NATO. Ministers are becoming increasingly alarmed that the US president could offer the Russian president deep concessions such as withdrawing forces from Europe.”

The Times of London recorded that “One [UK government] minister told the Times: ‘What we're nervous of is some kind of Putin-Trump 'peace deal' suddenly being announced. We could see Trump and Putin saying, Why do we have all this military hardware in Europe? and agreeing to jointly remove that. 'It's hard to be against peace, but would it be real peace?’”

Yes, it would be real peace, because what Russia wants is amicable relations and trade. Trade with the US and the EU and China and every country that wants to trade — including, most importantly, the Baltic States that have been encouraged by the Pentagon-Brussels NATO High Command to imagine that Russia is poised to invade them.

The US defence secretary, General James Mattis, told Estonia’s minister of defence that “Russia is trying to change international borders by force” and at meetings in May with Lithuania’s president and Baltic defence ministers “reassured US allies in the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia of American solidarity with them and of US determination to defend Baltic and other NATO territory against any aggression.”

Of all the absurd concoctions swinging round the Western propaganda world at the moment, the notion that Russia wants to invade Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania is probably the least believable and most laughable. The Russian government fully realises that such action would inevitably result in wider conflict; and that there could be escalation to a shattering nuclear war. Even if it didn’t result in global catastrophe, the occupation of any one of these countries by Russian forces would be cripplingly costly in every way and simply doesn’t make sense.

In the context of the impending US-Russia presidential talks, not a single Western media outlet mentioned that, as detailed in the 2018 World Report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), “In 2017 the USA spent more on its military [$610 billion] than the next seven highest-spending countries combined... at $66.3 billion, Russia’s military spending in 2017 was 20 per cent lower than in 2016.”

It would be awkward and indeed embarrassing for the Western media to give prominence to SIPRI’s indisputable statement that in 2016 “NATO’s collective military expenditure rose to $881 billion” while “European NATO members spent $254 billion in 2016 — over 3 times more than Russia.”

Russia is reducing its expenditure on defence while the US-NATO military alliance, as noted by Radio Free Europe, agreed on 7 June to “reinforce NATO’s presence in a potential European crisis with the deployment of 30 troop battalions, 30 squadrons of aircraft, and 30 warships within 30 days — the so-called ‘Four 30s’ plan.” This, said the Secretary General of the US-NATO military alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, presumably with a straight face, is not “about setting up or deploying new forces — it is about boosting the readiness of existing forces across each and every ally.”

Then the BBC reported that Stoltenberg had put the best face he could on the unwelcome news of reduced tension and possible friendship. He said that “dialogue is a sign of strength... We don’t want a new Cold War, we don’t want to isolate Russia, we want to strive for a better relationship with Russia.” This is the man who declared in March 2018 that the US-NATO military grouping is increasing its numbers of confrontational deployments. He is proud of the fact that at the end of 2017 there were more than 23,000 troops involved in NATO operations, an increase of over 5,000 since 2014. This is a most peculiar way of striving for a “better relationship” with Russia, whose borders and shores are constantly menaced by NATO’s attack and electronic warfare aircraft, missile-equipped ships and tank-heavy troop manoeuvres.

In June, immediately before the start of the World Cup football tournament in Russia the US-NATO alliance (plus Israel) conducted a two-week military exercise in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. 18,000 troops took part in the manoeuvres which, according to the Pentagon’s HQ in Europe, were “not a provocation of Russia.” At the very time that citizens of countless countries were preparing to travel to Russia to enjoy a major sporting jamboree, the Pentagon-Brussels pressure group did its best to confront the country whose defence budget is one third of Europe’s and a tenth of America’s and whose President declared that his overwhelming priority is reduction of poverty and “the well-being of the people and the prosperity of Russian families.”

It is deeply ironical that while the US-NATO military fandangos were in full swing in the Baltic States, it was reported that “Russia on Wednesday [6 June] successfully launched its Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft carrying three crew members to the International Space Station (ISS)...”

