Is Turkey Playing A Double Game With NATO?

Authored by Debalina Ghoshal via The Gatestone Institute,

In January, 2018 Turkey reportedly awarded an 18-month contract for a study on the development and production of a long-range air- and missile-defense system to France and Italy, showing -- ostensibly -- Turkey's ongoing commitment to NATO. The study, contracted between the EUROSAM consortium and Turkey's Aselsan and Roketsan companies, was agreed upon in Paris, on the sidelines of a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The contract for the study came on the heels of a deal between Ankara and Moscow, according to which Turkey would purchase the S-400 missile defense system -- one of the most sophisticated on the global market -- from Russia.

The question is: Why would Turkey first order a Russian defense system and then turn around and make a cooperation agreement with Europe for the same purpose?

The answer is likely that Ankara is trying to pretend that it is still loyal to NATO, at a time when its strategic inclinations seem to indicate otherwise.

As Turkey is a member of NATO, its decision to opt for the S-400, a non-NATO missile-defense system, has been the subject of speculation and controversy. NATO has adopted the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), according to which the United States plans to deploy its missile-defense systems in various parts of Europe, to protect its forces and those of other NATO members from Iranian missile attacks. Turkey's move appears to run counter to the EPAA.

It is also not the first time that Turkey has turned to a non-NATO country for its missile-defense needs. In 2013 -- even as the U.S., Germany and The Netherlands sent Patriot missiles to Turkey to protect it from Syrian Scud missiles -- Ankara, seeking to procure its own missile-defense system, chose China's FD-2000. This was of great concern to NATO, which feared that such a deal would make it easier for China to study NATO's system and develop ballistic missiles that could evade it. Turkey canceled the deal with China in 2015, partly due to U.S. pressure and partly over pricing issues. But then Ankara turned to Russia. To justify its preference of Russia's S-400s over U.S. Patriot missiles, Turkey said that the U.S. did not allow room for a joint production of the missile-defense system, while the deal with Russia enables co-production of the system.

Pictured: A Russian S-400 missile battery. (Image source: Vitaly Kuzmin/Wikimedia Commons)


After the failed coup against Erdogan in July 2016 -- when two Turkish military jets reportedly attempted to down the plane transporting him home from vacation -- the government became suspicious of its air force and fired several F-16 pilots. This move severely limited Turkey's air-defense capability; hence, the S-400 deal with Russia. However, according to Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy, "The system we are buying from Russia cannot be integrated into NATO systems." In other words, as Turkey needs a missile-defense system that can be integrated with the NATO's -- and as NATO will not allow integration of the Russian S-400, for the same reason that it opposed Ankara's deal over China's FD-2000 -- Ankara turned to Europe.

Beyond that, a deal with EUROSAM would allow Turkey to make the sovereign decision of whether it wishes to integrate the missile-defense system with that of NATO, and would also allow for a joint production of the system -- something that Ankara considers imperative.

Furthermore, and perhaps of equal, if not greater, importance, by signing the EUROSAM deal, Turkey is probably trying to persuade NATO that the decision to purchase Russian S-400s was merely a technological and budgetary one, not an indication that Turkey is opposed to NATO weapon systems. This may be its way of preventing its deal with Russia from becoming an obstacle in its path to procuring American F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF), which the U.S. is refusing to provide it, due to its purchase of the S-400s. This goes back to America's apprehension that if Turkey uses the S-400s along with the F-35s, Russia could gain access to information about the aircraft's sensitive technology.

If Turkey is playing a double game with NATO, let us hope that the United States does not fall prey to it.


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All just an international Kabuki theater. It was always the leech class vs. the middle class. Wars are tools for the inbred leeches to stay in control/power.

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Rapunzal Tue, 07/03/2018 - 02:00 Permalink

All just an international Kabuki theater. It was always the leech class vs. the middle class. Wars are tools for the inbred leeches to stay in control/power.

While this may be applicable to the "mic" - you fail to give blame where it's truly due: islam's "jihad" - religious war - which is exclusive to islam alone and no other religion, sorry - *no other actual, true religion*. Catholicism doesn't have any kind of "war doctrine" *whatsoever* - yet it gets lumped in by anti-Christs and only the most retarded atheists, who say "religion is about war".

So you shouldn't be lumping turkey's problems in with ours. They're a separate country, with their separate type of corruption - which are their basic core islamic "principles".

