Moldova's "Deep State" Is Exploiting The UN To Undermine Peace In Transnistria

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

The UN General Assembly recently demanded the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria.

The non-legally binding decree was passed with a simple majority and intended to send a political message to both Russia and Moldovan President Dodon.

The first-mentioned has had its troops deployed in the contested region for more than two decades per an international agreement with the official host state of Moldova, with this occurring in the chaos of the post-Soviet collapse and intended to prevent a resumption of the separatist conflict.

As for the second one, President Dodon is embroiled in a 'deep state' civil war in which the Atlanticist elements of his permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies are trying to sabotage his pro-Eurasian “balancing” act with Russia in order to streamline the country’s admission to the EU and NATO, both of which would imply a militant “solution” to the Transnistrian issue first.

The UN General Assembly Resolution was therefore accurately interpreted by the Russian Foreign Ministry as “propaganda for certain political forces in Moldova”, with First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky lamenting that:

“The outcome of the voting is regretful for us... (because) excessive politicization of the problem occurred at the very moment when we see certain progress in talks between Chisinau and Tiraspol.”

That’s indeed the case, as President Dodon’s Atlanticist “deep state” enemies want to rekindle this frozen conflict to the extent that it provokes the renewal of low-intensity hostilities that could then be misleadingly framed as so-called “Russian aggression” in order to continue piling pressure on the country’s interests in Moldova.

Analyzed from this perspective, the West is “reverse-engineering” the scenario needed for making this as “convincing” to the international public as possible, hence the need to construct the perception of UN approval for its anti-Russian demands that – if ever implemented – would surely lead to an outbreak of hostilities against the breakaway region much worse than what happened during Saakashvili’s 2008 attack against South Ossetia.

It’s precisely for this reason why Russia won’t ever unilaterally abandon its partners in Transnistria like the Resolution demands that it do and why Moscow interprets this as a political signal more than anything else.

All told, the increasingly renewed attention being given by the West to the Transnistrian conflict portends its possible thawing, all with the intent of opening up another Hybrid War battlefront for “containing” Russia.


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Dude, I really like Russia and the Russian people, but you're just spewing crap outta your borscht hole now. I'll give you that most of NATO can't find it's own ass with two hands and a flashlight. Their armies are either totally incompetent or not even capable of fighting off ladies from an old folks home ( i.e. Germany, Britain,etc).

I have a lot of respect for the Russian Military. China too even though they haven't fought a single major battle since the Korean War. Conventionally, we'd kick Russia's nuts into their throat if push really came to shove. Our military has been fighting for 25 years straight. Your probably thinking ,"well why can't they beat a bunch of ragheads in the desert that have no formal training, no army, no airforce and no navy?" Our shittydick politicians won't let us fucking win wars or conflicts anymore. They are only obsessed with the MIC making money now. Never underestimate America.

It goes nuclear on either side and nobody wins. So détente Comrade !

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Ah, ZH doing their side job of pushing Russia's imperial interests.

Like the UK or France, Russia should understand that it needs to forget about its former "Soviet" empire. I know it hurts, and both the UK and France also cling to some remnants of their empires, but in the long run it is better to cut your losses and get home your own people and troops from your ex-colonies.

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Ah, just to irritate you with facts... Moldavia has been ceded to the Russian Empire in 1812 by the Turks, and the Transnistrian parts, a bit earlier, in 1792/93.

Just wondering what this has to do with me being (or not) a "yewish comrade"?



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Russia is being encircled, and poked and prodded. The entire fucking mess can be traced back to the world biggest a-hole Bozo Ovomit. He broke the Budapest Memorandum and installed a pro western puppet in place of a president that was pro Russian. Russia had every right to move back into Crimea considering that it was theirs for 300 years. The Neocons and the MIC have been pushing for conflict with them non stop. If we have a real enemy to fight, it's definitely not Russia, it's China.

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>> Russia had every right to move back into Crimea considering that it was theirs for 300 years.

No. Russia indeed had every right to move back into Crimea, but not for that reason.

The real reason - the Crimean (and Sevastopol) people want to be part of Russia (and they meet the everyday language requirement for admission to the RF).

Crimea belongs to the Crimean people, not to Ukraine, not to Russia.

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The Crimean people voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to return to Russia.


Because the DC Swamp screwballs instigated the Maidan rebellion that resulted in harsh Ukrainian nationalists taking power.

Now why would the Swampites do that?