The spacecraft carried three astronauts : Serena Aunon-Chancellor of the US, Germany’s Alexander Gerst and Russia’s Sergei Prokopyev,

The spacecraft zoomed away in international harmony two days before US Senator Ben Sasse grouched that “Putin is not our friend and he is not the president’s buddy. He is a thug using Soviet-style aggression to wage a shadow war against America, and our leaders should act like it.” With that sort of attitude, widespread in the Congress, it’s going to be difficult to realise Trump’s desire to “get along with Russia” which he observes would be “good for the world, it’s good for us, it’s good for everybody.”

Trump is the most erratic president the US has ever known. He ricochets from malevolent tweeting to spiteful speeches, and is now distrusted by almost every foreign leader of stature. It is difficult to disagree with the opinion of Iran’s foreign minister that he is “impulsive and illogical” but — and it is a very big ‘but’ — at the moment he presents the best chance for rapprochement and amity with Russia.

The fact that Washington’s warmongers so violently oppose his forthcoming talks with President Putin is evidence enough that he is on the right track. Let’s hope that President Putin can keep him on the rails that lead to peace, trade and friendship.


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Russia is fully aware that the US is non-negotiation capable. Even Trump has reneged on the deal made with Iran by a previous administration and is now openly promoting regime change. It will listen and politely smile as the US spouts its stuff. There may be one-for-one trades e.g. Russia reduces its forces in Syria and the US does the same. There are reports that the Kurds have at long last seen they are being used by the US and will be sold out to the Turks whenever it suits the US, and are negotiating with the Syrian government. If the Kurds turn to this better deal, the goodbye the US in Syria.





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Trump is the most erratic president the US has ever known. He ricochets from malevolent tweeting to spiteful speeches, and is now distrusted by almost every foreign leader of stature. 

not distrusted...he is FEARED by those traitorous globalists who want their murder and theft game to continue.

Go get em Donald

They all FEAR a peace deal...shows you where their hearts lie. End NATO

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Uchtdorf is right. The Cloughley article sucks. Russian bullshit smells as bad as US bullshit.

The summit has not turned into some kind of love fest with the OUR US-led Anglo-Zionist AXIS agonizing that Bolton and Trump are on a mission to bring Peace, Trade, Friendship to US-Russian relations.

Immediately and most predominantly in the crosshairs of the AXIS is dear old Iran, where the AXIS is hoping that the current unrest which they have engineered and sponsored will turn into a full-blown civil war where they can fight it like they did in Syria, either taking it over or neutralizing it to rubble. 

If there had not been so much warmongering against Iran over the past year or so under Trump, we could conclude that its oil and gas reserves and its choice to trade outside of the US petrodollar were not top priority and perhaps irrelevant. But to be honest, we can't. 

The AXIS strategy is obviously to corner control of the oil production market, and save that US petrodollar. They already directly or indirectly control the vast resources in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Canada and they can wait to control those in Venezuela, until after they TAKE BACK IRAN.  As a further consequence Russia will not then be able to so easily faint economic security through Asian alliances, because through fuel control the West can remain economic dominant.  

The only obstacle to taking over Iran is Russia. That is a fact. That Iran is the AXIS priority is the other relevant fact. That is what this summit will be about, otherwise the US would not have sent Mr. Bolton, its most vociferous advocate for war against Iran, to Russia at this critical time to negotiate. 

If Russia does not stay true to its alliances and sells out Irn for the flesh-pots of the West, then it is only a matter of time before it too is swallowed up by the blood and filth of the Western banksters and multinational corporations.     

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That was refreshing. Your comments are not only good, they are also unassailable, except of course by the Zionists who can't stand to have the truth trumpeted from the rooftops. You can picture them, in their desperation to continue their deception, scheming on their next distraction/false flag so the sheeple will not get a glimpse of reality.