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I've been tryin ta tell people! The guy is trying for a 2nd Caliphate! was ISIS. I think he's got a bit more oomph behind him than ISIS had. They only had US covert backing so couldn't really leverage it enough. Ahmet Erdogan has NATO AND Russia backing him! Jebbus! We even have plans to send our revamped nukes to Turkey! As for all the backing....For how long is anybody's guess.

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Turks are never to be trusted. The moment they grow stronger than you, they'll try to force their will on you..... (some other countries now are forcing their will on others, and you can see the results).  

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Meanwhile what turkey does in securing two borders is just standard alliance building.
See russia in 1700s and their alternating north and south strategies. South was allying with austria to usually retake constantinople.. not that austria was expected to be of any military use... one benefit of alliances is that they never attack you while you are at war elsewhere.

Or in short turkey is securing the north and west to go elsewhere.. whether east or south. I bet iraq looks tasty for reasons of springboard tbdl... in addition to various somali, sudan, yemen etc eritrean et al meddling.

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" Why would Turkey first order a Russian defense system and then turn around and make a cooperation agreement with Europe for the same purpose? "

and then place an order for 5th gen US fighters?


Sneaky bastids, That's why!

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Turkey was not ever a reliable NATO member. Their mentality is completely wrong as a  nation and as a people. These people have relatively recently left central Asia spreading death and destruction to the Middle East, Northern Africa and Southeastern Europe in the name of Islam. They have blurred their ancestry many believing that they are Arabs but in fact are nomadic Turk people of central Asia. They have tried to hide the names of cities known to humanity for thousands of years in order to lay claim. They have committed genocide against the Assyrians, Illyrians, Pontians, Greeks and Armenians. In 1974 they invaded Cyprus illegally. Today they directly helped to destabilize Syria resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent Syrian lives. They are today systematically killing Kurds in northern Syria, Iraq and southeastern Turkey. Yet NATO considers them an allie because they buy weapons helping to support the military industrial complex. Now that they are chosing other MICs outside of NATO we hear of them more often as to threaten them with the evil they have spread to many people. No other nation has gotten away with all that Turkey has simply because of their military spending. It was once because of their geopolitical position, but in fact the most crucial geopolital nation in any military campaign in Europe is Greece. Ask the Persians (Thermopoli), Ottoman Turks (Greek Independence and the dramatic quick fall of their empire)and more recently the Germans who found themselves 3 months delayed before attacking Russia. You cannot have someone like the Turks in an alliance and claim that your alliance is just/honourable that was formed to liberate people when one major member has been and continues to do the exact opposite. In fact, it is a nation founded by doing the exact opposite occupying lands from other various nations. From the very start as Ottomans until today as Turks they have shown the world what a miasma they are. If the alliance continues to accept Turkey as is, the miasma/disease will spread. You cut them off and then you minimize them. Russia is simply playing a game that they know in the end will have dire consequences. There are very few Russians that will even associate with a Turk, nevermind considering them a friend and an allie. Putin can only play this game for a short period of time because he knows Turkey will be the beginning of his end... besides his Greek grandfather Spiridon would have him beat if he were alive. 


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Turkey exists thanks to Britain and France after WW1. Just think of the countries that surround turkey today, they all despises them. The only thing that keeps that country alive is thanks to the MICs. If only NATO and Russia could negotiate to stop arms sales, then that country will be the next ex-yugoslavia. 

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Erdogan was likely tipped off about the coup by Putin. He probably also showed him evidence later that the west was involved which is why he was able to avoid it by being airborne during the event. So, why would Erdogan buy military equipment from NATO when the west tried to have him removed? They will buy Russian equipment instead. 

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Did you see any NATO member armed soldier try and kill Erdodog? No. Where is the proof? This coup was all Erdogan from beginning to end. How is it that a private jet was not downed by 2 military armed jets that happen to be faster and more maneuverable? No attempt whatsoever was made to down his jet when they were near him and knew that he was in it. Why? 