Because although the Ukrainians were stupid enough to join NATO, the Ukrainian PM would not let the NATO boys line up missiles along the Russo-Ukrainian border pointing right at the Ruskies.

That was a clear provocation and the Ukrainian PM would have none of it, so he had to go.

Furthermore, NATO coveted the huge Russian navy base in Crimea, and figured they could refit it for NATO.

That's how stupid they are.

Enter State Dept. pest Icky Vicky Neudelmann -- fake name Nuland.

She organized the overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government and installed a more DC compliant one.

That thousands of people were killed and are still dying was never a concern of hers.

Then after living peaceably in various Ukrainian towns for decades on end, all ethnic Russians within Ukraine's borders became cultural targets.

Since Crimea's population has been mostly ethnic Russian for centuries, and they saw the writing on the wall after all the vicious attacks on other Ukrainian citizens who were ethnic Russians, they figured it was time for a divorce.

So they divorced.

All Ukrainians know this very well, but they also know that Americans at all levels are devoid of historical knowledge, and that the Swampites have a Ruskie grudge.

Plus Kiev is still smarting from the loss of a valuable peninsula, even though it had been under direct Russian rule for 300 years.

Additionally, the heavily ethnic Russian areas of eastern Ukraine want out as well and are willing to fight for it.

So if Ukraine wants to keep it, disposable American military pawns will be sent to do the job.

We have no interest in Ukraine but the Crimean port.

Now the Swampites are agitating Transnistria since it also has an ethnic Russian population.

And true to form, the Swampites have not done their homework and unless they vaporize the whole population they are looking at another drawn out war.

Years ago the Transnistrians already fought a bloody war with high casualties for control for this tiny sliver of land and they will not let go for the Swampites' pawns.

Even if the Swamp wins this one it will be at a terrible price in blood, treasure, property, and reputation -- as if that could get any worse.

Not that the Swampites care, none of their spawn will be sent to die for the lofty goal of fattening someone else's bankbook.

The Moldavans will not fight the Ruskies because they know better, and the Ukrainians have had enough as it is, so it will be disposable Americans versus ordinary Transnistrians fighting for every inch of soil.

Wait until the pictures start showing up with dead Transnistrian farmers and school children, gutted hospitals, parks, apartments, and streams of homeless civilians after American attacks.

America has no more business in Transnistria than Ukraine, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, or any place else that the Swampites would liked to pulverize for fun and easy money.


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It's too late. The Moldovan intelligence-security apparatchiks are compromised with those sold the E.U/NATO dream. Plus the bribes will be too big to resit for many of them. 

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No, we don't need to bomb them. The Neocons and the MIC in this country are traitors. They are thugs who steal our tax money to go bomb innocent people for no good reason. We should pull all of our troops back home. I'm fine with our navy being out preventing piracy and blowing Hell out of pirates.

I was a soldier for 10 years. I never actually fought for the defense of my country. It was always for oil or some other bullshit illegal reason some idiot politician thought up.

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Strange place for another conflict. A tiny strip of land between Ukraine and Moldova. No reports of fighting in this zone like we see between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  NATO to go in???? Who in NATO?  The US, haha. The democrats will have a field day with the loss of a single soldier. AND why NATO?  Because a country wants to trade with both partners; east and west.  CIA and State Department. Fighting from the trenches in DC.

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Moldova? Isn't that a fictitious country in Tintin?


On a more serious note, I think we will be seeing more and more of these tiny items get magnified and pushed into our consciousness (at some point) in order to justify whatever "global" decision is coming down the pipe.

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Not that I care at all, but to me this looks like classic strategy. Russia is using the hammer and anvil maneuver on Ukraine. I would bet a bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka that Russia opens another front on the action with them.

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Nothing to see here. Just another turn in the proxy war between the US and Russia. Transnistria is a fully occupied breakaway province of Moldova with their own currency and government. There are American military in Moldova now and many US "advisors" in Ukraine. I was in both Moldova and Transnistria late last year. I learned a lot during my stay. My biggest take away is just how devastated the economy is in that area. Essentially anyone that can make any money by leaving has headed to Russia or western Europe.

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Why do militaries bother with their propaganda for "international public opinion" - no one is that simple minded any more not after decades of endless war. Pearl Harbor,  9/11 they worked regardless of the cause but not this tripe. The UN demands....what, more pay offs? .... more children to rape?...diplomatic privilege to smuggle cash, dope, and people without prosecution?...