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Trump Sun Gemini, Uranus Gemini all conjunct the MC.

Unpredictable, turns on dime, ready to deal, risk taker, brilliance, connected to American public who has Aquarius Moon.

Ascendant conjunct Regulus Leo=born to be King.

And why I knew he would win way back in 2015.

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If he opens up North Korea and makes peace with Russia, puts all this Russiaphobia nonsense to rest I will take back anything bad I said about him.  He will have done more that the last three 8 year wonders in that office.

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The weak fag politicians of the western world, ie the majority of them, are getting ever worried that 2 REAL MEN are going to show them up. 

Personally I'm loving it. 

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Really? You must  watched too many of those infamous "action-adventure" shows as a youth, on the telly...

where the "real men" strutted so convincingly thru their heroic poses that you could sometimes forget to see the strings by which they dangled. 

"real men"... as in "real leaders" would not be getting together to announce and then celebrate the arrival of the PAX SIONISTA which has now arrived to usher in a new era of mafiya-run satrapies which follow instructions directed through the chain of Lubavitch 'handlers' both your PUPPET PRINCES are ringed by. 

Yes - dissolving the "Atlantic Alliance" is the goal of both of your superheros - in accord with their instructions from talmudic HQ; but its replacement, in the form of an "ERSATZ SREAL" which spans from westernmost Ireland to the icy Bering Straits will not be the happy ending which you dream about chief.

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Trump's not stupid, he likes a Return On Investment (ROI), which he's definitely not getting from Troops stationed in the EU (unless they're being utilised to invade Russia & confiscate their Energy Resources, LOL ).

FUCK CONGRESS & The Brussels Non-Elected Fat Cats.

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The Soviet Union went bankrupt trying to be in the arms race. Putin learned that lesson and knows tanks and planes don't win loyalty. I watch Russian TV and you constantly see ceremonies where Russian soldiers, sailors and airmen are getting new apartments for their families.  Putin goes to warfare training, not like Obama's dog and pony shows in some hanger. He has earned military loyalty just like building the bridge train. highway across the Kerch Strait and visiting the construction site and shaking hands with the workers.  Yes, he has problems.  But he also has phone in TV media shows where he tries to listen and do things for his country. Haven't seen things like these from Clinton or Obama. Not sure how muchTrump has done other than plan to the working class.

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Russia did not annex Crimea. When Ukraine became independent in 1991, the Crimeans asked to remain with Russia. The Ukraine govenment refused their demand (independence only for some it seems). Following a neo-nazi pogrom against them during the Maidan, the local milita (not Russian troops) secured the legislature building so a referendum could be held and legally ratified. The people voted 95% or so in favor of aligning with the Russian Federation. Out of the 20,000 Ukraine military forces in Crimea at the time, 16,000 decided to take the deal of joining Russian Federation forces for a 4x increase in salary.



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I find it interesting that it is not just the USA that is so anti-Russia but the entire West. That tells me that it was all orchestrated behind the scenes. The question is, Why? There are several possible reasons. 

1. The US is unhappy that Europe is dependent on Russia for more than 1/3 of its energy requirements. The US wants a pipeline from Qatar to Europe so that the dependency on Russia is lessened. That pipeline would have to go through Syria, which Assad opposes. Hence the involvement by the US to depose him.

2. As the author pointed out, the MIC will do anything to stir up friction to increase their profits. However, China is a bigger threat than Russia will ever be so why not focus their wrath on China? Since Europe collectively spends $881 billion on defense, maybe the MIC felt it was more profitable to gin up the anti-Russian sentiment.

3. By focusing all the animosity on Russia, it deflects attention away from the real problems in the EU, and if it all collapses, Russia becomes the convenient scape goat.