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Smart to raise the question of the S-400 appropriation by Turkey; also the US's cancellation of the F-35 sale.  Wouldn't the logical outcome be for Turkey to consider buying SU-57s?  Already in serial-production.  Fact is, Obama/Soros tried to kill the dude, but Russian intel warned Erdogan of the planned cu d'tat - and the dude's security detail got him on his plane an or two hour ahead of schedule (my recollection isn't exact).  That meant F-16s, piloted by US backed Turkish air force folks who were against Erdogan had to take off, with orders to find and shoot-down Erdogan's plane with extreme prejudice.  Erdogan was supposed to be dead.  But Russian FSB saved him via Putin.  Though one pilot may have had the kill-shot against Erdogan's plane, he apparently didn't fire. The rest is recent history.  Of course the dude would get rid of many air force pilots - they tied to kill him.  In my opinion it's too bad they failed.  But they did fail - in what appeared to be a Mickey Mouse - fake - revolt, funded through Soros bribery.  Erdogan was talking about gate-keeping the migrants.  Soros needed to kill or sufficiently piss-off Erdogan (given him a message), so his government, or he would open the floodgates in retaliation.  Soros failed.  But that still means Erdogan, emboldened with Russia's support, in order to counter NATO and US interests in Turkey, has the key to the gate, not to mention a very strategic position for offensive and defensive capability in the mid-east and Russia.

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From the economic hitman point of view, if they don't pull off the first shot, the next will be economic calamity which we now sees with the fall of the lira and the account deficit. Soros is in bed with the Turkish regime to help flood in the migrants into Europe. Putin secured Erdogan so that the Turkish nord stream wouldn't fail. 

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shovelhead Dude-dude Tue, 07/03/2018 - 06:49 Permalink


The Fake Coup was to get the Turks behind him because of the unrest in the cities from the educated Turks. They will always support a Muslim over any interference they can claim is from outside sources.

It worked like a charm. It gives him the excuse to whack his opposition hard without a big backlash. A real coup would have seen that plane splattered over the countryside. Pretty transparent when you look at at carefully.

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NATO, Turkey and the United States. Europe is setting up a new formation against NATO. That's the name (PESCO). Turkey's NATO, Europe, making the defense agreements with china and russia are the result of multi-faceted policy.

Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe develops its relations with china rudy on its way to becoming the world's center of turkey and turkey have a say in the future will be dünyadatek.

Those who slander the words of the Turkish nation, untrustworthy, unspeakable words, look back at their nations and their history. These are one-sided assessments and "ignorers" in those who make them. All they do is slander.
In short, 'not worth the money'.

OliverAnd lebenshol88 Tue, 07/03/2018 - 07:13 Permalink

Turkish people are the miasma of humanity. You are trying to alter history of thousands of years for your version of less than 700 years. Do yourself and your people a favor; please inform them of who the Grey Wolves and how many Turkish lives they are responsible for. Now what kind of a totalitarian leader is Erdogan to have a coalition with them? Ask yourself how many lemonades did Erdogan sell along the Bosphorus to make his billions? Ask yourself how it was during last time the IMF visited your country; now realize this time it will be worse for you while your leader and his family continue to rape you and your family as they grow their wealth and yours shrinks to nothing... maybe he will give out refrigerators again but realize there will be nothing in them.

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Erdogan is the leader of all Muslims... this is why he threatens to unleash Muslims into Europe who according to him are infected with terrorists who fight for Islam. What kind of Muslim leader is he when it is he who foolishly admits that these refugees are terrorists and criminals? At least he is exposing his kind to the rest of the world IF the rest of the world realize what he is actually saying through his ignorance.

Chief Joesph Tue, 07/03/2018 - 07:56 Permalink

It's understandable why Turkey is doing what it's doing.  When you have Russia on your northern and eastern border, and the NATO alliance on your western border, and a war going on along your southern border in Syria, with a dispute over petroleum and gas pipelines running  through Turkey from Russia and the Caspian area to ports that service the NATO alliances, not to mention, the control of a strategic shipping points of the Black Sea called the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles straits.  Turkey is really between a rock and a hard place, among all these competing powers in the neighborhood.  Just like Turkey, I would be buying high end military defensive equipment from whoever I can get it from too. 

And, "America's apprehension that if Turkey uses the S-400s along with the F-35s, Russia could gain access to information about the aircraft's sensitive technology", is a bunch of nonsense.  Same could be said about America obtaining information about the S-400s.  What is wrong with this entire argument is, the S-300s and S-400s were designed to shoot down planes like the F-35s. And the U.S. has already said last year, that it wouldn't upgrade the F-35s for export, meaning, the way over-priced F-35s would be obsolete upon delivery.  Needless to say, Turkey is getting the better deal from the Russians by buying S-400s.