I agree with the author that it is insane for Putin to attack and/or occupy any country bordering on Russia. What would Russia stand to gain versus what it would potentially stand to lose? Russia is already the largest resource rich country in the world so it doesn’t need any more land. Ukraine is a mess as are many of the other former eastern bloc countries, so they would be a net drain on Russia’s economy. Russia has virtually no debt and has built up billions in gold reserves. Putin knows, as does Trump, that wars are very expensive, and in the end, a total waste of money and lives. Putin is trying to diversify his economy to make Russia more independent and improve the standard of living for his own people. War with the west is the last thing he wants.

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China?!?! LMAO.


What happens to China if The West can flip Russia? Or even if The West FAILS to flip Russia???


Where does China get their oil & gas (apart from Russia) - vast majority is from Saudi Arabia, Iran & rest of Middle East.


Who has the best deep water navy going around?


US of course.


What does China do if the US puts a naval blockade on China?


Sure, China could sink some US battle-ships, carriers, destroyers etc - but what would the US do then??


Heard of nukes?


Do you know the nuke balance between China & US?


It's frankly no contest.


So China is completely containable if push comes to shove. As long as Russia isn't steadfast in support of China of course. Russia is China's strategic depth.


Without Russia behind them China is toast - and they all know it - China, Russia and the US.

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"Trump is now distrusted by almost every foreign leader of stature."

Hey, dipshit politicians, isn't your job to SERVE your country and do what's best for it? 


So how about you get friendly with the most powerful man in the world and see if there's some good business for both of your countries. 

Trump is the easiest man in the world to charm and get on his good side. Just tell him he's great, has got real game getting all those hot chicks, develops beautiful buildings, super golf courses and so on. Now he's on your side, try to get something from him.

It doesn't have to be much harder folks but true to form the incompetence of the worlds politicians is shining through as none of them are doing the above. Instead they're being FORCED by their media (see how weak they are?) to comment on irrelevant and very minor matters from his latest tweet (which I might add, many in the world are loving). 


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Trump is only distrusted by a small cabal of Western European idiots (& Justin).

Plenty of Western Leaders that love Trump.


Moon (South Korea)

Abe (Japan)

Modi (India)

Conte/Salvini (Italy)

Orban (Hungary)

Kurz (Austria)


These guys ALL LOVE TRUMP!!


The idiots that need to go are Merkel Smirkel, TBot May, Drunk Junck, Justin, Nazi Tusk, Porky Pig Poroshank.

Get rid of all those idiots and suddenly we'll have World Peace.

Even idiot Macron has proved how much he loves sucking on an orange schlong. He has entertainment value at least for how pathetically French he is.

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NATO is the army of the bankers. The same group of private ones that are the shareholders of the various Central Banks in Europe and North America. In essence, it is the army of the BIS - above any and all country, which contributions working for them not the countries.

The traditional US President's job is to enforce the US dollar as reserve currency, again for the benefit of the bankers. Of course, weapons dealers make a whole lot of money, and they too have a vested interest. And peace with Russia, who has prepared for a Gold Standard is the last thing they want because their power would be lost.

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Swallows the propaganda, hook, line and sinker.

NATO was created under the cover of mutual protection but was really put in place to stifle those occasional impolite Teutonic urges for expansion. History bears this assertion out.

Every damn country in Europe has more than a few Germans in the woodpile. Everyone is better off keeping them tourists and sending them back home with a full belly and a tan.

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ISIS used to dominate the MSM - Now they hardly get FUCKING mentioned !! 

Because Russia kicked their brains in and used the covert nature of ‘ Let’s keep our little ISIS secret and pretend the we are not arming, sponsoring,training and PAYING them’ ............against them !! 

Russia did this through great military strategy and were able to KILL most of the FUCKERS (up to 100,000) because the Zio/US wanted to ‘pretend’ they weren’t ‘associated’ with ISIS !! 

Ditto ISRAEL - FRANCE -UK and most of the GULF states !! 

Games up !!!

Do a deal TRUMP - It may be your last FUCKING chance !!!